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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Jungle

07 Apr

Views: 432 Jungle

Something I picked up while watching a Pants are Dragon video though I've added some of my own why and what to do instead to the thought process.

As a jungler if you successfully gank a lane (get a kill or push the enemy laner out of lane) and your laner is low you will want to help them clear any enemy minions that are present so that your laner can go back to the Fountain to recharge and buy. This also has the effect of speeding (typically called shoving) your minions into the enemy turret to be killed forcing the enemy laner to miss getting the gold and XP from those minions and...
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05 Apr

Views: 438 Jungle

Step 1: You paid attention to their team comp in champion select or during the load screen, right? If not you Fd up. Because if they have anyone with a hook you probably have a better than 50% chance of getting invaded. Hooks are practically a guaranteed Flash during level one invades, though a Blitzcrank Rocket Grab is the most deadly as that damn thing can pull things through walls.

Step 2: Buy your starting items and quickly get your behind out to your jungle entrances. You can right click on potions and buy them up to the maximum amount super quickly if you are...
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11 Mar

Views: 3040 Jungle

So I think I found a build on Aatrox that I like. If you think you are going to be team fighting early then get Guinsoo's Rageblade after your jungle item + Enchantment: Devourer. If you are still going to be ganking individual champions then get Death's Dance after Devourer. The thing about Guinsoo’s is that you have to stack it before it is doing AoE splash damage. Death’s Dance makes Dark Flight and the bonus damage from Blood Price heal you so you can pretty much leave [[Blood...
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07 Dec

Views: 736 Jungle

Found this vid via the summoner school subreddit. Diamond IV player doing a game review on of a Gold player's game.

I picked up a number of good tips like

Picking up Farsight Alteration if you are behind and don't have control of you own jungle. I think at least one person on you team should keep a sweeper such as your support with a Sightstone, but the rest of the team can pepper the map with Farsight Alterations in order to keep tabs on the enemies movements. Will be interesting to see how the fraction of warding...
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03 Dec

Views: 555 Jungle

"I haven't got a brain, and soon... neither will you!"

I've been having some fun with Fiddlesticks in pre-season. I like him when my team needs some AP and we have at least a couple of bruiser or tank types in different positions. Braum support and Illaoi top? Hmm, Fiddlesticks seems like he could provide some needed CC and AP.

Between the fear from Terrify, a slow from Red Buff, a silence from Reap, and the damage from Bountiful Harvest, your early ganks are potent, especially if your laner has some CC of their own or brings a solid helping of damage....
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