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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Jungle

09 Jan

Views: 1120 Jungle

There are several ways through the jungle this season. So far on any mana based junglers I've tried the smoothest place to start for a full clear is Blue Buff. If you go Blue - Gromp - Wolves, this usually lets you put two points in a damage ability which increases the efficiency of taking Raptors especially if you have any AoE to your clear.

So the entire clear looks like Blue Smite > Gromp > Wolves > Raptors > Red Smite > Krugs. Look to gank. If I break the route anywhere it is usually to skip Krugs, which can take quite a while for many junglers to finish....
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02 Aug

Views: 544 Jungle

Tried out Mordekaiser jungle. He clears suprisingly healthy and brings respectable damage to a gank. Pair him with some laners with some CC (not so much the ones in the game depicted above) and he can probably do pretty well.

I went

Enchantment: Runic Echoes
Mercury's Treads
Hextech Rocketbelt
Zhonya's Hourglass
Abyssal Mask
Trinity Force

And then sold the Protobelt for Randuin's Omen as Quinn had become a problem. The Protobelt is nice for picking...
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29 Jul

Views: 590 Jungle

Apologies up front for meandering about a bit in this post. This was a sort of a stream of consciousness dump after playing a fair amount of ranked games with Warwick. He feels fairly strong at the moment and is fairly simple to use, which as I understand is a good combination if you want to climb.

Warwick is really good against high mobility targets as he has an ability that locks them down and holds them in place which negates their mobility. So if you see an enemy comp with lots of dashes/other forms of mobility then Warwick is often a good pick. He also does a disgusting...
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25 Apr

Views: 742 Jungle

Spent some time spamming Shen jungle and Top. I haven't really played him since his re-work so I wanted to get a handle on what made him tick and get a feel for how strong he is.


His clear is slow, but healthy if you use your skills properly. Slow means you are vulnerable to bully champions like Graves, Kindred, and Nidalee that can clear faster than you. However, if left unmolested you can easily hit level 3 with Blue and Red Buff and gank a lane.

Ganking - If your target is low and your laner has decent damage you can

Shadow Dash + Flash...
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11 Apr

Views: 423 Jungle

While perusing LOL Reddit Summoner School, I found a link to this streamer and some coaching sessions he had done with players right around my level (Silver).

The content centers largely around decision making which is definitely something I struggle with around jungling where your time is super important as you constantly have to make decisions around farming, ganking, and counter jungling.

E.g. If you are blue side and you've just taken dragon and you've got jungle camps up on both sides of your jungle where do you go? Answer likely Top...
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