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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Jungle

17 Apr
Actually they don't.

And if they are healthy after a gank they may be coming for you next.

Pan to the gank and watch. See if anyone uses a summoner spell or ultimate.

Check how healthy the enemy junger is and which direction their character model is facing as it goes into the fog of war.

They may stop to do scuttle crab, but if they were facing down river to your lane they may be coming for your next.

Graves, Lee Sin, Kindred, Elise, and now Kai'Sa are the champions that I see do this most frequently because they have quick clears, tend to stay...
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24 Jan

Views: 1011 Jungle

The scenario - ganking Top lane at level 3 after a Blue > Wolves > Red > Rift Scuttler start.

You should have an idea where the enemy jungler is based on which of their laners came to lane late. So, if you are mirroring them you can expect them to be right behind you if you have the faster three camp clear or ahead of you waiting in a bush if they have the faster three camp clear.

Case in point. Shyvana vs Hecarim. As Shyvana I tried to pull this off on a Vladimir vs our...
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04 Aug

Views: 733 Jungle

What is working for me? 4 Aug 2017

First things. I have a good computer that can easily run league. I have a speedy internet connection that stable most of the time. I'm close enough to the servers in Chicago to tend to hover around 21 ping. I have a decent desk chair that lets me keep my mouse and keyboard in a reasonably comfortable position.

I've been playing since late in Season 2. I own all the champions so I can trade people in champion select in needs be. I can play a lot of the those champions with some facility.

I've watched a lot of videos and read a lot of...
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05 Jul

Views: 662 Jungle

When you think of tanks in the jungle, you probably think of Zac, Nunu & Willump, Gragas, Sejuani, and Amumu. But one you probably add to that list is Maokai, who according to LoLalytics is posting a 54% win Rate as of patch 7.13.

I'd play Zac (12 games played with a 75% win rate) if I could, but he is permabanned and for good reason, played well he is supremely oppressive and I suspect will probably see more nerfs in upcoming patches assuming they keep the functionality that they added...
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