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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Jungle

04 Oct

Views: 829 Jungle

One of the elements of choosing your jungle route is future proofing. Future proofing is basically the concept of accounting for what might happen in the future in a way that is most likely to maintain a gold, XP, and/or tempo lead (possibly all the above).

Tempo at it simplest is if it takes me 3 moves to get to a gank and it takes the enemy jungler 4 moves to get to the same gank, then I have the tempo advantage. Meaning I get to act first. (which could be good - leads to clean gank that earns you a kill or a summoner spell or it could be bad - puts you into a losing countergank...
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12 Sep

Views: 1528 Jungle

I'm probably never going to make an actual guide, because pain in the arse, I don't really want to maintain it, and silver scrub (so the amount I don't know about the game would fill volumes).

Anyway, I do like Shyvana but I dodn't like the AP playstyle which basically makes you a sniper that is ult reliant to be able to snipe. And since you need to autoattack to get your ult, except squishy AP champion, then you begin to see the problem.

I've been plinking around with Press the Attack and...
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12 Jun

Views: 1825 Jungle

Blah, blah, blah peaked at Gold 2 in Season 7. Ended up in Gold 5 in Season 8. Flirting with like a 48% win rate in Season 9 even though I've got a pretty good win rate on a handful of champions, though some of those are ADCs as I got so frustrated with my Bot lanes getting stomped that I switched to that role for a while. Climbed a bit and then realized that it was such a **** shoot as to they quality of your support that it wasn't worth maining the role in Silver.

Season 7 I mostly played Shyvana...
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09 Apr

Views: 949 Jungle

I think Hecarim jungle might be a little busted right now and I didn't see anything any the upcoming patch notes that suggest Riot is going to do anything to change that.

Caveat. I've played a decent amount of Hecarim jungle in the past using him to go 9-1 in my placements one season when he was also under the radar busted.

Average game time has been around 28 minutes in Silver 3 and breaking into Silver 2.

I'm going the Enchantment: Warrior build into Trinity Force with Phage...
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04 Mar
Don't attach your personal worth to how good you are at League. You'll get to the rank you should be at in around 100 games if you are new. Probably somewhat less than that if you are very good and haven't let your skills lapse during pre-season by taking a break.

Once you've settled where you as to your rank you have to decide how much work you want to do to improve.

There is quite a bit of advice out there on improving.

I for one want to get things done in the early game so I have a bit of a bad habit of overextending to try and kill the enemy jungler or steal as many of...
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