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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Jungle

28 Feb

Views: 893 Jungle

Don't have a lot of time for ranked at the moment since I'm spending some extra time prepping for an upcoming Aikido test. Should get a few games in come the weekend.

I'm wavering a bit on the ADC role. With Lucian dropping down it feels a little harder to take control of the lane with a crit based ADC. Or in other words the lanes feel more support dependent. (and the quality of supports is a complete **** shoot in soloqueue).

Not ranked, but I've had some good games on Ezreal and...
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07 Feb

Views: 722 Jungle

Jungle experience changes:

I think I am feeling it to some degree. Or at least theree are times I've noticed solo laners having a two level lead on me even when I would have been farming efficiently under the old experience system. Will have to watch some high level streamers and see what they've worked out. For the moment it looks like most of them are doing the same thing they used to do and haven't commented much on the changes.

Jungle playstyle:

I know what feels good. Counterpicking the enemy jungler with someone that can harrass them early and having lane...
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04 Oct

Views: 1073 Jungle

I still need a map. Every time I get coaching this becomes readily apparent to me.

If I were to give a map to a new player it would look something like this.

Play a few Bot games to familiarize yourself with the the map, the controls, and the very basics of laning.

But don't spend a lot of time on Bots.

Start playing PvP as soon as you know which direction the enemy nexus lies in.

And don't expect to win right off the bat. That comes later.

Play in all the lanes and familiarize yourself with the characters that typically show up there.

If you really like one...
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27 Sep

-I did decently at thinking about what I wanted to do at least as far as the early game went.
-I had a couple of flubs on this in the Mid game that cost us two Drakes, one of which was an Infernal.
-I need to direct my team if I see them in the wrong place or using too many resources in the wrong place.
-I need to move to the edge of the fountain when buying.
-The gamble I took to secure the first infernal drake was too big of a gamble with the information I had and the resources I had available.
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26 Apr

Views: 755 Jungle

I want to win the game. I need your help.

Protect the jungle entrances at the start of the game.

-Don't AFK while watching. Be ready to drop a ward and retreat if they do invade.

Play around my position on the map.

-If I'm close you can be more aggressive.
-If I'm far, play more passively unless you know where their jungler is and know you can beat them 1v1.

During lane if you can get deep vision into their jungle that helps a lot.

-I will try to get some in there myself
-Be safe about it (check your map to see where their laners are and if they move out of vision...
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