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Ezreal Build Guide by Ghini

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ghini


Ghini Last updated on October 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone!
Today I am finally showing off a itemset of mine. At the start of the season where Manamune was changed and new items came i changed my playstyle with Ezreal.
I've tried many builds with him yet and still like this one most.
I will try to explain why i like this build and give you pro and cons!

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For runes with Ezreal try either full ad (just marks armor pen.), or go Marks attack damage, seals armor, glyphs scaling magic resist and quints armor penetration.
I personally play him full ad because you are the ad carry and when you get focussed you die either you have armor or you don't. And this small amount you get will just help you in early against champs with high autohit range or skills.

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Well, nothing special over here. Just the typical ad-carry offensive mastery page.

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For items try starting with life- and manareg which will give you a naturally high sustain on the lane, though to the lack of damage early if starting with a Longsword.
If farmed well and maybe even got a kill, upgrade it to Spirit of the Elder Lizard. Due to the passive of this item you can even get easier last hits and poke even better. But dont hit/poke your enemy and then start attacking the turret. The passive deals damage over time so you will get aggro of the tower, which is not advisable.
Try to follow up with a Tear of the Goddess and try to spam your Q as much as possible, though to his low mana cost and low cooldown. For even more manaregeneration ask your support to get Mana-Manipulator, which can be built into Shard of True Ice.
Then you can decibe either to buy Sheen or Vampiric Scepter first, which depends on how you play and who your enemies are. Sometimes lifesteal is needed and sometimes can be neglected.
Try to finish Sheen[/url to Trinity Force, Tear of the Goddess to Manamune and get a BT. If you feel you don't need that much lifesteal at the very moment go for last Whisper instead. Last but not least sell your Spirit of the Elder Lizard and built either life (Warmog's) or get Guardian Angel.

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Skill Sequence

Skill priorities: R-Q-E-W
Start with Q to harass your opponent from early game on. Get E on level 2 so you can stay aggressive and dodge possible ganks / initiates from the enemy support. Hit W on level 3 so you can start pushing and hit your enemies even over creeps. But dont maximize W early. This ability has a high mana cost and wont pay off. Even though the E has a high mana cost,too it's more viable, because it enables you to get out of tricky situations like a Blitzcrank grab or a Jarvan dunk.
Also i would maximize E second because of the cooldown push. Like every other gap-closing ability it has a naturally high cooldown which can be pushed with leveling it up and hhitting your Q.

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Just try to harass your opponent with your Q. It applies hit effects so if will trigger red buff, Elder Lizard, Sheen and Muramana. Poke and kite is the tactic you will be succesful with. If you are trying to poke your enemy with E-Q-W dont use your E towards creeps, because it always will hit the enemy closest to. You should avoid standing in bigger creep waves anyways because their damage is easily underestimated and they will attack you / get aggro if you hit the enemy champion.
Ezreals ultimate spell is very good to get assists from other lanes or even the kill, farming your own lane or getting someone who has escaped with low life. It also is a big hit for teamfights when you hit multiple enemies and damage them before they are even near you.
If fleeing from an enemy champ try to use your E over walls and then flash over a second if necessary. Though to this Ezreal has a high mobility and can easily escape a gank.
Even if it is tempting to use your E in lane just to get creeps or close distance, I would not recommend it. This ability has a high cooldown and your enemies can use it against you when it's on cooldown. For example: once I tried to close distance to a creep wave and imediately got condemned against the wall, was stunned and dead before I even could react.

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Pros / Cons

+Nice sustain in early
+Nice damage in early, but
+Harcore damage in mid/late game
+Can farm from a safe range with Mystic Shot.
+Has a global ultimate ability with Trueshot Barrage.
-Can be punished in the early laning phase.
-Damage heavily relies on landing skillshots.
-Can have mana issues.
-Looks like a woman.

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Team Work

Try a lane up with Leona, Nami, Sona or Janna. They can either play aggressive or defensive and are very flexible.

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That's all from me right here! Hope you liked it and try it out! if it worked for you, let me know!
Have fun and Good luck to all of you!