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Shaco Build Guide by Gooooooby

Jungle [11.16] Rank 2 Shaco Global Guide

Jungle [11.16] Rank 2 Shaco Global Guide

Updated on August 21, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gooooooby Build Guide By Gooooooby 12 2 14,595 Views 0 Comments
12 2 14,595 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gooooooby Shaco Build Guide By Gooooooby Updated on August 21, 2021
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Runes: AD Shaco

1 2
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Coup de Grace
Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[11.16] Rank 2 Shaco Global Guide

By Gooooooby

Who are you?

Hey guys! My names Jason 'Gooby' Nguyen and I have been a Shaco enthusiast since Season 7. I was an pro player competing for the Oceanic Challenger Series for 2 years and now trying to transition into a streamer/content creator. If you want to find a little a bit more about me, you can find me occasionally streaming on here

Why should I listen to you?

I have been able to hit top 10 for 3 seasons in a row now by playing Shaco. I've been through the thick and thin with this champion, from his W being single target to his Shiv being Physical damage. On top of this, I am currently the highest LP by playing Shaco in the world.

Why should I play Shaco?

Shaco in my opinion has one of the most unique skillset out of all champions. Shaco's Q Deceive has to be one of the most fun stealth abilities out of all of champions. When mastered properly, Deceive can be used to mind games and outplay the enemy team. Shaco's W Jack In The Box is by far one of the most annoying traps within the game, next to Teemo's Noxious Trap. This ability may seem like just a trap but can be used as a disengage or even skill shot blocker. Shaco's E Two-Shiv Poison is a fun execution which will always land you kills. As a Shaco main, the most satisfying feeling buffering your Two-Shiv Poison with an enemys flash. Last of all, Shaco's R Hallucinate is one of my favourite abilities within the game. This skill is basically what makes and breaks a good Shaco. This skill requires you to have balls of steel and to never flinch while making your choice.
Pros v Cons

Shaco's Positives

Insanely good when mastered
Very unique and fun kit
Creates a jungle gap by himself
Global pressure
Shaco is one of THE most oppressive junglers when mastered properly. I know for a fact myself that when I vs a Shaco and he messes with me, I will be tilted for the rest of the game and won't play properly. If you're looking for a champion which can
Carry the game on his own
Have fun
Tilt enemy team

then you've chosen the right champion to learn!
As much as I love this champion, he does have his downsides. The most frustrating problem with Shaco is his first buff. If the enemy team is proactive and decides to invade you early game, there is little to nothing you can do about it and will change the flow of the game.

Not to mention, there are quite a couple of bugs which make him rather less enjoyable. Some include Deceive breaking stealth when inputting an auto attack, Hallucinate not following your commands properly, Hallucinate losing all senses after you die, etc.

Shaco's Negatives

Very weak Lv 1
Higher elo you go, harder to play
Not meta
Item dependent
Skill explanation

How come 3 points into W?

Meta junglers Diana, Morgana, Rumble, Udyr etc, all have a familiar pattern. They are able to clear the jungle extremely fast whilst being able to gank decently. By putting 3 points into Jack In The Box, you are able to clear at a decent speed which can keep up with these junglers.

Also, raptors wont be an issue for Shaco anymore if you do this!
Item explanation (AD)

Why not mythic first?

Something that I've learnt with experiences with Shaco is that he is just a walking inventory. The power spike between rushing a mythic first compared to Essence Reaver is very minimal but the difference is the critical chance. Shaco spikes astronomically obtaining Infinity Edge but when buying a lethality mythic, you are delaying that.

What mythic should I go?


Prowler's Claw > LETHALITY
There is no doubt in my mind that Prowler's Claw is not THE BEST mythic item to go on Shaco. It gives the most lethality out of other mythic items which is what Shaco wants. Having that power spike early game allows you to snowball the game the easiest. The active on the item itself does BASE DAMAGE depending off your AD and also adds a WHOPPING 15% bonus damage to your combo. If you thought it couldn't get better than that, it also FOLLOWS DASHES which allows you to chase enemies easier.

Duskblade > HASTE
Ever since Duskblade of Draktharr got reworked, it has been pretty lackluster. It gives the least damage out of all mythic items. Haste is nice to have on Shaco but there's no use to haste if you aren't doing damage. I can admit the passive of going invisible after each kill is fun but other than that this item is not optimal.

Eclipse is the middle point of mythic items. The 8% omnivamp is borderline useless as Shaco doesn't have many damage abilities unlike Graves. The passive of zooming out is nice but again, you want the most damage and Eclipse just does not provide that. Also, armor penetration is admittingly nice but your job is to one shot the carries, not the tanks.

What I've written above are all my personal opinions on the mythic item themselves. What I actually find myself doing majority of games is just purchasing whichever mythic is for the game. You should have enough damage after Infinity Edge already so you buy the mythic depending on which effect YOU NEED


When comparing gold efficiency, The Collector has about 93% while Lord Dominik's Regards has 103%. I do agree that Lord Dominik's Regards is a better item in general but specifically, when you are playing Shaco, your job is to one shot the carry. The Collector does a WAY better job at killing squishy champions than Lord Dominik's Regards. the 5% execute can also come handy in most cases as you will be running Emberknife + Ignite combo. The only case I'd go Lord Dominik's Regards early game is if they are all bruisers which have Ninja Tabi
Item explanation (AP)


Liandry's Anguish > HASTE
Liandry's Torment is the best mythic items for Shaco. Haste is a very useful stat for Shaco and not only does this item provide that, the burn damage is absolutely huge. Shaco does not do burst AP damage but rather periodic damage so Liandry's Torment gets ALOOOOOOOOOT of value.

The burst of damage that Luden's Tempest gives is nice but the cooldown of the item is 10. Two-Shiv Poison is usually on a 5 second cooldown in the midgame so it just feels really awkward. Also, AP Shaco isn't a poke type champion but rather a kite back / disrupter. The magic penetration is nice but other than that i would never build this item.

Everfrost in theory sounds really good. It has haste, it gives AP, it has a CC so you're more annoying, what could go wrong? In reality, you already have enough CC that the active of Everfrost is sort of useless. Also, the mythic passive of this item kind of sucks, 15 AP?

Boots of Lucidity

Liandry's Anguish

Cosmic drive
These 3 items is what I'd call The Holy Trinity. This is when the game starts to become REALLY fun. From this point on, you are to basically only hover around your team mates and place boxes to peel them. With proper set up, fights should be borderline unplayable for the enemy team as you will have too much set up for objectives.
Rune explanation (AD)

Electrocute is a decent rune page for most assassins. Although, Shaco is not an ability based assassin. Therefore, procing this rune most of the times is pretty hard. Predator is technically nice for the speed and Deceive but the cooldown is way too long and the damage is very low compared to others. Dark Harvest is basically a scaling Electrocute, no real point to go this rune. Now, Hail of Blades is THE BEST rune. Shaco is an auto based character and running Hail of Blades allows him to utilize them the most. Also, as the build transitions into Critical %, it really amps the burst within the build.
Cheap Shot isn't a bad rune, it provides instant burst which can sometimes help you finish off champions easier. Although, the damage this rune gives is out damaged by Sudden Impact. This rune gives lethality which is what you want every time you use Deceive. Not also that, but it also gives magic penetration which can be used on your execution Two-Shiv Poison. Taste of Blood is just a troll rune to take within the jungle, don't even consider it.
Zombie Ward use to be my favourite rune to take. Although, I realised that may have been from my competitive background. I often find myself tracking wards mentally and avoiding them, making my ganks unreadable. I feel as though you should not be clearing wards that many times on Shaco. Ghost Poro is not really that useful as it takes way too long to stack and your Jack In The Box are basically ghost poros. Eyeball Collection is the easiest and fastest rune which will stack on this page.
Ravenous Hunter is borderline useless. You do not utilize your skills enough to be able to use this rune efficiently. Ingenious Hunter is pretty bad as you do not use enough actives in this build apart from Prowler's Claw. Relentless is by far the best rune on Shaco. It allows you to snowball harder as each kill will allow you to get on the map faster. Also, it synergies with your Q, which allows you to have a budget Mobility Boots. Ultimate Hunter is not bad rune as you can use your ultimate more which is quite useful but it does not allow you to snowball as hard as Relentless Hunter
Attack speed is always a must, it helps with jungle clearing
Rune explanation (AP)

No doubt in my mind Dark Harvest is the best rune for Shaco. Electrocute does do more damage but only to one target whilst also being a little harder to proc . Predator is just again, a no go. Hail of Blades is not ideal on AP Shaco as that isn't the playstyle. Dark Harvest allows you to snowball very easily as you should be ganking pretty often early game. After that, teamfights should allow you to gain 3-4 Dark Harvest stack as it's very easy to proc.
There is a debate within Cheap Shot and Sudden Impact. While Cheap Shot does give you a sudden burst, I think I value the stats that Sudden Impact gives. It allows your autos, your clone and your abilities to deal more damage for a short period of time, which is very easily procced by using Deceive. Taste of Blood is a lane rune, please don't take it ever on jungle.
Zombie Ward is a good rune to take but I think you can't afford to auto attack wards as you don't build attack speed. Ghost Poro isn't really needed at all as your Jack In The Box basically does that. Eyeball Collection is just the easiest to stack and is most efficient.
Now with the new season 11 jungle changes, Ravenous Hunter is not really needed as you omnivamp a lot of jungle camps. Ingenious Hunter is pretty awful as you don't really use any active items apart from Zhonya's Hourglass
Attack speed is always a must, it helps with jungle clearing
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