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Poppy Build Guide by Kocykek

Jungle [11.21] No dashing around! - Diamond Poppy Jungle Guide

Jungle [11.21] No dashing around! - Diamond Poppy Jungle Guide

Updated on November 1, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kocykek Build Guide By Kocykek 210 16 287,081 Views 51 Comments
210 16 287,081 Views 51 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author Kocykek Poppy Build Guide By Kocykek Updated on November 1, 2021
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Runes: Electrocute (Default)

1 2 3 4 5
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Win 51%
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Jungle Role Ranked #51 in
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Win 51%
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Hello! I'm Kocykek and welcome to my guide!
What you will find here are the best viable items, runes, summoner spells and combos which will cause your Poppy to become a carry of the team from jungle. About the guide, the entire text code was written by me and I took some codes from other guides. I will link them in credits.

Some example of my games with Poppy jungle:

About me, I'm from Poland and I'm peaking Master player (Diamond II at the moment) who mains Poppy with over 400k mastery points on her since the beginning of Season 10. My in-game name is now "poppy jg kekw Xd" and I play on EUNE.
I'm not a normal Poppy player who plays only tank and protects his teammates, I like being a fighter who takes on multiple enemies which is why I also found out a damage build which is viable at this moment. If you have any questions about my guide, feel free to leave a comment. Anyway let's get into the the guide!

While Poppy is theorically a tank top laner she is, in my point of view, a bruiser in the jungle.
Why so? Her decent clear, damage output from abilities and opportunity to duel anyone is insane. She became much stronger than I've expected with these new items. First of all, Challenging Smite makes her overpowered in 1v1 situations against literally anyone . Second, Poppy has the kit that can provide so much utility and even is good at ganking and counter ganking. Heroic Charge is good enough to stun an enemy which the mentioned immobilize effect can last up to 2 seconds. Steadfast Presence is for gap closing and blocking dashes (we will get to that later). And speaking about dashes... How many junglers are there with them? That's why it makes counter ganking so effective on Poppy. For example lets take Zac ganking and you are ready with your W. Last, but not least the most game changing ability in Poppy's kit is probably the ult Keeper's Verdict itself which allows to kick out enemy or enemies out of fight so even if they have a carry you can just ult him out and he will be back a few seconds later. In these few seconds everything can happen so be sure to use it correctly. Finally our Yordle also has a few builds, runes or even playstyles to take on so she can't be useless if countered or behind in-game.

While Poppy has many pros as I said earlier, the cons of her are:
- stoppable Heroic Charge. She can dash to enemy but the enemy can stop it while you are casting the dash. Janna's Howling Gale or Monsoon and Draven's Stand Aside for example. There are also moments where enemies blink her Heroic Charge ( Zed's Living Shadow, Ezreal's Arcane Shift, Flash). All of these leave Poppy in worse shape during ongoing fight since she didn't hit stun and get closer to enemy.
- vulnerable to unstoppable type abilities and surpressions: Olaf, Malzahar, Warwick. Poppy have to slow and stun enemies in order to win and she also need to move out of these immobilized effects in order to do something.
- worse on ranged matchups. Poppy likes gap closing so she prefer to fight against bruisers and tanks, not mages and other ranged champs. Of course she can hit some abilities and autoattacks but she would hit more if they would be closer.

Iron Ambassador

Poppy periodically throws her buckler as her next basic attack, gaining 350 bonus range and dealing 20 − 180 (based on level) bonus magic damage. The buckler then falls near her target, where it remains for up to 4 seconds.

When Poppy picks up the buckler, she shields herself for 15 / 17.5 / 20% (based on level) of her maximum health for 3 seconds. If the buckler kills its target, it bounces back to Poppy automatically. Enemy champions can step on the buckler to destroy it.

Additional info:
Range: 475
Cooldown: 13 / 10 / 7

Poppy's Iron Ambassador allows to clear camps more safe beacause of shield it gives. Also it deals some magic damage which is nice. In fights shield is really useful. Maximum health shield is what every tank want. Unlucky that you have to move to shield's position to grab it and not only that enemy can actually desroy the shield with stepping on it.

Hammer Shock

Poppy smashes the ground in front of her, dealing 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+ 90% bonus AD) (+ 8% of target's maximum health) physical damage to all enemies hit. Against monsters, the damage based on their maximum health is capped.

The impacted ground becomes unstable, slowing enemies by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% standing on it before erupting after 1 second, dealing the same physical damage to all enemies hit.

Additional info:
Range: 430
Cooldown: 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4
Cost: 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55

Poppy's main damage ability. You want to spam it as much as possible so ability haste is a way to go. If you manage to proc this ability 2 times you are dealing massive damage. 16% maximum health damage is huge compared to other abilities that occur in the game. Hammer Shock also slows so it is very good in chasing enemy and escaping from him. Works really good on clearing camps.

Steadfast Presence
Passive: Poppy's total armor and magic resistance are both increased by 10%, doubled to 20% when she falls below 40% maximum health.

Active: Poppy gains 40% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds and generates an aura around herself for the duration, causing all enemies who attempt to dash through it to be dealt 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+ 70% AP) magic damage, knocked up for 0.5 seconds, and afterwards both grounded and slowed by 25% for 2 seconds.

Additional info:
Range: 400
Cooldown: 24 / 22 / 20 / 18 / 16
Cost: 50

The ability that most champions don't like. With the cast you gain movement speed and creating aura around you that stops incoming dashes for 2 seconds. Blocked dashes get blocked and enemies that casted them get grounded. Ground effect denies enemies to use other dash abilities as well as Flash.
Passively you gain bonus resistances and even more of them below 50% hp which is amazing.

Here you can see the list of all dashes that Steadfast Presence can block:

Heroic Charge
Poppy dashes to the target enemy's location, and if they are in range of her, she deals them 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 (+ 50% bonus AD) physical damage and carries them along with her for up to 300 units.

If the target collides with terrain, she deals them the same physical damage again and stuns them for 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 / 2 seconds.

Additional info:
Range: 475
Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10
Cost: 70

Poppy's ability to stun. Heroic Charge is point and click ability but requires some positioning. You can't just use it on enemy like that. You have to stun the enemy into a wall in order to deal damage and ability to fully work. You can ignore walls while using Heroic Charge.

Keeper's Verdict
Poppy charges for up to 4 seconds, slowing herself by 15% for the duration. Keeper's Verdict can be recast at any time within its duration, and its cooldown is set to 30 seconds if canceled.

Recast: Poppy smashes the ground, sending out a shockwave that travels in the target direction. When it hits an enemy champion, a massive hammer erupts, dealing 200 / 300 / 400 (+ 90% bonus AD) physical damage to all enemies around it. Enemies struck by the hammer are knocked back an incredible distance towards their fountain.

Releasing the ability within 0.5 seconds of the activation ends the charge to launch the hammer upwards, dealing 50% reduced damage and knocking up all enemies around Poppy for 0.75 seconds.

Poppy has sight of enemies she knocks airborne and they are untargetable for the duration if she charged the ability for more than 0.5 seconds, with their displacement distance increasing based on how long Keeper's Verdict was charged.

Additional info:
Range: 500
Cooldown: 140 / 120 / 100
Cost: 100

The game changer ultimate. It's a skill shot so you have to precisely aim at target. If tapped the enemy gets knocked up for nearly a second and you deal half a damage with it.
If charged more than 0.5 seconds then the enemy gets knocked in direction of their base. The distance is based on how long was Keeper's Verdict charged. You deal full damage. Can also be used as a finisher.

There are 2 ability orders that we can use on Poppy!

Skill Order #1




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Default skill order. Since Poppy highly relies on damage from her Hammer Shock it will be maxed first. The cooldowns on Q will shorten so much. From 8 seconds to 4 seconds!

Skill Order #2




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Best skill order against tons of dashes which makes pain a real thing on enemy side.

The most popular rune page on Poppy. Electrocute gives burst damage on ganks. By stunning enemy with Heroic Charge and using autoattack you easily activate this keystone. There are different ways you can proc it such as for example with Chilling Smite. Cheap Shot gives you a bit of true damage on any abilities hit against champions. Eyeball Collection awards you with a little bit of AD on takedowns so you can have more damage later in the game. Relentless Hunter, Celerity and Waterwalking allow to have more mobility around the map so you can gank more and efficiently. Waterwalking gives also some AD on river so you can contest Scuttle Crab if enemy jungler comes there as well.

Recommended build: AD > Tank

This page allows Poppy to be more tankier than ever while having some bonus movement speed to engage into fights.
Aftershock gives bonus resistances on immobilizing enemy. In this case, you proc it by using your Heroic Charge, Steadfast Presence while enemy dashes or even by using blast cone. Aftershock shines the most when you want to towerdive.
Font of Life allows your teammates to heal off immobilized or slowed enemies by you. Conditioning scales into late game and it works perfectly with Aftershock. Unflinching helps in teamfights where you can get caught up. Bonus tenacity and slow resist from it means a lot in these situations. Cheap Shot deals true damage on any abilities hit against enemy champions and Relentless Hunter gives you mobility around the map. In my point of view, best to take it if your team is missing a tank and an engager.

Recommended build: Tank > Support

You matched up against tanks and bruisers? Take this rune page! The sustain it gives is amazing. Healing from Conqueror and Triumph helps in long fights and Legend: Tenacity prevents from getting immobilized too much. Last Stand grants more damage if low on hp, good on Poppy since she gets kited and focused easily. Cheap Shot gives bonus true damage on any ability that hit enemy champion and Relentless Hunter gives movement speed to move around the map. Challenging Smite with this rune page is amazing since you can duel anyone.

Recommended build: AD = Tank + Emberknife

A rune set that is good at engaging and ganking. This is almost the same rune page as first one but there is Predator instead of Electrocute. Predator allows to help teammates more as it gives bonus movement speed needed to gank unexpectedly. It doesn't proc the same burst damage Electrocute do but it'll do. The rest are the same runes.

Recommended build: Engage Tank > Support > Tank > AD

Situational rune page as it helps with kitness if there are a lot of ranged champions in enemy team or just the enemy team is too mobile for you. I found it really good after engaging. Phase Rush, Nimbus Cloak, Celerity, Waterwalking and Relentless Hunter gives you enough movement speed to gap close range enemy. Cheap Shot for bonus true damage on any ability hit. You can proc Phase Rush easily and with Chilling Smite it is much easier and more efficient to do so.

Recommended build: AD > Tank + Hailblade

These are my standard shards that allow Poppy to clear fast.
Attack speed is very important, especially on beginning where you autoattack the most. for AD. Armor or Magic Resist depending on the matchup.

If your planning to go extreme tanky, consider this. You still have a decent clear but a bit slower. Your enemies though won't expect you to have this many resists. It works better if enemy jungler wants to invade you so you might consider it a "safer playstyle".

Other keystones and runes that can be viable

I don't think this is a bad rune. I have seen people use it but you must scale with it so Dark Harvest can prove useful. I don't take it since I don't play for late game but if you want to try it, try it.

Hail of Blades can be seen often on Poppy but in my point of view it gets outscaled by Electrocute really fast. This keystone works the best in early game and no matter what you do, it gets worse over time.

Gaining bonus lethality on using Heroic Charge is really cool and good option for Damage and Lethality build.

Omnivamp is satisfying to take on Poppy but you risk Relentless Hunter for it so less mobility around the map.

If playing against aggresive invade early jungler such as Olaf you can take Bone Plating if you want to play really safe.

Getting ability haste for free is cool and all but more movement speed Celerity is better. Maybe a better option if enemy team doesn't have that much mobility.

Playing for late game?

Interesting keystone but it's 50/50 beacause of RNG it gives. You can't predict what your going to get and sometimes it somehow works but mostly not. Imagine getting grasp or comet while ganking. Also goes in Inspiration which this specific page isn't very viable on Poppy right now.

Not really popular rune but if taken you can make some interesting plays using it. Combined with Nimbus Cloak and it's a great rune to use. Problem is you need to go Inspiration page and whether it's primary or secondary it doesn't provide useful runes for Poppy at the moment.

Remaining keystones and runes are pretty much useless for jungle Poppy

SMITE: You can't jungle without smite like really.
FLASH: Classic spell to take on almost every champion. A simple teleport into the place of your cursor. You can do combos and escape with it.
IGNITE: Aggressive option. If your aiming to win early game you should consider this. True damage on Ignite with built-in grievous wounds works best against Kayn, Warwick, Dr. Mundo, Fiddlesticks.

Back in times where Season 10 have started I didn't have time to compare two smites yet beacause I was so lazy and still was somehow playing jungle. And guess what? I was using the wrong one all the time. Emberknife is powerful on Poppy. I don't know what happened to it since I read basically every patch note that came out since January but I finally realized the true power of it. What Emberknife do? Using Red Smite reduces the enemy output damage while you deal bonus true damage with your auto-attacks. Actually you burn them with true damage. Best if used on stunned enemy with your Heroic Charge. Simple yet strong use. Use it on the carry to reduce his damage against you or maybe on tank and negate his armor or just on any champion and duel them like no one before. Combine it with Red Buff and it is a satisfying show. Better jungle item.

Alternative jungle item. It gives Blue Smite which grants you movement speed and deals a bit of true damage to opponent on cast on enemy champion. I found it the most useful if you get kited a lot especially from ranged champions and wants to gap close to them. Champions as Kindred, Taliyah and Elise can be hard to catch so the blue smite here comes in handy. Also Chilling Smite helps procing keystones such as Electrocute and Phase Rush so if you have any problems with activating them take this jungle item.

Refillable Potion
You have 150 gold left and the only reasonable choice is this. You have to stay as long as possible in jungle while taking most of the camps. The best thing is that the potions refill so you don't have to buy more of them like Health Potions.

Stealth Ward
Free trinket that grants vision if placed. Use it on your other jungle side incase if you have a feeling someone will invade you or place it somewhere deeper to let teammates know where enemy jungler is now and who he will be trying to gank first.

If you just started to play Poppy in jungle I recommend picking Hailblade on, otherwise take Emberknife if you are a bit experienced with her on this role.
Getting more movement speed means more mobility and more mobility = more ganks and gap closing.

Tear of the Goddess
New starting item to build on Poppy since it got great changes to it. Less mana stacking and procing charge only on enemies makes it easier to stack and going into Manamune is viable now. Also since Poppy didn't get any buffs to mana she still runs out of it quickly so Tear of the Goddess is the solution in this problem.

Bami's Cinder
First tank item that provides AOE magic damage. Helps in clearing and fighting. Can be built into mythic tank items.

Ironspike Whip
Since Tiamat no longer provides the active, this is his replacement. It helps clearing camps ultra faster cause of the 150% damage bonus when monsters are below 50% of their hp. It has pretty low cooldown which can be shortened by Ability Haste. Can be also used into faster procing Electrocute, Phase Rush or stacking Conqueror. Built into Goredrinker or Stridebreaker.

Tiamat is pretty useless in this state in jungling. Of course it helps but only with camps. To maximize its potential you have to upgrade it. The removal of Tiamat's active really hurt.

Control Ward
A lifesaver for 75 gold. Grants vision in selected place that shows placed enemy wards in this area until someone destroys it or another one is placed by you. It is really important to have these since you can see the enemy jungler's position and what is his pathing is. Also useful on objectives.

Oracle Lens
Pretty much a nearby enemy vision detector for free that follows you for a few seconds. Great if you aim to clear wards of enemy lanes and objectives.

Based on the items you have purchased on first back you are headed into these builds:
Tear of the Goddess - Damage/Lethality
Bami's Cinder - Tank/Damage/Support
Ironspike Whip - Damage
Tiamat - Tank/Damage
Sunfire Aegis and Dead Man's Plate

Sunfire Aegis
20 Ability Haste
30 Armor
350 Health
30 Magic Resistance

UNIQUE Passive: Taking or dealing damage activates this passive for 3 seconds. Deal 12−30 (+1% bonus health) magic damage every second (depending on level) to enemies within 325 units (+100% bonus size), increased by 25% against minions and 150% against monsters. Damaging enemy champions or epic monsters with this effect adds a stack for 5 seconds, increasing subsequent Immolate damage by 10%, stacking up to 6 times for a 60% increase.

UNIQUE Passive: At maximum stacks, your basic attacks explode around you, burning nearby enemies for your Immolate damage for 3 seconds.

Mythic Passive: Empowers each of your other Legendary items with 5% tenacity and 5% slow resist.

Dead Man's Plate
45 Armor
300 Health
5% Movement Speed

UNIQUE Passive: While moving, generates 7 stacks of Momentum each 0.25 seconds, granting up to 40 bonus movement speed at 100 stacks after 3.75 seconds of moving. Momentum decays by 15 every 0.25 seconds while immobilized. Basic attacks consume all stacks on-hit to deal 0−40 (+0−100% base attack damage) bonus physical damage per stack (depending on Momentum). At maximum stacks, the target is also slowed by 50% for 1 second.

Typical items for Poppy on jungle role that allows to be tanky, deal some damage and at the same time be mobile around the map. The new Sunfire Aegis lost some damage on engages but got buffed in longer fights to be reliable while the Dead Man's Plate gives movement speed and tankiness at the same time to catch enemies.

★ She's tanky.

★ Mobile around the map.

★ Can engage on enemies because of tankiness.

★ Great against AD enemies.

Rest of the build

VS AP (damage on immobilizing)
Abyssal Mask - Great item to take on Poppy now. Immobilizing enemy and more damage is amazing. Also magic resist and health.

VS AD (autoattacks,healing)
Thornmail - Classic item if against autoattack based champions like Jax and Warwick.
It's also good against healing champions because of the new passive this item got in preseason. Applying 60% of Grievous Wounds on immobilizing enemy. Champions like Kayn and Aatrox.

VS AD (autoattacks,crit)
Randuin's Omen - I haven't tested this item to its full potential but I see it. Gives good amount of armor and even an active that reduces attack damage and critical strike damage. Also you have passive on this item and it works like Amumu's Tantrum, reducing damage from autoattacks by 5 per 1000 health. What I don't like about it is not enough health but to be honest for the other things it gives, I suppose it's ok.

VS AP (better heals,shields)
Spirit Visage - Slightly reduced healing but added shielding which works on Iron Ambassador. Also gives good amount of health, magic resist and ability haste.

VS AD (autoattackers)
Frozen Heart - Good item to take because of mana, ability haste and especially armor it gives. Grants passive working like Amumu's Tantrum, just like on Randuin's Omen.

Force of Nature - Magic resists item that can grant even more while taking damage. Also gives movement speed which also can stack up so in my opinion not a bad item. Unlucky that it doesn't give ability haste. With Dead Man's Plate this item really works good.

Damage (% maximum health dmg)
Titanic Hydra - Poppy scales with HP so this hydra will be perfect. Your attacks deal damage based on maximum hp and even your 2% of bonus health is converted to AD.

VS AP AND AD (scaling resistances in fights)
Gargoyle Stoneplate - Pretty good item that gives a lot of armor and magic resist. Also grants ability haste which is always a nice thing. Passively you increase resistances if enemies deal damage to you and the active grants you a shield for 2.5 seconds that scales with your bonus hp.

Getting bursted in teamfights / survivability
Sterak's Gage - Great changes for bruisers and tanks on this one. Grants a maximum health regenration and a shield if bursted down in teamfights. The shield is increased if fighting against multiple champions.

VS HEAVY AD (burst)
Death's Dance - Situational item I would say. Buy it for heavy AD teams because taking bleed effect is better than being bursted down. Also grants movement speed and heals you if you participated in someone's takedown.

VS Tons of Crowd Control
Silvermere Dawn - Another situational item. If you have trouble with being immobilized too much you can buy this. It's just QQ but for bruisers and tanks.

Support items

If your behind and your team is winning try building some support items for your teammates so they can be stronger and you will be definitely doing something useful.

Helping ADC
Knight's Vow - Helps ADC that have problem with getting bursted down or so. A bit of his damage taken is transfered to you instead.

Slowing enemies and Frontlining
Frostfire Gauntlet - gives slows on autoattacks and size which helps in frontlining.

Teammate's additional damage
Zeke's Convergence - gives bonus damage to asigned teammate after you immobilize someone.


Turbo Chemtank and Dead Man's Plate


Mobility Boots and Dead Man's Plate

Turbo Chemtank
20 Ability Haste
25 Armor
350 Health
25 Magic Resistance

UNIQUE Passive: Taking or dealing damage activates this passive for 3 seconds. Deal 12−30 (+1% bonus health) magic damage every second (depending on level) to enemies within 325 units (+100% bonus size), increased by 25% against minions and 150% against monsters.

UNIQUE Active: For 4 seconds, grants 75% bonus movement speed and ghosting when moving towards a turret or visible enemy champion (2000 radius). After the duration or when an enemy champion is within 225 range, you emit a shockwave, slowing enemy champions within 450 range by 40% for 1.5 seconds (90 second cooldown).

Mythic Passive: Empowers each of your other Legendary items with 5 ability haste.

Dead Man's Plate
40 Armor
475 Health
5% Movement Speed

UNIQUE Passive: While moving, build stacks of Momentum, granting up to 60 bonus movement speed at 100 stacks. Momentum decays by 3 every 0.25 seconds while immobilized. Attacks deal 1 magic damage on-hit per stack of Momentum, consuming all stacks. At max stacks, the target is also slowed by 50% for 1 second if the attacker is melee.

Mobility Boots
25 Movement Speed

UNIQUE Passive: When out-of-combat for at least 5 seconds, increase this item's effect to 115 movement speed.

If you somehow want to be active more around the map and want to engage, this is it.

★ Less tanky.

★ Really mobile around the map.

★ Unexpected and easy to set engages and ganks.

The rest of the build is the same as tank.

Divine Sunderer and Muramana

This is an example of what Divine Sunderer and Muramana combo is capable of
against squishies.

Divine Sunderer
20 Ability Haste
40 Attack Damage
400 Health

UNIQUE Passive: After using an ability, deal bonus physical damage equal to 12% of target's maximum health on-hit, minimum damage is equal to 150% of base attack damage (1.5 second cooldown). Damage is capped against monsters at 250% base attack damage. When this passive hits a champion, heal (97,5% for Melee / 60% for Ranged) of the damage dealt.

Mythic Passive: Empowers your other Legendary items with 5% armor penetration and 5% magic penetration.

15 Ability Haste
35 Attack Damage
860 Mana

UNIQUE Passive: Grants bonus attack damage equal to 2.5% maximum mana.

UNIQUE Passive: Basic attacks on-hit against champions deal 1.5% maximum mana bonus physical damage. Damaging abilities against champions deal (3.5% for Melee / 2.7% for Ranged) maximum mana (+6% AD) bonus physical damage. Can only be triggered once every 6.5 seconds from the same attack or cast.

These core items allows Poppy to duel anyone in mid-game since it has everything she needs. So what can our yordle do with these buys?

★ She can fight against tanks because of armor penetration passive on Divine Sunderer.

★ She can oneshot squishies because of this combo even without using ultimate as shown in short clip above.

★ She can even be main damage dealer in teamfights because of ability haste these items give and overall damage that items provides.

Muramana takes time to scale so if your team can be lacking damage it will be better to build it. If somehow enemy team is ahead you should be going for other items that immediately grants tankiness and more damage than unstacked Muramana. Take it if you are ahead or playing for mid-late game or even build it later in the game if you have still this Tear of the Goddess.

Alternative mythics:

Trinity Force - If you have problem with gap closing. Works good with Hail of Blades.

Goredrinker - If you are getting bursted in teamfights try this.

Sunfire Aegis - Safer route for damage build.

Rest of the build

Black Cleaver - Satisfying item if you are against tanks. Shredding enemy's armor is fun to watch.

Teamfighting - getting bursted down
Sterak's Gage - Great changes for bruisers and tanks on this one. Grants a maximum health regenration and a shield if bursted down in teamfights. The shield is increased if fighting against multiple champions.

Maw of Malmortius - Magic Resist item that shines against AP Heavy teams.

Death's Dance - Really good item to take against AD champions. They can't burst you down so quickly.

Chempunk Chainsword - Grievous Wounds is important in today's League of Legends so this item for bruisers will help against healing champiions like Kayn. Grants decent AD, Ability Haste and Health.

Serylda's Grudge - Another item for tanks and maybe even tanky bruisers. It shreds through armor and also slow enemies which is amazing feeling if using Hammer Shock with this item. Grants ability haste as well which is a nice thing.

Ravenous Hydra - With its changes in preseason the passive applies also on abilities. Other than that grants ability haste and omni vamp which allows you to heal from your Hammer Shock or other abilities and autoattacks.

Titanic Hydra - Alternative hydra but tankier option.

VS AD/staying alive
Guardian Angel - Defensive option against AD teams if you want to stay alive longer during fights.

You can also use tank items as defensive options for damage build.

Eclipse and Muramana

Eclipse and Muramana against ADC.

55 Attack Damage
18 Lethality
10% Omni Vamp

UNIQUE Passive: Hitting an enemy champion with 2 separate attacks or abilities within 1.5 seconds deals 6% of target's maximum health as bonus physical damage and grants you 15% bonus movement speed and a (150 for Melee / 75 for Ranged) (+(40% for Melee / 20% for Ranged) bonus attack damage) shield for 2 seconds ((8 for Melee / 16 for Ranged) second cooldown).

Mythic Passive: Empowers your other Legendary items with 4% armor penetration.

15 Ability Haste
35 Attack Damage
860 Mana

UNIQUE Passive: Grants bonus attack damage equal to 2% maximum mana.

UNIQUE Passive: Basic attacks on-hit against champions deal 1.5% maximum mana bonus physical damage. Damaging abilities against champions deal (3.5% for Melee / 2.7% for Ranged) maximum mana (+6% AD) bonus physical damage. Can only be triggered once every 6.5 seconds from the same attack or cast.

Enemy team have a lot of squishies? Time to one shot them.

★ Amazing damage against squishies.

★ Can match up to enemy composition with available items.

Rest of the build

Damage + Movement Speed
Youmuu's Ghostblade - Classic item that grants lethality, more mobility around the map and also active that allows to gap close enemies.

Edge of Night - If somebody is immobilizing you that you can't even reach him don't worry, take this item that grants spell shield, some ad and lethality and health.

Serpent's Fang - Actually a good item if enemy have shielders like Ivern, Janna and Lulu.

The Collector - Very fun item to use as you gain 20% Crit chance with it which sometimes can be disgusting on enemies. Also you execute enemies below 5% of their health and grants you 25 gold.

Guardian Angel - Good against AD teams that can burst you down. You can have second chance in fight if bought.

Maw of Malmortius - Good against AP teams that can burst you down. You gain a shield if you take too much magic damage.

Sanguine Blade - if you feel your clearing and kill potential is not high enough, grab this, bonus attack speed and lethality while assasinating target who's alone with built-in omnivamp will satisfy you.

Black Cleaver - If you are against tanks grab this since it will help in sustained fights.

Serylda's Grudge - If you need more damage against tanks there's always this item.

Farsight Alteration - If you feel the need to kill more enemies, grab blue trinket and start searching them over the map.

Actually the best boots at the moment. Ability haste on both abilities and summoner spells pays off. Against mostly AD teams.
Against tons of CC or heavy AP. More mobility around the map.

Full item set code if anyone wants to import:

Spoiler: Click to view

Combos are part of League of Legends of every champion so let's see possible combos of Poppy.

How to do combos?
I know this instruction image can be a little hard to read from so I'm gonna explain here:

Basic combo on Poppy is...

...and in this one combo you can add more abilities and damage sources:

Use it to engage into fight earlier so enemy can't expect and react to it. Also used to gap closing.

Steadfast Presence:
1. You use it at the start to gap close enough or to make enemy don't dash.
2. You use it at the end to gap close if enemy ran away or to block a dash so enemy can't escape.

Challenging Smite:
You use it after you hit someone with Heroic Charge because it's a chance to deal tons of damage. Especially with this smite.

Chilling Smite:
1. You use it after autoattack after you stunned enemy with Heroic Charge to proc rune Electrocute, Phase Rush.
2. You use it at the end to either gap close enemy again or stack Conqueror.

Keeper's Verdict + AA:
You use it to extend fight and deal damage.

Ironspike Whip
Use it to maximize your damage potential in combo.

And basically you use combo based on situation you got in and how much damage you can put out.

Combos for examples:
Heroic Charge + AA + Hammer Shock + AA + Keeper's Verdict + AA + Chilling Smite
Flash + Heroic Charge + Challenging Smite + AA + Hammer Shock + AA + Steadfast Presence
Steadfast Presence + Heroic Charge + AA + Hammer Shock + AA

I hope you understand "Combos" section. If you don't, feel free to ask me questions.

Poppy has 3 pathings that are viable at the moment.

Default jungle pathing

I love it because it's very easy way to hit lvl 4 around 3:25 and outduel some junglers at the river while maybe taking first blood. While I like this pathing you can actually lose crab and eventually two of them if enemy jungler is early game based and you are meeting each other at river.
Alternative: Try to see where enemy jungler is starting and start the opposite buff that he's doing. In this case if enemy is early game jungler he won't duel you and take your crab since you will be on other sides. Gank mid or bot then instead of mid or top.

Aggresive early pathing (Blue side only)

If you want to play aggresive early game you have to be on blue side. Enemies won't expect you ganking while they will be still level 2. You can waste their summoner spells or grab a kill and any of these is advantage on your bottom lane side. Best if enemy adc and support are immobile. Then go back to river and grab crab. Disadvantage can be on your side if enemy jungler decides to invade your whole blue side. Ward it as late as you or somebody can or pray that jungler is also starting red and going normal pathing.

Don't do it against Graves and Olaf, they will most likely invade you no matter what and put you at huge disadvantage this way.

Invade pathing

If playing against junglers that need to scale up you can use this pathing. Who says Poppy can't invade? Start at enemy jungle. At this pathing you are lvl 4 and enemy jungler is lvl 3 and he doesn't have second buff while you still have entire red side jungle. He can't invade you because you will beat him. You have huge advantage and you can do whatever you want whether it's clearing jungle to scale up or ganking.

Best against:

Clearing as Poppy is easy. All you need to do is hit your Hammer Shock and try to hit it in the most enemies possible at once. Play with passive and grab shields as it helps with not losing too much hp. Additionaly you can use Heroic Charge and use it on toughest target.
Start clearing with E + Q + Passive ( Heroic Charge + Hammer Shock + Iron Ambassador ) or with Passive + E + Q ( Iron Ambassador + Heroic Charge + Hammer Shock ). Second is better as you know the position shield position already is as you stun somebody.

Typical engage on jungle camps.

Alternative early engage on jungle camps.

Example of clearing:
Warding is an important part of the game. Without it it's just a hide and seek on Summoner's Rift. Placing Stealth Wards and Control Wards allow to know position of the enemies at this right moment when they are seen so the team can play with their movement.

Here is early to mid game warding. Beacause of low mobility and laning phases there won't be that many wards to place, just the most important. If enemy jungler is on second river it's a chance to place a ward deep in their jungle whether it's blue buff side or red buff side. Why deeper? Because it will even earlier alert what is their jungler's pathing and what lane he will be going to help.

As late game is getting closer with every minute in-game the wards are becoming more important than ever. Giving vision on objectives and single targets on enemy team is a key to victory. The thing is that your team needs more of them.

Here is late game warding. You can pretty much say that there are too many wards but hear me out. Of course it won't be possible to ward every single area on the map and it won't be possible to see enemy 24/7. That's why there are more places to ward. If enemy sees your ward in the same place a few times he know that this exact same place will be warded so he won't bother to go there or just bait your team with his game knowledge. So placing wards in other places as I show on the images above is pretty good. Vision on objectives are the most important after all.
Clearing vision is part of the warding too.

Ganking is an important part of junglers and Poppy does it well. While ganking you have to either take the chosen enemy with your Heroic Charge into a wall, slow enemy with Hammer Shock or even block his dash with Steadfast Presence. Either way they are affected by CC and your teammate or teammates, depends if you gank a solo lane or bot lane, can follow up. Positions on enemies also change during laning phase and if ganking you have to choose the right way you can gank or at least the one that will do anything.

Before we start - bot ganking is the same as top but I used only top images because it makes no sense to make bot as well while they are the same but upside down.

Top and Bot:

1. From river
Typical place to start a gank from junglers. Do it if enemy lane has prio over your ally or allies. Easy to set gank if so, if you show up enemy will start running away to walls which you can use to set Heroic Charge stun. If they have dashse you can use Steadfast Presence to deny them to escape which slows. Either use it after Heroic Charge or just after you show up if you have that feeling on enemy.

Now what if enemy doesn't have prio? Well... now you have to follow up your teammate's stun or any immobilize effect or just be quick enough to gap close enemy in 2 or 3 seconds after showing up. Followuping is easy but gap closing can be hard don't worry if you have Relentless Hunter and Celerity, you will gain enough movement speed to come closer to enemy.

2. From behind
If lane is even you can try this route. You will have better gap closing than the one from river. Same methods as previous tho.

3.From lane bush
You can try going around into the bush on lane to surprise enemy. Works the best if enemy laner or laners are aggresive like Renekton or Leona.

4. Dive
If lane is winning you can try to dive enemy since it's very easy in these kind of situations where enemy just stands under towe because he can't do anything else. You have guaranteed stun on enemy.

5. Hexflash
If you somehow took hexflash you can try this route. Go into enemy jungle and start channeling here to here. Enemies won't expect that.

6. Countergank
Enemy jungler ganking? Stay in bush or river and ping your teammate to come here. Stun someone and if someone has dashes then you know, use Steadfast Presence.


1. From any bush
Typical gank pathing but too hard to make it work since you need gap closing.

2. Around terrain
Better gap closing.

3. Hexflash
Enemies won't expect where you came from. From enemy raptors to mid.
Since Poppy doesn't get enough gap closing with gank from the bush, Hexflash helps with that. Channel from here to here and there you go, easy gank. Best if enemy is mage since he will be playing poke type playstyle.

4. Hexflash + Dive
Dives are very good if playing as Poppy, as if champion was created to dive. You can surprise enemy with that and grab an easy kill. Especially if your mid laner is winning.

Example of ganks using Steadfast Presence to block dashes:

How to gank specific champion with Poppy:
Aatrox - You can block his E even when he's casting his Q with it. Recommended to build Thornmail or Chempunk Chainsword against him.

Ahri - She can cancel your E with her charm but you can block her R dashes instead.

Akali - It's possible to block her E and R dashes. You just must have reflex to do it.

Alistar - You block his W which is a good thing since Alistar players only knockback junglers that are ganking or getting close to his ADC.

Anivia - She is pretty immobile but beware of her stun and damage coming with it. Try to dodge Q.

Annie - Wait till she uses her passive (4th spell) before going in. She can stun you on gank if you don't.

Aphelios - Immobile adc, easy to gank.

Ashe - Her slows and R is annoying to play against. While ganking she just slows you so you have to take the right ganking path. Other than that she can reveal your position in jungle by E.

Aurelion Sol - I didn't play against him yet but I guess he's squishy and immobile. Also he has ability that works like Anivia's Q so he's Anivia but worse.

Azir - Well, I'm gonna say here that depends who controls this champion. Bad one is gonna be easy but the good one will literally carry their team. You can block his dash on E.

Bard - He will be roaming so you can try to stop him in river. Also you block his E

Blitzcrank - To be honest you have better gap closing if you get hit by him but at the same time you are stunned and silenced by him.

Brand - Underrated champion that deals tons of damage. He's immobile but can stun you.

Braum - He will be protecting his ADC all the time. You can block his W.

Caitlyn - Try not to step on her traps. You block her E dash.

Camille - You block her both casts on E so your ganks can be very good against her. Also she has true damage so watch out for her.

Cassiopeia - Try not to get stunned and get miasma effect casted on you.

Cho'Gath - Easy to gank, immobile champion. Try to not get hit by his Q.

Corki - Rarely seen nowadays but you block his W.

Darius - Not easy to gank since he can 1v2 you because of passive he has. Watch out.

Diana - She doesn't have escape dash.

Dr. Mundo - Kinda immobile and squishy early on. IF you have problem try buying
Bramble Vest or Chempunk Chainsword.

Draven - He can cancel your dash which is annoying. Try to get close enough to hit it. If it's not possible peel for your ADC.

Ezreal - In the same moment you use your dash on him, he use his blink. Try to bait it or gap close enough.

Fiora - You can W her Q. Also she heals a lot so Thornmail or any healing reduction item is recommended.

Fizz - You can W his Q. He can stop your E with his E.

Galio - Easy to gank since his E is very predictable to block with Steadfast Presence.

Gangplank - He has no dashes but gaining movement speed with destroying barrels.

Garen - Easy since he is immobile.

Gnar - You can W his E. In MegaGnar form he becomes kinda immobile.

Gragas - You can W his E.

Heimerdinger - While ganking him be careful of turrets that he places because they deal massive damage. Also watch out if he rushes Zhonya or so.

Illaoi - You can block her W but she wins 1v2 anyway. Be careful.

Irelia - You can block her W which puts her mobility to the ground.

Janna - She can stop your E with both her Q and R. Try to gap close enough or flash.

Jax - You can W his Q.

Jayce - You can W his Q.

Jhin - He's kinda mobile with his passive and Galeforce. Actually you can W his Galeforce.

Jinx - She's too mobile and deals too much damage. Early on you can easily set stuns on her.

Kai'Sa - Not too mobile at early levels, you can W her R somehow.

Kalista - You can W her every autoattack. A pain for her.

Karma - Too mobile, try to follow up.

Karthus - Squishy, easy to kill. Be careful of his passive.

Kassadin - Early on immobile and deals no damage, easy to set ganks.

Katarina - Annoying since she can E your E. Try to wait out it.

Kayle - Annoying, too much movement speed.

Kayn - You can W his Q, in this situation it lefts him with no damage.

Kennen - Too mobile but it is possible to stun him.

Kled - You can W his E.

Kog'Maw - Immobile, easy to set ganks.

LeBlanc - You can W her W.

Leona - You can W her E.

Lissandra - Annoying, she has too much crowd control.

Lucian - You can W his E which lefts him with no mobility.

Lulu - Polymorphy is the most annoying spell to exist. You need to followup.

Lux - Immobile, try to dodge Q and set up an easy stun.

Malphite - Too tanky but you can stun him.

Malzahar - Annoying with new items, immobile but strong at the same time.

Maokai - Immobile, easy to set ganks.

Miss Fortune - Kinda mobile due to her passive on W. You can set up an easy stun.

Mordekaiser - Immobile, easy to set stun.

Morgana - Watch out for her Q and E.

Nami - Her Q is annoying but if you dodge it you are good to go to stun.

Nasus - Immobile without Ghost, easy to set stun.

Nautilus - You can W his Q.

Neeko - annoying with her W,E and R.

Olaf - immune to your spells, wait it out or try to stun him at the beginning.

Orianna - too tanky and too mobile.

Ornn - You can W his E and R.

Pantheon - You can W his W.

Pyke - You can W his E.

Qiyana - You can W her W and E.

Quinn - You can W her E. Also immobile early on.

Rakan - You can W his W and E.

Rell - You can W her W. Kinda tanky and steals your resistances.

Renekton - You can W his E.

Rengar - You can W his leap from bush and R.

Riven - You can W her Q and E.

Rumble - No dashes, no cc, kinda immobile - easy to stun

Ryze - No dashes, no cc, kinda immobile - easy to stun

Samira - You can W her E which makes her immobile so she is easy to stun. She has no CC other than extending one.

Senna - Immobile, try to dodge her W and easy to stun

Seraphine - Too mobile with her W, somebody needs to followup first.

Sett - Immobile without Stridebreaker, easy to gank. You can W his R - at the end of his cast.

Shen - You can W his E.

Singed - Easy to gank, he has no damage early.

Sion - Easy to gank, immobile.

Sivir - Immobile and close range adc, easy to gank.

Sona - Kinda mobile with her E, can stop you during Heroic Charge with her R.

Soraka - Can silence you which is annoying but easy to gank.

Swain - immobile, easy to gank.

Sylas - You can W his E both casts.

Syndra - She will knock you out of lane if ganking.

Tahm Kench = Too immobile, easiest kill.

Taliyah - Try to dodge her W and it is pretty much easy kill to grab.

Talon - You can W his E and Q.

Taric - Dodge his E and it's easy kill.

Teemo - He can blind but he deals no damage if you aren't squishy.

Thresh - You can W his Q pull and his W. Other than that annoying to gank.

Tristana - You can W her E which makes really easy to kill her.

Tryndamere - You can W his E. Pretty easy to kill without his R.

Twisted Fate - His yellow cards are annoying. Wait for it to go out and then gank or just followup.

Twitch - Immobile without Galeforce and enchanters. Without them easy to kill, with them other way around.

Urgot - You can W his E and he's immobile without it.

Varus - Easy to kill, squishy and no damage.

Vayne - She can E you back which makes your gap closing suffer, she can stop your Heroic Charge with it as well, you can W her Q. Wait for followup recommended.

Veigar - His cage is annoying but other than that easy to kill.

Vel'Koz - Squishy, easy to kill.

Viktor - Too mobile with Phase Rush. His W is prevents from engaging on him as well.

Vladimir - Can stop your E with his W. Annoying to gank but possible to kill.

Volibear - You can W his Q. He can do damage so be careful.

Warwick - He's immobile. Easy to gank.

Wukong - You can W his W and E. He can 1v2 but if you stun him he won't.

Xayah - Immobile, easy to gank.

Xerath - Immobile, easy to gank, try to gank his W and E.

Yasuo - You can W his E.

Yone - You can W his Q.

Yorick - Sorry but I didn't see Yorick on top for a long time. I can't say anything about him other than synergy with him that is possible.

Yuumi - You can W her W if she go out of her ally.

Zed - Too mobile, wait for him to use W or followup.

Ziggs - You can W his W.

Zilean - His slows and stuns are annoying but you should be able to gap close him.

Zoe - Don't get asleep and grab an easy kill on squishy target. She can be too mobile sometimes.

Zyra - Dodge her E and set up an easy stun.

Objectives are very important buffs for your teammates since they can singlehandly change games.

For drakes I would say the worst one is Cloud since your faster Keeper's Verdict won't do much. The best is either Mountain or Infernal but I like first one more because of shield and resistances it gives. Infernal is pretty good for damage output and Cloud for sustained fights.

> > >

When you hit level 6 you should start thinking about them. Prioritze them over ganks. Taking objectives can be really easy and hard.

Easy because Keeper's Verdict allows to knock out the enemy jungler at any moment so you can take the drake without the enemy jungler at this area. Also if you have good teammates they will follow you and together take the drake or herald.

Hard because enemy team have Cho'Gath or Nunu & Willump that can easilly steal the objective. Enemy team can also put you on main focus and kill you.

You can either do objective (drake, herald) by yourself or with teammates.

While at objective use Oracle Lens or Control Ward to detect nearby enemy wards and destroy them to keep enemy team without vision on important part of the map.

Taking objective if enemy jungler is alive can be risky since he can steal it with Smite...
...or can he?

You can stand in the back of the pit and use perfectly timed Steadfast Presence to not allow any dashing junglers to come through. It even works on blast cones which is another good thing. Blast cones are as well on baron side.

About stopping blast cones and dashes on objectives with Steadfast Presence:
On drake it works the best against enemy on blue side.
On baron it works the best against enemy on red side.

If you want to take baron it's the other way around, you can't just take it like that. It's too easy to predict. You have to make pressure:

- take enemy inhibitor which will cause minions to push.
- catch their jungler causing enemy team to 4v5 during his respawn time.
- sacrifice your splitpusher if you have one - bait enemies, take more towers or inhibitors, either way if you have Jax or Fiora as your splitpusher enemies won't know what to do, most likely they will back just to kill the splitpusher while you can easily take baron.

The most important: Remember to check how much damage does your Smite in order to take the objective perfectly, sometimes you can get the objective stolen by rare occasion or you can get outsmited. Better to be secure.
Around the time that baron appears, game heavily relies on teamfights. Teamfights allows to grab objective, some towers and inhibitors or even to win the game.
In teamfights you should think what is the best playstyle for you and your team as Poppy.

If you have a chance at catching someone, do it and your team can followup while you will be the engager.

If your team has engagers, you engage after them. For example you have Malphite who's ultimate is probably the strongest ability to engage that can knockup up to 5 enemies. Engager will probably target their carry as well so you are here to stun her even longer in order to win the teamfight.

If you have a carry that needs to be protected, do it. Blocking assasin dashes are satisfying for ADC and hypercarries since they feel safe and they do a lot of damage if not focused.

You can flank in teamfights which can lead to either amazing plays or your death because you don't know what awaits on the other side if you have no vision or maybe enemy team is just baiting you. Teamfights doesn't always have to be 5v5. There can be a 4v4 teamfight where your splitpusher will push enemy base. Or maybe there is a splitpusher on enemy team? Then focus him first and then force a 5v4 teamfight. Best if teamfights occur in jungle because on lane there is like 50% to hit Heroic Charge.

You can knock somebody or multiple people out of fight using Keeper's Verdict which causes enemy team to fight without some of their teammates for a few seconds.

If you are fighting in the jungle you can stop enemies from blast coning.

Poppy as every jungler must know how to play against specific matchups. Let's take a look into them!

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Was considered a major threat a while ago but now not so much. Because of his nerfs he isn't that good as he was anymore but he can still do damage. In early game try to invade him as much as possible, he doesn't deal dmg without maxed smite and items and clearing his camps will slow his powerspikes. If you meet each other, you outdamage him unless he's somehow ahead. What is most important in this matchup is that you can block his Q which is the only ability of Amumu to engage. Using Steadfast Presence on it denies him to gap close but he still stuns you. In teamfights it's really good, stops your team from being stunned so easily. Don't forget he can also use Flash with his Ultimate but you will probably expect it. He becomes more tankier with every minute in the game so armor shredding items are good.

Dr. Mundo
Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Pretty bad in current state of jungling. He doesn't offer any kind of Crowd Control and sometimes can't even do damage if kited. He uses too much health to clear camps so you can invade him even if he's doing one. You can easily avoid his cleavers and you outdamage him easily. In teamfights he will most likely focus your carry so get rid of him. Nerf of the tank items kinda hurt for everyone but on Mundo it hurt so much that he isn't that tanky as before and takes too much health. Healing reduction is another pro in this matchup, reducing his healing is a key to win any fight against Dr. Mundo. You can buy armor shredding items as well since he's building tank.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Right now Ekko is one of the most reliable champions, he will scale up no matter what. His early game is bad so he won't try to invade you and you don't have to worry about your camps being taken. Early on you outdamage him but he's a ticking bomb that blows up sometime in the game. You can block his flip on E, you don't block his blink tho keep that in mind. In teamfights don't waste your Keeper's Verdict on him, he will just R back. If stunned with Heroic Charge it's an easy kill since he's squishy but be careful if he's not focused by anybody. Magic Resist items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Annoying jungler to play against. She will try to invade you as much as possible because of her early game damage. Ward your other side of the jungle. Don't fight her if you somehow met each other, she's better early and will gank more than you. Buy more Control Wards in order to minimalize her early game power. You bring more utility and damage in late game which is better in teamfights. She will try to focus first target or your adc. She can also flank from behind so watchout for that. Magic Resist items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Evelynn is an assasin that aims to hit lvl 6 as soon as possible. In this case you can invade her with the invade pathing since she will start blue most likely. You outdamage her early. After she hit lvl 6 she has invisiblity which is annoying for everyone on your team. Try to buy as many Control Wards as possible in order to counter her ganks, flanks and all. She can easily steal objectives so be careful of that. In teamfights she will focus squishy targets and if you stun her you probably kill her since she's squishy. Magic Resist items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Fiddlesticks can be compared to Evelynn with his weak early game and powerspike after lvl 6. You can try to invade him but he will probably place his scarecrows in order to avoid invades. Early you outdamage him with your damage and also because you cancel his Bountiful Harvest cast. After he hit lvl 6 game will be harder. Fiddlesticks will abuse his Crowstorm with Ultimate Hunter. You should consider warding more and expect engages or followuping from his side. In teamfights he's a monster and it's better if you somehow manage to catch him or after his engage stun him or even knock him out with Keeper's Verdict. Magic Resist items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Pretty weak jungler in current meta. Compared to mid and top Gragas he lacks damage at the beginning which allows us to outdamage him early on. His ganks pre-6 are weak and are easily counterable. You can block his E. He will powerspike with hitting lvl 6 and buying Night Harvester. On objectives he needs a team to help him. He can engage into fights with Flash + E and if not, he will followup someone from his team. His ult can be gamechanging like yours since it can seperate your entire team. Pros is on your side since he can miss more abilities. Magic Resist items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
As for champion that has around 46% winratio Graves is doing very good. It's a melee ranged champion that wants to invade and will take advantage of his kit. Try to finish camps as fast as possible. If you are feeling something about his invade buy Control Ward and put it in your jungle. If dueling with him it can go either way, you outdamage him or he outkites you. You block his E which can probably stop his armor stacking as well. Graves go Phase Rush so better lock him down or run away. In teamfights you ruin his potential as you remove his mobility. With your Steadfast Presence and armor items he can't do anything.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Hecarim is at the moment one of the most popular junglers. He excels at both: clearing and ganking. If you meet him at river and land a stun you outdamage him early on which puts advantage on your side. He will buy armor penetration items such as Divine Sunderer and Black Cleaver but if you snowball fast enough you can win really easily. I didn't really see a problem with him. You block his E. Armor items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
I hate playing against him. Even if he builds support he deals damage. At the start be careful about your other buff because it can be invaded and taken from you. You can take crab freely and you outdamage him early on. However as the game progresses he will give more and more shields to his allies while rooting enemies. Serpent's Fang is very good in this matchup. He will stay in the back protecting teammates so try to flank. Damage items recommended as you aim to one shot this tree?

Jarvan IV
Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Jarvan is really easy matchup. You can easily block his predictable E+Q combo which is his main engage tool. It works both in duels and teamfights. Another pro is on your side since you can stun him into his own wall. Any item will do.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Jax is a scaling champion and doesn't have good early game in jungle. You can try invading him and take advantage of that. His ganks can be easily counterable so you can prepare in bush to countergank or so. You block his leap on Q. He powerspikes sometime in the game when he builds Trinity Force and Blade of the Ruined King. Take advantage and snowball early. Only dangerous if he managed to scale. Armor items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
I'm not sure when did Karthus became so overpowered. Like really. His early game is good and he can even outduel you (it's 50/50). However he doesn't provide any hard CC and overall he's squishy.
He powerspikes after lvl 6 and Liandry's Anguish that makes him a beast. After getting his core item you can feel the overall change of game. His impact will be huge. Try to win game as soon as possible, he's a ticking bomb that will oneshot your entire team. Magic Resist items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Kayn is easy matchup. He will try to invade your red side starting from wraiths so warding this place is recommended. Since he relies on damage from his Reaping Slash you can block it with Steadfast Presence. It denies his mobility which is important in teamfights. While he is in wall you can stun him easily. If anything goes wrong you can buy healing reduction items unless it's Shadow Assasin but the blue form itself is worse. Armor and AD items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Extreme threat. His jungle pathing is standard one. One thing to note: He outduels you at every point in the game. Even if you are ahead and you have a lot of resists you can still lose to him. This champion is just broken. You can block his E but that doesn't stop from dealing huge damage from his Q for no reason. In teamfights he will probably have Edge of Night so blocking E isn't viable unless one of your teammates destroy shields. He will look for flanks and try to assasinate squishies. If you will come close to him he will use invisibility but try to CC him as long as possible if it's possible.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Kindred is ADC in jungle basically. She has usual pathing as always but will try to invade marked camps if it's possible. Control Ward somewhere in your jungle is good. Early on she can kinda outkite you but later on it's easy as you block her dash and she has no mobility. Buying AD items or stacking armor is recommended.

Lee Sin
Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
You could say this is a rengar-type matchup. His early game is good but he falls off really quick. Lee Sin has a potential to invade you so better ward your second buff or just other side of the jungle. If you get into a fight with him, you can easily block his Resonating Strike and Safeguard dash. Stopping his dashes while taking objectives is really satisfying since he can't steal drake or baron with Smite. Doesn't matter if you go tank or damage build it should be really easy, as I said Lee Sin doesn't really do damage in mid-game to lat-game. Just incase be careful of insecs that can put your teammates in danger.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Lillia is a not a hard matchup. She's a bruiser that you can't catch but she lacks damage. Early on if you hit your stun you should outdamage her but if you somehow miss you will get outkited. Her bonus movement speed on Q is really annoying and you really can't catch her. She has better ultimate that asleeps all enemies affected with passive so beware of that. She also has true damage but most of her kit deals magic damage so Magic Resist items are recommended.

Master Yi
Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Kinda easy if your team has CC in your team. Early on he doesn't have damage and you probably outduel him. He will powerfarm. From mid to late game I hate this champion, he literally just rightclicks anybody to death. Luckily we have stun on Heroic Charge that can stop him or we can get him out of ongoing fight with Keeper's Verdict. If your team has crowd control it shouldn't be a problem but if no you should focus him always. AD and Ability Haste to spam Heroic Charge recommended?

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Rare to see Morgana in jungle these days but it's a great counter to Poppy. Her roots and stuns are so annoying and not even that, she also has shield that blocks CCs which mean you can't stun her with Heroic Charge or slow her with Hammer Shock if she has it activated and in worst case you can't knock enemies out. You outdamage her early on but in late game it depends. In teamfights she will either ult as many enemies as possible and zhonyas or look for picks. Magic Resist items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Very easy matchup at every point of the game. You win every duel against her. Using Steadfast Presence on her W dash is just a sign of a won fight. She will start with her spear as always and need to engage but she can't. Blocking dash denies her to do full damage combo. Can be a little annoying with her far away spears and heals in fights but other than that it's really easy. Magic Resist items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Not really viable in the meta now. Since the preseason I haven't seen problems with Nocturne. He's an early game champion and well... he falls really quickly. He will try to fight you and while you are stacking armor he will not do any damage. Beware of fighting him early so mid and late game are easier for you. In teamfights he will R your carry but he's easily stunned and kited. Armor items recommended.

Nunu & Willump
Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Interesting and at the same time unique matchup. First of all he will do his blue and red site and start ganking all around the map. He isn't really a hard matchup but just beware of his ganks that could impact the whole game. Also important about Nunu, they will force objectives! From the moment of dragon spawns you should ward it immediately. On fights he's easy to kill and in teamfights he serves as a engager. Just be careful if he snowballs early game. Magic Resist and Armor Shredding items recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against

Was the worst enemy to exist for Poppy. He's better at every early skirmishes than you. He can invade you in jungle and if he will, he outduels you every time early on. Your slows on Hammer Shock and stun on Heroic Charge won't work because he's immune to CC on his ultimate. Not only that he has also true damage which ignores your armor against him and he heals a lot. I would say gank your teammates a lot so they can pressure and win lanes. Olaf is not a scaling champion and loses to kitness in mid-late game. You will outdamage him later in the game. You provide CC and he does not. Just try not to fight him straight ahead in early game.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Typical play style to Nunu & Willump. He will do his both sides and gank around the map. Rammus doesn't clear that fast so you can invade him. He wants to snowball early and be an engager and peeling tool. He can't really fight without team so take advantage of that. In mid-late game he will have tons of armor so better to have some shredding items like Black Cleaver. If bought there should be no problem in fights but he will go in teamfights for your carry and tank all the damage if armor penetration is not a such thing in your team. However he can't do anything while stunned.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
I don't know what this champion does but I win mostly against it. Rek'Sai will run Hail of Blades and have better early game. Try to avoid her or call for help from your teammates. After 6 you probably outdamage her. You can block her E that is creating a tunnel in some direction. After stunned she can't really do anything but her true damage if she has maxed fury can hurt. Anyway she's easily focused and outkited by your team unless they don't think. You can easily peel your adc from her or just engage onto her. Easy matchup. Armor items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
An assasin easily countered by one click ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ. Matchup against him is very easy, I could even say it is a free win but you don't want to understimate him. He's an assasin with no escape and pretty good early game. Beware of his early fights with bushes close to him, of course you can block his leap from it using Steadfast Presence early on but he really win fights abusing these bushes from his passive Unseen Predator. Anyway his dmg output decrease over time beacause of: Riot removing the active on tiamat that Rengar players were using and your Steadfast Presence. When he gets 6 you can also block his ult Thrill of the Hunt. He will look for opportunities to assasinate someone on solo area so you want to stick to your teammates, in this case he can't do anything unless he builts Edge of Night but well you stun him after his engage anyway. Remember, he has no dashes so he can't escape after he leaps on someone. Control Wards are pretty useful here for showing his position, even during his camouflage on ult.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
She's like Rammus I would think. Her clearing is standard and she will be helping her team because she isn't really a duel herself. You outdamage her in fights and you block her Q dash. Beware of her engages with ult or Q + Flash. She will be really tanky in late game so Black Cleaver is recommended as well as Magic Resist items since she does %max hp damage.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Shaco is just Shaco. I don't know what his clear is but he will try to snowball abusing his invisibility. Shaco players mostly go AD and its easy to counter them with armor stacking. With AP they don't have damage early on and you have to watchout for traps in late game. You can easily stun Shaco but his escape with invisibility is annoying. If he hits 6 focus the clone that takes less damage or is marked with something, it will be real Shaco. In teamfights he will flank and burst your carry, try to peel for him or just knock him out to be safe. Not really hard matchup but if he snowballs hard and his team is ahead it can get tough.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
AP items were nerfed for her and she isn't really that popular now. She has standard pathing and decent early game. Shouldn't be a problem since she doesn't provide any CCs and removing Cooldown Reduction on Nashor's Tooth really nerfed AP Shyvana. She can't spam and can't deal a lot of damage as then. She has to buy 4 items first before she can send nukes. On teamfights she rather focus your carry and can be easily stunned. Don't let her take any dragons because they make her tankkier. Try to end game fast and Magic Resist items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Another tank in jungle. Skarner doesn't really aim to be carry himself but rather plays with his own team. He has standard pathing and will try to look for picks and hit lvl 6 as fast as possible. You outdamage him at every point of the game but your ults are pretty much the same and can change the game. He will focus your carry so it's easy to predict that he will run straight forward for him which allows us to stun him or knock him out. If he's tanky you can buy armor shredding items. AD and Armor items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
I mean... what? This champ is literally so dead in jungle. He can't clear camps too fast and he doesn't clear them good. Also beacause of high cooldown on his abilities he loses a lot of hp. Invade him as much as you want, free camps. You can also block his E whether it is first cast or second with Steadfast Presence so even if he manages somehow to scale up you're serving him tough time with his low mobility. Easiest matchup. Any item will do I guess but healing reduction is recommended always.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
I haven't seen problem with Taliyah so far. Standard pathing. Early on she's easily outdamaged by you and if she doesn't have Phase Rush it's a free kill. Later on she will be like artillery and poke you from distance. Even in teamfights. Damage can be huge but you can flank her easily and stop her. She can scale better but with stuns she isn't a problem. Take Predator if you have problems in this matchup and Magic Resist items are recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
He has standard pathing and very good early game. He removes your AD at duels with his Q and it's so annoying because it removes your damage output. Avoid him at the beginning and play for mid to late game. He will aim to snowball early but later in the game he is easily kited and vulnerable to CCs so it shouldn't be a problem. However he can steal your resistances and become a tank himself for a few seconds and it really hurts if your playing with tank build. One stun on him with Heroic Charge is enough to let your team oneshot him. AD and some armor items recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Udyr relies around movement speed. He has standard pathing and it goes pretty fast. He will abuse early game power and outduel you. This matchup can go either way. Don't fight him and play safe. He will go tank or bruiser so buy items depending on his playstyle. Whether he bought Udyr will rely on having a lot of movement speed. Simply stunning him can be enough and if that doesn't work you can knock him out. Especially if he stacks Conqueror he can be a threat in teamfights. Armor or Magic Resist items (depending on his playstyle) or even armor shredding items recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Vi's kit is similar to both Lee Sin and Jarvan IV combined since she has a really predictable dash and armor shredding. This matchup is not really hard. She can't engage onto you beacause you have your Steadfast Presence. She has to start fight with her ultimate Cease and Desist so be catious of that. In early game if she has Hail of Blades be careful of her since the burst from her autoattacks combined with Red Buff can hurt. What I found really good about this matchup is that if Vi Q's you and you are near wall while also casting Steadfast Presence she's literally suiciding cause of grounded effect so it is very easy to hit Heroic Charge. You will hit your stun every time so in this point. Any item in this matchup will do.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Early game champion. You can't fight till you get your first mythic item. He has standard pathing and you can't outdamage him early. He just procs Press the Attack and wins fights. Try to scale up and look for picks. Volibear will pressure early game. In mid game he's easily kited. He's also vulnerable to CC so stunning him with Heroic Charge is very good, especially in teamfights where he tries to focus your carry and you just peel for him. Armor, AD and healing reduction items recommended.

Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
Good early game. He will go with standard pathing and if you somehow meet each other then Warwick outdamages you hard. He's created to gain advantage of his early game. Try not to fight him without team. His magic damage and overall healing from his kit is busted on the beginning. He can solo dragon at lvl 5 so beware of that and try to ward it around the time it spawns. Overall in midgame his damage really goes down and your at the better spot unless he snowballed hard. Play early game safe and you are good to go. Healing reduction and Resistance items recommended.

Xin Zhao
Matchup difficulty
Summoners Recommended items to build against
One of the worst enemies at the moment? Matchup similar to Vi I would say but a lot harder after the rework. He has predictable E to block after he hits W but blocking it won't guarantee a kill. His damage is strong at the moment and he will mostly outdamage you through out the whole game. Try to gank your teammates a lot. Armor items are recommended.

Great follow up on gank with her slows and stun on Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

She plays with a wall as well so you can help each other with hitting abilities.

Getting movement speed with built-in shield helps in engaging on targets. Also she can root and slow so ganking her lane is easy.

He can place a bomb on you when you engage, he can boost your movement speed and even guarantee your safety with Chronoshift.

She can have a ball on you, boost you, get you a shield and even use Command: Shockwave on it when you engage into multiple enemies.

With Ornn enemy can't really move since they are perma immobilized. Combination of your and Ornn abilities are truly a pain for enemy team.

You can peel her and she will give you free win. Also can speed you and even save your life with her Divine Judgment.

Easy gank since you can Heroic Charge into his Dark Procession where enemy is locked up.

You can Heroic Charge the enemy into her wall.

She can give tons of CCs and even shield you from incoming ones.

He rarely R your R and even without asking steals your jungle camps.

Worse Karma.

You can somehow Heroic Charge into his cage but it's so buggy.
If you somehow stun an enemy with Heroic Charge you can't ever do a whole combo if this guy is near. He literally drags everybody. Anyway he drags and your whole damage output is gone by one simple click by him.

Doesn't do that much damage in this meta and sometimes can even ruin your combos.

Thanks for reading my guide! If you have any questions feel free to ask them! ^_^

Credits to:
- jhoijhoi
- Katasandra
If not them, well I would have been stuck without images and all.
- Poltergeisz
for creating a wonderful art that I edited and used on every header.

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