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Samira Build Guide by SheriffADC

ADC [13.10] Sheriff's EUW Grandmaster In-Depth Samira Guide

ADC [13.10] Sheriff's EUW Grandmaster In-Depth Samira Guide

Updated on May 21, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SheriffADC Build Guide By SheriffADC 6,223 Views 2 Comments
6,223 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SheriffADC Samira Build Guide By SheriffADC Updated on May 21, 2023
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Runes: Default

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Cleanse


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.10] Sheriff's EUW Grandmaster In-Depth Samira Guide

By SheriffADC
"Name's Samira. Try not to slow me down."

Peak Rank: Grandmaster 672 LP EUW
Main Champs: Samira, Jhin, Lucian, Pyke

Hello! I'm Sheriff , a Grandmaster Samira main from EUW. The moment she was released back in 2020 I instantly fell in love. You see; I play League for fun. I couldn't care less about playing the meta. Samira's exciting playstyle and fast combos just bring me so much joy. And of course looking stylish while doing it is also important. Because of my love, knowledge and talent for the champion I decided to make this guide. It's the first proper guide I've ever made so any feedback is highly appreciated. Social media follows are very welcome as well because I wanna try streaming somewhere in the future if I get a better internet. A massive thanks to you for reading and I hope that you can find success and fun with Samira! Twitter Twitch
Pros & Cons
"Virtues? I've got a few. Vices? Heh, a few more."


- Very fun to play
- Excellent snowballing
- Great in teamfights
- Easy to 1v9 games when ahead
- Good scaling


- Countered by CC
- Too coinflip, in most games you will either drop 15 kills or 15 deaths
- Gets easily outranged/outpoked by most ranged champs in the botlane
- Very reliant on support
- Useless when weaksided
- Really low base damage without items
"Push my limits! I dare you."

I already rated the matchups and synergies above but I would just like to say a few general words about them. When playing Samira it doesn't matter that much what champion the enemy ADC is. What matters is the support matchup. Let's say for example that the enemy ADC is Jhin. In general he counters you on lane but his support is Yuumi and your support is Nautilus. That means that even though the ADC matchup is not in your favor you should be able to win because the support matchup is. Also I only rated the ADC and support matchups and couple hard counters outside of botlane. In general Samira gets countered by hard CC and tankiness.

Daredevil Impulse (Passive)

Hover over the icon to see the default description.

I assume that you already have the basic understanding of what her abilities do so instead I will just give some extra detailed information about them.

The passive dash range towards CC'd enemies scales from level (lvl 1/4/8/12/16). This means that on earlier levels you have to be close to your support so you don't miss out on an opportunity to engage.

The bonus movespeed is not much but at higher Style-grades (B+) it can allow you to chase down opponents who don't have any bonus movespeed on them. This bonus also scales from level (lvl 1/6/11/16).

Flair (Q)

Hover over the icon to see the default description.

This is just your basic trading/poking/farming ability. The base damage on it is absolutely miserable for the first couple ranks but it scales really well. One small thing to note is that your autoattack comes out faster after using Flair.

Blade Whirl (W)

Hover over the icon to see the default description.

This is what people call " Samira's Wind Wall". It's her most valuable ability since it can block very important spells such as Renata Glasc's Hostile Takeover or Ornn's Call of the Forge God. It obviously has a very long cooldown so I wouldn't waste it on any small poke. It is also the key ability in the one second S-tier combo since it has two slashes that can both give you a Style-grade.

Wild Rush (E)

Hover over the icon to see the default description.

Not rocket science, just a basic dash that resets with takedowns (assuming you damaged them within the last 3 seconds). Always use Flair during the dash when you are going for enemy champions for the fastest damage. During Inferno Trigger it's very important to look for the next target to dash into when you are about to get a reset.

Inferno Trigger (R)

Hover over the icon to see the default description.

This is pretty much the whole point of the champion: massive AOE damage. However you need to have vision on an enemy to activate it, for example you cannot ult Akali when she is in her Twilight Shroud unless there is another enemy champion/minion next to her. Also keep in mind that you're quite slow during the ult since it has a 30% self-slow and it instantly takes away all of your 6 Style-grades. You can also use Galeforce during the ult so you can have multiple dashes when combined with Wild Rush. Sometimes there's even a bug where you can use autoattacks and Flair during the channel but that is not intended.
"Think fast!"

In theory Samira has hundreds of different combos because of her Daredevil Impulse but I will just show a couple examples including the most important of them all: the one second S-tier combo.

Basic Auto-Q-Auto Trade

- -

Very simple to use in quick trades, gives you 3 Style-grades (halfway to S-tier).

Short Trade Into All-In

- - - - - -

Not the fastest combo but it's pretty easy to start from. Remember that you only have to tap Blade Whirl to proc the final Style-grade for S-tier and you can just instantly ult without even showing the W animation. In some situations it might be wise to hold it for just a moment longer if there's something to block.

Jumpscare Combo (B+)

- - - - - - -

This combo includes a mindgame: you pretend that you have no intentions of going in and you are just running away. Once you have gathered enough Style you start your Blade Whirl animation and during that animation you Flash Wild Rush into the target and instantly ult.

Jumpscare Combo (C)

- - - - - - -

Same idea but a bit slower since you are going in with one less Style-grade than before so you need that extra autoattack before you can ult.

the One Second S-tier Combo

- - - - -

Samira's most important and my favorite combo. Extremely deadly when diving enemy ADC's under their turret if they're alone. Every Samira player should know and learn this combo so I highly recommend practicing it in practice tool. You might be wondering why does it only need five different attacks (road to S-tier is six stacks). Blade Whirl has two slashes, one starts before you use your Wild Rush, by the time the second slash arrives you have already used Wild Rush and Flair.

Dives with the one second S-tier combo should look like this:
"I'm not built to win. I'm built to conquer."

Check the very top of the guide for some example rune pages (8 in total) and their notes for explanations!



Doesn't really need a long explanation, Samira simply doesn't have any other viable keystones. It provides her bonus AD and some sustain in longer fights.

Primary Tree: Precision

Slot 1:


I take this 95% of the time, it fits the "daredevil" playstyle perfectly, allows you to make risky (and fun) outplays.

Presence of Mind

If the enemy team is really tanky (3+ tanks) you might need some extra mana in fights (tankier enemies = longer fights = more mana used).


This used to have good synergy with Bloodthirster, but now it no longer gives a shield. Best choice in proplay but just not good enough for SoloQ.

Slot 2:

Legend: Bloodline

Honestly, this rune isn't even that good because it's been nerfed multiple times in the past but it's still the best Legend-rune for Samira.

Legend: Alacrity

If you feel like you want some extra earlygame power, this rune replaces the 10% attack speed shard and allows you to take double adaptive shards (+5.4 AD). Only downside is that you will feel the lack of Legend: Bloodline later but you can always just buy Bloodthirster.

Legend: Tenacity

This is a really rare choice but if the enemy team is extremely stacked with CC you might need it. But let's be honest; you should never pick Samira into a CC heavy comp in the first place.

Slot 3:

Last Stand

Just like Triumph I take this 95% of the time, it fits her playstyle perfectly, also at the max damage point (30% HP) your Immortal Shieldbow activates and allows you to turn the fight with some crazy damage.

Cut Down

A rare situational choice, should be used when the enemy team has 3 or more tanks. NOTE: avoid building high HP defensive items ( Force of Nature, Spirit Visage, Randuin's Omen) because those will pretty much remove the rune.

Coup de Grace

Decent rune if your team is full of enchanters (you won't be spending that much time on low HP for Last Stand).

Secondary Tree Option 1: Domination

Slot 1:

Sudden Impact

Offers some excellent burst damage for aggressive all-ins. Even better when combined with The Collector as a first item. Also the magic pen isn't completely useless since your melee attacks deal bonus magic damage.

Taste of Blood

Personally I almost never use this but if you struggle with lane sustain it can be useful. My main concern is that it feels kinda useless after laning phase.

Slot 2:

Eyeball Collection

Extremely good rune when you're snowballing. If you manage to get those 10 takedowns in the earlygame having that 18 bonus AD feels really good.

Slot 3:

Treasure Hunter

Just like Eyeball Collection, it's good when you're snowballing, helps you hit those item spikes. After the nerfs in patch 13.4 I just personally use it a bit less.

Ingenious Hunter

If the enemy team has many assassins you might need your Immortal Shieldbow more often, fully stacked this rune takes 30 seconds off the cooldown (making it 60s). Also lowers the cooldown of trinkets so it allows you to spam blue trinkets later in the game. This rune is also recommended if you're going Galeforce. NOTE: make sure to buy Guardian Angel as a last item since Ingenious Hunter also works on that.

Secondary Tree Option 2: Resolve

Slot 1:


Slot 2:


Very strong defensive scaling for free. Goes well with Overgrowth.

Bone Plating

This used to be good against the Lucian Nami combo but since the Electrocute interaction was removed it's way more situational. Decent if enemy botlane has strong all-in but almost 0 poke ( Tristana Alistar for example). Really good against melee heavy teams in general.

Second Wind

Can help you in laning phase if enemy botlane has 2 long range poke champs ( Caitlyn Senna for example).

Slot 3:


Strong defensive scaling for free. Goes well with Conditioning. Good choice if you think the lane is gonna be boring and it's all about scaling. Take this against Heimerdinger because Overgrowth works on his turrets!


Almost always take this when playing with enchanters, it makes their champions more useful and also increases your Immortal Shieldbow shield, Triumph healing and all your lifesteal.


Very situational rune when enemy team has many CC champs. To be fair you should never pick Samira into a CC heavy comp in the first place.

Secondary Tree Option 3: Inspiration

Slot 1:

Magical Footwear

To me this is just a safer version of Treasure Hunter. With Treasure Hunter you can get 450g in total if you get all 5 unique enemy takedowns. You don't have to get any takedowns with Magical Footwear (of course if you do you get them faster) and you just get a 300g item for free by 12 minutes. Good rune for boring games.

Slot 2:


Slot 3:

Cosmic Insight

Having lower cooldowns on your summoner spells never hurts. Excellent when the enemy ADC also has this rune (you can match their Exhaust timer with your Cleanse). Also the item haste isn't completely useless, it reduces Immortal Shieldbow's cooldown by 8 seconds, making it 82s.


Slot 1:

Attack Speed or Adaptive if you're running Legend: Alacrity

Slot 2:


Slot 3:

Armor or Magic Resist if enemy ADC is a mage
"Money buys a gun or two. Thrill buys a reputation."

Starting Items

Doran's Blade & 1 Health Potion

This is your default start against most lanes. The bonus HP from Doran's Blade is very useful in all-ins. The omnivamp also scales pretty well so hold this item as long as you can.

Long Sword & 3 Health Potions

Against heavy poke lanes you will need some extra sustain. Gives you a faster Serrated Dirk as well. Just keep in mind that you lack that extra 80 HP from Doran's Blade so you might wanna avoid early level all-ins.

First B/Early Buys

Serrated Dirk

90% of the time this is your optimal first item. It gives you extremely powerful all-in potential and poke damage with Q's. Upgraded into The Collector or Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Vampiric Scepter

Only buy this if the enemy botlane has too much poke for you to handle. You are never buying a full lifesteal item ( Immortal Shieldbow / Bloodthirster) first so try to think if you really need it or not.


Builds into both The Collector and Infinity Edge which are usually your first items.

Refillable Potion

If you have some extra gold and the game is still in early laning phase (before 10min).


Grab tier 1 boots if you don't have any damage items to buy or if you need to get back to the lane faster.

B.F. Sword

If you are rushing Infinity Edge as your first item this is what you want from your first recall.

First Item

The Collector

After the buffs in patch 13.10 (+6 lethality), this item is extremely strong on Samira if you get it early. Best item to rush about 80% of the time.

Infinity Edge

If you are rich on your first base (the build path is not cheap) and the enemy team is a bit too tanky for The Collector rush this is your best choice.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

This item is just too strong right now (13.10), very deadly against squishy teamcomps. Combined with The Collector and Sudden Impact the amount of lethality you have is insane.


Decent option if the enemy team is very mobile and you need help catching up to them.

Second Item

Infinity Edge

If you rushed The Collector you usually want this after it.

The Collector

Default second item if you went Youmuu's Ghostblade, also works with Infinity Edge rush if the enemy team is not too tanky.

Immortal Shieldbow

If the enemy team has many assassins or a lot of poke you might need some safety or sustain. Excellent synergy with Last Stand.

Third Item

Infinity Edge

If your first 2 items were The Collector and Immortal Shieldbow, BUY THIS RIGHT NOW!

Lord Dominik's Regards

About 70% of the time this is your best third item. This is when people are starting to have enough bonus armor and HP for it to have proper value.

Immortal Shieldbow

If the enemy team has many assassins or a lot of poke you might need some safety or sustain. Excellent synergy with Last Stand.


If the enemy team has a lot of poke and you really need some sustain this is very useful.

The Collector

A fine item to close out games against squishy teamcomps.

Mortal Reminder

Before the changes in patch 13.1B this item used to be completely useless on Samira, however with the attack speed removed and armor pen added it is now very good in certain situations. If you are facing many healing champs and your team isn't building any healing reduction this item is highly recommended.

Maw of Malmortius

If the enemy team is AP heavy and you didn't buy Immortal Shieldbow this is your best defensive item.

Fourth Item

Lord Dominik's Regards

If you still didn't buy any armor pen and the enemy team is getting tankier, now is the time to do so.

Mortal Reminder

Before the changes in patch 13.1B this item used to be completely useless on Samira, however with the attack speed removed and armor pen added it is now very good in certain situations. If you are facing many healing champs and your team isn't building any healing reduction this item is highly recommended.


At this stage of the game Bloodthirster always works if you don't have any other situational items to buy.

Death's Dance

Really good defensive item that also gives you some damage. Helps you carry teamfights, even better against AD heavy teams.

Mercurial Scimitar

If you are playing against uncleansable CC ( Malzahar, Skarner) or Mordekaiser; Samira NEVER WINS against him in his ult, he just completely stat-checks you.

Silvermere Dawn

Same reasons as above, this item just makes you a bit tankier if that's needed.

Ravenous Hydra

A fun off-meta AOE item for teamfights, usually bought with the non-crit build.

Serylda's Grudge

A fun off-meta armor pen option if the enemy team has very little bonus HP (LDR wouldn't have that much value). Makes your Inferno Trigger harder to escape.

Last Item

Guardian Angel

Really good defensive item against assassin-heavy comps. If you went Ingenious Hunter always buy GA as a last item since the cooldown is extremely low.

Death's Dance

Really good defensive item that also gives you some damage. Helps you carry teamfights, even better against AD heavy teams.

Force of Nature

Extremely strong item against AP heavy comps. Even better in long fights.

Spirit Visage

Another strong item against AP, even better if you have an enchanter. It also improves your Immortal Shieldbow shield and all your lifesteal.

Randuin's Omen

Great choice against 2+ crit champs ( Yasuo / Yone + crit ADC).

Anathema's Chains

If there's one extremely fed assassin on the enemy team ( Evelynn, Rengar, Katarina, you name it) that's a massive problem for you, this item is a great choice.

Black Cleaver

Excellent armor pen choice against 2+ heavy armor champs, really fast to stack on Samira since it requires 6 attacks (just like S-tier), also great if your team is AD heavy since it shreds the armor for others too.

Mercurial Scimitar

If you are playing against uncleansable CC ( Malzahar, Skarner) or Mordekaiser; Samira NEVER WINS against him in his ult, he just completely stat-checks you.

Silvermere Dawn

Same reasons as above, this item just makes you a bit tankier if that's needed.

Edge of Night

A rare situational choice if the enemy team lacks poke that can easily break the spellshield and if they have some very important spells that can mess you up (great example: Vayne, only actual spell that she has is Condemn that could cancel your ult).

Serpent's Fang

Extremely rare situational item when the enemy team is full of shields and no one on your team can build this item.


Plated Steelcaps

About 70% of the time these are your boots of choice, combine with Immortal Shieldbow and Death's Dance and you are one tanky ADC!

Mercury's Treads

Very simple; against AP heavy and CC heavy teamcomps.

Boots of Swiftness

Good against many slowing champs such as Ashe or Nasus.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Decent choice if you value your summoner spells, you are not buying these for the ability haste. If the enemy team has Exhaust with Cosmic Insight, these boots will help you match the timer with your Cleanse.

Berserker's Greaves

Really greedy, if you feel like you already won and don't need defensive boots. Personally I would just never go these if I care about winning.

Situational Buys

Negatron Cloak

50 MR for 900g, amazing buy against a fed AP assassin (or Karthus), can be upgraded into Force of Nature later.

Quicksilver Sash

If you are playing against uncleansable CC ( Malzahar, Skarner) or Mordekaiser; Samira NEVER WINS against him in his ult, he just completely stat-checks you. Can be upgraded into Mercurial Scimitar or Silvermere Dawn later.

Executioner's Calling

Solid item if enemy healing is becoming a problem, can be upgraded into Mortal Reminder later.


A well used Stopwatch can literally win you the game, amazing against champs like Zed, Pyke or Karthus, upgraded into Guardian Angel later.


Elixir of Wrath

Usually the default elixir for Samira, the AD + physical vamp just fits perfectly.

Elixir of Iron

If you need some tenacity and survivability.
Summoner Spells
"I fight on my terms."


Doesn't need to be explained, Samira is unplayable without Flash, always take it no matter what.


I take Cleanse 99,5% of the time, main reason being that out of all ADC's Samira suffers the most from the effects of Exhaust and they share the same cooldown. if the enemy team doesn't have Exhaust you can focus on Cleansing some hard CC or Ignite.


Good against assassins or burst champs. Remember that Exhaust doesn't work on true damage so it's kinda useless against champions like Camille.


Decent if the enemy team has no burst or CC, however I would still personally almost always go Cleanse in the case you are playing against Exhaust.
Game States
"I'm bored. Fight me!"


First thing you need to understand is that what comes to base-stats Samira is one of the worst pre-6 ADC's. Even though she is known to be a snowball champion that doesn't mean that she actually has an easy time creating a lead early on. Try to land some easy poke with Flair but don't spam too many abilities since you wanna save some mana for all-ins. Only use your Wild Rush and Blade Whirl for waveclear if you know for a fact that there are no enemy champions nearby and you just wanna shove the wave and recall. On hard lanes giving up some CS is completely fine as long as you get XP. Hitting level 6 is crucial because that's where most of your damage comes from. I already mentioned this in the ability order notes but I will quickly say it again: hold your first 3 level-ups until you are actually planning to use an ability. There will be situations where for example you might need Blade Whirl on level 2.


This is when you wanna start participating in teamfights and getting objectives with your team. Usually play for midlane since that's the closest to all other objectives. Ideally you should have 2 items right now and that is your first spike. If you are the strongest member on your team you have to be ready to teamfight because that is where your champion excels. If your team tries to take a fight without you, just try to ping them back as much as you can. Don't get poked too much so you're not forced to recall. Try to only recall for big items (let's say items that cost more than 1000g). Also make sure to ping that you are recalling for an item.


Pretty much like midgame but with less recalling because the objectives and fights are becoming even more important. With many items you are extremely strong damage-wise but you are still playing ADC so 1 simple mistake and the game might be over for you. In teamfights you need to understand what abilities can mess you up and you have to wait for them before going in. Against some comps you could just slowly poke them with Flair and gather Style-grades but against long range that just isn't possible. If some enemy walks too close you could surprise them with Flash into the one second S-tier combo. Usually patience is key, wait out the important abilities and go for the cleanup.
Q & A
"Don't hold back. I won't."

Q: Best champion to ban if you're onetricking Samira?

A: Honestly, unless there's some ADC/support that you just personally hate I would probably ban some tanky hard CC champion like Udyr.

Q: Is Samira mid/top viable?

A: Not really, she can work on those lanes in a good matchup but in midlane she cannot lane against most mages and in toplane she gets destroyed by most bruisers/tanks.

Q: Best Samira skin?

A: PsyOps with obsidian chroma.

Q: Should I sell boots for a sixth item?

A: Personally I wouldn't sell boots UNLESS you have Cloud Soul . Movement speed in League is just valuable in general and for example Plated Steelcaps could save your life against an AD heavy comp.
Skin Preference
"The term's PsyOps, short for Psychic Operations. My name's Samira, short for styling on idiots."

PsyOps: 8.5/10 - Overall just a really good skin, even better with the obsidian chroma!

Default: 8/10 - If you don't like spending money on skins, don't worry; Samira has one of the best Default skins in the entire game!

High Noon: 7.5/10 - Only reason I'm putting this under Default is because her Default skin is already very close to High Noon and Default doesn't cost you any money. Overall the skin is very decent and has some cool chromas too.

Space Groove: 0.5/10 - Absolute disgrace of a skin, I have never even played with it and I never will (unless you pay me). Everything about it is just ugly and there is not a single bit that I like.

League of Legends Build Guide Author SheriffADC
SheriffADC Samira Guide
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[13.10] Sheriff's EUW Grandmaster In-Depth Samira Guide

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