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Morgana Build Guide by PulseBeat_02

Jungle [13.20] Season 13 Morgana Jungle

Jungle [13.20] Season 13 Morgana Jungle

Updated on October 25, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PulseBeat_02 Build Guide By PulseBeat_02 234 15 637,661 Views 13 Comments
234 15 637,661 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PulseBeat_02 Morgana Build Guide By PulseBeat_02 Updated on October 25, 2023
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Runes: Dark Harvest

1 2 3
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Ghost + Smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Scorchclaw Smite

Scorchclaw Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.20] Season 13 Morgana Jungle

By PulseBeat_02
About Me
Pros and Cons
Champion Strengths and Weaknesses
Jungle Pathing, Runes, and More

Hi everyone, my name is Pulse. I've been playing Morgana jungle for multiple seasons.
Pros vs. Cons

+ Monster Lifesteal
+ Great Clear
+ Can Start Leashless
+ Very Safe
+ Team Fight Potential
+ Fast Objectives
+ Great CC/Anti-CC Kit
Morgana's passive, Soul Siphon, allows her to heal for 18% of the damage she deals to Champions, Large Minions, and Large Monsters. This includes Red Buff, Blue Buff, Raptors, and other jungle camps. She can healthily clear camps and gank lanes.

• Her W ability, Tormented Shadow, is what makes her a great jungler. From this ability, she is able to deal 155% damage to Monsters. Additionally, the cooldown of Tormented Shadow is reduced 5% everytime Soul Siphon activates, which can stack up. This means she can also place multiple Tormented Shadow's if necessary.

• Morgana can start leashless because of Soul Siphon.

Morgana is a very safe jungler. Her kit allows her to survive invades. Her Dark Binding can root enemies long enough to escape and her Black Shield can prevent chain CC.

• Her teamfight potential is big. As an example, she can Black Shield a tank or bruiser and they can have fun in teamfights.

• Finally, her Tormented Shadow deals more damage the lower the objective ( Dragon, Rift Herald, Baron, etc.) is. This means that it's easy for her to secure objectives fast.


- Early Mana Issues
- Poor 1v1 Initiative
- Slow Movement
- Invades

• She has slight mana issues early game. These issues aren't too common however, it takes a little practice in Practice Mode to master your clear. If needed, you can always start with Blue Buff in order to not have this problem. Otherwise, mana conservation shouldn't be hard.

• She has poor 1v1 potential. Morgana is great at surviving fights but not as much starting fights. She relies heavily on landing the Dark Binding to chain CC, but this can made easier by several factors. For example, the Ghost summoner spell or Predator rune allows you to close the gap easier and land a Dark Binding. You can also use your ultimate first, Soul Shackles (which slows them down and speeds you up), and then use your Dark Binding.

• Her early-game ganks aren't always the best because of her slow movement. Morgana should always max Tormented Shadow for clear, but you shouldn't be putting points into Dark Binding (which is usually what you need for a gank). If you want to go for early-game ganks, you could put a point into Dark Binding level 3 and see if you can pick up a kill (if your teammates have good early-game potential). Otherwise, the ability order should be Soul Shackles, Tormented Shadow, Dark Binding, and then Black Shield. When contesting Scuttle, Dragon, Rift Herald, or Baron, make sure to keep Dark Binding and Smite handy, because you will need it.

• Also, she is susceptible to invades early game. This may make her fall behind slightly at the beginning.
Jungle Pathing

If starting Blue Buff:

• Clear Blue Buff and put a point into Dark Binding.
• Clear Gromp, making sure to Smite it first.
• Clear Murk Wolf, making sure to hit the big wolf with Dark Binding.
• Clear Raptors, making sure your Tormented Shadow hits all of the Raptors and hit the big raptor with Dark Binding.
• Clear Red Buff.
• Finish Krugs, put a point into Black Shield, and then contest Scuttle.

New to Morgana Jungle? Start with Blue Buff.

Played Morgana before? Start with Red Buff.

If starting Red Buff:

• Clear Red Buff and put a point into Dark Binding.
• Clear Krugs, making sure to Smite the biggest one first.
• Clear Raptors, making sure to hit the big chicken with Dark Binding.
• Clear Murk Wolf, making sure to hit the big wolf with Dark Binding.
• Clear Blue Buff, making sure to Smite it.
• Finish Gromp, put a point into Black Shield, and then contest Scuttle.

Morgana can also start leashless too. You start with Raptors or Murk Wolf and then go to Red Buff or Blue Buff respectively. The pathing should be the same as described above after.

Always clear the biggest monster first and then clear the smaller ones. Drop Tormented Shadow on the whole camp, and keep auto-attacking the big monster. Also, always Smite first! Your Tormented Shadow deals more damage the lower the Monster hp is, so using your Smite when its at full HP helps kill it faster.

As a reminder, your ability order should be the following:




















There are a lot of resources if you are still stuck on pathing. For example, you can check out Youtube here to check videos from Challenger Replays of Morgana jungle players. You can imitate their clear and ganks from there.

Kiting is also EXTRMELY important on Morgana early-game! Because her clear is slower than many other junglers at first, you can save a lot of time by moving towards your next camp while finishing your current one. After tons of practice, you should already know how low the HP of many camps can be before leaving them die to Red Buff or burn damage. This will shed 15-20 seconds depending on how efficient you are.
Gank Pathing
You should be focusing on farm early game, because it is better in the long run. If the enemy is considerably behind, you can land a couple Dark Binding to get your laner even more ahead. Note however that your ganks are even better when you hit level 6 power-spike.

Generally what you should do is pick up a Control Ward or Oracle Lens and place it in brush (to check for vision) and wait for enemy laners to push up. You can either throw a Dark Binding from the bush or you can run in with Ghost/ Predator, use your ultimate Soul Shackles to slow them down, and throw Dark Binding to root them.

Your ultimate usually guarantees you to hit your binding. You can also throw it after the stun if necessary. This will slow, root, and stun them.

You can also go a turret-dive gank, where you wrap around the enemy turret and either throw your Dark Binding or use Soul Shackles to slow them down. Ideally, you or your laning ally should tank the turret shots so you can secure the kill if turret diving. Turret diving on Morgana is hard however because of how easily the Dark Binding can hit creeps under the turret when pushed up.

Finally, when ganking, make sure to use your root at the END of the CC duration. For example, wait for the last moment before Anivia stun ends to root them more. This allows you to maximize the CC time.

Counter Ganking

Counter ganking is an important skill for helping laners to turn around ganking fights from the enemy laner. In general, you want your ccounter gank to be sneaky. To achieve this, you can either use your Ghost summoner spell or Predator to rush into lane. You can run into lane and use Soul Shackles to slow them down, so your laners can follow up. With your extra movement speed, focus on the enemy that is not a tank and secure the kill with your Dark Binding. If your counter gank fails and your teammate dies, see if you can clean up a kill and escape.

Repetitive Ganking

Repetitive ganking is another strategy to tire out an enemy laner and push them to turret, forcing them to lose experience and gold (not being able to hit CS as often and losing more turret platings). Generally, you should only repetitive gank on Morgana if you want to punish or weaken an enemy laner that isn't great early-game.
Item Explanation
Liandry's Anguish
In general, most Morgana jungle players build Liandry's Torment first because it provides burn damage and cooldown reduction. It scales well with Tormented Shadow, because it creates a higher burn effect when enemy champions are low HP.

Luden's Tempest
I don't usually build Luden's Tempest as much anymore because AP Burst isn't as great on Morgana as it once used to be. However, if the enemy team is super squishy with no tank, you can build this item once in a while.

Everfrost is a great item because of multiple purposes. The extra root or slow from the item can be paired up with your Dark Binding to CC them for multiple seconds. Also, Everfrost is a great item to buy if you are behind because it is cheaper than other AP mythics like Liandry's Torment or Luden's Tempest.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
In my recent games, I've started building Rylai's Crystal Scepter because it is very easy to procc and very effective. Rylai's Crystal Scepter procc's Cheap Shot (if you are going Domination runes) and also makes you tanky, helping with your survivability. Also, dropping a Tormented Shadow activates the slow effect so you can land a Dark Binding easier, have the enemy take more damage for being stuck in your pool, and have your teammates follow up.

Demonic Embrace
Demonic Embrace is a great item to apply a double or triple burn on the enemy (very useful for going against tanks). This item is very effective for preventing enemies at low HP from escaping (and paired with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, it can slow them in the Tormented Shadow and take more damage.

Banshee's Veil
Banshee's Veil is very effective when going against highly burst AP champions such as LeBlanc, etc. Sometimes, Black Shield doesn't provide enough magic resistance and you have to build extra.

Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart is very effective if you are consistently being gutted down my AD damage (from their ADC, Top Laner, etc). This helps you become more tanky and die less often, allowing you to be a utility mage for your team.

Morellonomicon is very effective when you are going against heavy lifesteal champions. This includes Aatrox, Vladimir, Riven, etc.

Shadowflame is very effective when you want to become an AP Assassin or want to reduce the magic resistance of enemies while providing tons of AP.

Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonya's Hourglass is very situational but it can act as a very good utility tool for Morgana. The armor and ability haste is really effective on Morgana so she can survive easier. The stasis, too, also works really well with Soul Shackles.

Void Staff
In general, you should always build Void Staff before building Rabadon's Deathcap. It's more cost effective and magic penetration is often more useful than raw AP.




Ionian Boots of Lucidity > Cooldown Reduction
These are the most effective boots on Morgana, as it is much cheaper than the other boots and gives a lot of ability haste, allowing you to throw more Dark Bindings and deal more damage overall.

Mercury's Treads > Magic Resist
Buy these boots if you are playing against heavy AP burst damage or you keep getting caught in CC.

Plated Steelcaps > Armor
If you are going against a very fed ADC or AD toplaner or AD midlaner, consider getting these boots to reduce their AD damage so you can survive longer.

Sorcerer's Shoes > Magic Penetration
Generally, Sorcerer's Shoes are the least effective on Morgana because she isn't meant to burst people out, but is still effective in specific scenarios where you want to play like an AP assassin.
Rune Explanation
Dark Harvest is the only rune that is consistent and performs for Morgana jungle. It's easy to get Dark Harvest stacks from Morgana's Tormented Shadow.
Cheap Shot is for dealing extra damage with Tormented Shadow if your Dark Binding hits. Your Dark Binding counts as an imapairment in movement.
Eyeball Collection and Relentless Hunter is for scaling and movement speed. This is to address how slow Morgana is early-game.
Magical Footwear is so you can purchase boots earlier to get rid of the movement speed issue.
Cosmic Insight is for cooldown reduction (so you are able to use your abilities like Dark Binding for ganks more often).

• For Predator runes, the Domination tree stays the same, but use Sorcery for the secondary tree.
Waterwalking is for faster ganks when traversing through the river.
Celerity buffs Predator movement speed so it is even more effective.

• For Glacial Augment runes, you should run Sorcery second tree.
Magical Footwear is for movement speed (as mentioned above).
Biscuit Delivery is for a better sustain against junglers that may invade you or for ganks.
Cosmic Insight for cooldown reduction (as mentioned above).
Manaflow Band so you can gank earlier and fix the early-game mana issues.
Waterwalking for stronger ganks from riverside (as mentioned above).
Why Ghost / Predator?
For those who are new, it may seem like a troll pick to use Predator or Ghost on Morgana, but it is considered one of the strongest runes to use on her. Many high elo players use Predator or Ghost as a way to patch up the issue that Morgana mainly has which is mobility. This is similar to Darius where he needs Ghost so he can kite people and close the gap easier. Especially after patch 13.14, Ghost duration has been increased to 15 seconds, meaning ranged champions (like Morgana) can benefit from the longer possible time to perform ganks, escape, etc.

Let's take a look at some other Junglers like Rammus or Nunu & Willump. What makes them successful? Well for them it's mainly their speed and engages in their ganks (For Rammus it's Powerball and Nunu & Willump it's Biggest Snowball Ever!). These abilities catch enemies by surprise. If Morgana has Predator or Ghost, her ganks have far more potential because she is able to gank lane faster (meaning enemies will have less reaction time) and also get closer to the enemy (close the distance) and land Dark Binding or Soul Shackles if necessary.
Invading Scenarios
What should I do if I'm invaded to catch back up?

Many junglers will invade you because of your weak early-game potential. Depending on which side of the map you are, they will invade your Red Buff or Blue Buff. Don't start Dark Binding instantly, but just run away to the other side and start Murk Wolf or Raptors instead. Pick up the other buff quickly and make sure to get Scuttle. The pathing should be the same from here.

How do I lead an invade into enemy jungle?

Depending on your team composition, your champions might be great for invades (such as Blitzcrank, Lux, Syndra, etc). Morgana's Dark Binding roots the enemy for a long time which can allow your teammates to follow up.

Generally, you should invade from bot side because your support and mid-laner can help CC the opponent (while the ADC deals consistent auto-attacks while they are pinned down). Make sure to stick together and walk through river. Place a ward at their buff and try to secure a kill. Then take their Red Buff or Blue Buff and leave.
Level 1 Warding
There are three main ways to ward level 1:

1) You can place a ward on the river (near where Scuttle spawns) as early as possible. This gives you vision if the enemy jungler is going to invade you top-side or bottom-side.

2) You can place a ward in your respective Red Buff or Blue Buff brushes, where you can track if the enemy jungler is invading your jungler (so you can counter jungle their camps).

3) You can also place an agressive ward into enemy jungle, so you will know their jungle pathing and counter jungle as needed. For example, a ward in Raptor or Gromp pit will allow you to see if the enemy jungler is top or bot side.

Hover over the ward icons for more information on when to place the ward in that specific location.

Jungle Tracking using Wards

Depending on where you place your ward, you can determine the location of the enemy jungler and their pathing. This is important because you can help your ally laners know whether to push their lanes or not depending on the side the enemy jungler is at. For example, if the enemy Rengar is bot side, tell top lane to push their wave up and apply pressure.

For you, your role as a jungler is to keep track of their movements the whole game. You can learn to secure objectives if they are on the opposite of the map. For example, if you were unable to pick up Dragon because you lost bot lane priority, consider running top side to secure Rift Herald very quick because the enemy jungler is bot side.
Vertical / Counter Jungling
When should I consider counter jungling?
A: Counter jungling is when you invade the enemy camps in order to steal their gold and experience, effectively making them fall behind.You must know the location of the enemy jungler however before considering counter jungling. Morgana has very bad 1v1 potential and if she gets caught in a duel, she will likely die. Their location can be detected from placing wards down.

If the enemy jungler isn't traversing to the side you want to counter jungle, or is counter jungling your camps, you should consider stealing their camps too to keep up with their gold and experience.

When should I consider vertical jungling?
A: Vertical jungling is when you split the map diagonally (and not horizontally) down the river. This type of jungling is very risky on Morgana because as mentioned above, Morgana isn't a great duelist if caught. In general, Morgana's clear early-game isn't the best, but if you are going against a jungler that also has slow clear, you can take advantage of this.

If you have a good lane that can easily pick up kills from chain CC (one of the synergies mentioned above), consider counter jungling so you can put more pressure on the enemy laners. By vertical jungling top side, you are able to put more pressure on the enemy top and mid laners and vice versa for vertical jungling bot side.
Team Fighting
In team fights, you have many styles to play Morgana. Here are just some of the possible ways to play her:

1) Binding Tank → By building tank items such as Spirit Visage or Frozen Heart, you can play closer to your team frontlines and land bindings easier. That way, your allies can follow up with more CC and secure a kill.

2) AP Assassin → By building Luden's Tempest you can try to burst any squishy opponents (usually their ADCs). You can do this by sneaky pathing or surprising them to change the fight drastically.

3) Tank Shredder → You can use Liandry's Torment in combination with your Tormented Shadow to shred enemy tanks. This will reduce the threat of the enemy frontline and make it easier to kill the backline.

4) Hybrid (Usually the Case) → Morgana is an extremely versatile champion that can build many different items and runes.
Professional Play
Morgana Jungle is played by Broxah. In fact, he uses it as a pick for many solo queue games. You can check out his VODs on Twitch or his Youtube channel for high-elo Morgana jungle.

Follow Broxah on Twitch here.
Solo Queue Tips
Solo queue is a very toxic place. Because Morgana jungle is considered a "troll" pick from the League of Legends Community (even playing her mid some people are toxic!), I suggest you do the following.

1) Don't hover over Morgana at the beginning of champion selection. I've known a lot of trolls who purposely ban your champion for them to avoid you from playing the role. Instead, lock in and pick Morgana when it's your turn to lock in. This way, your champion doesn't get banned in the ban phase.

2) Practice. Morgana Jungle is actually very hard to play at times because she can easily be pounded down from other OP jungle champions in the meta. A good suggestion is to scale to late game. Morgana doesn't shine bright early game, so ideally try to get as far as you can to late game so you can demolish.

3) Even if you don't perform well, you are still useful. You can act as utility support providing your team with roots, shields with sustain.

4) Good luck, and have fun!
Morgana Patches
Patch Changes
13.20/13.21 Huge Morgana buffs overall
12.10 General stats increased, but Soul Siphon reduced from 20% to 18%. Crowd control immunity no longer consumed by Blast Cones triggered by allies.
11.8 Black Shield cooldown reduced 2 seconds.
11.11 Massive changes with Tormented Shadow. Ended up being set to 155% more damage dealt to monsters.
11.1 Hotfix allowed Tormented Shadow to scale and deal more damage to Krugs.
10.25 Her Tormented Shadow was nerfed by 8 damage, causing her scaling to be also nerfed. This greatly affects jungle because she will no longer be to deal as much damage as before, causing her sustain to decrease as well.
Thank you so much for reading my guide. This is my first guide, and I hope it was helpful! Please consider leaving a comment about what you think about this :)

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