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Graves Build Guide by Arfreezy

Jungle [13.22] Arfreezy's Guide To Graves Jungle

Jungle [13.22] Arfreezy's Guide To Graves Jungle

Updated on November 14, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arfreezy Build Guide By Arfreezy 724 46 1,791,138 Views 33 Comments
724 46 1,791,138 Views 33 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Arfreezy Graves Build Guide By Arfreezy Updated on November 14, 2023
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Arfreezy's Featured Video

Runes: 13.22 Ghostblade Bruiser

1 2 3 4 5 6
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


Patch 13.22
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Scorchclaw Smite

Scorchclaw Smite


Champion Build Guide

[13.22] Arfreezy's Guide To Graves Jungle

By Arfreezy
Hey everyone, my name is Arfreezy. I am a Masters Jungle Main, Twitch Streamer, and YouTuber that focuses on playing carry jungle champions and making Educational Jungle Content. Ever since season 6, Graves has been one of my main champions, and as of the last few seasons he has been my #1 most played jungler in ranked. I have 3 main intentions for creating this guide:
  1. Creating a comprehensive guide for new Graves players that answers the most frequently asked questions.
  2. Giving current Graves mains a ways to improve by providing a full list of jungle matchups and how to execute those matchups at a high level.
  3. Creating the most exhaustive jungle Graves guide on Mobafire for S12 that provides information not currently available in other guides.
I will do my best to keep this guide constantly updated as long as I am still playing League to keep up with balance changes that affect Graves so I hope that it may be a constant resource for you to use. I will also be testing out more builds as the meta evolves and grows and continually update to have the hottest new builds as they emerge in the meta.

While this guide may give you a firm starting point to learn this champion, I always advocate that learning junglers is much more about understanding the macro game (pathing and decisions) than the micro game (builds, mechanics, combos). I do provide a Jungle Matchups section in this guide that will give you a general game plan versus most of the junglers you will encounter, but for a comprehensive understanding of jungle macro I recommend watching Graves Gameplay Videos with Commentary that will explain not only WHAT the correct pathing and decisions are, but also WHY those decisions are better than the alternatives.

The best way to improve your jungle macro is through VOD reviews. Either from yourself, or ideally from a higher elo player. I offer these VOD reviews free for new viewers to my channel in the form of Coaching Nights (viewer VOD reviews on stream). These Coaching Night streams are announced ahead of time on my Discord Server and anyone can apply to join. For viewers that have never gotten a vod review before, you will get automatic priority at the next Coaching Night. I have also done free repeat VOD reviews for many people to check on their improvement after the first session. Of course, the effectiveness of coaching will vary based on the compatibility of the coach with the student. Every coach has their own coaching style since there are a million different ways to present the same information. Here is a Coaching Compilation Video I made that shows how my coaching sessions usually go so you can see if this is something that might interest you: Arfreezy - Season 10 Coaching Compilation

If you find this guide helpful please consider checking out my Twitch Stream or Youtube Channel for more educational content where you can find tons of helpful Graves videos (among other carry junglers) that will give real examples and educational commentary that exemplifies the utilization of his powerful kit.

Comments, feedback, and questions are highly appreciated. Thanks for reading!
Champion Introduction

Graves - The Outlaw
Ranged, Tanky DPS, Assassin, Skirmisher, Jungler
Ganking: Average- Graves has mobility and damage, but no hard CC to prevent the enemies from running and can only rely on a small slow from Smokescreen.
Dueling: Strong- Tankiness from E, kite potential due to ranged advantage, high dps, and Smoke Screen make Graves one of the best duelists in the game.
Farming: Strong- Farm speed is at the 5 Camp Level which puts Graves in the second fastest tier of farming junglers who are just slightly slower than the likes of Karthus, Fiddlesticks, Olaf, etc.
Scaling: Above Average- Graves doesn't have the best Absolute Scaling like Kassadin or Kayle, nor does he have the worst like Pantheon or Xin Zhao. His scaling is above average, but due to the powerful early and mid game, you should find yourself ahead of most other champions in the game and therefore experience strong Relative Scaling.

Jungle Trait Ratings:
All jungle traits were graded on a 5 Tier System (Weak, Below Average, Average, Above Average, Strong) with Weak being comparable to the weakest junglers in that area (e.g Pantheon's Scaling), and Strong being comparable to the strongest junglers in that area (e.g Elise's Ganking). The other ratings such as "Above Average" is the rating for junglers that are better than a majority of the "Average" tier junglers in that trait, but worse than a majority of the "Strong" tier junglers.

Terms Explained:
5 Camp Level - Junglers that can clear 5 camps before scuttle without a leash. It is important to note that although Graves is not at the fastest tier of farming junglers, the combination of being ranged, being able to dash through walls, and having strong dueling makes him a lot safer during counter jungling situations which elevates his farming trait to the highest tier.
Absolute Scaling - The strength of a champion at max level and items as compared to other champions at max level and items.
Relative Scaling - The strength of a champion at the current point in the game compared to the other champions at the current point in the game.
Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Ability To Farm Quickly And Healthily
+ Jungle Bully
(Is In Strongest Tier Of Dueling Junglers)
+ Above Average Scaling
+ Ranged Advantage
(Ability To Kite Melee)
+ Ability To Adapt To Different Comps
(Flexibile Build Paths)

Graves has a lot going for him in the jungle such as having a fast and healthy clear, strong dueling, and above-average scaling. It is not hard to see why Graves is frequently S tier in the jungle because these advantages are a combination that is strong in pretty much any meta and hard to find in the jungle since scaling champs usually have a weak early game to compensate, but Graves is pretty strong at all points in the game. Using this advantage, you can bully scaling junglers out of the game early by dominating early skirmishes and controlling neutral objectives like scuttles, drakes, and rift heralds. Against early game junglers you can play to outscale them through efficient farming and reactive play then match or exceed their pressure in the mid and late game.
- Ganks Aren't The Best
Due To Lack Of Hard CC
- Struggles Against Armor
Stacking Teams
- Require's Lane Priority To Exert Pressure On Enemy Jungle
- Gets Outscaled By Scaling AP Junglers Like Ekko, Evelynn, Karthus

Graves doesn't have a ton of weaknesses which is why he often has a very high ban rate. Some of the common weaknesses you will see brought up are weak ganks, which aren't a huge issue since Graves fits the farming/scaling archetype of junglers which isn't heavily reliant on ganking to get ahead, but rather farming, counter-ganking, and counter-jungling. Graves is notoriously bad against armor stacking teams since he is primarily auto attack based and physical damage which gets heavily mitigated by Plated Steelcaps and other armor efficient items. Graves has decent scaling, but is not considered a late game hyper carry when compared to AP scaling champions like Ekko or Karthus who can do much more in late game teamfights than you, but we play Graves to get ahead of AP scaling champs early, so if the game goes late than something else has gone wrong besides scaling.
Champion Abilities
NEW DESTINY (Passive): Graves passive New Destiny is related to his unique auto attacking characteristics which require him to reload bullets when out of stored ones (he can store a maximum of two bullets). Your Quickdraw ability will return one bullet to you if you aren't at maximum already which is why in fights it is recommended to auto before using E so the extra bullet from E isn't wasted. Your E is also an AA reset which is another reason to auto before using E. Your auto attacks fire 4 or 6 pellets (non-crit vs crit) and function like a skillshot which can be blocked by minions or certain objects with HP such as turrets. Due to your pellets spreading as you are farther from the target, you will do more damage when you are closer to the target so more pellets can hit. This is especially important when you have crit chance, because the pellets have a wider spread during a critical auto which make it more likely to miss some pellet damage.

END OF THE LINE (Q):As Graves, your Q ( End of the Line) will be your primary damage aside from auto attacks. End of the Line functions as a two part skill-shot. The first part deals damage in a line towards your cursor. After a slight delay the End of the Line will "detonate" perpendicular to the spellcast andreturn to you dealing damage along the way creating a 'T' shaped explosion. If you hit terrain such as walls, turrets, or champion created terrain with this ability, you can "detonate" it without the delay and have it immediately return after contact which creates massive burst opportunities since you can simultaneously hit the forward and return part of the spell (similar to Ekko's Timewinder). Use the slow and blind from Smoke Screen to make it easier to land this ability out in the open away from terrain.

SMOKE SCREEN (W): Smoke Screen is likely the most under-utilized ability in the Graves kit. It has a plethora of uses which make it extremely versatile and powerful. Having a ranged AOE(area of effect) blind at any location is great against champions like Jhin or Malzahar since they don't move during their ultimates and would have to stay blind to continue them since they can't move out. You can also use Smoke Screen to blind the enemy jungler during a dragon or baron contest so they can't smite. In 1v1 scenarios, Smoke Screen can be used to force enemy auto attack cancels or even ability cancels against targeted abilities which require constant vision to work like Kha'Zix's Taste Their Fear. The slow effect on smokebomb can also be used during ganks to slow the enemy as you are trying to get within AA range. Normally, it is hard to land End of the Line out in the open, but if you throw your Smoke Screen first to trigger a slow and blind, the enemy won't be able to see your End of the Line or Collateral Damage coming making it much harder to dodge those skill shots.

QUICKDRAW (E): Quickdraw is probably the most essential part of the Graves kit. You can abuse Quickdraw during your first jungle clear since Graves can stack True Grit up to maximum armor before the first scuttle fight and maintain it during any skirmish. The buff from True Grit is what made Graves such a problem in S10 for many junglers when there are a lot of neutral objectives to contest and Graves always come to these with an advantage. Graves can also acquire 2 stacks of True Grit when he dashes towards enemy champions. The cooldown of Quickdraw is lowered for every bullet hit (4/6 per AA, crit/noncrit) so critical strikes rapidly reduce the cooldown which is why Crit Graves doesn't build too much Haste. Since Graves has limited auto attacks due to his passive New Destiny, it is important to fully utilize both the auto attack reset and bullet reload properties of Quickdraw. If you E at the start of a fight, you will have to reload after just 2 auto attacks, and you would have lost an entire bullet worth of damage in that short time span. Since you only have 2 bullets, losing that extra bullet from E can at most be considered a 50% dps loss which is insanely significant (especially in the early game where a majority of your damage will come from auto attacks). Mechanically, this ability is what I catch most Gold and below players using wrong because they miss so many auto attacks in fights as a result of misusing Quickdraw. As a short range champion, it is also important to keep in mind that your Quickdraw is a repositioning tool as well as a dps increase. Rather than dashing directly in or directly out, practice dashing in diagonals which are a middleground between fight commitment and giving up easy kills by accidently giving your enemy too much space from you and letting them get away.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE (R): Collateral Damage functions as both a dash and a long range form of damage. This is useful for landing that final blow on champions that escape your auto attack and ability ranges due to high mobility and have a sliver of health remaining. This ability can also be used in close range to add to a close range burst combo along with End of the Line and an auto attack. When kiting melee champions you can use this as an extra dash in between Quickdraw cooldowns. Collateral Damage can also be used to dash you over certain size walls which can be a convenient form of escape. The most common mistake I have seen people make when using this ability would be to Collateral Damage a target before they are in kill range which would allow the target to get away since Collateral Damage will give your target distance from you which will most likely allow them to escape.
Skill Max Order
Collateral Damage

6 / 11 / 16
End Of The Line

2 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 9

1 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13
Smoke Screen

3 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18
> > >

The skill max order for Graves is pretty straight forward. Collateral Damage and End of the Line being the primary damage abilities will get maxed first. Smoke Screen being cc and utility focused is maxed last which is typical across League champions. Quickdraw is maxed after End of the Line to reduce its cooldown and gain more mobility in the mid and late game.

The only variation to this as Jungle Graves will be whether to put a 2nd point in End of the Line or 1st point in Smoke Screen at level 3. The answer to this depends on the jungle matchup and your jungle pathing. If you are doing a full 6 camp clear before scuttle crab, you will hit level 4 before any fighting happens so you will end up getting your Smoke Screen at level 4 which allows you to put 2 points into End of the Line for a faster clear. If you are doing a typical 5 camp into scuttle pathing that can result in a scuttle fight, you may want to have Smoke Screen for the first skirmish which can be useful against certain junglers with targeted abilities like Elise and Kha'Zix instead of a 2nd point into End of the Line. The slow from Smoke Screen is also extremely valuable against melee champions whereas the 2nd point into End of the Line can be a waste if you miss the ability. Ultimately, the standard Graves first clear isn't really about speed because if you do it too fast, you won't be able to maintain stacks when scuttle spawns since you will be waiting for it so putting a point in Smoke Screen at level 3 is perfectly fine.
Summoner Spells Explained

FLASH: Flash is a great universal summoner spell that you can never go wrong with. While it doesn't have the extra combat boost of Ignite or Exhaust, it is much more versatile in that it can be used for offense or defense. Flash is generally better than the combat summoner spell options in the late game as well because a short range carry like Graves will have trouble reaching the backline in the late game without Flash.
IGNITE: Ignite is an alternative to Flash which amplifies early game power by giving you exceptionally strong dueling and skirmishing potential with an extra combat summoner spell. Nimbus Cloak and a 2 minute reduced cooldown as compared to Flash means you can take a lot more skirmishes early in the game and come out ahead thanks to the summoner spell advantage. Can be very useful to gain extra kill pressure on weak junglers like Zac and Evelynn or to deny healing from junglers like Fiddlesticks and Warwick. Thanks to Nimbus Cloak, it is possible for Graves to play without flash. Graves already has two dashes in his kit so he can make up for not having Flash by taking Phase Rush and running down the enemy champs.
EXHAUST: Exhaust is an alternative to Ignite which amplifies early game power by giving you exceptionally strong dueling and skirmishing potential with an extra combat summoner spell. Can be very useful against junglers that will "all-in" you with extreme burst such as Xin Zhao.
SMITE: Self-explanatory. Smite is required for all junglers.
Best Mythic Items (Updated Patch 12.15)
Divine Sunderer has skyrocketed into the meta after a change to how the spellblade effect is calculated basing it off of Base AD instead of purely on percent HP. This makes spellblade strong against squishies, and not just high HP targets. With ability haste stacking from Bruiser builds, you can easily spam spellblade procs due to low cooldowns on your abilities getting huge value out of this item. Currently Divine Sunderer has replaced Goredrinker as the core bruiser mythic until something changes.

With Immortal Shieldbow being heavily nerfed as well as a nerf to Galeforce in patch 12.7, crit mythics have been taken out of the meta. This doesn't mean crit builds are completely dead though, since Umbral Crit is still a powerful build with consistent DPS and burst damage. Eclipse gives you flexibility because you can also build into Bruiser items which have been buffed in season 12.
Best Keystones (Updated Patch 12.15)
Steps To Mastering Graves
- The focus in this ELO range should be on mechanics, jungle clear, and learning jungle matchups.
- The following YouTube video is called 'Top 3 Tips For NEW Graves Players' and these are the 3 things you must be fully comfortable with before advancing to the next level:

- Learn how to adjust your pathing based on wave states. Doing the same jungle clear each game is no longer acceptable.
- Prioritize efficiency and play for your power spikes to become the 1v9 carry.
- Watch full games of high elo Graves players and study how they adjust their
jungle pathing each game and how they make decisions throughout the game based on winning/losing lanes. My YouTube channel has a bunch of these videos in high elo games where all the decision making and jungle pathing is explained.

- Continue working on advanced jungle paths that are tailored to each game based on jungle matchup and lane matchups. Do not power farm and hope your team will survive, create intelligent paths to counter enemy jungle pressure and get leads.
- Master real time decision making when unexpected things occur. You should instantly be thinking about the next optimal play and planning around the next 1-2 minutes of the game.
- The difference between Master and Challenger is consistency. Consistently make the right calls throughout the entire game. Consistently apply optimal mechanics to your skirmishes.
Jungle Pathing



These are popular paths in fast paced games where the laning champions are very aggro and there will likely be level 2 or level 3 all-ins by the laners. Do not do this path against champions that will play passively such as Viktor mid or enchanter bot lanes because you will lose a lot of efficiency for a gank with a low chance of success.

Notes: This jungle path is for doing a fast gank on a side lane in a game where it is likely the enemy jungler will do the same path. Against enemy gank junglers, when there is one volatile lane, you can expect a 2v2 or 3v3 at this timing so you take both buffs.

Notes: This is similar to the last jungle path, but we are expecting the enemy jungler not to contest which usually happens against farm junglers like Evelynn/Diana/Nocturne. By taking our raptors, we ensure that when we do the 3 camp gank, the enemy jungler cannot invade our red side and take 2 camps to punish us.

Notes: This is an inefficient path and you should only go for this if it is 100% crucial to counter the enemy jungler's 3 camp gank in that lane.

Blue -> Gromp -> Wolves -> Gank Mid Lane
Red -> Krugs -> Raptors -> Gank Mid Lane
Notes: This jungle path is very popular in high elo because it allows you to do a 3 camp gank without sacrificing much efficiency. Because you are sequencing your camps and clearing an entire quadrant before the gank, regardless of the gank
outcome, you will still be highly efficient and there is not much drawback to this
jungle path. You simply continue your clear afterward and it is a great way to put pressure on the enemy mid while still hitting a respectable level 4 timing. Abuse it in games where the mid matchup is highly volatile at level 1 and level 2 all-in is likely (zed, talon, fizz, irelia, etc.) or when you have powerful setup from your laner (galio, leblanc, twisted fate, etc.)


4 camp gank paths are good because you are not hard committing to the early gank which has a huge risk if it fails since the other jungler will get way ahead. These jungle paths are popular against junglers that will power farm because you will not be able to keep up with them in a farm battle. Use this to get early leads against junglers like Shyvana, Diana, Nocturne, Karthus, Fiddlesticks.

Notes: This camp hits a 4 camp gank timing while clearing the entire opposite quadrant from the target lane. What this does is prevent the enemy jungler from counter jungling you after you gank, which is highly effective against farm junglers.

Notes: This version is faster than the one above, but it has a risk. Only use this version in games where you know the enemy jungler is also pathing to the same side of the map as it exposes your red jungle camps.

Notes: Regardless of where the enemey jungler goes, this is the fastest way to hit this timing on blue buff start, plus it has the advantage of clearing the opposite quadrant from the target lane which is a win-win.


After the scuttle nerf, this jungle path is less popular because you can no longer reach level 4 after doing 5 camps and first scuttle. The other problem is, Graves doesn't have the fastest jungle clear in the world meaning if you do a 5 camp path
against a jungler like Fiddlesticks, you will both finish at the same time, but he will have a huge advantage being level 4 when you are level 3. For this reason, it is popular to do a 4 camp gank instead because although you are still in a level deficit against a farm jungler, you will gank first and create priority in that lane allowing you to take control of that side of the map. 5 Camp paths can still
be good against other junglers with weak clears because they won't be able to abuse
the level 4 power spike against you.

Notes: Faster than the Krugs version, so it can be utilized against farm junglers
pathing to the same side or against weak clear junglers. If done correctly, you can reach scuttle with 8 grit stacks.

Notes: On Blue start this will always be the fastest and most efficient way to 5 camp gank, so it is a popular path when you think the game will be slow paced and lanes won't be fighting much. If done correctly, you can reach scuttle with 8 grit stacks.


6 camp is the most efficient jungle clear because you get to rush level 4. The problem for Graves is doing a 6 camp is slow compared to meta farm junglers like Diana. Graves clear makes it difficult for him to reach crab on spawn by doing a 6 camp, so this clear is pretty impractical since generally Graves wants to take control of the river when crab spawns to hover/protect both adjacent lanes. You will see this path usually when you are up against a farm jungler and they are pathing to the opposite side (uncontested). This allows you to do a late 6 camp clear and still get crab because you won't reach their by 3:15 spawn, but the other jungler will be on the opposite side so your late clear doesn't get punished.
Jungle Matchups Guide: Early Game Junglers
For champion specific tips, see the Threats section.

+ Pioritize Camps Over Low Percentage Ganks
+ Counter Jungle Often When They Gank
+ Abuse Lane Priorities To Take Dragon/Rift Or Invade
+ Counter Gank For Winning Or Even Lanes Only
+ Use Invades To Drop Deep Vision To Track Enemy Jungle And Ping Their Ganks In Advance

Early game junglers are junglers that have a significant power spike at level 2 or level 3 and will likely go for shorter first clears in order to opt for earlier ganks. For champion specific tips, see the Threats section.

As Graves your advantage on most early game junglers is your farming and scaling. In many cases, you will win in dueling as well, but 1v1's are rare ever since scuttles were created since now laners are more focused on river rotations for these mini objectives.

BEST PATHING: 5 or 6 camp clear to the opposite side from the enemy jungler
- The intent here is to do a larger clear which will allow us to scale and hit level 4 and avoid fighting against these level 3 power spiking champions. If the enemy jungler opts for an early gank such as a 3 camp or 4 camp start into a gank, you will have a level advantage on them after your first clear opening up counter gank and invade opportunities in the future. If you go for a proactive gank without knowing where the enemy jungler is, you put yourself at risk of getting counter-ganked and losing a 2v2 which early game junglers are often very strong in. This is the only way that an early game jungler can get ahead of you in the jungle which is why it is better to wait until you have outscaled them or until they make a play elsewhere on the map. Keep in mind that these early game junglers will create their own lane priorities through the first gank so regardless of your lane matchups, pathing towards the same side as an early game jungler will often put you in a disadvantageous situation at scuttle. You can scout the enemy jungler's start camp with either a level 1 ward, or by watching top and bot lane as they come to lane and see who leashes (look for missing hp or mana if both top and bot arrive to lane at the same time) *doesn't work in high elo.

- What this means is, prioritize clearing your jungle before making any plays on the map in order to scale. The early game jungler will be going for many ganks in the early game which will open up opportunities for you to gank the opposite side of the map, invade and take enemy camps, or start objectives. Playing like this will ensure you take something back every time the enemy jungler makes a play and you will have even map pressure with the early game jungler which is great since you are outscaling most of the time. Play like this until you have a significant exp or gold lead versus the enemy jungler and than you can switch to more proactive plays to snowball your lead. It is important to communicate with your laners during this early period by tracking the enemy jungler and pinging lanes back while you are playing reactively.
Jungle Matchups Guide: Scaling AP Junglers
For champion specific tips, see the Threats section.

+ Use An Aggressive Build To Get Ahead Early *See Note 1
+ Track and Ping Potential Ganks *See Jungle Tracking Tips
+ Track And Communicate Around The Level 6 Power Spike
+ Look For A Double Scuttle Start *See Note 2
+ Drop a Yellow Trinket At The 4 Minute Camp Respawn *See Note 3
+ Create Mid Priority So You Can Invade *See Note 4
+ Counter Gank For Winning Or Even Lanes Only
+ Play Aggressive and Try to Force Skirmishes *See Note 5

These enemy junglers will all have a similar pathing and game plan which is to look for full and efficient clears and then making plays afterwards. Doing this allows them to hit their massive level 6 power spike as soon as possible while still applying some map pressure with plays that don't disrupt their camp sequencing.

Since these junglers will play for efficient clearing, they have predictable pathing. After the first 6 camp clear there are a few scenarios that will play out, but I will list two common ones:
1.) they pathed towards same side as you: they will look to take scuttle on that side of the map.
2.) they pathed towards opposite side from you: See Note 2
After first recall they will most likely head to the side of the map they started on and look to clear again or go for a quick gank on that side. If they chose to do a 2nd full clear, they will look for a gank on the other side afterwards. These gank timings are common and you can abuse them. Their first ultimate is also very likely to be used on the same side they started on since they will hit level 6 on the second half of their second clear if all goes well. Use or create lane priorities to invade raptors or wolves and setup deep vision and simultaneously track the enemy jungler and apply pressure.

*Note 1:
These junglers will outscale Graves since they are designed around very strong teamfight ultimates usually. It is important to get ahead early and snowball your way to end game. The best way to do that is to take Phase Rush and Red Smite to run them down early while they are weak (Blue Smite is good versus Shyvana to chase her). You can also take Ignite or Exhaust for extra kill pressure early. The Lethality Crit build works well here since it has a powerful early game that transitions into a decent scaling build with the crit items you get later. If your team has good scaling and you can afford to sacrifice some early power than the Crit Healing build is an option because it turns Graves into a late game monster as well, but it requires a couple items before hitting large power spikes.

*Note 2:
90% of the time these junglers are doing a full 6 camp clear. After the first clear they will look for scuttle crab on that side of the map. As Graves you will have priority in this situation because you will get to scuttle first and with more HP. If you pathed towards your lane priorities than you should have an easy scuttle here. With mid lane priority you can then directly cross through mid and take the other scuttle as well provided they pathed towards your side meaning they didn't secure the opposite crab on spawn. If the enemy concedes first scuttle, save smite for the second one since it is highly likely they will contest that. As always, respect lane priorities. Conceding a scuttle is much better than dying to these scaling champs early due to laners rotating on you.

*Note 3:
The 4 minute camp respawn is the typical timing that the 2nd camp taken in the first clear will respawn (usually Krugs or Gromp). After the first clear, you can surmise where the enemy jungle started either by observing who leashes from bot or top or by seeing which scuttle the enemy jungle contested first. If you pathed towards the opposite side as the enemy jungler, then you can look to counter jungle the 4min respawn camp and drop a trinket ward their since they will definitely come there after first recall. Whether they choose to gank or to clear afterwards will be apparent by which direction they walk after they see their camp is gone.

*Note 4:
Since these types of junglers will rarely gank mid before level 6, you can easily create mid priority by ganking. Even if these ganks don't secure a kill you can help your mid shove the wave and rotate together into the jungle to setup vision and counter jungle camps which is critical against these ap scaling junglers in order to slow down their scaling.

*Note 5:
The best way to force skirmishes is around neutral objectives like Scuttle crabs, Dragons, and Rift Heralds because a lot of junglers don't have the patience to forfeit these without a contest. The second best way is around enemy jungle camps since it is hard for junglers to give these without a contest and usually laners will rotate to help and create a skirmish. Keep in mind these plays on work with lane priorities which you can create with a gank before hand on adjacent lanes or communicate with your laners ahead of time so they are prepared to rotate even without priority. If the other jungler never contests anything than it is likely your team is far ahead unless multiple lanes are turbo inting.


+ Take Chilling Smite To Help Chase
+ Galeforce Is A Powerful Tool Vs These Slippery Champs
+ Follow The Same Tracking Tips As Vs Normal Scaling AP Champs

The main difference between these special cases and the regular AP scaling champs above is that these champions have a strong early game and are more likely to gank in the early game rather than power farm to 6. Since these champions have a stronger early game, it is important to play around lane priorities to get ahead and not get greedy during scuttle contests or invades if your laners aren't in a position to help. Follow the same tips like getting priority before invades so you can track the enemy jungle and prevent or punish ganks early.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Summoner Spells
should I take?

When to take Red Smite or Blue Smite?

Which Graves skin is the best?
For newer Graves players, Flash and Smite is always recommended. The other options such as Ignite or Exhaust instead of Flash are open once you are confident enough in your mechanics and positioning to not get punished for lacking Flash. You also have to maintain good pathing to exert the extra pressure you get from having a 3 minute CD combat summoner spell instead of Flash meaning you should be taking advantageous skirmishes every time the CD is ready.

On Graves, Red Smite should be taken in most matchups since you want the ability to 1v1 enemy solo laners which is difficult to do since they are usually higher level than junglers and naturally stronger. Blue Smite should be taken situationally in certain jungle matchups against slippery champions such as Nidalee, Lillia, and Ekko.

The best skins for functionality due to smooth auto attack animations are Crime City Graves and Pool Party Graves . Be careful though, once you use these skins and get comfortable with smooth auto attack resets with Quickdraw, it is hard to use any other skin since they will feel clunky by comparison.
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