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Thresh Build Guide by Takitsu

Support [13.6] S13 GM Thresh Guide with every matchup

Support [13.6] S13 GM Thresh Guide with every matchup

Updated on March 30, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Takitsu Build Guide By Takitsu 85 4 114,767 Views 7 Comments
85 4 114,767 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Takitsu Thresh Build Guide By Takitsu Updated on March 30, 2023
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Glacial Augment
Perfect Timing
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity

+8 Ability Haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[13.6] S13 GM Thresh Guide with every matchup

By Takitsu
Hi my name is Takitsu, I have been playing League since season 2, reached Masters season 7 and 8, reached Grandmaster season 9, 10, and 11. I've mained Thresh since Season 4. Mained every role except for top lane. Haven't played a ranked Duo game on my main since the end of Season 6(Duoed some in S13). I'm making this guide due to the fact that I see so many Thresh guides that are incorrect or are just spreading bad information.
The main job of the Support is to protect/enhance the Carry players of their team. However each and every game varies with what exactly you, as a support, are supposed to do. Some games require you to be the frontlining tank, others may need you to be a bodyguard for a Carry, and some games may just need you to be a ward that wards. Regardless of your specific role in the game, as long as you are able to analyze and play according to that role, you will win more games.
Start of the Game: Invades/5 Point
Every single game probably has someone that wants to invade the enemy jungle at the start. If someone on your team is AFK or busy shopping for items when they had all loading screen and champ select to think about it, you should forget about invading, or trying to defend against an invade. Fighting Level 1 with a numbers disadvantage is never a good idea. Thresh Level 1 Death Sentence is great for invading but only with team mates to back him up. Going through bot lane tri-bush, or mid lane into river are the usual invade paths. As Thresh you should be leading the invade, unless someone else on your team has a more reliable hard CC ability level 1, like Pantheon Shield Vault . Always go for your hooked target on invades, if they Flash away quickly, DO NOT CHASE. You just got a free flash, take your advantage and walk away before you lose it.

These usually only happen when you know the enemy team has a champion that has a good level 1 invade. Something like Blitzcrank , Nautilus , Pantheon , Swain . A hard CC ability that can put someone out of position. When this happens your team can stack in a bush waiting for the enemy team to invade, before killing whoever is leading the invade. In most cases this results in multiple people using summoner spells and/or recalling after the fight. Just make sure your team also has decent single target burst or "level 1 potential" before trying to counter invade.

5 Point
The much safer and standard way of preventing any level 1 shenanigans from happening.
Top lane goes to topside river, usually their tribush or just outside of it in river, Or inside the top lane river bush.
Jungle goes top side of midlane inside the dot brush or towards the ramp leading to raptors/red buff depending on which side they are on.
Mid lane goes to sit mid lane.
ADC/Bot Laners will go to the bottom side of the river basically mirroring what top laners do. Standing in tribush or just outside of it, Or in the river bush on the opposite side.
Supports will go to the bot side of midlane in river dot brush, Or standing by the ramp leading to Raptors/Red buff. Basically mirroring what Junglers do topside.
Hurray you know how to deal with invades, invading, and 5 point!
Laning Phase
There are 3 different types of laning phases. 2 of them are more common than the 3rd.
The first one is when both the enemy Bot and Support are Ranged champions. Level 1 is usually pretty rough for Thresh in these matchups due to poke and just being outranged in general. Instead of trading level 1, Thresh should be focused on keeping the minion wave in the middle of the lane or towards Thresh's tower. This allows Thresh to have more room to pressure the enemy laners, while being less likely to die from any jungle ganks. Simply having the minions closer to your own tower will apply pressure on the enemy bot lane since they have a farther distance to run back to their own tower. This also makes it much easier for your teams jungler to gank. Focus on avoiding the poke from the enemy while looking for opportunities to punish mispositioning with a hook/flay.

The 2nd type is a Ranged+Melee matchup with the melee typically being the support. Level 1 you can use Thresh auto range to poke the melee while using bush vision to pressure them off of the minion wave. The position of the wave in this matchup will usually be as close to your tower as possible, or keeping them under tower. Staying under your tower is optimal when the enemy melee support has a better early 2v2 than Thresh. Shoving the minions into their turret over and over is optimal when you are able to easily poke or pressure them off the wave. The goal of this lane is to put the support low enough to either all-in and kill the support; or when you all-in the carry, to make the melee support feel unsafe to help.

Laning phase will "end" once one of these 2 things happen. A top or bot tower falls. If top/bot tower falls, you will want to shove the minion wave into enemy tower before swapping lanes. There are exceptions to this, for example, your top laner does not want to swap their lane, Dragon is spawning soon, OR you are able to stay bot lane and draw mid/jg pressure to bot lane to help your team.
Level 2 All-in
This is a huge advantage for any bot lane. Being level 2 against level 1 is basically a guaranteed kill or Flash from the enemy. Getting level 2 bot lane comes from the 3rd melee minion on the 2nd wave (assuming you got all the exp from the first wave). The plan is to help your Bot laner kill these 3 melee minions to gain the level advantage. While the 3rd melee minion is about 50%hp, Thresh should start walking up to the enemy laners to Flay or Flash + Flay into Death Sentence . This will result in a kill, or at the very least summoner spells being burned by the enemy.
Vision will win you games. Literally. That being said, warding random bushes and having a bunch of wards on the map won't do any good without a purpose. For example, you can have the entire bot river warded, but their is no dragon or scuttle within the next 2 minutes. All that vision is basically useless. Vision needs purpose.
When warding anything you need to think "Why am I warding this?" and "What is this ward supposed to do?" If you dont know the why or what of warding something, you probably shouldnt ward in that place.
General good places to ward: Tri-bush, river(in front of Dragon / Baron pit), Enemy Red Brambleback / Blue Sentinel , Dot brush in river, and enemy Raptors .
Bad places to ward: River brush next to lane, middle brush of bot lane, alcove.
Whaaat? warding river brush is bad?! Technically its not a bad ward, because it gives some vision into river, but most of the time if you see anyone on that ward, its already too late to escape the gank anyways. So its much better to ward deeper in the river or in the enemy jungle to give you and your laner time to react.

The biggest thing about warding and vision is timing. Having vision at the right time gives you and your team information needed to make the right decision about how and when to take fights or objectives. So when you have vision setup a full minute before Dragon spawns, you know where the enemy team is, you know where your team can walk in safely, and most importantly you can back before the Dragon spawns to get more wards! This same idea applies to Baron , Rift Herald , and planning a tower dive/push. So, where should you be warding for these objectives?

Dragon (Red Side Team)
Control Ward should go in the dragon pit or in the Dot brush. Trinket wards(if you still have them) should be used initially for over the dragon pit wall or in the brush behind red buff. Normal wards should be used for bot lane tri-brush, bottom of red buff brush, raptors brush, or the dot brush.

Dragon (Blue Side Team)
Control Wards should go in dragon pit or in the Dot brush. Trinket wards(again... if you still have them) should be used for the brush leading up to blue buff, the brush leading into enemy jungle left of blue buff, bot river brush, or midlane bot brush. Normal wards should be used for Brush behind Greater Murk Wolf , path between the mid tower to river brush behind blue buff, Blue buff brush, and Dot brush.

Baron is essentially a copy of dragon pit on the other side of the map. Same warding rules apply, but since the pit is on the opposite side, the warding will be reversed as well.

Baron (Blue side Team)
Control Wards should go in the baron pit or in the Dot brush. Normal wards should be used for over the baron pit wall or in the brush behind red buff, top lane tri-brush, top of red buff brush, raptors brush, or the dot brush.

Baron (Red side Team)
Control Ward should go in Baron pit or in the Dot brush. Normal wards should be used for the brush leading up to blue buff, the brush leading into enemy jungle right of blue buff, top river brush, midlane top brush, Brush behind Greater Murk Wolf , path between the mid tower to river brush behind blue buff, Blue buff brush, and Dot brush.

Tower Diving/Pushing
These wards are pretty straight forward.

Bot Tower
Tier 1: Brush close to towers, Tri-Brush, Ancient Krug Brush, and Brush near Red/Blue Buff.
Tier 2: Path/Brush Parallel with Tower, Just outside of enemy Base going into jungle.
Inhibitor: Inside the enemy base by the Gate.

Top Tower
Tier 1: Tri-Brush, Krug / Gromp , Red/Blue Buff Brush.
Tier 2: Path/Brush Parallel with Tower, Brush just outside the Enemy Gate.
Inhibitor: Inside enemy base near the Gate.

Mid Tower
Tier 1: Raptor , Raptor Brush, Murk Wolf , Brush behind Greater Murk Wolf .
Tier 2: Raptor Brush, Brush near enemy Gate, path between enemy base and Murk Wolf .
Inhibitor: Inside enemy base on both side of the tower near Gates.
This will be short :D
1. It is a farm lane.
2. Wave is shoved into enemy tower.
3. You & Your Bot laner recalled, can do a quick roam mid/top.
4. You have pressure in your lane and your Jungler is botside.
5. Bot laner is dead, and wave is on enemy side of the lane.

1. You are down 2 levels or more in EXP from enemy laners.
2. Bot Laner wants to push the wave.
3. Your mid/top lane is dead/recalled.
4. Your Jungler is dead and the enemy is all alive.
5. The person you are roaming for has no way to help(too low Health/mana).
6. The enemy has already roamed to the other lane, while you are still in lane.
What are Objectives? Objectives are basically things you and/or your team wants to take like Dragon , Rift Herald , Baron , and Turret . There are smaller objectives that will help in these which we will call sub-objectives. Sub-objectives are usually things that dont necessarily help your whole team, but can help nonetheless. Taking enemy jungle camps, securing Vision control, pressuring off/killing enemy champions.

So when someone calls for an "Objective" on your team, the most common one being a Dragon , What is your job? As a Support the main thing everyone thinks is "WARDS!", which is true, you do need vision and wards to help secure objectives. However you also need some help to do these things. Sure you can walk in all by yourself into fog of war and throw some wards down, but you might die in the process. Well you did your job of getting vision right? Wrong. Because you died, now your team gets to watch the enemy team take the Dragon , maybe your jungler tries to smite steal it, instead of having a skirmish or team fight for it if you had simply waited for a team mate to help you secure vision.

The point of objectives as support is to get vision, but also apply pressure while doing so. NEVER ward alone, unless you can see or know where the enemy team is at on the map. Otherwise you are quite literally face checking fog of war.

Whenever you setup vision for objectives, you want to do so before actually going for the objective. If you plan on taking a Dragon , Rift Herald , Baron , or Turret , you should be putting wards down at minimum, 30 seconds in advance. At most 2 minutes in advance, which will give you a chance to reset and get more wards incase the enemy clears out your vision.

Wave Management helps greatly in applying pressure for objectives as well. If you are trying to take a Dragon or a Baron , and you have minion waves pushing into the enemy towers, you are forcing the enemy team to make a choice. Do they go contest you at the Dragon / Baron and lose Turret / Turret health, or do they clear the minion waves and let you take the Dragon / Baron ? Ranked Solo Q lacks a lot of teamwork, or even having someone that will shotcall. So when a team of 5 random people is forced to make a choice, they commonly make mistakes with that choice, or even with their play.

Do a quick double check before you start an objective on where your team is at. Is your whole team there? If someone is missing do they have a Teleport , or some other way to quickly join the fight? Numbers advantage plays a big factor mentally and literally.
When is Mid-Game? Mid-Game does not have a set time for every game, it all depends on when laning phase ends. You can consider Mid-Game has started once bot has moved to mid lane, or a tier 2 Turret is being pressured.

How to play Mid-Game
Warding around the next objective. The point of this is to secure vision around whatever objective you are trying to take. This can be Turret , Dragons , or Rift Herald . Vision around your objective helps your team know where the enemy is and isn't. If you don't see the enemy on your wards, you can assume two things; they are not in your vision yet, or they are not coming to the objective to contest.
Play to your numbers advantage as much as possible. Even with proper setup on vision and pressure for an objective, fighting a 4v5 or a 3v4 is fighting with a disadvantage.
"wE sCalE lAtE gAmE"
As Thresh , pray you never get to this part of the game, as it is extremely difficult to win from here as Thresh . Thresh technically scales infinitely with his passive Damnation souls, however it only raises his Armor + Ability Power . Because of this Thresh only "scales" into full/Heavy AD teams.

Role in Late-Game
Support and Thresh identity does not change much from mid-game. You still are the primary source of vision control, and are likely the only person on your team still trying to peel your carry(s). Basically never want to be alone while warding at this point in the game, otherwise you risk being caught and throwing the game. Minimap is your friend! Check this constantly to double check where your team mates are at, as well as enemies. Having a numbers advantage or disadvantage is devastating in late-game.
Generally team fighting as a support does not change throughout the entirety of the game. You always have 1 of 2 jobs, and in some rare unlucky cases both, peeling your carry or carries, or initiating the fights. The most likely job you have as Thresh is to peel rather than engage. Do not confuse engaging a team fight with picking someone with a Death Sentence + Flay . As long as you peel back after the initial Death Sentence and are not front lining, you are successfully doing your job.

Peeling does not just mean using your CC type abilities ( Death Sentence Flay The Box ). Bodyblocking skill shots, simply auto attacking enemies near your carry, or helping your carry reposition are all a part of peeling. Help your carry maximize their damage by delaying the enemy from damaging them, its that straightforward. Saving abilities for a better opportunity is also a great option. This is most prevalent with Thresh Flay since you can use this stop almost all gap-closer or dash type abilities in the game. Keeping track of enemy gap closer abilities is crucial in being effective at peeling.

Honestly this ability is useless about 85% of the time because other people think its a visual warning to use Flash . HOWEVER, if you are lucky enough to play with the 15% Dark Passage can change fights around or simple save a caught out team mate. The shield is rather small in comparison to other shield type abilities in the game so generally want to save this for repositioning an ally.
Updates to Guide
11.1 Update
- Slighty changed matchup descriptions on Samira and Rell.
- Changed Full Item Builds and mostly replaced Redemption with more viable items.
- Added Updates.

11.2 Update
- Massively revamped the item sets to include Moonstone Renewer.
- Sunfire and Shurelyas have become obsolete on Thresh sadly.
- Added new rune set specifically for Moonstone build.
- Currently in progress of updating matchups as people find out moonstone is broken.

11.5 Update (finally hurray!)
- Another revamp on item sets since moonstone got nerfed, and Turbo Chemtank became pog.
- Adjusted runes to reflect the item set changes.
- Changed some item and ability notes.
3/14/21 update
- Changed Rell and Seraphine matchups slightly to better show threats.

- Updated item builds, removed Gargoyle Stoneplate from Tank
- Removing Rell Matchup until I can actually understand how to play it. Either im just playing against #1 Rell World everytime or I just suck at the matchup. :smile:
- Changed Morgana matchup due to her being played with guardian a lot more and her spell shield being maxed now.

11.9 Update
- Changed most item builds as well as notes for them.
- Changed Runes, and abilities to fit current thresh nerfs.
- Reworked Guardian rune page to include precision tree instead of inspiration.
- Changed Karma matchup description
- Updated Rell matchup (finally!)

11.10 Update
- Added in Shurelya's to First Item slot and description.

11.21 Update (hiya been a bit)
- Revamped item builds
- Essentially removed Zeke's Convergence and Knights Vow from builds.
- Added Thornmail and Dead Mans Plate
- Changed Primary displayed Item Build
- Changed description for matchups on Lucian & Nami

11.22 (11/13/2021)
- removed vigilant wardstone from "PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT BUILD THESE EVER"
- added vigilant wardstone to preferred personal build :D
- Added Predator rune page with description.

13.6 (3/29-31/2023)
- Reworked the entire items set.
- Remade all the Runes.
- Updated Threats for all support picks. (except Milio*)
- Updated Yasuo, Yone, Ezreal, and Heimerdinger Synergies.
- Updated Threats for all champions.
- Added in Milio*, Nilah, Amumu, Zeri, Renata Glasc.
*Don't have enough information on Milio matchup currently D:
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