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Kayle Build Guide by Staggen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Staggen

[4.9] In Depth - Support Kayle

Staggen Last updated on June 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello Community!

My name is Staggen, and I play on EUW (the laggy server). Currently I am a Silver player, and I have played since Season 1, but I did not start to play ranked until late Season 2. Now I am trying to reach Gold during Season 4.

Please note, I am not a professional player, and I am not calling myself great at this game. I am just another passionate player, who want to contribute to the community. I felt like I had to write this guide since I saw that there was only one other support Kayle guide here on MOBAFire. That guide has one problem thou, it is in Spanish. So therefore I tried to create a good support Kayle guide in English.


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Pros / Cons



- Great sustain
- Great mobility
- Low cooldown on Intervention

- Mana-hungry in early game
- No hard crowd control

- To make it look even
- To make it look even

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spell Flash is a must have on almost every champion in the game, because it allows for quick re-positioning, and allowing escapes that would otherwise not be possible.
Heal is not that great anymore since the two nerfs in the last patches (4.6 and 4.7). I do still believe that one person should get it in botlane, but now it is starting to get picked up by your Marksman more and more often. If your Marksman does not get the Heal, than I recommend you do it. Otherwise, get Exhaust.
Since they fixed the Exhaust and lowered the attack speed reduction, but instead increased the damage reduction percentage, Exhaust is way better than before. You can still get summoner spell Heal instead of Exhaust if your Marksman does get something else (most of the time Barrier, but sometimes Ignite).

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Holy Fervor is a great tool if used correctly. You should try to get as many stacks of it out as possible in each teamfight. So if you have attacked a target 5 times, try to attack a new one. You can also just try to hit the enemy teams Mage or Marksman so your team will have an easier task of taking them out.

Reckoning is a great tool for catching enemies off guard, and capitalizing on that. If used correctly, you can win a teamfight by initiating with a Reckoning, and then speed boosting your teams tank with Divine Blessing.

Divine Blessing is a really strong heal in lane, and it also gives a good movement speed buff. Remember that the movement speed buff scales of your ability power.

Righteous Fury is the only reason Kayle is viable in any way. It gives you a splash on auto hits, and gives you 400 bonus range. While Righteous Fury is active, Kayle counts as a Ranged champion. Kayle's range is normally 125, and with the bonus of 400 you get 525 range on auto hits. This is still pretty low, so you can easily be kited. You might want to keep this in mind if you ever end up in a duel of something.

Your ultimate ability, Intervention is such a strong spell. It can easily turn a whole teamfight, and even a whole game if used correctly. Now you notice that I said "correctly". Then the question follows, what do I mean by this? I have figured out that Intervention is used most effectively as a "nuke-blocker". Long story short, use it to block the enemy teams mega burst on an ally. Do NOT use it to save someone who has 10 health and is ignited. You have your Divine Blessing for that.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Generally you max the Divine Blessing before anything else. The heals are simply amazing. After that you max your Reckoning and last Righteous Fury. Then you of course take a point in to the Intervention as often as you can. If you can go really aggressive in lane, then consider maxing Reckoning before Divine Blessing for the poke. But I personally think that even if you win your lane, it's more worth to max Divine Blessing first. The base damage is quite low on Reckoning anyway

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Here I will put a short explanation behind every mastery. Off we go...

The 5% Cooldown Reduction from Sorcery makes sure you reach 40% cooldown reduction with Sorcery + Intelligence + Talisman of Ascension + Locket of the Iron Solari. Then you can cast Intervention every 36 seconds!

Even thou you have great heals as Kayle, you still always want to mitigate the damage that the enemy team does.

This will help you regenerate a bit more health without having to heal yourself, so you can cast Divine Blessing on your Marksman instead.

More damage mitigation for damage mitigation gods! A good mastery, especially since you count as a Melee champion.

This node should hopefully help you spam a few more heals before you get that Chalice of Harmony or Mikael's Crucible.

With the Scout mastery, you can place the amazing "Dragon Ward". The amazingly hard ward to place, from INSIDE the Dragon / Baron pit, and up in to the Tri-Brush.

Thanks to Summoner's Insight you get your Flash and Heal or Exhaust back more often.

The Alchemist mastery is just so good combined with Culinary Master . It changed the health and mana you get from a Health Potion from 150 health over 15 seconds to (20 Health + 10 Mana) instant + 165 Health over 16.5 seconds.

The Greed mastery is not AS important now as it was before the big support changes, since you generally get more gold as a support right now. But it is still a good alternative, and allows you to skip the Greater Quintessence of Gold.

Culinary Master is so strong. You effectively get 40 more health, and 20 more mana from the 2 potions you start with.

Scavenger is just a must have, since it gives you 6-7 gold per minion wave. This will add up to a lot of gold quite fast. It spawns 13 minions every minute, and that is another 13 gold every minute.

Wealth gives you an extra Health Potion in the beginning, and allows you to stay in lane longer.

Inspiration counters out the problem that you loose experience when you go and ward. Otherwise you will fall behind in levels, but warding is important. Now you do no longer have to choose. (Not that it really was a choice you had from the beginning, since you had to ward)

The Bandit mastery just gives you free gold when you feel like whacking the enemy teams champions for a bit.

10% cooldown reduction for items is extremely good, and the 5% normal cooldown reduction is also nice. It takes 30 seconds of the cooldown of Mikael's Crucible!

Wanderer is great, because then you can go back to base and get items and still get back to the teamfight before things start to go bad (hopefully).

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Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration
The Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration is just an overall damage increase. You do both physical damage and magic damage on your auto attacks with Righteous Fury active, and it is just a damage boost for that.

The Greater Mark of Attack Speed is for lategame teamfights. This is so that you get as many auto attacks as possible on the enemy team. Why would you want this on a support now? Well, because of her passive Holy Fervor. You remove so much resists from them.

The Greater Seal of Armor is a really strong rune, and allows you to stand a lot more poke form the enemy Marksman in the early game.

The Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is so that you will not get one shot by the enemy Mage in late game. Believe it or not, you will be a target in fights, even thou you are support. No one likes to have to deal with that annoying Intervention

The Greater Quintessence of Health is great for surviving the earlygame as a support. If they focus you instead of your Marksman in the early skirmishes, this might just keep you alive. Generally you want them to focus your Marksman instead of you, because then you can just focus on keeping him alive, instead of keeping both of you alive.

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Here I will in more depth go through my item choices and why I make them. I will put a bit of an explanation for every item choice that I make. You can try to get them in different orders, and experiment a bit for yourself. Note, it is not recommended to experiment in ranked. If you are going to play ranked with this build, you should have tried the build out in normal games before.

It gives great lane sustain and FREE GOLD:D

The Ruby Sightstone is just a general support item, since it allows you to stack more then 3 Stealth Wards in your inventory, but you are still only allowed to have 3 out at once.

The Mikael's Crucible is just great on Kayle and other supports in so many ways. It gives you the Mana Font passive, and you can "anti-CC" an allied champion, including yourself.

Ah, the item of catching people off guard. That really must be what this item is made for, or maybe getting your team out of sticky situations I guess. Anyways, an extremely handy item.

The Locket of the Iron Solari is just a huge buff to your teams stats, and is also a pretty nice shield. It is generally a good mid-game pickup.

Well, after doing some research // field testing // I managed to come to the conclusion, that I am an idiot. I should have been using this since the beginning, since the extra projectiles from the Runaan's Hurricane do apply the splash from Righteous Fury, AND Holy Fervor. Long story short, the enemies will not have any magic resistance what so ever in a teamfight where you get to splash everyone in their face.

Twin Shadows is a good item since it allows you to keep up with your team, and maybe even move a bit faster. It also has good potential to catch people off guard with the active effect.

The Zhonya's Hourglass is a good buy on Kayle if the enemy focus you so that you are forced to cast Intervention on yourself. Then you can use Zhonya's Hourglass instead, and save the Intervention for another ally in need.


The Sorcerer's Shoes are to simply improve the damage that you deal. They make you a great lane bully.

The Mercury's Treads are decent on Kayle as boots, because you can not Intervention allies if you are stunned.


When it comes to supporting, I always start with Warding Totem. But the second I hit level 9 or get Sightstone, I sell it and get the Sweeping Lens series of trinkets instead.

The Sweeping Lens series is a really good trinket type after you have gotten the Ruby Sightstone, or just the normal Sightstone. You can deny the enemy team vision, and therefore making objectives such as Baron or Dragon a bit easier to take.

Sorry Rito, but we do still not like the blue trinket. There is simply no great use for it in the current META, and there is no reason to get it. Not even if you make it global. Keep boosting it all you want Rito, but we will not get this item unless we have a real reason to get it.

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Here I will talk a bit about who Kayle is particularly good with or against, and why. So let's dive straight in to it.

Good With

Now let me make this clear, so everyone understands the basics of when to pick Kayle. You want to pick Kayle with a poke oriented Marksman. It is as simple as that.

Kayle is good support for Caitlyn, since Caitlyn has great poke, and all you need to do is make sure they can not touch her. Just keep her alive in lane, and let her farm and poke and be a monster in lategame.

Ezreal is just another high-poke Marksman. The movement speed buff from Divine Blessing allows Ezreal to kite really well.

Kayle's movement speed buff from Divine Blessing can allow Varus to kite really well. If you combine the movement speed buff from Divine Blessing with Chain of Corruption, there is just no way the enemy team can catch him.

This one is amazing. Picture this in your mind; Lissandra casts her Glacial Path, and you cast your Intervention on her right as she jumps in and pops Deathfire Grasp > Frozen Tomb. Someone just got DELETED from the fight, and she can still move about for another 2 seconds before Intervention ends. It is beautiful to watch.

Lane Counters

These are the champions that she counters REALLY hard in lane. There are other supports that she is strong against, and bad against, but I will fix that when I have played her enough. I do not think I have done that so far.

You can block the Ace in the Hole with Intervention. It is amazingly useful.

Jinx ultimate, Super Mega Death Rocket!, is easy to block with Intervention in it's first stage. And it is just a bit harder to block in it's second stage.

General Counters

These are the champions that Kayle can be an annoying bastard against;

Darius is just another big damage source that you can expect, and prevent if you have good reflexes. You can Intervention a target while Noxian Guillotine is channeling, and Darius is in the air.

When Fizz engages, he will usually throw out Chum the Waters and when the knock-up comes, he just Urchin Strike's in and pops everything. What if you Intervention the target right before the knock-up comes? They get away cleanly.

Here against Garen you need to be even more quick then you had to be with Darius. The Demacian Justice gives less signs of being channeled then the Noxian Guillotine, but it is still possible to block with Intervention.

Karthus ultimate, Requiem, must be the easiest thing in the game to block with Intervention. Kayle is a great pick against Karthus.

Against Kha'Zix you will have an easy time. The second he jumps on top of one of your teammates, you cast your Intervention on them. But remember to cast it only of you think it is their initiation. Otherwise, a normal Divine Blessing might do the job.

LeBlanc is a bit hard to shield your allies against, since she can do so much damage so fast. Her combo also has a shorter CD then Intervention has. You can still win a fight by casting Intervention on a champion you know LeBlanc will burst.

Simple. You see the Final Sparks red tracking laser, and then just cast Intervention on them and everything is fine.

When Malzahar uses Nether Grasp on someone, just cast Intervention on them.

When you see that Absolute Zero is going to hit you or an ally, Intervention them, and they should be fine. Do not do it to early thou, remember that Absolute Zero has a 3 second channel.

When Unleashed Powers balls are heading for an ally, Intervention them.

Veigar is also one of the champions that you hard-counter. When the Event Horizon hits, he will throw Dark Matter> Baleful Strike> Primordial Burst. If you Intervention right before all that happens, you will be the biggest partypooper in Veigars life. Just remember to not cast it before he casts Primordial Burst, because then he can hold it in and use it when Intervention ends.

When it comes to Vel'Koz, Kayle is just a great counter. This is because her Intervention can block out his entire Life Form Disintegration Ray. If used correctly, this can change the course of a teamfight from a hard loss to an easy win.

Vi is easy to handle. If she Assault and Battery someone and you know they have more good followup, such as Yasuo with Last Breath or things alike, just Intervention the target before Assault and Battery hits.

This is a kinda meh counter to be honest. It is not really a hard-counter to the Infinite Duress from Warwick himself, but more of a counter to the enemies hard-engage that will come with it.

When it comes to Zed, it is just like with Fizz. You know the damage is going to come from Death Mark, and you know when. Generally that is when the Intervention is the strongest, when you know loads of damage is going to hit soon.

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Congratulations! You have made it to the end of this guide. I am sure I am supposed to put a long and fancy text here, but I am not going to do that. I am gonna say thank you for reading my guide, and I hope that it was informative and not just the "Text Wall of China". Now please do rate the guide, and comment if you had any thoughts on it. Also tell your friends about it if anyone might be interested. This is my first guide here on MOBAFire, and I really need to get out there, because I will write more guides as time passes by.

Good luck in the Fields of Justice summoner!


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Change Log

Here I keep track of all the changes that I make to the guide, and when i wrote different parts. This is not a necessary part to read for anyone. I guess someone want to read this to see when it was last updated and what I did then maybe. Not sure. Anyways.

Guide Writing Started

  • I started this guide and wrote the chapters; Introduction, Pros / Cons, Spells, Skill Sequence, Masteries and Runes.
  • I created both builds at the top.


  • I wrote parts of the Items chapter. I wrote Spellthief's Edge --> Mikael's Crucible.
  • Fixed the HORRIBLY looking Pros / Cons chapter.
  • Added the Change Log that you are reading right now.

Items Again

  • Finished the Items chapter.
  • Fixed the border at the top of the Items chapter.
  • I wrote the Matchups chapter.

Minor Tweaks

  • Changed the name of the Personal Notes chapter to Notes (which got removed later after the patch 4.3 Patch)
  • Removed Ruby Sightstone from Core Items, and just put in Sightstone after a comment suggesting that it is not worth getting the Ruby Sightstone early. This was not intended either, so it was a must-do change.
  • Removed some of the whining in the Summary chapter. Instead I put it in a spoiler.
  • Changed the fancy text at the end. Simplified it down to it's essentials.

4.3 Patch!

With the 4.3 patch we get some changes to Kayle and items that touch her. We get "Prettiness" for Kayles spells, as they updated every icon for them!


I just changed the text in the summary, because it was really really bad. Now it is just kind of bad, instead of horrible :D


Vel'Koz, and Boots of Mobility

  • Added Vel'Koz in the counters chapter.
  • Changed the text at the Boots of Mobility in the items chapter. I do not really like them right now to be honest, since their base movement speed was nerfed to the speed of Boots of Speed.

The Comment from Out of Pancakes

I got a great comment from a guy named Out of Pancakes and changed a few things around. I changed the following:
  • Made a double space between all the pictures and then the text after in the Matchups-, Items-, Runes-, Masteries-, and Spells chapters. This is so that it will be easier to read everything and that it is easily identified with the correct picture. I could also start every text about something with the name of that thing, but I felt a bit repetitive when I wrote it that way, so what do you think? Want it this way that it is right now, or just to start every description about why-something with the somethings name?
  • Added Talisman of Ascension to the cheat sheet and to the Items chapter.
  • Major changes to the overall look and feel of the Matchups chapter. I am to lazy to write up all the changes in this chapter.


It seems like I kind of forgot what a support does in its essence, and liked to play Kayle as an AP caster but just in botlane. Now I am making a more supportive guide for Kayle, and with that comes major changes.

Patch 4.5

This was another major update to the guide, and I have been working pretty hard on this. After doing some math and things alike, I now have come to several new conclusions, and changed a few things around from before.

  • Items: I have changed around the Cheat Sheet a bit, and also some minor changes in the Items chapter.
  • Summoner Spells: Chapter added.
  • Pro's / Con's: Some overall coding updates to make the chapter look more even, and better overall.
  • Text: More spelling errors found, and corrected. I think I will find something every time I update the guide to be honest.
  • Overall: I have updated the text on many parts of the guide where it was starting to become a bit outdated to be honest. So yea, overall updates to make all the content as fresh and ideal as possible for the reader.


Patch 4.7

Honestly, I had forgot to update the guide for patch 4.6, but the only real updates that needed to be done right now was the updates to summoner Heal. So I took a quick look at the guide as a whole as well as the Heal part, and made a few changes.

  • Summoner Spells: Changed the text about the spells.
  • Items: Updated a few things with the items and the texts for individual items.

That is about as funny as it gets with this patch-note I guess. Hope the guide keeps a decent quality still.


Patch 4.8

Nothing happened of interest...


Patch 4.9

It did not happen anything that touches the support Kayle build.