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Sion Build Guide by huligen96

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author huligen96

5.1 Jungle Crushing Puny Monsters

huligen96 Last updated on December 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Sion with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Nautilus omg just counter jungle him and deny him any control its really easy to toy with him early but keep tabs on his team because he can still lock you down and they might be coming to help
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Hello everyone I'm huligen, and I'm here to share my love of jungle Sion with you guys. He is good if you're looking for a fun, different champion in the jungle. He is difficult to master but fun to play once you do.

Since the preseason rolled out I've been extensively playing Sion jungle. I've been working hard to update this guide for those who'd so choose to read this guide.(aren't I nice?) I've been playing many sion games to find an optimal jungle path and item builds.

I've decided to make this guide because I haven't found a mobafire guide for the new Sion that fits my playstyle, so I've decided to just experiment and discover on my own which builds and playstyle suits me best. Without further ado, let's get on with the guide.

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Pros an Cons

-Tons of cc
-Unlimited scaling health (very tanky late game)
-Ultimate is great for ganks if you can land it
-Low ultimate cooldown late game
-Insanely high base damage on his abilities
-Good jungle sustain/clear

-Not a very good ganker pre 6
-Not tanky early
-Ultimate is hard to control
-Has a meh passive
-Abilities are pretty easy to dodge
-Easily kited

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Why Jungle?

Sion is really a great champion, but he's also not a very reliable champion in lane. His skills are really easy to dodge, and very vulnerable after they're on cooldown. Lane bullies just flat out out-trade him, and ranged top laners kite him to death. In the jungle however, Sion has good clears with all of the AoE in his abilities, strong ganks with his ult, and gets more health out of his Soul Furnace passive from the jungle camps. All in all I think Sion was made for the jungle.

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Flat AD

Flat AD marks are really the only way to go. Your Decimating Smash scales really well with extra AD, and it just speeds up your jungle clear overall.

greater mark of hybrid penetrationHybrid pen
Since Sion does a strange mix of physical and magic damage, you can try replacing your flat AD marks with hybrid pen marks. These will slow your early jungle clear but will give your gank a little more damage and help you transition into late game better.

Flat Armor
Usually you'd want to take these seals for the jungle to give you that extra early survivability in the jungle.

Scaling Health
If you want to scale better into late game you can opt to get these runes instead since it pairs well with your Soul Furnace. Some of you might be thinking that percentage health runes would be better, but you would actually need at least 4798 health to make percentage health runes more efficient. Unless you're stacking tons of health and farming all game it would be really difficult to get this much health in a game.

Scaling MR
These are standard glyphs for junglers. They're scaling because you won't be taking a lot of magic damage early on while jungling.

CDR x6
You can take these if you're up against and AD heavy team and you don't think you're going to be taking a lot of magic damage. This will give you and extra 5% CDR.

Flat AD
same as marks

greater quintessence of hybrid penetrationHybrid Pen
same as marks

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These are the best masteries for early aggression with Sion. I take Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving because it adds a little extra damage. So try to make sure that you auto attack in between abilities. I also take Expose Weakness to lend some extra damage to your team in teamfights. You'll be making a lot of use from this with all of your AoE. I also take 3 points in Devastating Strikes because Sion does a lot of physical and magic damage. He really benefits from the hybrid penetration.

Some people wonder why I take Dangerous Game . You'll never know when this mastery will save your life. It's helped me walk out from diving an enemy early with about 30 health left. Although if you feel like this mastery is not for you, you can swap it out for another point in Warlord .

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Summoner Spells




Sion is a really immobile champion without his ult, so he works well with at least one mobility summoner spell to make up for this weakness. so pretty much you should always take smite and flash/ghost.

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After playing Sion multiple times I've found that Sion is unaffected by this new, tougher jungle. He is still able to clear about as fast as he could last season and still has a lot of jungle sustain.

The only issue was trying to find an optimal clear path that helps Sion the most on the dreaded first clear.

I think I've found good clear paths for him for both Blue and Red(formerly purple side).


Krugs (bottom leash/SMITE) > Red Buff > Gromp (SMITE) > Gank/Farm

Start with your krugs first and smite it immediately for the buff. Head on over to red buff and clear that. By the time you're done with that your Smite should be back up for the gromp. Immediately smite the gromp when starting it to help you clear it faster. Now you're lv 3. You have two options at this point: 1)lv your Roar of the Slayer if you see an overextended lane. 2)lv your Decimating Smash and continue farming your way down from blue buff to the double golems so you have enough for your jungle item and Boots of Swiftness. The buff from gromp will help you clear faster, and add a little more damage if you decide to gank.


Gromp (bottom leash/SMITE) > Blue buff > Red buff (SMITE) > Gank/Farm

Have your bottom lane help leash you gromp. Immediately Smite it to immediately give you its gift of the toadstool to help you clear faster. Then go to blue buff and clear that.(I choose not to smite-leash blue buff is because it only gives you a burst of mana. You don't clear faster with it and you'll be getting mana regen from blue buff anyways.) Head on over to red buff and Smite it. From here you have two options: 1)lv your Roar of the Slayer if you see an overextended lane. 2)lv your Decimating Smash and continue farming starting from double golems and working your way up to the gromp so you have enough for your jungle item and Boots of Swiftness.

(This is my opinion on an optimal jungle clear. If you think that you have a better clear path comment it with an explenation and I'll test and revise it if I find it to be better than this clear path.)

After you get your Ranger's Trailblazer you'll have the clear speed and sustain as the spirit stone.

-Always activate your Soul Furnace 2 seconds before you do a camp.
-Always blow up Soul Furnace before the shield breaks. It speeds up your clear speed
-Try to get the most out of your Soul Furnace shield before blowing it up.
- Smite the chickens to get razor sharp and try to find enemy wards to clear.
- Smite enemy wolves if counter-jungling them.
-Don't counter jungle if you don't have vision of their jungler.
-Clear the crab to give you free vision on on baron/dragon.
-When ganking try to give the kill to your laner ( Sion is not a carry jungler. It would be better if your laner gets the kill and snowball their lane.)

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Early game all you should be doing is farming and ganking. Especially farming because you get extra health from Soul Furnace. You need to bulk up for late game teamfighting since you're gonna be in the middle of these fights. Once you hit lv 6 you should always be looking on the map for an opportunity to gank when it's off cooldown.

Remember to switch out your Warding Totem for a Sweeping Lens. It's useful for clearing those pesky wards that enemies put down.

In mid to late game, Sion is actually very good at securing objectives if you are able to combo your q, w, and smite together. He is also pretty good at stealing objectives by using Unstoppable Onslaught and exploding Soul Furnace with Smite while the enemy team is knocked up.

Sion kind of falls off in the damage department late game, so late game your main objectives is initiating, disengaging, and disrupting teamfights. Always try to aim for the high-priority targets with your cc. This means that you're going to be in the frontlines taking damage from the entire enemy team, so make sure to be pretty beefy to take all of their damage.

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Sion's passive, what a bitter-sweet passive. His passive brings him back from death to get revenge on his killers with a massive attack speed and lifesteal bonus. But you're still Sion, and you're still easily kited. The movement speed active is only for 1.5 seconds which doesn't help much in terms of gap-closing, and any form of cc that gets placed on you means that you're not getting revenge any time soon.


Always max this skill first. It has the highest base damage scaling out of all of his basic abilities. Fully charged it does a ton of damage and knocks up for 2.25 seconds. Don't be afraid to get this skill first for the AoE knockup for lv 1 teamfights.


Awesome skill, it has a nice passive and great active. It gives a strong shield based on a percentage of your maximum health, and does percentage health damage to enemies. Usually you'd want this ability first since it does more damage than Decimating Smash to buff camps at lv 1. Max this second for increased shield and damage.


This skill is Sion's one point wonder. It's slow scales as you lv it, but the armor shred stays the same throughout levelling.


And now we have the ult. Sion's bread and butter. It's great for ganking from the lane. His ult is especially good for counter-ganking and turning around a fight in lane. It also has a disgustingly low cooldown late game. Keep in mind that whenever you ult it will alert everyone on the enemy team. Also keep in mind that you can activate your ult again to stop running if you miss. I've seen so many new Sion player just run straight into the enemy base because they didnt know they could stop.


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Priority Stats

Before we get to what items we should get for Sion, we should see which stats we should prioritize on Sion.

Sion's q and ult scale really well with AD. You'll want to pick up some early AD for faster clearing and more damage output when ganking. It also pairs really well with Glory in Death's attack speed and lifesteal buff.

Even though you get a lot of health from your Soul Furnace, you'll need some beefy health items to help you stay in teamfights longer. Also getting more health means having a bigger shield from your Soul Furnace.

Sion scales really well with CDR. The more CDR you have the more often you can use your skills in teamfights. It also doesn't hurt that it lowers your ult's already insanely low cooldown.

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Now we come to the items. Here I'm going to give you viable items and explanations. I will also point out some other items that I've seen other Sion players find "viable" but are IMO pretty bad on him.

I'm going to be giving each item listed a score out of 5 for Sion.


Poacher's Knife 0/5


Ranger's Trailblazer 5/5

Skirmisher's Saber 2/5

Stalker's Blade 4/5

ranger's trailblazer - magusranger's trailblazer - juggernaut Jungle Enchantments

Warrior 4/5

ranger's trailblazer - juggernaut Juggernaut 4/5

ranger's trailblazer - magus/ Magus/Devourer 0/5

Sunfire Cape 5/5

Randuin's Omen 3/5

Frozen Heart 5/5

Banshee's Veil 3.5/5

Guardian Angel 3/5

Spirit Visage 3/5

Locket of the Iron Solari 3/5

Maw of Malmortius 4/5

The Brutalizer 3/5

Youmuu's Ghostblade 3/5

The Black Cleaver 3/5

Frozen Mallet 1/5

Iceborn Gauntlet 3/5

Trinity Force 2/5

Atma's Impaler 0.5/5

Thornmail 2.5/5


Mercury's Treads 5/5

Ninja Tabi 4/5

Boots of Mobility 3/5

Boots of Swiftness 3/5

Sorcerer's Shoes 2.5/5

Ionian Boots of Lucidity 0/5

/ /

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Overall I think that Sion is a very underrated jungler that transitions from a strong early to mid aggressor into beefy tanky disruptor.

This was my first serious attempt at a guide. Please forgive any grammatical errors(I know my grammar's not the best). Please comment with your opinions and some constructive criticism, and upvote if you liked the guide. Depending on the feedback I might make another guide.

P.S. Everything in this guide is according to my playstyle. Feel free to play Sion however you feel comfortable.

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I've recently decided to post my results with Sion jungle, and I think that they're pretty good. If you've read and tried out my guide and got good results, PM me or comment a pic of your results and I'll add them to this page.