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Fiora Build Guide by FreepouL

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FreepouL

[5.15] The New Fiora: Everything you NEED to know

FreepouL Last updated on August 20, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Fiora with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Yasuo You are at a great advantage. Poke him with vitalQ-E-vitalE. Riposte his tornado to make his ult useless in lane.
Alistar Tanks with low damage are easy lanes. Poke this cow with vitalQ-E-vitalE. Riposte his W. Zone him from cs and exp.
Nasus Tanks with low damage are easy lanes. Poke this dog with vitalQ-E-vitalE. Riposte his Q when he tries to poke/all-in. Zone him from cs and exp.
Garen Poke and zone him. Riposte his ult.
Nautilus Easy lane. Totally ripostable ultimate. Your poke crushes his tankiness.
Dr. Mundo His low mobility makes him easy to target at his vitals and poke. You have true hp % damage against his health stacking/armor stacking build in the late game. Riposte his cleaver. Easy win.
Jayce Poke him with vitalQ and juke his counter-attack in range force. If he transform to melee, expect a jump knockback counter attack so use Riposte to slow him down. By this time, you can Q or auto-attack another vital and run.
Jarvan IV To counter his E-Q combo, Aim Riposte on his E flag to counter his knock-up and stun him. He has no more skills to fight back so you can combo him. If things get tough and he decides to trap you in his Ult, just lunge out.
Teemo It's easy to Riposte his blind. He's easy to poke since he cannot blind your lunge.
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Introduction to myself

(skip Introduction to myself)

Hello Reader!

I am FreepouL from the PH Server. I am currently Diamond 4. I have experienced a lot of stuff from playing and learned a lot of details from reading online guides such as this. You have been very helpful and now I will try to return the favor. I am writing this guide to guide those (and to guide myself through your constructive feedbacks) who wants to understand the reworked Fiora. I really worked hard for this, I hope you appreciate it. If you think you have a better suggestion, I would love to hear you out. Please kindly comment it and I'll promise to check it out! :)

Introduction to the New Fiora

Since the rework, the gameplay of Fiora completely changed. From the all-in Fiora than engages with all her skills in an attempt to slay his target, she turned into the Fiora that requires you to tactically move through a fight, hitting once or twice before re-positioning--essentially dancing around the battlefield without fear of losing mobility and damage potential.

Here is a list of weaknesses the Old Fiora has that the New Fiora does not
  1. Weak Early Game
  2. Reliance to Ultimate Ability
  3. Enemies are not really affected much by Riposte since it can only block one auto
  4. Gap closer cd is long
  5. Auto-attack dependent
  6. Early goal is to merely survive pre-6
  7. Little to no escape from ganks
  8. Can face troubles against AP laners and skillers
  9. Zhonya, Fizz E, Invisibility, Tankiness can render her ultimate useless if not severely weakened
  10. Late game is difficult since she is very easy to get focused
  11. Ultimate Ability is not as effective on 5v5 since the dps is usually spread across all enemies
  12. Ultimate Ability can badly position her in Team Fights

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells, you would usually want to pick Flash and Teleport.


Most of the champions in LoL relies on Flash for mobility and counterplay. Fiora is not exception. Always take this Spell. It effectively extends the range of your Q, re-position you towards a vital point, allows you to brush juke, flash across walls and barriers, and dodge threatening skills.

(Tip: Only use Flash when it is absolutely necessary. Though Fiora is mobile, it still isn't enough to get her out of sticky situations.)


Teleport gives you map presence. Is there a huge fight going on at bottom lane and there is a conveniently placed ward/minion/summoned minion just behind the enemy team? Then teleport there and kill them all. Not only does this give you extra gold, it also gives you a huge advantage in terms of kills against your lane opponent. Usually though, your lane opponent would also teleport to help his team.

(Tip: Becareful when using Teleport. When you decide to Teleport bot, make sure there is not room for your lane opponent to push out your tower. Not only does this give the enemy a huge objective, it also exposes you as a vulnerable target for ganks; thus, preventing you to farm effectively.)

Summoner Spell Key Tips

  • The greatest benefit Fiora can attain from Flash aside from getting her out of sticky situations is to immediately re-position her towards the other side of her target during Grand Challenge, allowing her to easily proc another vital.
  • Avoid using Teleport to get back in lane.

    Spoiler: Click to view

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Increasing Physical Damage increases the Health % true damage dealt by Fiora's Passive. That is why for runes, I prefer buffing up her Attack Damage while backing it up with some solid defense.

Greater Quintessence and marks of attack damage gives Fiora a huge chunk of damage that will help her early game. 9 marks + 3 quints will give her. However, you can swap Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage with Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed if you feel the need for extra mobility (for instance, enemy has champions with movement burst such as Udyr or Gnar)

These are pretty standard defense runes. Swap Greater Glyph of Magic Resist with Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist when the enemy team jungler or top are not AP. Since you wont be dealing much with the AP carry until mid to late game. Swap it with Greater Glyph of Armor if the team has no AP carry. CDR runes give you 5% cooldown reduction. Together with your Masteries, you have a total of 10% cdr which is really helpful for Fiora.

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My recommended mastery for Fiora is a bit odd (as many suggested).

Let me explain...

1. Offense

  • Take 4 pts on Sorcery for the 5% cdr
  • Double-Edged Sword gives you 2% increased damage which is really good for damage-dealers such as Fiora
  • Fill in Brute Force and Martial Mastery which are both standard for AD carries
  • You can invest 3 points on Expose Weakness , Spell Weaving , and Blade Weaving . However, I prefer to invest the 3 points on Fury which gives you a bit more attack speed, which is really beneficial for AD Carries, even if Fiora's playstyle does not revolve around hitting enemies continuously, reducing the lag between auto-attacks can make or break an AD carry.
  • Get Dangerous Game for the 5% instant heal which can save you from last-minute Ignites and numerous clutch situations.
  • Frenzy is really useful given that Fiora's Bladework is a guaranteed crit.
  • The remaining points go to standard ad carry masteries.

2. Defense

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Fiora's itemization is really situational. Even from the beginning.

1. Starting Items

This is pretty much how you want to start as Fiora. It gives decent AD boost and 3 Health Potions to sustain in lane. Also, the Long Sword draws you 360 gold closer to your first item.

2. First Back Items

You went in lane early on to cs and earn some gold. Your first back item is dependent on how much gold you have earned in lane. Your choice of item should be the one which gives you the GREATEST POWER SPIKE. Essentially meaning, the set of items that would grant you the largest amount of damage for the least amount of inventory space.

First back gold = 400 - 720
x 1
at max of 3
if you have extra and is prone to ganks
First back gold = 755 - 875
x 1
at max of 3
if you have extra and is prone to ganks
First back gold = 910 - 1235
x 1
at max of 3
if you have extra and is prone to ganks
First back gold = 1270 - 1600
x 1
x 1
at max of 3
if you have extra and is prone to ganks
First back gold = 1630 and up
x 1
x 1
at max of 3
if you have extra and is prone to ganks

Although I can confidently give you key tips on what to buy early on, it is still important to assess your situation in your lane based on your lane opponent's strength and the overall circumstance of the lane. Do you find yourself needing more health because your lane opponent is a burst champion like Cho'Gath? Buy Ruby Crystal. Are you against champions that can continuously dps you such as Rumble and you find yourself needing more health regen? Buy Rejuvenation Bead. Do you need extra armor? Buy Cloth Armor.

Point is, buy the things you need in lane to win the lane. Try to limit yourself into buying things that are ingredients for your important core items: Trinity Force and Ravenous Hydra so you won't get delayed.

3. Item Goals

After a the first back, the succeeding backs should try and focus towards your item goal.

Usually, what you want to do is get Tiamat as soon as possible because the early waveclear and additional dps to your combo could really push Fiora ahead of your lane opponent. After this, others recommend finishing the Ravenous Hydra immediately. But for me in most cases, I prefer buying Phage first for the amazing utility it can give to Fiora. Whenever you try to proc a Vital, the combined burst of movement speed from Phage and Duelist's Dance gives you the utility of walking past your target to prepare for the next vital, or simply running away before he counter-attacks you. Moreover, the bonus 200 health is surely useful for Fiora since she is relatively squishy. Boots of Speed is usually bought anytime before completing the Phage.

After building these two items, you can finish Tiamat into a Ravenous Hydra as soon as possible. Then, things get a little more tricky. Assess your situation in the game. Are you having trouble with surviving the lane due to your opponent's burst? Then purchase Giant's Belt. Buying some cheap armor items such as Cloth Armor, Chain Vest, or Warden's Mail can be an option. But usually, I do not buy armor items since if you can dance around the lane, you can prevent auto-attack dependent champion from completely dishing out damage to you. What usually threatens you are those burst champions that can deal a huge amount of damage to you once they get even the slightest touch of you. These include Cho'Gath, Kha'Zix, Darius. Or even champions that can continually poke you from long distances such as Pantheon and Gnar. If however, these circumstances are absent or manageable, you can finish your Phage into a Trinity Force to get that huge damage boost.

Past these two core items, everything is based upon how you assess the game. Usually, I buy Frozen Mallet after Trinity Force for the insane utility of slowing your target by 40% per hit (auto or Q). This greatly benefits Fiora in her gameplay. Add to that the 700 health boost which is only 100 health below Warmog's Armor and an additional 30 damage!

By this time, it should be mid to late game. People are starting to group up and you should be doing your role (to be further discussed below), to split-push.
Spoiler: Click to view

In order to be a great split-pusher, you either need to be a great runner such as Udyr or be a strong duelist (which usually faces more than 1 opponent). When you try to split-push, it is almost certain that more will come after you. That's why I prefer to pick up another defensive item in order to survive their flurry of attacks as I run away. Or, when in team fights, people are certain to focus you if not your ADR.

My most preferred tank item is Randuin's Omen, giving you an area of effect slow, armor, and health. Every stat of this item benefits your defensive capabilities. Another defensive item that I really like is Spirit Visage. It fills up your weakness against AP carries late game, gives CDR, health, and health regen. Moreover, it boosts your lifesteal, Duelist's Dance heal, and Grand Challenge heal.


, if you are way ahead or confident of your skills, you can try to pick up an Offensive Item instead that will benefit you the most. Are your enemies really behind or really squishy? Pick up Infinity Edge. Are you having problems sustaining? Is the life steal not enough? Are you being focused hard? Pick up The Bloodthirster. Is the AP carry really strong? Pick up Maw of Malmortius. Are you against a fed Warwick, Lissandra, Malzahar or any other solid CC champs that keeps on focusing you on team fights? Pick up Mercurial Scimitar.

Lots of folks suggest building Armor penetration such as Last Whisper, Youmuu's Ghostblade, The Black Cleaver. Personally I do not pick up these items often since Armor Penetration does not give full gold efficiency to Fiora anymore since Fiora's damage is now reliant on her passive ( Duelist's Dance) which deals % hp true damage.

Since Armor Penetration's role in the game is to mitigate resistance--hence, approaching true damage--a simple damage item can fill the role of armor penetration by boosting the % hp true damage dealt by her passive. You would want to pick up these items for the extra utility they provide other than Armor penetration. For instance, pick up Youmuu's Ghostblade for the movement speed burst if you find yourself needing it or The Black Cleaver for the cooldown reduction. Last Whisper is not a viable option anymore I'm afraid.

It's odd that my final mention is the boots upgrade. I placed this last because there really is no specific time in the game where I require you to buy it. You just buy it when you find yourself needing it. Since Fiora has relatively a huge movement speed, Boots of Speed can usually suffice, giving way to an earlier huge item purchase.

Three boots are on the list: Boots of Swiftness, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, and Mercury's Treads. All upgraded to Furor.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Buy Mercury's Treads for tenacity if you find yourself under so much CC all the time (although late game, tenacity can be bought from Elixir of Iron. Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Boots of Swiftness give mobility in different ways. The former gives mobility in terms of being able to Lunge more frequently while the latter gives better movement speed and slow resistance.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Lunge is your main damage and mobility spell. It is your main tool for procing your vitals in Duelist's Dance. By maxing it first, you gain more damage and less cooldowns, meaning more damage and mobility. Moreover, it applies on hit effects which is particularly the best asset in this skill. Numerous item effects generally improve this skill; for instance, Trinity Force procs automatically since the spell is considered both an auto-attack and a skill. Ravenous Hydra applies the lifesteal and the area of effect from Tiamat. Below is the list of on-hit effects that generally boosts the effectiveness of Fiora and Lunge.

Riposte is your main defense spell. You do not rely on this spell for it's damage, rather for its utility by being able to block all forms of damage within the .75 seconds time span. Although it is indeed very useful for Fiora, the only benefit of leveling this skill is cooldown reduction which only hits to a maximum of -6 seconds. So max this skill last. Whether you give it a point on level 2 or 3 depends on your early lane situation. If you find the opponent easy to poke with Lunge and has no form of immediate counter-attack such as Darius and his Decimate, then take Bladework first then take Riposte by level 3. Otherwise, do the opposite.

It is important to be aware of the immense power and utility this item can provide you since a simple parry of a huge spell could turn a fight upside-down. Unlike the previos Fiora's Riposte, this new Riposte can block spell damage--not just one spell like Sivir's Spell Shield, but all the spell damage and basic attacks you receive within .75 seconds. If you bait your enemy team into throwing their major spells at you at the same time, you can block all of them, turning them powerless as you counter-attack later. Of course this power takes time to practice--and even then ,Riot could potentially nerf this ability on the next patch.

Just remember, even if Riposte is really strong right now and could bring Fiora suddenly ahead on a bad fight, it could potentially do the opposite by casting it wrongly and carelessly.

Bladework gives you both utility and damage. Pre- Frozen Mallet, it allows you to slow your target so you could easily re-position towards the next Vital. You can also combo this with Q to apply a slowing effect to Lunge. The second hit, the guaranteed crit, displaces a huge damage burst that will hurt the opponent whether or not you hit a Vital. In order to fully utilize Bladework, use E to immediately reset the attack timer in order to blow 2 autos immediately (this will be further explained below). Max this skill second for the increase in critical damage and decrease in cooldown.

Take Grand Challenge whenever possible. It gives you a huge AoE heal that could possibly heal better than Janna's ultimate. The passive heal of this skill allows you to refresh your health bar immediately after a fight. By refilling your hp, this skill allows you to take objectives while your lane opponent is still dead. It forces you jungler to come and visit you (since he knows you have no ulti left) thereby allowing your teammates to safely harass their lane opponents for an advantage in lane. However, the 4 vital points of Grand Challenge are not that easy to proc since the target would most likely re-position to deny you this opportunity. If casted at the wrong distance, the target would most likely run away, thus making you waste a huge skill. You would want to use this skill when the target is in the immediate range of your auto-attack in order to proc one vital instantly. (this will be elaborated further later)

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Skill Tips and Reminders

Although Fiora's skill kit is quite basic from an average perspective, there are still numerous reminders to keep in mind whenever you play her in order to achieve the full effectiveness of her kit in any instance.

  1. Abuse Duelist's Dance by using Lunge whenever the Vital is placed in front of your enemy laner in the laning phase.
    Spoiler: Click to view
  2. Never forget that Lunge can get you through thin walls. Thus, Fiora is now a little bit more mobile in out the lane.
    Spoiler: Click to view
  3. When you find yourself being chased down in a minion-less and neutral-less area, you can use the small hit-range of Lunge in order to maintain distance from your opponent.
    Spoiler: Click to view
  4. Another smooth Lunge trick when a Vital appears behind your opponent who is really close to you is to Lunge directly behind your opponent, passing through him and proc-ing that Vital behind him to gain that movement speed in order to run away the other side.
  5. Lunge immediately after an auto-attack to (technically) reset your auto-attack timer by immediately hitting your opponent with the Lunge that basically applies on-hit effects.
  6. You can proc a Vital even if the enemy on the other side of the wall--given that you have vision of the target and he is still within the Lunge hit-range.

    1. Aiming Riposte on a vital will proc that vital.
    2. Riposte can parry even the strongest of spells such as Veigar and Malphite's ultimates.

    1. Bladework resets the attack timer, hence, allowing you to throw 2 auto-attacks at a time instead of 1. Therefore, to utilize this skill to its maximum efficiency, cast this spell IMMEDIATELY after an auto-attack.
    (*images will be added in the next update*)

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Ability Combos

The following are the usual ability combos for Fiora. It is assumed that you already have Tiamat and Phage passives on your kit. Also note that you would want to trigger a vital when possible anywhere in the combo.

Combo 1

Auto-attack + Bladework auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Combo 2

Auto-attack + Lunge

Spoiler: Click to view

Combo 3

Bladework + Lunge

Spoiler: Click to view

Combo 5

Lunge + Bladework auto (aim at a vital)

Spoiler: Click to view

Combo 5

Auto-attack + Bladework auto + Lunge

Spoiler: Click to view

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I have tons of stuff to add. I am deeply sorry for posting an incomplete guide but my computer is bugging out (data suddenly gets erased for some reason so I decided to publish it). I will continuously update this guide everyday until I finish it. I have yet to record some gameplays first and and screenshot some important play tips for you guys.

Thank you for understanding! :)