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Fiora Build Guide by GamerRarity

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GamerRarity

(6.13) Fiora, A One tricks guide to fenching

GamerRarity Last updated on October 11, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Fiora with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox He is a pretty weak champion, you can level 2 power spike him, and riposte his only form of cc.
Dr. Mundo Builds hp, you do % true damage, pretty self explanatory.
Gangplank Jump on him and trade him often early, you need to get the lane in your favor early and snowball hard, if he farms we will win.
Malphite Just farm, his ult is big and so is your's, however you can split push much harder then he can.
Nasus Any time he tries to q a minion q him and trade.
Rumble Fairly easy match up if you don't fall behind.
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Welcome to my Fiora guide, remastered edition!

I decided to rewrite it because now I understand much more about league and after reaching 250k views I thought why not?

I am a season 5-6 Fiora main, I joined league on patch 4.21 and made it to gold in season 5, and seasons 6 I made it to plat! my NA summoner name is Gamer Rarity.

Before reading this guide please understand I am not the best at grammar nor at league I am simply trying to write a helpful guide to teach you how to play Fiora, thank you for viewing my guide and good luck in your Solo (or dynamic) games!

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Pros / Cons


+ Great Snowballing
+ Good split pusher
+ Team fight and dueling ultimate
+ High mobility
+ Outplay potential
+ Invulnerability
+ Build path versatility
+ 1v5 Carry potential
Fiora is a power house when it comes to solo queue, her lane dominance mixed with her huge mid and late game power spikes makes her one of the "perfect" solo queue champions, her high damage and mobility let her catch squishes, her passive lets her shred tanks, her ult lets her stay super relevant in team fights, and finally her carry potential is high enough to solo carry games.

- Has extremely hard counters
- Weak to burst damage
- High skill cap
- Useless when behind
- Easily snowballed upon
- Prone to getting camped
- Prone to getting nerfed
- Prone to being called a no skill champion
In all honesty Fiora doesn't have many weak points, she can win almost any lane and is good most of the time, the only problem is if she falls behind Fiora becomes next to nothing if not useless.

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I usually only use one of two sets, If I am against Nasus, Zillian, or know the other team will build lots of Rylai's I will use stormraiders, for anything else I will use fervor, ever since the grasp change it doesn't provide much sustain which is the only reason Fiora ran it.



Now a quick list of reasons on why to pick each one.


  • More damage on longer fights
  • Much higher damage then grasp, even when tanky
  • Works well with Titanic's auto reset mechanic
  • Lets you build more tank items and still deal good damage


  • Synergizes well with high damage builds
  • Snowballs even harder
  • Makes Fiora's ult easier by granting % move speed
  • Weakens slows effects

One last note on a special mastery

Ok so after looking through a lot of Fiora statistics I found that running bandit has a higher win rate, let me explain. So during the laning phase every time you hit the other champion with lunge or an auto attack you gain 10 gold. (5 second cooldown) If you use this to its fullest potential you can make an extra 120 gold a minute effectively tripling your passive gold. An extra 180 gold a minute, sounds pretty nice right?

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Fiora will mark a side on a champion, taking .5 seconds to activate and lasting for 15 seconds. If Fiora manages to land an auto, lung, or riposte on the point it proc dealing 2+(4.5% of her ad.) of the champions max hp as true damage. Fiora also heals for 25-110 health and gains 20 / 30 / 40 / 50% based on ultimate level.

Notes for passive.

If you are too close you cannot proc the passive, and if you click on the champion you can see the passive's "debuff" timer, even after the mark has faded it can still be hit if the debuff is still on the champion.

COST: (20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40) Cooldown: (16 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8) Cooldown if hit: (9.6 / 8.4 / 7.2 / 6 / 4.8)
Fiora dashes a short distance sticking a nearby target, if Fiora strikes a target lunge's cooldown is reduced by 60%. Lunge proc's all on hit effects and prioritizes vitals., then enemies that would die, and finally the nearest target, prioritizing champions over minions. 65 / 75 / 85 / 95 / 105 (+ 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 / 115% bonus AD) in physical damage.

Notes for lunge

You can use this to help you last hit, proc grasp, fervor, and vitals. This ability can effectively be used as an auto attack if you activate it directly on top of Fiora, allowing for even strong auto attack trades and fast stacks of fervor. If activated first and then quickly activating riposte you can actually dash and be in riposte effectually making invincible while dashing. Also hits stealth targets.

Cost:(50) Cooldown: (24 / 22 / 20 / 18 / 16)
Upon activation Fiora will strike a defensive pose for .75 seconds become immune to all damage and crow control (except towers, rito please) before counter attacking, passing threw minions and stopping at the first champion hit, damaging them and slowing their attack and movement speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds. If Fiora blocks a hard crowd control effect (roots, stuns, knock ups, suppression, knock backs, fears, taunts, and stasis.) the slow is then replaced by a stun.
90 / 130 / 170 / 210 / 250 (+ 100% AP) in magic damage

Notes for riposte

This ability is practically mandatory for any post level 2 trades, stunning or slowing your target is a huge deal and procing a vital at the same time is even better. Save this ability for any time you suspect a crowd control, or large damage move is going to be used on you. Always try to riposte stuns in a 1v1 and as the animation for riposte is playing activate your ultimate so you can get the first vital for free and get the stun.

cost:(40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60) Cooldown: (13 / 11 / 9 / 7 / 5)
Fiora resets her auto attack timer and quickly strikes twice, slowing by 30% on the first hit and always criting on the second it.
(140 / 155 / 170 / 185 / 200%) damage crit.

Notes for bladework

Blade work should almost always be activated directly after landing your auto out of a lunge, if this is down you effectually land 3 autos almost instantly and that gives you 6 stacks on fervor. Blade work is a nice slow letting you reach another vital by walking past the champion after landing the auto.

Cost:(100) Cooldown: (110 / 90 / 70)
Fiora marks all four sides of her target, each vital dealing the same damage as her passive while creating a challenge zone around the targeted champion, while in the zone Fiora permanently gains her passive move speed boost. If Fiora strikes all four points, or the target dies after striking one point Fiora creates a victory zone, healing her and all her allies for 1+(the number of vitals hit) seconds.
Health per second: 80 / 110 / 140 (+ 60% bonus AD)

Notes for grand challenge

Grand challenge is your strongest all in ability, procing each vital will heal you based on her passive, and procing all four will almost make nearly any 1v1 duel an instant win. This ability is also extremely powerful in a team fight, if a tank ults into your back line and you ult him in return procing a few points before he dies you will heal your back line by a huge amount. If a target dies and has a passive/guardian angle/chrono shift, the ultimate will still proc.

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Combos & Extra tips

The quick trade.

Start with an auto attack, activate lunge on top of Fiora, followed by blade works auto reset, then auto again, and activate Tiamat. This quick and simple combo is effectively like autoing 5 times and will do a maximum of 615% of Fiora's total ad! (100% 115% 100% 200% 100%)
5 hit combo

The retaliation combo

Starts when they come in to trade, riposte their main source of damage or cc ability then follow it up with, The Quick trade.

Free poke trick

This is very simple to do, when you and the opponent come up to last hit melee minions, quickly activate lunge on top of Fiora after last hitting the minion, the ability will target the champion if they have the vital facing you, or if lunge will not kill any minions, giving you easy free poke.

And of course the one everyone wants to know how to do

The Super Quick Ult

If they are coming after you activate your riposte and then during the animation activate grand challenge, as soon as it lands lunge to their north point, activating blade work and hitting them for another slow, quickly run to their left or right, depending on which side you need to hit, auto them for the crit, then walk down and hit the final point, if done perfectly this can be achieved in less then 2 seconds.

The Aggressive Ult

Start with riposte towards them, activating ult during the animation, after the first point walk upwards and hit them with blade work causing them to be slowed wrap around and hit the left or right side, then finally fall to the final point for your victory zone.

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Build path

Small explanation

Fiora has a lot of build paths due to her kit, she can be played full damage, tanky, and pretty much anything in between. Every game is different and there is no perfect path for every game, this will just be for a standard, Ad top, mid ap, Adc.

Starting Items

Longsword is a very good item in a lot of match ups, lets you rush into your main items and start with 3 pots.

Doran's blade lets you preform better in early fights, due to the extra 70 hp it provides, yet you only get 1 pot.

Doran's Sheild is good if you are against someone that has almost all single target damage, great example will be pantheon, he will q q q q, and dorans will block 8 damage every wingle time, give sustain and 1 pot.

Corrupting potion is good if you know they are going to run it, Irelia, Jax, ect. It helps your trades by adding a small amount of damage while also helping keep your hp and mana up.

First backs

Early kills, mean you should get as much ad as possible and as many hp pots as possible so you can keep your lead and snowballs.

Farming for a while you should push in the lane and back, grabbing some ad, an hp item, some hp pots and a pink ward.

When behind you should always back and get hp pots, a pink and defense items, rather it be hp, mr, or armor.


Phage, This item gives a good amount of ad hp and a move speed passive, and builds into black cleaver, this is very helpful if they are going to rush armor and you need the cleaver to hit vitals and shred armor.

Tiamat, This item gives aoe on every auto, some good ad, and a small amount of hp regin, good in situations where you will have small quick trades and will need to active to do an extra burst of damage.

Caulfield's Warhammer, This item gives a nice chunk of ad with the benefit of some cdr. A great item if you are going to build into cleaver but won't need the hp or move speed from phage, the extra cdr lets your trades happen more often and the ad makes them stronger.


A Hydra and the Cleaver are Fiora's most important item's they give her all the stats she wants and passive's that help suit her play style, pretty much always rush these first, and then build the other items.

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Play style

In lane

While laning Fiora is great at farming due to her auto reset on e and her q, making last hitting a breeze. You will often look to poke and trade with vitals and even all in before six due to your dueling presence and the mobility behind your damage. If given a lead Fiora can often turn a 2v1 gank into a double if played correctly and will often melt towers if the laner leaves.

Split pushing

Split pushing with Fiora is pretty self explanatory, you have high ad, auto resets good mobility, can completely block cc and can kill any one, or even two people they send to stop you.

Team fighting

Team fighting is something that takes practice, Fiora is a mix of a assassin, and a bruiser, if you are super fed obviously you should try and flank killing their back line as quickly as possible. If you are behind or building tanky try and killing the closest target with your ult. The heal from your ult is probably your biggest power if you land it on your whole team you heal for 800 - 2000 / 1100 - 2750 / 1400 - 3500 ( 600 - 1500% bonus ad.)

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