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Kindred Build Guide by Ja785y

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ja785y

6.3 Kindred ADC:What happens if you miss? I don't know.

Ja785y Last updated on February 13, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Kindred with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Bard #poptheballoon. Dodge his stun with q. His ult can let him dive you under turret if he is good. Try to be in the ult if this is going to happen. His sustain can be annoying but you should be fine as you have sustain too. When he roams you and your support should try and sneak out of lane and take a kill on him. Make sure to mark him when you do this. You could also mark their adc and try and get a kill while he is gone.
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Hello I am ja785y and this is my guide to ADC Kindred. While traditionally a jungler, when played and built properly, she can excel as a lane bully marksmen with an all in play style.

I am a rank 5 kindred ADC, I have been rank 5 since her release week!

this is my first guide and it is unfinished but any suggestions would be appreciated!

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With the beginning of patch 6.3 this guide should see frequent updates. sorry for the lack of updates, navigating preseason took some time.

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Pros / Cons


  • high mobility
  • good in lane sustain
  • can scale indefinitely
  • snowball/woolball
  • strong kiting potential
  • good life steal
  • strong all in
  • Braum fixes everything for her


  • low range
  • poor base damage
  • all physical damage
  • relies on getting kills
  • needs to counter jg with team in order to make best of passive
  • cant ult while under CC

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Unique Skills

Mark of the Kindred is Kindred's passive. This scaling passive is the key to Kindred's power in the mid to late game. It allows kindred to mark a champion periodically and if they kill them they gains a stack of their passive. Each stack grants their basic attacks 1.25% of their opponents current life damage (.5% max life for wolf attacks). This ability when used to its fullest can be insane. Kindred marks random enemy jungle camps until she reaches 6 stacks.

In order to best use the jungle camp section roam from lane with your support and maybe even you jungler into the enemy jungler, marking their jungler may also be a good idea at this point. once you have safely collected the stack either return to lane of have a 3 man gank!
After getting a kill in lane if you cannot immediately secure the other kill due to the enemy having to much life left, back off and let the wave push, while your waiting and out of combat mark that champion and go in for the kill.

This ability is the main reason why I use kindred as a roaming ADC. When you have collected marks from both bottom lane opponents recently mark mid lane and go with your support for a kill. when roaming mid you can also just leave you support in lane so you don't risk losing a tower.
Dance of arrows is Kindred's q. Maxed it does around a minimum of 200 damage to 3 nearby targets aftern dashing. These shots do not prioritize champions. therefore its main use in lane is for the mobility or when they have moved out of position to get some damage on them. you should still q when harassing but don't count on the damage. The dash helps accommodate Kindred's short range however the cool down is rather long on its own. we max this first for wave clear and dps.

you can wall jump with this ability!
Kindred's w is wolfs frenzy. wolf will gain an area zone that he can attack in independently of kindred. wolf will target whoever kindred autos. his attacks apply a weakened version of mark of the kindred stacks.

While kindred is in the zone her q is reduced to a two second cool down. If your q is already on cool down it will be reduced to two seconds.

Kindred's W also has a passive. This passive is one of the benefits of kindred ADC. as you move you build charges similar to static shiv or ludens echo. when you attack at 100 stacks you heal 60 hp + 3 more per level.

we take w first for zone control and the sustain passive.
Kindred's e is mounting dread. It slows the target and gives them a debuff that on the third auto attack from kindred against them will inflict 5% of their maximum life in physical damage plus a small flat damage component.

use this on high priority targets in team fights.!

We do not take e until level 3 because it will be wasted without the q and w mobility combo to help stick long enough for 3 autos.
Kindred's ultimate is lambs respite. it creates a zone where nothing can die. this includes everything from Barron to allies and yes, enemy champions. use this when a team fight has gone wrong. you can level the playing field easily with the 4 seconds of immortality you have. as anything can still be damaged during this time make sure you keep fighting! try to save your ultimate late game as it is best used on more then one person.

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The items below contain information and strategies relating to them.

Mortal Reminder
Armour penetration and damage are great on kindred! This is a very nice damage item for kindred early game, it works well late game as well against tanks stacking Armour. However Lord Dominik's Regard is a better tank shredding item, the reason you would choose this item is its synergy with your ultimate! This item has a very unique and interesting synergy with your ultimate:
the grievous wounds will reduce the healing the enemy team gets from your ultimate if you attack them! If you want to preform this effectively and consistently buy this with a Runaan's Hurricane!

Lord Dominik's Regards
Armour penetration and damage are great on kindred! This is a very nice damage item for kindred early game, it works well late game as well against tanks stacking Armour. The increasead damage against high health enemies is AMAZING. It also works with your passive! This means with 8 Stacks of your passive and a blade of the ruined king instead of 16% current health every auto attack you deal 18% current health! This item makes every kindred stack worth an additional ~.02 % current health damage! For the curious you would need 70 stacks to deal 100% current health physical damage as opposed to the usual 80. Be aware of building health however, it will reduce your damage if you have this item.

Maw of Malmortius
This high damage item is wonderful at allowing you to survive an all in burst combo. The shield and life steal allow you to survive and heal the damage from the burst and keep you alive long enough to get the essential team fight damage in. The shield is great in allowing you to outlive cc duration in order to ult yourself as well.

Banshee's Veil
The shield on this item is amazing. it either wastes an enemy spell or makes them play passive and target someone else. It also gives a good chunk of Magic resist. great against Veigar Syndra and other burst mages.

Mercurial Scimitar

Runaan's Hurricane

Guardian Angel

The Black Cleaver

Infinity Edge

The Black Cleaver

Infinity Edge

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Basic combo Q W E AA Q AA AA

Catch somone: Q W Q

By using q before w your w will get more hits off. When you cast w q will be reduced to two seconds

Wave clear W Q AA Q AA Q AA Q AA

All in/dueling combo mid game
Q W E (Youmuu's ghostblade) Q AA Q AA Q AA (blade of the ruined king) AA

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Kindred can benefit greatly from roaming. Her kit has loads of mobility and the items shes best with are core to mid lane assassins known for roaming. Once you complete youmuu's ghostblade if you haven't already it is likely time to start roaming. generally teamfights will begin soon after you buy youmuu's so try and roam before then.

Whenever you push your opponent out of lane if you and your support have a decent amount of health either roam mid or counter jg for stacks.

If you roam mid mark the enemy midlanner about halfway across the river. this should give the mark time to trigger. it will give them a warning though! so its best to go in once they have pushed mid under tower.

if you counter jg mark the enemy jungler and go with a small team( you and your support should be enough) and take the marked camp or any camp if there is no marked camp. if you run into the enemy jungler keep an eye out before you fight to make sure no one will join in the fight.
remember when ganking a lane enter near the tower enemy tower so they can not flash, dash or escape from you.

If you opponents begin to react to your mark placement then do the opposite mark of what you are doing. you don't always need stacks after all!

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In any lane minion kills are incredibly important. While you can win games when ahead in kills without cs (minion kills), it much harder. If you are behind in kills and don't have cs you will most definitely have a very difficult and unfun game resulting in being dead weight that is carried or losing the game altogether.

Some people don't get how to cs, this is understandable as it can be difficult to learn if it doesn't come naturally. Here are a few tips:
1. Only attack to kill
2. Stay moving constantly so you can avoid harassment and be close to as many minions as possible.
3. Watch the minions life closely and plan ahead when to hit them. on a minion to attack it then immediately click somewhere on the screen as soon as the arrow appears.
5. Practice cs in custom games against nothing but minions. Aim for 100 cs at 10 minutes, you will likely not reach this for a while.


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Let's talk about Braum. Braum's passive, Concussive Blows allows Kindred to inflict cc in lane. When he lands his q or an auto mark them with your e, Mounting Dread, and land 3 autos. This will proc your e and his stun allowing you to auto them and q them for the kill.
Braum's q, Winter's Bite is a slow providing essential peel for any adc, and great to have in lane with low range Kindred.
Stand Behind Me sets up for Braum's e and give Kindred bonus defense. Great for getting Braum in the fight.
Unbreakable is Braum's e. It blocks the first projectiles damage entirely and lets Braum take damage for you.
Braum's ultimate is Glacial Fissure it is good for engaging, and peeling. It can be used at the end of Kindred's ult to make a clean escape.
Braum is one of the best supports for Kindred!

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I need help/ I have an idea/ can you teach me

If you have any of these questions post a comment I check this daily and will gladly explain any concepts you need help with, or hear out any ideas you have.

If you would like to play with me on league pm me and ill add you! Ill be glad to teach you kindred or basic league skills!

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