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Shaco Build Guide by Eagzey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eagzey

[8.15 UPDATED!] S8 CHALLENGER - Eagzey's #1 Shaco Guide

Eagzey Last updated on August 6, 2018
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Shaco Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection
LoL Rune: Relentless Hunter
Relentless Hunter

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

+14 ability power or +8.4 attack damage, adaptive and +5.5% attack speed

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Threats to Shaco with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Hecarim Find this easy. You can evade his E and R easily. Squishy as well so invade/fight!
Maokai Get your head in his jungle.
Master Yi Pressure early. We can stop his W with our W and he does no damage until 2-3 items deep. We can also R his Q.
Vi Weak early and we can dodge her R with ours and Q out of the way of her Q.
Zac Like every tank, playing from behind vs Zac is tough but early game is our time to shine. Pile the pressure on and make sure he can't gank freely.
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Hey guys, welcome to my Season 8 Shaco guide! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Eagzey and I'm a Challenger Shaco from the infamous Oceanic region - where aids really does happen. My peak rank is 18 600LP which is pretty underwhelming in my opinion. I tilt a lot, sometimes afk/leave games because of it, and let my accounts decay because I'm uninterested. Apart from the mental fortitude of a child, I'd consider my mechanics on the Jester to be the best world (inb4ocebtw).

I stream 7-8 hours a day so come check out the stream if you haven't already! - - I also upload videos to my YouTube every week! - If you want to get in contact with me/join my community then click the Discord link here! Eagzey's Discord I post when I go live and answer any questions that your heads throw at me!

I started playing Shaco in Flex Q at the end of Season 6 and fell in love with him. Specialising in a champion that shares your personality makes the game that much more fun, and I probably flame and troll some games because Shaco takes over me xD. I'd say I've accumulated at least 3 million mastery points on Shaco in the last 20 or so months and if you need any visual stimulation of my capabilities on the Jester, I'd recommend this vid...

Enough of the preamble, let's get into the aids.

My account!

This guide will hopefully teach you guys, regardless of elo, something new and give you a newfound impetus for when you play Shaco. In saying that, however, this is not a champion spotlight - I won't be going over Shaco's abilities and how to use them; I'll be focusing on each stage of the game and what you should be looking to do in each of them. Putting yourself in a position to hard-carry games is what we all want when playing League, and by the end of this guide you should have the knowledge and tools to do exactly that.

Before anyone says 'OCE', I'd just like to say that SoloQ is SoloQ, it's the same everywhere except maybe KR but even there I had a 90% win rate on an account in Plat 1 and was playing against mid-low Diamonds most of the time through Plat and it's no different to Diamond OCE. That was on 180 ping btw.

Let's start with the fundamentals first: runes and build paths.

Guide Top


Right, enough of the STREAM and YOUTUBE plugging, let's get into the guide.

Quick note on Summoner Spells - originally I wrote, 'use whatever you're comfortable with,' but seeing as this is my guide I'm just going to give my opinion and tell you guys what works for me. I don't know why you wouldn't choose Ignite - it gives our early and mid game so much kill pressure. Invading/counter-jungling and ganking with Ignite means we can't be 1v1'd, unless we really misplay, and we have an extra 80-505 damage for duels, nukes and ganks depending on our level. I've played Shaco for nearly two years now and not at one point did I think, ' Flash could have really helped me there,' nor any other summoner, so Ignite is by far the best summoner spell. Also, the Ignite buff in 8.6 necessitates the SS tbh.


Note: every Shaco player has their own preferences in terms of runes and builds, I'm only offering my opinion and letting you guys know what works for me in high elo.

For me, there are TWO rune pages viable right now for Shaco...and none of them include Dark Harvest. I get asked every day on stream, 'Why not Dark Harvest?' 'You can proc DH multiple times in teamfights!' Thanks for letting me know that btw. Listen up, if you guys want to run Dark Harvest no worries, I'm not going to force you into anything, but Electrocute is objectively better this patch and I elaborate in the next couple of paragraphs. The reason why you guys (and it's not all of you ofc) don't see why Electrocute is better is because you don't combo correctly. Like, there is no way for someone to think Dark Harvest is better than Electrocute if they have the basic combos down - you don't have to be a master at Shaco to know. If you 'like' Dark Harvest more, then run it, but if you care about giving yourself the best chance of winning and hard carrying, run Electrocute. I'll be going through the basic and advanced combos for Shaco later on btw so that should help out a lot of you if not all.


This page is what I believe to be the most appropriate for one-shot Shaco. Electrocute is better than Dark Harvest at the moment because we should be looking to secure scuttle crabs early game and sometimes we'll have to fight the enemy jungler for it so having an extra burst of damage is ideal. I've always thought that Electrocute was the superior rune in previous patches, and in 8.15 I don't think Dark Harvest is viable just because of how quickly games end these days. There's not much to explain tbh, we're using Electrocute for an impactful early-mid game, and even without a lead in the first 10-15 minutes we are still able to be useful with the correct build/playstyle.


-> Games are ending earlier and guess what, Electrocute is better early!
-> Scuttle crab changes necessitate early game presence/dueling power
[color=#00ff00}-> Games in high elo are often dictated by the early game, so having Electrocute when ganking, invading and pressuring the map will often result in kills/assists

-> Once we buy Duskblade (yes, even after the nerf) our kill pressure goes through the roof (especially with a few kills under our belt)
-> If we're behind we can still get back in the game
-> Counter jungling is even more effective at the moment because of the comeback experience change and if we run into the enemy jungler Electrocute is best for those situations
-> Less damage than Dark Harvest after at least 30 minutes (on average)
-> If team falls behind we'll often be the one getting invaded and most likely lose the game

Sudden Impact is an obvious choice because our Deceive is a 'blink' and it will enhance our damage.

Again, Eyeball Collection is the obvious choice because it increases our damage. NEW THOUGHT - Ghost Poro looks viable now and I'm tempted to give it a go in a number of games to see if I notice a difference. I read somewhere that they're thinking of nerfing the Domination tree but Ghost Poro is remaining unchanged so thought I'd put this in here.

The last set of runes in the Domination tree are all viable for Shaco, but I prefer Relentless Hunter because it gives us more movement speed for every stack, and with Boots of Mobility and the Youmuu's Ghostblade passive and active we can get around the map with ease and dominate.


Lots of Shaco players run Sorcery as their secondary tree, and lots of them run Precision, it all comes down to preference.
-> Legend: Alacrity gives us enough attack speed (18% when fully stacked) to clear efficiently and fight in the early game that we would have got from Berserker's Greaves
-> Coup de Grace makes nuking carries that much easier - our burst damage on an ADC, for example, will chunk them to at least half HP, and when below 40% HP our damage is amplified so there's no chance of them surviving.
-> If we choose Legend: Alacrity in our runes then we go Boots of Mobility in our build
-> If we choose Sorcery as our secondary tree then we go Berserker's Greaves in our build

If you guys are used to running Sorcery as your secondary tree then no worries, it can work with Nimbus Cloak and Waterwalking, Celerity and Waterwalking, but I feel that without attack speed, even before Berserker's Greaves, we're pretty useless - this one all comes down to preference, just make sure to run Electrocute. Off that, here's the other rune page I'd be fine recommending...


Guide Top

Build Paths

Right, we're almost done with the pre-game information. Boys, when I build on Shaco, and the same goes for runes, I'm only interested in the best setup. I don't really care if another item works well, or it may seem interesting to use, I'm only interested in building optimally. If I'm not running the most effective setup for Shaco in high elo, I'm already at a disadvantage because everyone knows the best builds, runes etc. for their respective champs. By all means, if your intention is to have fun when playing Shaco and experimenting with builds is one of the ways you have fun, then don't let me stop you, but if you want to win and give yourself the best chance of winning, this build will undoubtedly help you out.

Electrocute BUILD

You guys running Sorcery as your secondary tree your build should be the same except for the boots - buy Berserker's Greaves instead of Boots of Mobility.


For those of you who are experienced on Shaco, Rejuvenation Bead is way more viable than Refillable Potion. RB allows us to get Tiamat quicker but we have to be careful when fighting other champs early game and we have to pick those fights appropriately. I always used to buy Refillable Potion but after using RB for the entirety of this season, it's by far the better choice. Even those of you who are inexperienced on Shaco, getting used to builds that the best players use is going to help you once you start climbing and playing against better players. Anything works in low elo (Diamond/Plat and lower), even my Dad could do well.


Tiamat is essential for Shaco and is ALWAYS our first buy when we recall. It's passive and active helps with farming camps and gives us a bit of extra damage when trying to nuke someone in the mid game. We can also auto attack immediately after using its active, letting us get in more damage in a shorter amount of time (the combo is AA + Tiamat active + AA). IMPORTANT - Tiamat NOW PROCS Electrocute - a simple AA + Tiamat active + AA/E/Ignite.

Boots of Mobility, for me at the moment, is ALWAYS my second buy because having movement speed in the early game means we can get around the map quicker and impress our will on the enemy. As stated in the Runes chapter of this guide, Legend: Alacrity gives us enough attack speed to clear jungle camps efficiently, so Boots of Mobility is the ideal choice.

DO NOT BUY A Poacher's Dirk, the item is aids.

And lastly, if you guys are fed enough, Serrated Dirk is our first real damage item that will eventually build into a Duskblade of Draktharr for the mid game.


Couple of variations here. Duskblade of Draktharr and Youmuu's Ghostblade are our CORE items. They give us a massive power spike for the mid game, especially Duskblade of Draktharr. Despite Duskblade of Draktharr getting nerfed (damage decrease from 60-320 to 30-200) the item is still invaluable to Shaco.

Youmuu's Ghostblade's passive and active adds to our mobility and makes tracking down the enemy carries even easier.

What I say now fam is very important so don't be D5. ALWAYS BUY DUSKBLADE FIRST (after our early game items), and buy Ghostblade if one of the following is apparent in the game...
-> You are snowballing and fed af
-> The enemy carries don't have Ninja Tabi
IF YOU'RE NOT FED, AND THE ENEMY CARRIES ALREADY HAVE Ninja Tabi AND RESISTANCES, THEN BUY A Trinity Force BEFORE GHOSTBLADE. Trinity Force gets through the armor much better than Youmuu's Ghostblade and is generally safer/less glass cannon.

If you guys like building Trinity Force after Duskblade of Draktharr then no problem, it's definitely the safer buy and if the enemy team composition is on the tanky side (stacked with Ninja Tabi and armor), then TF is a wise choice, I just prefer stacking lethality asap.

This lethality build, in my opinion, is a lot stronger than the Crit Shaco build which involves Statikk Shiv and Infinity Edge - that build is still fine, but nowhere near as good as lethality Shaco. Buying Statikk Shiv stalls out the game. It gives us ZERO offensive stats and we have to wait until we get Infinity Edge (which is another 3400 gold away) to make it worth. Please, do not buy a Statikk Shiv, it pales in comparison to the lethality build. Stormrazor doesn't work because it's passive is overrided by our Backstab.

Changing our trinket to Oracle Lens is also more useful in the mid game for vision and dominating one side of the map.

Also of importance, we should be looking to sell our Hunter's Machete some time soon so we can buy one of our key items. Generally, my rule is that if I can sell it to buy a finished item or an item that will help me significantly, like a B. F. Sword, then I sell it.


Guardian Angel is essential on Shaco. Not only does it give us a good chunk of AD from B. F. Sword which gets pumped into our Deceive but gives us compensation if we happen to muck up in some way. You're going to make mistakes on Shaco - I still do - and having GA is like having a 'Get out of Jail free card'.

Due to the changes to Last Whisper and Lord Dominik's Regards, both items are very good counters to Ninja Tabi. It gives us 10 less AD, but focuses on the enemy's TOTAL armor, not bonus. So, the bonus armor the AD might get from Ninja Tabi is largely ignored. It's also important to know that buying a Last Whisper which is 1300 gold before GA is perfectly fine, especially if you're ahead and the enemy team is already stacking Ninja Tabi.

As for finishing off our Tiamat, I much prefer Ravenous Hydra over Titanic Hydra because of the AD it gives us, and my main aim with this build is to one shot the enemy carries and Ravenous Hydra gives us more chance of doing so. Titanic Hydra is still viable, but for this build I prefer Ravenous Hydra. It's still fine to go Titanic Hydra, and you can reset an auto with it's active, but only buy it if your GA passive is down so you have a bit more durability/survivability because of the 450 health it gives us.

Full Build Example #1

Full Build Example #2

Changing boots is also a good idea late in the game because mobility isn't as crucial as it was early to mid game. Ninja Tabi and Mercury's Treads are the best in my opinion.

Guide Top

Pre-Game Strategy

Listen up negs, this is probably the most important part of the guide - it's rather simple but planning the early game and our initial jungle pathing is sometimes what makes or breaks us Shaco players because with a lead, we can snowball hard, but with a deficit it becomes very hard, especially against good players. So this chapter is all about how and what we think about going into a game...


My plan for every game I play on Shaco is to be aggressive early - we have Ignite and can 1v1 every jungler in the first few minutes of a game. So that's one option we have: invade/counter-jungle.

HOWEVER, the changes to Scuttle Crab mean that securing the crab early on is important. Therefore, we have less time to invade/counter-jungle, but it's doable.

Of course you can full clear the jungle but without pressure early on Shaco I feel as if you're not in control of the game - you leave it up to your lanes to fight on their own and against ganking junglers early like Jarvan IV and Rek'Sai it is more than likely that at least one lane will fall behind.

WHY would you invade early game?

I tell you what, that's a cracking question. Remember those matchups that I gave you at the start of this guide? Most of them said, 'pressure early' or 'invade early', something along those lines. So, invading the enemy jungler early game is all about knowing the matchup.

Below are a list of champions you want, and arguably need to invade in the early game:

-> Amumu
-> Cho'Gath
-> Evelynn
-> Fiddlesticks
-> Gragas
-> Hecarim
-> Jax
-> Kayn
-> Kha'Zix
-> Maokai
-> Master Yi
-> Rammus
-> Sejuani
-> Shyvana
-> Skarner
-> Vi
-> Wukong
-> Yorick
-> Zac

What commonalities can you guys see in that list? I can see a few to be honest...
-> Tanks
-> Farm heavy
-> Slow clear
-> Weak 1v1

Generally, if the enemy jungler is/has at least one commonality listed above then we definitely want to be invading them early and piling on the pressure. In the 'Early Game' chapter I will talk about HOW we go about invading, but for now it's important to talk about WHERE to invade.

Most junglers start bot side of the map for an easier leash, especially in lower elo, so you guys should be licking your lips when you play against one of the champions above. Therefore, if they start bot side of the map we want to invade them in their top side at their second buff, and vice versa. Now the champions above will be on their second buff from anywhere between 2.30-3.10ish depending on if they want to hit level 3 as soon as they can or if they full clear.

We have two ways of going about invading, or I do anyway, but knowing WHERE to invade is obviously the key to pulling off a good invade. We don't want to invade the buff they've already taken now do we?

As you may have noticed, some champions are not on that list, and these include:

-> Elise
-> Ezreal
-> Graves
-> Jarvan IV
-> Kindred
-> Lee Sin
-> Nocturne
-> Rek'Sai
-> Udyr
-> Warwick
-> Xin Zhao

Again, what do these champions share in common?
-> Strong duelers
-> Fast clear

The junglers just mentioned are to be invaded with caution if you choose to do so. I invade pretty much every game regardless of which champion I'm against but I've done it so often that I'm used to it. If you guys aren't comfortable with taking on these guys earlier in the game there's nothing to be ashamed of - and trust me, when I started out playing Shaco and invading every game it wouldn't be uncommon to see me 0-3 at 5 minutes.

For champions like Elise, Lee Sin, Rek'Sai, their clear is insanely quick. Normally they will start bot side of the map, clear one other camp and finish their 2nd buff and then pressure that side of the map so we only have a small window to invade. Also, they are strong early game champions so if we get spotted by a ward or hit by a crowd control (CC) ability then we may have to ff at 15. By the way, just so you guys don't have to pull your hair out (and I haven't got much left because of it) then ban Rek'Sai every game, playing against that champion is legit aids.

So, if we are against one of those junglers mentioned in the second list, what should us Shaco players do early game? If you're not a man and don't want to invade, then GANK is the solution.

Those champions in the second list, most of them at least, will get their 2 buffs and level 3 as soon as possible and gank a lane - a bit like us but we're slightly quicker. Therefore, we can get to a lane with at least a level advantage (and I'll show you guys the best clear for Shaco in the 'Early Game' chapter if we want to gank) and pick up easy kills. This will be easier to envision in the forthcoming chapter but we need to think about WHICH LANE to gank. I'll list a few reasons why we'd want to gank a certain lane early...
-> Our laner(s) has CC
-> Enemy champion(s) has no Flash or their Flash is on cooldown (CD)
-> Enemy champion(s) will push the lane early (making them more susceptible to a gank)
-> The matchup is 'snowbally' - one kill might decide the lane
-> We anticipate that the enemy jungler will gank that lane early, so we want to counter-gank IF we win the 2v2 or we try to get there first of course
If a lane has only one reason I listed then it's still worthy of a gank early game.

Now, that may seem like a lot of information but it's really simple...

This is essentially our thought process:

If we choose to...INVADE -> WHERE? & HOW?

If we choose to...GANK -> WHERE? & HOW?

We just covered the 'WHERE' question for both (hopefully you guys are clear on that), so now let's tackle the 'HOW' question in the next chapter...the 'Early Game'.

Guide Top

Early Game

I know how much you guys have loved reading this guide so far, so I hate to break it to you but I've decided to insert a video to show you guys the best clear for Shaco when invading, and then for securing Scuttle Crab and ganking.

Let's start as we did in the last chapter - with invading.


We've answered the 'WHERE' question, not it's time for the 'HOW', and in so doing we now arrive at our first video for the guide!

I'm going to put it simply to you guys, THIS IS THE BEST EARLY GAME CLEAR FOR Shaco.

Sorry for the formulas but these are our two options...
1. 3 boxes at wolves/raptors > buff > buff > crab
2. 3 boxes at wolves/raptors > buff > enemy buff > camp for kill/take enemy camps/crab

Every game I start with 3 boxes at wolves/raptors and I'll show you where to place them in the video below. If we've decided to gank early, we go from buff to buff and then to the Scuttle Crab. If we've decided to invade, we go from buff to the enemy buff and we then have a few options. We can either wait for them to come with a Jack In The Box; we can farm the rest of the enemy jungler's camps on that side of the map; we can gank a lane (we'll be Level 2 though); or we secure Scuttle Crab and hit Level 3. Everything is explained in the video so pay attention Jesters!

Now then, a few things to point out...
-> We don't want the enemy team waddling into our jungle and placing a ward on our camp(s) free of charge, so PING FOR ASSISTANCE and tell your team to watch the key entrances - trust me, in higher elo it accounts for a lot, so get into the habit of doing it in whatever elo you're in
-> Wolves spawn at 1.28, I was a tad late because I reset the game and didn't get the movement speed bonus at the start but you want to place 3 boxes at wolves like I did, placing the first box at 0.28
-> Place your last available box at the buff you're starting at
-> It's important to also get a leash on your first camp so ask for one!
-> Skill Q second of course and backstab as much as possible and tank a couple of hits so your boxes can do as much damage as they can
-> You want to place your Jack In The Box in a position that it's not too close that the buff will attack it twice in a row and kill it, but also not too far away that it won't tank one hit from the monster - watch the video again if you can't visualise it here

Now it's time to show you Shaco players how to gank like a Challenger...

NOTE - there are specific points to Deceive from so pay close attention in the video; I'll explain in here as well just so we're clear.

-> There's a tree in the wall and we want to get our head underneath the branch that's sticking out (we don't have to be in the exact spot but near the tree)
-> Now, I'm sure that some people want specifics on where to position your cursor to aim where you land but I really don't - I prefer to do it instinctively because lining it up in the exact spot can take time, especially in a proper game - we want to be as efficient as possible
-> I guess the best way to describe it is to aim your cursor to the top left of the wall and fling yourself over it - it's almost as if you're carrying momentum doing it this way (that may sound really gimp but once you do it you will know what I'm talking about, I hope at least)
-> This is probably as difficult as they come so practise, practise, practise! And if you got it first time then you may be the Shaco prodigy

-> This jump is similar to the first - we want to position ourselves in the bottom right of the 'U' in the wall...again, doesn't have to be exactly in the bottom right, just hug close to that part of the wall
-> Aim your cursor to the bottom right of the outer wall and we're then ready to double kill bot lane
-> Once you get the hang of these difficult ones they'll become so easy after a while so keep practising fellas!

-> Simple as but the most underrated jump of the bunch
-> Most Shaco players don't know about this soon as you're about to show from the brush hit Q and flick your cursor up to the top of the wall and you should appear practically next to the mid laner
-> If you guys didn't know, every Shaco skin apart from Masked gives away a puff of orange smoke after you Deceive which can be easily seen if the enemy is paying attention to their screen so we don't want to Deceive so close to the action, hold back a tad and away we go

-> This one is impossible to do from the brush (I think!) so we have to show just before we Q

-> Both of these are effective - use depending on enemy laner's positioning

-> This is almost as effective as the previous jump but harder so we really have to practise and remember where to point our cursor so we can add it to our arsenal (and we ain't talkin the football team)
-> See that rock/stone/boulder that's at the end of the brush? Well, we want to walk just to the end of that, hugging the wall while doing so/color]
-> Aim your cursor over the bottom right of the rock in the middle of the waterfall and press Q and you'll be sweet
-> Did I mention to practise these?

To finish off this chapter I just want to tell you guys what NOT to do on Shaco in the early game because I see some pretty neg things (to find out what the word 'neg' means you'll have to find out on my STREAM!) when watching other Shaco players.

-> DO NOT GANK A LANE LEVEL 2 WITH BLUE BUFF - unless they're on 10 hp, don't bother, you have no kill potential with Q, W and a blue buff
-> DO NOT GANK 24/7 - it's important to balance farming and ganking. If some ganks don't produce results then the other jungler (if they're smart) will be taking your camps and you'll have nothing to farm. A good habit to get into is to clear your jungle on the side of the map that you're about to gank
-> DO NOT EVOLVE YOUR Hunter's Machete - our gold is better spent on other items

Lots of people have asked me on YouTube and Twitch about playing from behind as Shaco which I'll cover at the end of the guide because there's a fair amount of information to get through.

Hopefully you're enjoying the guide and if so please upvote it and leave a comment letting me know what you think!

Now it's time for the next chapter: the Mid Game.

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Mid Game

I've been asked a lot about how to mid game as Shaco, and for me this is when a very good Shaco will start to take over the game whereas an average Shaco will do nothing to really influence the tide of battle.

For the mid game we have a few aims when using this build...
-> Nuking enemy carries (the fun part)
-> Dominating one side of the map
-> Securing objectives with our Hallucinate
-> Keeping the farm up

Once again, I'm going to break up the above bullet points into their own chapters, subdivided into 'WHERE' & 'HOW' sections.


When you become good at this the enemy carries will seriously want to commit because they won't be able to move up for creeps (CS) without copping a quick death to the Demon Jester. There are a few keys to doing it though...


It's all about anticipating where the enemy carries will farm. When I say 'enemy carries' I'm really referring to their mid laner and ADC. Supports are also an option as are their junglers but most of the time it will be their mid and ADC we want to nuke.

That should be pretty obvious as to where they will farm then, right? If we want to kill their mid in the mid game they are most likely going to farm mid unless they are a competent split pusher like Ekko, Zed or Twisted Fate. Therefore, we position ourselves so we can Deceive and preferably backstab their mid laner.

It is also important to know what the opposing mid laner does in terms of abilities because some of them can counter-attack and sometimes kill us if we misplay. Honestly, there are only a few that worry me on Shaco and they are...
-> Viktor
-> Anivia
-> Orianna
-> Yasuo
These may not seem the most menacing of mid laners, but running into these champions has its risks. Viktor can one-shot us if he is just as fed or CC us in his Gravity Field; Anivia is just a pain to walk through or into because of her Glacial Storm and Flash Frost; Orianna is slightly easier because we can R her Command: Shockwave but her Q+W combo does just as much damage; and Yasuo is Shaco's hardest matchup - he has high damage per second (DPS), great mobility (he can also Sweeping Blade through our boxes) and sustain through his shield. Playing against a decent Yasuo, they don't even have to be good, who builds Ninja Tabi and Phantom Dancer is almost as bad as playing against a Rek'Sai. So just make sure you're aware that if you screw up your head will be on the chopping block and not theirs.


I'm going to link you guys a video below that talks about using our Q effectively in mid game. Also, sorry for my head and the sub-par audio quality but it's still really useful can stop watching after I finish talking about 'Using Q Effectively' which is around 31.50, enjoy!

A few key points to take from that, even if I do say so myself:
-> I look like a degenerate
-> It's more about setting up the kill than the actual killing - Q'ing from lane and unwarded brushes/areas is key to putting yourself in a situation to nuke enemy carries
-> Knowing how long your Q lasts at each level is vital (1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4.5)
-> In mid game team fights it's about FOCUSING on one champion and trying to blow them up - we're a single target damage dealer...using our full combo + ignite on an enemy carry in the mid game will most likely result in a kill and that's what we should be trying to do even if it doesn't pay off.

The combo on Shaco is also talked about extensively in that video so skip to 33.00 and listen to my head talk about our assassin combo. Everything I talk about in that video would have been typed in this guide so it's a lot easier for me to link you certain points in my videos which I think will help you out more than you just reading them off this guide.

I must admit, those examples I put in that video of me nuking enemy carries were pretty good so I hope you picked up a few tips haha. Legit though, that should be plenty of information to help you guys understand what to do mid game when it comes to blowing up enemy carries.


This is a concept that isn't talked about in any of my guides so instead you're going to have to keep reading the rest of this little chapter. At least you don't have to look at my head for a few minutes...


What side of the map do you dominate? Very pertinent question, and there are a few determinants we need to be aware of...
-> What objective is prioritised? (for example, if a Dragon is spawning in 20 seconds, it's a good idea to try to take over the bottom side of the map - we'll talk about how in just a second)
-> Where are their carries farming? If their ADC starts to head top lane to try to free farm we can pile the pressure on them by taking over their top side jungle (again, I'll talk about how very soon)
-> Can you win teamfights? IF the answer is NO, then split-pushing is one of our most viable options for the mid game. Before 20 minutes ( Baron Nashor 's spawn time) we probably want to pressure the bottom side of the map because we are closer to dragon, and after 20 minutes we don't want to stray too far away from the Nash so split-pushing top lane is a must
-> Who on your team is fed? If you camp/hang around your teammates who are farmed it is generally easier to take over a portion of the map. For example, if you have a 5-0 Zed who starts to split-push bot lane then it's a wise decision to take over their bot side jungle. Another example, say your bot lane snowballed and are now farming mid to try to take the outer turret mid lane you can roam with your support and pressure one side of the enemy jungle


One option is obvious and I just talked about it - NUKING ENEMY CARRIES (which I won't go over again).

-> VISION - Vision is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Buying a Control Ward every time you back providing you have a spare 75 gold and changing to Oracle Lens will give you the best chance of taking over one side of the map. Knowing where their carries are and what brushes/areas are warded is ESSENTIAL if we are going to get on their carries without being seen. You guys have to understand that if I can do it in Challenger (and I'm sure there are other Shaco mains that are able to) then everyone else is easily capable of doing it, it's just about getting used to buying wards and being busy on one side of the map. Also, keep in mind that most choke points in Challenger are warded so I am most of the time spotted by enemy wards so in lower elos (providing you guys implement the strats and tips I've discussed in this guide) you guys will dominate and hard carry most, if not every game.

-> COUNTER-JUNGLING - Stealing enemy camps starves one side of the map and puts the enemy jungler behind. In having no control over their camps they therefore have no control over that side of the map. Have you guys ever walked to a camp and the enemy jungler and maybe one other enemy champion is waiting for you because you lost control over that side of the map? That's what counter-jungling creates: control, or lack of depending on your point-of-view. If I'm ahead in the game I love to time the enemy buffs and prepare for them. I might place a ward in the buff brush and execute them while they're doing it, or take it for myself and gank a lane off of it. Counter-jungling is self-explanatory but takes time to get good at so I'd honestly recommend tuning into my STREAM and watching me take over a game and/or you can ask me about it if you have any questions of course.

So, nuking enemy carries, vision control, and counter-jungling is what will enable you guys to dominate a side of the map. Remember to think about WHERE you want to dominate and implement the 3 tactics above to start snowballing out of control!

Quite a lot of typing here boys so stay with me, we're almost there.


-> This can also be done in the early game but it's pretty simple - Dragon and Rfit Herald are so easy to take as Shaco with our Hallucinate. From Level 6 until Level 18 we can solo both objectives easily so make a concerted effort to take them as early as possible. We also want to time our ultimate so we don't get initially knocked by both Dragon and Rift Herald's CC. Taking objectives means the enemy team has little to no reason to focus that side of the map so it's naturally easier for you to take over that side of the map.

Not much to elaborate on here fam, so I'll move on. My fingers are starting to hurt btw so please upvote this just for the expended energy if not for my Shaco tutelage.


In early and mid game it is imperative that we farm WELL. This doesn't mean that we farm every so often. Our jungle is free gold and their jungle is as well (for the most part) so why not take 30 seconds to a minute to clear one side of our jungle and then look to make a play. Counter-jungling is more effective now because Riot cut the amount on comeback jungle experience when behind so losing our jungle camps when we could have done them ourselves is not on the cards unless a lane is gankable or we can counter-jungle ourselves.

Generally, too, once we power spike with our Duskblade of Drakhtarr we want to look to make a play because we do so much damage to enemy carries so get your red buff and then look to make something happen. There's no need to farm when we pick up our major items. Predict where their carries will be and position accordingly (like I talked about in the video before).

How are we feeling guys? We're legit almost there. I'm expecting your brains to be expanding with the plethora of knowledge provided here so let's not hesitate to move onto the last chapter pertinent to this guide: the Late Game.

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Late Game

Late game for Shaco is an extension of the mid game, so every point I raised in the previous chapter is relevant when the game goes late. Whether that be vision control, nuking carries etc., they are all important.

I seriously don't have much to talk about here guys because most of it has already been said but I'll touch on a couple of things.


The way I play Shaco means that I can often be the one who ends up throwing games because I'll try to make a play when it doesn't need to be made. In some instances, whether it be down to adrenaline because I'm popping off or just me not thinking, I will try too hard to get the kill that wins us the game.

Sometimes, and it pains me to say it, but patience is needed. You are part of a team and though there are some games when you can 1v9, most games (especially in higher elos) depend on who makes the right play at the right time. If I die trying to nuke an ADC on Shaco in the late game I should always ask myself before going in, is it worth the risk? Do we lose Baron Nashor if I screw up? What objectives do we have to give up as a result of my misplay?

It's annoying some games because you won't have made a mistake for 40 minutes, and let's say you're 20-2 or something insane, but the one mistake you do make costs you the game. Keep your head down fellas and try to make the best play at any point of the game.


That is legit it for the guide fam. I think I need to lay down after typing up a storm for this long but I'm pretty sure it was worth it. There is lots of information in here that will help you guys become not only better Shaco players but better players generally.

It would mean a lot if you guys could check out my TWITCH and YOUTUBE channel. Come say hi, tell me that you read my guide and enjoyed it (or what you thought could have been improved on), but I had fun doing this and I'll definitely think about doing another in the future.

And I want to put this video in here as well because I know some of you (or most) were probably expecting me to go over Shaco's micro and mechanics but I do all of this in the video I linked earlier. So grab some Miso soup and sit back and listen to my head speak - I hope I made it clear earlier that this guide is all about helping you understand HOW to get fed on Shaco, so go and do so!

Thanks so much for reading guys, please give it an upvote or whatever it's called and let me know what you thought of it! Peace <3.