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Vladimir Build Guide by Jimmious

AP Carry A Guide To Leave Opponents With Blood Disorders XD ..::Seaso

AP Carry A Guide To Leave Opponents With Blood Disorders XD ..::Seaso

Updated on May 18, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimmious Build Guide By Jimmious 12,217 Views 1 Comments
12,217 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimmious Vladimir Build Guide By Jimmious Updated on May 18, 2015
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  • LoL Champion: Vladimir
    The Unstoppable AP Mage
  • LoL Champion: Vladimir
    The Unstoppable Tanky-as Mage

About Me :D

Hi, Im guysensai from the Oceana League of Legends Server and I present to you my Vladimir Guide :D. Please up vote this if this guide helped you in any sort of way and please tell me how I can improve to make this guide even better! Also, I made this guide based on how I like to play Vladimir, so Without further ado, lets move onto my Vladimir guide!

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Vladimir is a unique champion as he is able to dish out a **** load of damage and yet still be healthy enough to be considered tanky. With his infamous Sanguine Pool, Vladimir is able to not only weave in and out of fights while remaining untouched but also make sure that his landing phase is also very safe. Ontop of all that, Vladimir's lane sustain is just broken, healing you almost every 8 seconds and your Tides of Blood also makes sure that you can secure last hitting minions.

Why pick Vladimir?
-Epic team fight ult
-easy escapes, thanks to Sanguine Pool
-Short ability cool downs
-OP sustain, stay in lain forever
-TANKY yet able to actually deal damage.
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Pros / Cons

Pros to playing Vladimir
-OP Sustain
-Nice Poke
-Can easily escape tough situation
-Doesn't need much tank items thanks to his passive XD
-AOE damage from most of his spells

Cons to playing Vladimir
-No Burst D:
-Only escape with his E which is on a ridiculously long cool down (Ahem, 20 seconds to long)
-Bad early game and bullied by early game champs such as Darius and Renekton
-1v1 isn't too great as cc f*cks you up
-You use health to cast your abilities which means its easy to fall out of lane
-Little built in CC
-If your team can't carry, its really hard to 100-0 them unlike a katerina or Zed
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Magic Penetration Marks
Probably the only good marks for Vladimir as all of his abilities use ability power. Helps in landing phase to do extra damage when you poke with Transfusion

Scaling Armor Seal
I like to go for scaling armour seals so that I can survive better in the law game. Its a pretty safe choice, because even if you fall behind you can still go tank. Also it helps you stay alive in team fights as they will probably focus you down depending on how fed you are.

Scaling Ability Glyph's
Gives you more AP than solid AP glyph's by level 6 and also gives you extra health thanks to your passive Crimson Pact overall a good choice as you can also abuse your q's damage output as well :D

Ability Power Quints
Best choice on Vladimir because you get to start of with a bonus 15 AP, which gives you a bonus 21 health as well. It also helps you deal more damage with the rest of your abilities.
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Okay, for masteries on Vladimir you'll want to go for a 21/6/3 build. I usually go for this because I think that the three points in utility gives a bonus movement speed, which is a nice extra for getting in range to land your tranfusion's or Tides of Blood on the enemy.

Putting twenty-one points into the offensive tree is almost self explanatory, but for the sake of people new to League of Legends it will give you some extra damage, cooldown reduction and a decent amount of armor/magic penetration.

The six points put into the defensive tree basically gives you a small amount of armor/magic resist and some bonus health.


Only use this mastery page if you know that your team has carry potential or is lacking in tankiness, otherwise you'll be left with a power lacking Vladimir that bows down to the fedness of the opposing team. I wont go into to much detail as the just of it is that you will just be a Nautilus- Vladimir- Unkillable.

Anyway the mastery page is 9/21/0 and you will be able to do some damage to a certain extent but otherwise you'll just tank damage for the carries :p.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost: combined with your Sanguine Pool is OP. not only does it give you a great escape it can also be used to quickly catch up to enemy champions and deal the finishing blow.

Ignite: Deadly when combined with Hemoplague. The damage outputs is unreal thanks to the extra 12% damage your Hemoplague provides.

Flash: used like pretty much all champions, its a good form of escape or a good way to catch up to people.

Teleport: Helps you have more presence around the map, but in my opinion, isn't as great as Ignite, Ghost or Flash as Vladimir is horrible at ganking.

Barrier: An ok spell in my opinion as it negates a lot of damage in team fights when your fed but not the best choice on Vladimir

Exhaust: never tried it on Vladimir but i guess it would be good to negate the damage from bursty champs such as Zed.

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Transfusion is Vladimir's most utilized spell. Not only does it take health out of the enemy laner but it also heals you! Always max this spell first as it also gives you some decent poke XD.

Sanguine Pool is Vladimir's form of escape. Use this to get out of sticky situations or to wait for your abilities to come of cool down during team fights. I always max this last.

Tides of Blood helps Vladimir to last hit minions during landing phase but its important to use it wisely as it costs some of your health.. A good combo would be to use Tides of Blood followed up by Transfusion to replenish the health you lost. I usually max this spell second.

Hemoplague is Vladimir's ultimate. This ability leaves a mark on the enemy for 5 seconds and makes enemies take a massive 12% more damage. After 5 seconds the mark pops and deals magic damage. Use this spell when your in a 1v1 or if your in a team fight, as it will give your team the edge with the extra 12% damage!
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Early Sustain Start

Go for this start if you know that the lane will be tough and you won't dominate. My standard start on Vladimir as it offers a little more survivability in lane.

Damage Start

A very risky, high reward start. I usually go for the Amplifying Tome if I know I can out damage, out trade my opponent. This start also helps you to rush your Hextech Revolver into a Will of the Ancients, a core item on Vladimir

Survival Start

Go for this start if you know your opponent will be up your *** the whole time. I usually go this when I'm against a Riven or Wukong as both of them have punishing gap closers. Apart from that go this if you need to dodge skill shots from a Xerath or a Dr. Mundo

Early Core Items

A solid Item on Vladimir as the bonus 12% spell vamp helps you sustain more in lane and also builds into your Will of the Ancients.

Buy this Item for the bonus magic penetration, otherwise buy Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi depending on what opponent you have.

Ummm..... For some reason when I logged on I think I was high or something... I deleted most of the items so I'll update this soon.
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Best Vladimir Combos

The easiest combo to pull of as Vladimir is the classic E > Q combo
a very effective combo because as soon as you use Tides of Blood you can instantly heal yourself with Transfusion

A quick way to finish of your opponents is to simply poke them down with the E > Q combo and finish them
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Laning Phase

Laning Phase

During the landing phase what you'll want to do as Vladimir is to let the enemy push and freeze the lane just in front of your tower. I usually do this to make sure I don't get ganked and if the enemy laner goes aggro on me I can quickly run to the safety of my turret. Another reason of to why this is a good idea is that you can easily get more successful ganks from your jungler. Only return back to base if you push the lane or get your jungler to do a successful gank, otherwise you will lose to mach experience D:. Also make sure to poke at the enemy laner, as its always nice when you are at a higher health than him.

Mid Game

Once you manage to survive the landing phase and are about level 9-11 make sure you have your Will of the Ancients, start going a bit more aggro on the enemy laner. After you push the first tier turret, roam to mid and help push mid. Also make sure to make full use of your ult in baron/dragon team fights. your ult could be the reason your team wins that fight.

Late Game

This is probably were Vladimir's power spike starts taking effect. What you should do is hang around your team and either pick of the enemy team or wait until a team fight to occur. After that it's just a matter of pushing with your team and getting as much kills as you can. (Don't get to obsessed about kills because towers are way more important than one kill. DON'T DISAGREE!)
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Team Fights

Team fights with Vladimir is mostly depending on landing a good five man ult. otherwise just do the classic combo, Q, E, W, Q, E, ZHONYAS, Q, E, and be just about untouchable.
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Here are a few videos I found of how pro Vladimir players react to certain situations. PLEASE NOTE: that this isn't me! Unfortunately I don't know how to record on my computer so sorry >O<.
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Match ups


EASY. Shen cannot kill you in the landing phase so you should be able to just sit back, farm and poke. Watch out for ganks as he might call for some early on in the game. The only way he can probably win the match up is if he manages to taunt you a bunch of times and poke you down with Vorpal Blade

If you do happen to see an Akali up in the top lane make sure to out zone her and harass her with your Transfusion every time shes goes for cs. Laning against her is easy, until she hits level six and gets her ult, Shadow Dance. With this she can easily harass you and move around the map a lot easier so try and outfarm her and harass as much as possible!


Laning against a Ryze is very hard task to do. He will beat your *** with Overload and his ult, Desperate Power will utterly destroy you. try to poke him down with your Transfusion and use Tides of Blood sparingly as it costs health!

Another hard lane for Vladimir. The opposing Renekton will constantly try to stun you with his Ruthless Predator and on top of this he will outdamage you and constantly try to dive you. Your only chance of surviving is to pool before he can stun you and to continually harass him. Only go up to him if your Sanguine Pool is up otherwise....


Riven is a near impossible lane for Vladimir to win. Her Valor will counter your Transfusion and her all in potential is stupidly powerful. To win this lane make sure you bait out her Valor and use your Sanguine Pool when she tries to all in you.

the only reason i decided to put Yorick in this list is because almost nobody realises how much damage Yorick does. He will outdamage you, outharass you and rape you with his low cooldowns. Your only advantage is that he is very immobile and has really bad mana problems so ask your jungler to camp top and you should be ok.

I cry every time I'm against a Jayce. His Shock Blast combined with Acceleration Gate will deal enough damage to almost send you out of lane. His hammer combo will also almost insta-kill you so watch out for it. make sure to Sanguine Pool before he can pull of his hammer combo and try to farm as best as you can.
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Thank you for reading my Vladimir guide! If you have any questions, comments or feedback, be sure to tell me in the comments. Upvote this guide if you think it helped your understanding of Vladimir and any tips or suggestions are also welcomed :D
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Full Build Anit-AD

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimmious
Jimmious Vladimir Guide
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A Guide To Leave Opponents With Blood Disorders XD ..::Seaso

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