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League of Legends Build Guide Author Okais

A look into the new mastery trees

Okais Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Hello all, with the new mastery trees available, I decided to show you a few interesting possibilities that have been made available.
These are only tests of course, so it's up to you and me to try them out and see how they work.
The most notable change is the summoner spell upgrade, which can be chosen at the first row of any tree. Now the mastery regroups certain spells that would be more advantageous for the champions choice of mastery. I will show which spells get increased in each tree.

PS: Do not pay attention to the item build if you can ^^

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The summoner spell upgrades

First of all, let's look at the mastery:
It improves:

: bonus armor / magic resist reduction (-10)
: bonus AD / AP increase (+5)
: bonus AS / AP (10%)
: increases speed to 35% from 27%

The mastery upgrades the following spells:

: grants bonus gold
: disable duration increased by 1 sec
: grants more movement speed upon activation
: 15% heal increase

The mastery upgrades the following spells:

: 15 sec CDR
: cast time reduced by 1 sec
: increases the minions defensive abilities by 15%
: increases the duration, but no longer reduces the CD
: gives 20% more mana

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The new summoner spells and their use

: it's still a good choice for the AD carry, no big changes

: good for either AD or AP thanks to

: Interesting new spell, I'm just not sure who it will be used by... Some champs such as , and might really enjoy this, and I usually see use it. It turns out it's a good spell for jungling and turret pushing.

: Ghost got a greater speed increase in this patch, and it could be a better choice for close combat champs without gap closing abilities instead of flash

: no big changes, but will be easier to pick for a jungler

: great buff on this spell, now removes ALL disables, even summoner spell debuffs like Ignite and Exhaust.

: still not of much use for me...

: with a bit of a heal buff, supports without early heal like Janna or tanky solo top champs might think about taking this spell

: annoying nerf on this spell (increased CD and lower range, but still pretty viable)

: no changes

: another good spell for any turret pusher to take, it will look good on the support or a tanky solo top to combine with the rest of the lane pushing abilities available.

: Lower duration and higher CD. I'm thinking about replacing this spell because it's REALLY SHORT LASTING, unlike my good old ward friends.

: no big changes either

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The AD carry tree changes

Here we have 2 ad carry examples:


In Graves' tree, we can still focus on a simular 21 offense tree like before the patch. However, there are some neat changes:
-More AS
-10% armor penetration
-More critical chance
-3% lifesteal
-+10 damage to turrets
-The bonus damage mastery, , will now only inflict this bonus damage to enemies with 40% hp or less, but in return will inflict more damage. I find it reliable nevertheless.

For Ezreal, there are many new possibilities for improving his AP faculties, and still keeping a reasonable damage output from his AD abilities.
-Ezreal can be played as more of a hybrid, thanks to and in the offense branch.

For both champions, is also a reasonable choice, but I don't really like it without . If you can find a way to put it in, go right ahead

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The support tree changes

YES! The support champions will be happy to see that they'll be getting some better benefits from the utility tree.

For and I take the same mastery build. This is the first time I've been so satisfied playing 0/0/30 :
-Better ward vision with
-2 gold/10 sec now with a buff
-An extra 40 gold start with , meaning 1 extra ward at game start, or for a caster who takes this, an extra potion with a Doran item
- got a great buff on this patch, and it will make sure support champions are way more durable in lane with a 9% health/mana reg increase
- will help you stay at the same level as the AD carry you're supporting in case you're absent from his/ her farming

Supports should be quicker to build their items and will get exp just like any other role

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The AP mid tree changes

Here is one of the most interesting changes for the AP caster masteries. Now you can focus your points into the offense tree without having to get AD meant masteries. You can now etirely focus on bonus AP, even though the utility branch is still quite viable.

Here are our 2 AP examples


For Kassadin, I placed a 21/0/9 mastery, and here's how it works:
-4 bonus AP
- and for CDR and magic pen
-bonus damage%
-AP% increase

This setup allows great overall damage, but at the cost of some mana regeneration tat might be a problem for other casters. It's ok for Kassadin because he has a passive mana regain with .

For Xerath, things have also changed, but the result is pretty much the same with a 9/0/21:
-more mana
-less movement speed, but accessible at a lower lvl
-3% spell vamp
-exp gain%
-bonus exp on kill/Assist
-bonus CDR
-summoner spell cdr

Most of it hasn't changed, I'd say it's actually better, taking in account the bonus mana and spell vamp, which can help for lane durability. However, you won't get AP/lvl with the 9 points in offense any more, you'll instead get 4 flat AP

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The jungler tree changes

Smite is now better placed for a jungler to chose its upgrade, thanks to , and is now easier to pick, and more viable with a 5% increase if you'd usually do a 0/21/9 build, you know what I mean ;).

Here we have and

Amumu can take most advantages in the defensive tree to jungle:
- will make jungling so easy for you, even if you aren't x)
-You now get life per level with and you can further increase it with the modified to 30 flat hp
- is just mind blowing. A 3% move speed bonus with +70% life, which will go just fine with the speed buff from the utility tree. FASTER
- great turret pushing ability, someone in your team MUST have this
-Reduce more damage with
- HOLY DUCKS***. Amazing last point mastery, giving you more life and the 10% disable reduction. SImply amazing...

The defensive tree has taken to a whole new level, just amazing for tanks.

Gangplank can still get some mileage out of Summoner's resove and still keep a 20/1/9 build without losing too much offensive power:
- for quicker jungling
- for more durability while jungling, amazing
-the rest is described up in the AD carry tree guide

Junglers will make you **** A BRICK with the new masteries

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The various solo top tree changes

There are so many possibilities in this tree, I can even start. Let me just mention a few interesting masteries. Most of them are on in this guide:

- is a nice way to tay in lane, a good taker
-Even though I didn't include it on her, is a great mastery, an EXTREMELY great mastery, giving CDR/lvl which can synergize just fine with CDR runes
- is one of those masteries that encourages you to kill and be aggressive, along with so many other changes. Getting more gold on kills/Assist is a pretty nice bonus. This is also very interesting for supports.

Actually, I can't say much about the solo top champs. There are so many of them and their mastery trees are all so different. I can only suggest this one for any tanky dps champ or for a hybrid style mastery build.

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Final thoughts

Well, with all this said, we can conclude that the mastery trees have taken an extremely aggressive turn. Just like Riot said they would, the masteries have been optimized for more damage dealing and quicker action in games. This is just a brief rundown of the many possibilities available with this patch, now let's have fun and see what these can really do!

Thank you for reading ;)


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