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Fizz Build Guide by OPAF More Medic

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OPAF More Medic

A Silver's Perspective

OPAF More Medic Last updated on October 28, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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My name is OPAF More Medic and I am a Silver II player. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Silver II? WTF is he doing writing a guide?" But I promise, this guide will blow your mind! I have spent quite a bit of time on this guide and if you will just read the whole thing I promise you won't be disappointed and will take something away from it that will help you, whether you're laning against a Fizz or as Fizz, you will be more knowledgeable. Now you're thinking, "But still, why write a guide? You probably suck as Fizz." I can assure you that I do not "suck" but I am definitely not a god. I see so many people attempting to carry with him but they can never do it. Most of the time it's because of their build, so I'm making a guide to help with that problem! (I will soon be posting pictures of all my Fizz scores so you can see I'm not a total noob).

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Pros / Cons


  • 2 Gap closing abilities
  • 1 DoT ability
  • 2 Slow abilities
  • 1 Knock-up ability
  • Troll Pole!
  • Massive outplay potential/skill-cap


  • Skill-shot ultimate
  • Easily shutdown early game
  • Can be hard to trade
  • Blue Dependent

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Now here's where controversy appears. Many people are very decisive on their masteries, so am I.:) I use what I find to be the best and, while I still listen to suggestions, always tend to go back to my masteries because I find them the best working for me. You have to find what masteries work for YOU and only YOU. But anyways, talking about my masteries, we'll skip right into the Utility because most people don't think I should take Utility, they think I should use the average 21/9/0 masteries and put my points into the Defensive Tree. I disagree. Fizz has great trading potential after he hits levels two and three. But, his trades cost lots of mana. His Playful/Trickster is especially expensive, at level 6 if you're maxing E, it costs 110 mana! At level 6 an average trade from Fizz will take 200 mana. Using his Q, W, and E. To compensate for this losing of mana, I put three points in Meditation and one point in Strength of Spirit . This gives me 4 mana regen per 5 seconds at level 6. That's an extra 0.8 mana per second, don't mistake this small boost, it's actually very powerful in the long run! This will give you that extra E to survive that gank, or another Q to save yourself 5 seconds while grabbing blue from your jungler which can potentially save you 3 cs which is about 60 gold! I take Fleet of Foot because I personally think Phasewalker and Scout are more luxuries and are very situational. Alchemist for the extra heals and mana from potions, and rounding it off with Runic Affinity for the extra 20% bonus from the blue buff that you should get from your Jungler (unless he is very blue dependent, which is acceptable in the current meta). Now to the Offensive Tree. I take Double-Edged Sword for the extra assassinating power and Sorcery for a small cooldown-reduction buff. Butcher and Feast help with csing as well as sustain while in the early laning phase. Next, I take Mental Force , Arcane Mastery, and Archmage for the extra Ability Power. Executioner and Dangerous Game help keep you alive after you successfully initiate and take out their ADC. Arcane Blade is there for when you get the occasional opportunity to AA an opponent or if you didn't have quite the Ability Power to finish them off and you need to AA them to death. Finally I take Devastating Strikes for that much-needed magic penetration and the bonus armor penetration, while taking Havoc so I do an additional 3% damage.

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Greater Mark of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power
These Runes are the best I have found for Fizz. I have experimented with different layouts, but have found Scaling Ability Power to work the best with him. I take Marks of Scaling Ability Power because I don't find Marks of Hybrid Penetration to be worth it on Fizz unless he is in the Jungle or Top lane. 99% of the time the enemy Mid Laner isn't going to say, "Hey, it's Fizz, let's build armor!!" They will say, "Hey, it's Fizz, let's buid Magic Resist!!" So if you are a Penetration type of person, feel free to take Marks of Magic Penetration. I take Flat Seals of Armor for the negation of some damage from the enemies basic attacks so I can stay in lane longer. I take Glyphs of Scaling Ability Power for the extra damage late game. As well as the Quintessences of Scaling Ability Power. These help with Rabadon's Deathcap quite significantly if you look at the big picture. Just from these runes you get66.96 Ability Power! Added with the 30% from Rabadon's Deathcap you get another 20.1 Ability power! That is equal to 87.06 Ability Power from ONLY RUNES!!! This is a absolutely crazy advantage over your opponents! Now you see why you take Scaling Runes? No? Alright here we go with some more math. With Glyphs of Scaling Ability Power you get 3.06 Ability Power per level. This equals out to be 27.54 Ability Power at level 18. Flat Glyphs of Ability Power give you 1.2 Flat Ability Power and equal 10.8 Ability Power. That is only 39% of the possible Ability Power you could've had! Not to mention that since the Flat Glyphs of Ability Power only give 1.2 Ability Power, by level 7 The Glyphs of Scaling Ability Power are already giving almost the same Ability Power as The Flat Glyphs of Ability Power (1.19... that's only a .01 Ability Power Difference!), but they still have 11 more levels to gain power! This same exact thing happens with Quintessences of Scaling Ability Power and Flat Quintessences of Ability Power, except the Quintessences of Scaling Ability Power take a little longer to catch up the the Flat Quintessences of Ability Power (level 11).

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Skill Sequence

There are many different leveling orders for Fizz but I will be going over two, and be touching partially on a third.

Leveling Order 1

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This first leveling order is my preferred, and is what I level almost 100% of the time. You first take Seastone Trident for the pushing ability so you can start pushing and try to hit level 2 first. If this fails, you still have Seastone Trident which allows you to get all 6, yes, ALL 6 of the CS under turret with ease. At level 2 take your Playful / Trickster. This allows you to dodge very crucial skill shots that would do much damage, this also allows you to trade fairly easily. You can use Playful / Trickster onto the enemy WITHOUT activating the second part of Playful / Trickster so you get the damage, and the slow, this slow will most often scare them and you can land 2-4 auto attacks with your Seastone Trident activated. This will do lots of damage and will even do more damage because of the DoT effect from Seastone Trident. Take Urchin Strike as your third ability because it is less effective at skill dodging, and Playful / Trickster is better for pushing the lane. Proceed to max Playful / Trickster because it does the most damage. Then max Urchin Strike because it helps your burst alot. Finally max Seastone Trident. Don't forget to take a point in Chum the Waters at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Leveling Order 2

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This is the second ability level order. This is one I do not see very often, but can be very effective if the opponent you are against lacks skill shots or is a "button masher". This leveling order takes advantage of Urchin Strike's early game burst. This is also the single skill that makes playing AD Fizz quite effective. Many people think this skill scales only on Ability Power, but they are wrong. This ability scales only off of 60% Ability Power, but it also does 100% of base attack damage as physical damage. This means, at level 2 (one point in Urchin Strike) Urchin Strike does 78 damage (if started with Amplifying Tome without runes and masteries), while Playful / Trickster does 85 magic damage (if started with Amplifying Tome without runes and masteries). So now, you may ask, why would anyone start Urchin Strike if it does 7 less damage than that of Playful / Trickster? The answer is simple. Countering your opponent. Sure, Playful / Trickster does more damage. But what if you're playing against a tanky mid laner? What if someone decided to break the current meta and go Ryze mid and he started with Null-Magic Mantle to prevent you from getting an early kill? Suddenly, Playful / Trickster doesn't do that much damage... But wait!! You didn't start Playful / Trickster like a normal Fizz, you started Urchin Strike. Now, his Null-Magic Mantle is almost a waste of starting gold because you now do good physical damage, while he is constantly OOM, and is going to have trouble rushing his Tear of the Goddess. Yes, this is very situational, but sometimes, it is important to be able to react and counter the opponents "awesome plan." Don't forget to take your ultimate, Chum the Waters at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Leveling Order 3

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This next leveling order is BY FAR the riskiest leveling order there is, and I won't be talking about it for very long because the majority of people reading this guide won't be experienced enough with Fizz to be able to try this leveling order. This leveling order is prioritizing Seastone Trident. I have personally never used this leveling order because I have never felt it is the right time to use it. This leveling order is relying on the damage from Seastone Trident while using Urchin Strike and Playful / Trickster as utilities, to position yourself for more auto attacks, and to slow the enemy down. This is VERY risky because you only get 5 seconds to kill the enemy. That's 5 seconds worth of auto attacks. This may seem like alot of time, and that's because it is. But when you have to fight around 12 minions, the possibility of 2 junglers and/or roamers, their turret, and your turret, 5 seconds isn't very long. But, if you can successfully pull this off you will be a God late game because you will have a massive power spike when you begin to level Playful / Trickster and Urchin Strike. However, as in any build you should be taking Chum the Waters at levels 6, 11, and 16.

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Summoner Spells

Preferred Summoner Spells

This is my preferred Summoner Spell set on the key 'D'. I prefer this spell because of the outplay potential it gives you. You can heal bait a greedy opponent. You and your jungler and turret dive an opponent and right when the turret is about to land it's final shot on your jungler and kill him, you use your Heal and suddenly, he's still alive!
This is my preferred Summoner Spell set on the key 'F'. I prefer this spell because it grants you a lot more kill potential, and often can make your opponent wary of you. Often I do not think I will be able to land my Ignite in the heat of battle so I throw my ultimate, immediately pop Ignite then continue with the rest of my combo.

Not Preferred Summoner Spells

I do not suggest taking Flash. Now you're mad at me huh? You mix with the 95% of the LOL community that sees Flash as a "necessity" (look I stereotyped again :P). Well good. Be mad. Because I don't think Flash is as effective on Fizz as is claimed. Fizz already has 2 ability that can hop over walls. Playful / Trickster can also hop over 2 walls in one cast! Hate me if you want, but I think this Flash meta is getting old, so I never take flash on any champion any more.
You can take this if you want. Barrier can be a very good option and provides for some interesting turret dive baits, but, this is a selfish summoner spell. You cannot use Barrier on a teammate to save them, as you can use a Heal and that's why I do not prefer this.
You can take cleanse if you wish, but it is not preferred because Fizz has a slippery build that is filled with hops, dashes, and slows. You can take Cleanse if you are against a team composition that is chalked full of stuns. For instance. Pantheon ADC, Annie Support, Cho'Gath Jungle, Renekton Top, and Morgana Mid. That enemy team composition is supplying a disgustingly mean amount of CC and stuns/snares. When diving that Pantheon to try to assassinate him, you could easily get caught, this is when you use Cleanse to escape the never-ending CC, kill Pantheon, and escape with your life. This is a very situational time when Cleanse would be a viable option.
This is not my preferred spell, and is considered a piece of garbage in the recent meta. Remember that time when Clairvoyance was the go-to spell for all Supports? Yeah. People were still winning games while using it folks, it's not that garbage. Especially if they have a very bush-loving composition. Unfortunately Clairvoyance doesn't supply true vision... YET! I believe that soon Clairvoyance will be given a buff so that it is used more often, as it is almost NEVER chosen in games.
Ghost is not a preferred summoner spell, but it can be effective for chasing people down. Primarily, I try to avoid chasing people down, so due to my tactics and techniques of playing, Ghost wouldn't be as effective as different summoner spells would be. However, this can save you several times a game if the enemy team is chasing often and you need to escape.
This can be very viable for a Fizz due to his early game lack of mana. But, this is why I take mana regeneration in my masteries. Typically, you should get used to not using Clarity because when you are used to suddenly getting a refresh of mana, when you are OOM and you don't have your Clarity up, you will regret using it because you can't rely on your sudden influx in mana.
Teleport can be very fun to use on a Fizz, granted you get ahead in lane early and can roam. This allows you to get a kill, and instantly be in the top lane river bush waiting to combo out that cocky Riven. This can also be used defensively, if you don't have enough time to recall , simply teleport out. Also, if the enemy is pressuring your lane hard, you can recall, buy items, and teleport in. Suddenly, you still haven't lost any cs because you were only out of lane for 5 seconds, you have an item advantage, extra kill potential, and they have to play safe so that they don't die and start your snowball.
You could potentially use Exhaust, to stop that enemy from running away, or to give him less damage as you two fight each other to the death. This summoner spell is very good because you can use it by yourself in lane to debuff your enemies damage, or it can be used as a team to slow down an enemy who is caught out, or to weaken that enemy ADC so they aren't as prominent in a teamfight.

Not Recommended Summoner Spells

This is not a recommended summoner spell because this is typically used in the Jungle. You can however, take it if you feel like you want to be able to push the lane fast, and smite the cannon minion everytime. This allows for a fast push, although you already have that with your Playful / Trickster. You can also take Smite if you want to be able to double-nuke that Baron Nashor or Dragon so that you don't lose it in a smite-fight.
This is not a recommended summoner spell because it mostly says, "I plan on dieing, kill me." You can, however, take this if you do not plan on getting a Guardian Angel. Now that I think about it... Guardian Angel is saying the same exact thing.. and most players waste a precious item slot on it (including me). Just something to think about.

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I find Doran's Ring to be a useless item based on how I play. The mana regen isn't as viable because I take mana regen in my masteries. The health isn't effective because as Fizz you don't tend to take much damage from your trades. You can also get +5 Ability Power from Amplifying Tome and it's only 35 gold more.
amplifying tomb I find this to be the best start on almost ALL mages. for the reasons mentioned above.
This start is good 5-10% of the time when you start against someone with heavy poke, like a Nidalee, otherwise start with something else.
Sheen is a very powerful item because of it's passive, On cast, for 10 seconds, your next basic attack deals 100% base AD bonus physical damage. 1.5 second cooldown. Also, this is the most important component that forms into Lich Bane.
Aether Wisp is a very powerful item because it gives you an 8% movement speed buff which will allow you to catch your opponents more easily. Also, this is your second most important component for Lich Bane.
Lich Bane is one of the three most important components in a proper Fizz build. This item gives you great advantages including, ability power, movement speed, and an amazingly powerful passive if used correctly.
This item will make your life soooo much easier. The Zhonya's Hourglass is an item that is GREEEAAAAAAT for turret diving. When you turret dive, after you get the kill, if you are going to die to the turret you can activate the active which makes you completely invincible to all debuffs, damage, turrets, etc for 2.5 seconds. By the time this active is up, your Playful/Trickster or your Urchin Strike will be up again so you can use those abilities to escape.
This item is a must for any AP assassin/burster. I say this only because of it's crazy passive. Unique: +30% ability power Just think about that for a minute... +30% Ability Power. That is just a crazy boost. Before that added 30% you will have 566.96 Ability Power (including runes). After you add the 30% you will have 737 Ability Power. That's an amazing boost. Now, if the game goes on longer than expected and you sell your Sorcerer's Shoes for a Void Staff you will have 828 Ability Power with the boost! That's incredible! This means that your Chum the Waters does 1278 magic damage! That's a potential 1278 magic damage to ALL enemies with one ability. That's enough to change the team fight from bad to good. This isn't even including Elixir of Brilliance or Exalted With Baron Nashor .
This item can be very good. It provides excellent Ability Power, Cooldown Reduction, and an amazingly effective active for successful combos. Unique: Deals 15% of target champion's maximum health in magic damage and applies the debuff, Doom. Doom amplifies all magic damage that champion takes by 20% for 4 seconds. This item is best to get when you have at least one other heavy Ability Power champion on your team, so the both of you can use this to your advantage and both of you can be doing 20% extra damage. I will not be doing the math for this because it would very greatly depending on who's your Ability Power "partner" but if you're interested let me know and I can do the math.
This item can be good with Fizz, but you have to know how to use it. Take this if you didn't take ignite because you need the extra DoT to help kill. Unfortunately Liandry's Torment doesn't proc with Fizz's W, so to do double damage with DoT you must auto attack with W, then use Q, W, or your Ultimate to do proc the Liandry's Torment. This can be difficult, but if you are good at landing combos, this could be a worthwhile investment.
I don't even know where to begin with this item. This could possibly be my all-time favorite item in the game. I say this because I love the idea of an item that stacks, and that it rewards you for getting kills and not dieing, while it also punishes you for dieing. Many people say to get a Mejai's Soulstealer if you're snowballing. Sure, this could work, but I think you should get a Mejai's Soulstealer if you WANT to snowball. Think about it, you're 2/2/1. You have Lich Bane and Seeker's Armguard. Bottom is doing fine in their lane, making nice easy trades, but top just died twice to that Riven... and we know what happens when a Riven gets fed... You need to stop them, but how? Easy. Mejai's. Buy a Mejai's when you have the extra cash (1235 gold, 800 if you already have Amplifying Tome), then roam top. Of course in normal circumstances you can't just "do" this because your lane will get pushed, but if you push the lane and then do it. You will be rewarded greatly, that is if you get the kill on Riven. If you get the kill, you will have 2 stacks which adds to an additional 16 Ability Power, plus the original 20. This is 36 Ability Power and is already almost double the Ability Power on your Seeker's Armguard. Hey look, you're snowballing. Even if you only got the assist, that's still an additional 8 Ability Power and some gold (gold varies depending on how well this Riven was doing)! Now, you can go back to Mid Lane, and, with your newly acquired 36 Ability Power, probably be able to combo out your enemy laner. Now you have another 2 stacks, your Mejai's Soulstealer is already 52 Ability Power. For only 1235. Now, you may be wondering about Gold Efficiency/Cost Efficiency. No, you're right, the Mejai's Soulstealer is NOT gold/cost efficient without stacks. But, if we do a little math, we can find out how many stacks it takes to be cost efficient. We will be using the Amplifying Tome as the base for our G/AP (Gold/Ability Power) since it is a relatively cheap item but still supplies a decent amount of Ability Power. Now, let's start. 435/20 = 21.75. This means for every one Ability Power, it costs 21.75 Gold. Now, Mejai's Soulstealer costs 1235. So 1235/21.75 = 56.78. We will round this up to 57 Ability Power. Now 57-20(Mejai's base Ability Power) = 37. This means we need 37 Ability Power worth in stacks to make Mejai's Soulstealer Cost Efficient. 37/8 = 4.625 This means that we need 4.625 stacks to let this item become Cost Efficient. Since you cannot get .625 of a stack, you need 5 stacks. This is 2 kills, 1 assist. 1 kill, 3 assists, or 5 assists without dieing. 5 stacks is actually very easy to get, and once you get there, you easily start snowballing because your power is very over whelming. Now that I have ranted for half a page on one item, let's move on, shall we?
This item is a wonderful item for those tanks that seem to never die. Suddenly, 35% of their Magic Resist is gone, how'd that happen? Welp, you got a Void Staff my friend. I normally take the void staff as my very last item in replace of my boots. I only do this if I'm not running around alot and it's mostly my time pushing, or playing heavily defensive. I do this because it gives better Magic Penetration and a decent amount of Ability Power. Sometimes, however, I will not replace my boots with it because we're running around alot, I have to chase multiple times, or their tank isn't prioritizing and hasn't built much Magic Resist.
Sorcerer's Shoes are an item that will help you if you do not want to get a Void StaffI personally prefer these over other boots because, sure, a little cdr could help, and that extra mobility will help when getting to top lane for a roam, but when it comes down to the actual fighting, you'll have wished you had gotten the extra magic penetration when that Maokai still has half health.
This would be my second choice of boot. I would buy this if they do not have a tank and/or are not building magic resist. That 15% CDR is a great boost, along with Elixir of Brilliance and Crest of the Ancient Golem totals at a very helpful 35% CDR. Add this with a Deathfire Grasp and you now have a 4.8 second cooldown on Playful/Trickster.
The next boot I would recommend would be the Mercury's Treads. I would only suggest getting these for the Tenacity. Do NOT get these if you need magic resist. If your opponents are heavy in Ability Power, get a Banshee's Veil. Only get the Mercury's Treads if they have long stuns/snares/silences etc. Example (this is very over-done) Cho'Gath Jungle, Morgana Support, Lux Middle, Pantheon ADC, and Renekton Top.
Now, do not hate me for this, but I think Boots of Swiftness take priority over Boots of Mobility. I say this because Fizz has much outplay potential and chances of dodging important skills. With Boots of Mobility in combat your extra movement speed is dropped to +25, that's as if you only had a regular pair of Boots of Speed. With Boots of Swiftness however, you can still have +60 movement speed (+35 over Boots of Mobility while in combat). This allows you to make much more amazing plays because you can dodge a vast more amount of skill shots.
This is the section all you die-hard roamer's want to read. But you probably already know what I'm going to talk about since you get these boots every game (I just stereotyped hehe). Now, you can buy Boots of Mobility if you don't mind selling them later. I personally don't do this because I find selling things redundant and unproductive since you lose gold. For instance, if you buy Boots of Mobility for 800 gold, if you do not roam successfully for at least 2 kills, you lose gold. I say this because when you sell these Boots of Mobility (also known as Mobi Boots) you get 475 gold. This means that you need to somehow "make" 325 gold back through using these Mobi Boots. Since a kill is worth 300 gold to yourself (assuming the other lanes didn't feed and both lanes are somewhat even without killstreaks) you need 2 kills to make profit. But, you may argue the point of assists. *sigh, I will go over assists in the Team Work section as this one is already becoming quite lengthy.
This is one of the two pairs of boots to specifically NOT get on Fizz unless you're trying to play an AD Fizz and reading this guide.... because you can.... Fizz does not benefit from the 25% Attack Speed as much as he benefits from other passives from other boots. He is rarely close enough to be able to attack twice simulatenously without getting caught out since he is very squishy. NOT RECOMMENDED.
This is the second of the two pairs of boots that you should not even think about getting on Fizz. There is no point to getting this on Fizz because you should normally be waiting in the back until the fight breaks out, in which you should assassinate an opponent and then get out of there. This leaves little time for the enemies to react to you, and often you leave unscathed. This means that the extra passive was unused and therefore USELESS. Thanks Ninja Tabi. NOT RECOMMENDED.
The first of my three recommended defensive items. This item is NOT for when you are behind (as so often is portrayed). If you are confused, I say this because many people have the misconception that Guardian Angel is for when you are behind, and you need it to stop feeding. No. Guardian Angel is when you are ahead, and when you are winning team fights, but at a lower Health than would be perceived as safe.
This is the second of my three recommended defensive items. This item is for when the enemy team is full Attack Damage or when you are behind in the game and the enemy team is more Attack Damage than Ability Power. Also, this item can be a very effective offensive tool with it's passive Unique Active: Slows the movement speed of nearby enemy units by 35% for 2 (+ 0.5% armor) (+ 0.5% magic resistance) seconds. This isn't anything Godly, but 35% for 2 full seconds is a pretty significant time to be slowed allowed your team to catch up and (hopefully) kill them.
This is the third of my three recommended defensive items. This item is for when the enemy team is full Ability Power or when you are behind in the game and the enemy team is more Ability Power than Attack Damage. BUT, this item can also be very effective if you are against someone like Annie so that you can dodge that oh-so crucial stun Summon: Tibbers.

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Farming is an important but not a very complex topic when it comes to Fizz. If you are even partially good at CSing you shouldn't be missing very many minions as Fizz, not even under turret. I say this because his Seastone Trident allows you to farm under turret without any problems (granted it doesn't go on cooldown). Allow the turret to hit the melee minions twice, then you can auto attack once to get the final hit. For the caster minion let the turret hit it once, then auto attack it with Seastone Trident active. You will be able to kill all three of the caster minions before it goes on cooldown. If Seastone Trident is on cooldown, smack the caster minions once, let the turret hit it, then smack the caster minion again for the last hit. Pushing is also an important part. If you kill the enemy laner and want to go back for items/mana/health, PUSH THE LANE. This is such a bad mistake made SOOOOO many times. If you do not push the lane, then you are not capitalizing! As soon as you kill the enemy laner, if safe to do so, use your remaining abilities to push the lane, I like to use the first, but not second, part of Playful / Trickster to drop on the minions, this will clear 3-6 of them, then use Seastone Trident and Urchin Strike to clear the rest, then you can back. This is making the enemy laner lose alot of gold! If you push the wave, you get another 6 CS. Let's calculate at 20 gold per CS. That's an additional 120 gold you have. If the minions die to the turret, that's also 120 CS the enemy laner lost! That's a 240 gold advantage not even mentioning the kill, which is another 300 gold at the minimum. That's a 540 gold advantage instead of a 300. Almost double just from pushing the lane. If you take one thing away from this guide, let it be this.

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Unique Skills

This is probably my favorite section. Unique skills is a very fun topic because I get to talk about special combos that Fizz possess'. The best part is, there is many. Fizz is a champion like [riven or Zed who is easy to play. Yes... Zed isn't that hard to play... but is VERY hard to master. Countless hours spent in practice is the only way to get you closer to your goal of mastering a champion with a high skill cap. Now that I'm done with my little rant, we may begin. We will first start with wall jumping. Wall jumping is a skill that isn't unique to one champion, but many champions cannot do this. But we are only talking about Fizz so I will keep it as simple as possible. Fizz can get over a wall with two different abilities. His Urchin Strike and his Playful / Trickster allow for this mobility. We will start by talking about his Urchin Strike. Take in mind this is his "Q" ability. I have seen many a Fizz die while being chased, this astounds me because Fizz' kit is one of the slipperiest in the game. Unless you are out of mana, you should not have a problem getting away as Fizz. Now, what if you are out of mana? Your Playful / Trickster takes 130 mana you can't just run around for that long because no doubt the enemies will have someone on their team with Boots of Mobility >.< Now the simple solution is to keep your warding trinket, and DO NOT upgrade it! This is so that when you are running around in their jungle trying to avoid them and you only have 70 mana, make your way to one of their jungle camps! Run the opposite way you want to go. That's right, the opposite way, then, ward over the wall right next to the jungle camp. You can now Urchin Strike through that wall, and walk away. This works best on Blue Buff, Golems, and the Wight camp. This is because they have longer walls than most of the other camps so you have more time to run away. This is possible, however, on every camp, but can be tricky on the Red Buff and Wolves camps. The Wraith camp is also easy and is almost as good as the Golems or Wight camp, but its only this good if you use it on the side that's going towards the river. The next form of wall jumping is with his Playful / Trickster ability. This is also known as his "E". This ability allows you to jump over a wall, not once, but twice! For just 130 mana! You have NO idea how successful you will feel when you are being chased, hop over the dragon pit, watch them flash, then hop right back over and walk away! It is HUMILIATING and makes you feel BA. Now, this is an easier way of hopping over a wall, but for a cost of 130 mana. That's 60 more mana than Urchin Strike so beware. There are very many spots you can jump over a wall with this ability so at the end of this section I will be putting a picture of areas you can jump over the wall with.