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Kayle Build Guide by A Sad Clow

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A Sad Clow

AD Kayle Kill Everything S3 [updated 12/11/2012]

A Sad Clow Last updated on December 11, 2012
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Welcome to my AD Kayle Guide! If you have ever played her before you probably realized that she is very difficult to play early game and can fall behind pretty easily. The reason for this is that she is very item dependent, however the thing about Kayle most people don't notice is that she is pretty much the strongest ranged AD in the game if she has good CR. She also brings out the best of all offensive items AD or AP.

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I use these Runes

Red: Flat Damage, because it just plain works for her Q early game and easier last hitting

Yellow: Flat Armor for jerks like Darius

blue: Flat CR because Kayle needs her E locked in

Quints: 6% lifesteal because i want 9% at start to keep my sustain since my heal sucks balls.

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In offense 21 I go for CR first as i will be needing it for my E the rest is basicaly going down the whole AD side. In the defense tree i get the standard HP/ARM/MR for toughness.

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Core Items

Items on Kayle can be tricky because so manay of them work well on her its hard to choose but I have found that these items are among the best on AD Kayle and I will explain why.

Core Items:

The Black Cleaver
Phantom Dancer
Blade of the Ruined King

The Black Cleaver: The new black Cleaver has become a core item and works very nicely with Kayles skill set 10% CR which will give you around 20% CR, the damage is good for her Q and critical scaling. The active has been changed to % based reduction and synergises well with Kayles passive making her shred 10.5% armor per hit maxing at 45% that is some serious reduction.

Phantom Dancer: Some things have changed to this item an others stayed the same but AD kayle cannot go without this item. It needs to be combined with another critical item to be most effective preferably IE. The movespeed helps for chasing and the AS just helps Kayle overall.

Blade of the Ruined King: This new Item is very interesting and similar to madreds it is pretty much the new madreds. I am kinda sad that there is no ARM/AS item anymore for Kayle but it will have to do. The lifesteal and on-hit effect are what we are after in this item and the active really helps for chasing with the movement steal(the rest is ****py) its also relatively inexpensive. Also the passive does magic damage and your passive shreds up to 15% MR

Conclusion: with these 3 core items you should be able to shred down any champ pretty quickly. It provides sustain and lets you keep your E on longer with 20% CR pretty much what blue buff provides.