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Amumu Build Guide by Zyv0x

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zyv0x

Amumu - [JUNGLE]It's not my tears, it's yours. [Tank/aoedps]

Zyv0x Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Well, how I love playing Amumu has now made me write a guide.
I am higly inspired by this guide, as I find the build magnificent, and there's not much to change. Except that now, we're jungling.

Please test/read it before you vote, thanks.
Multiple builds will probably be published in the future, within this ones. [+Team1/2]

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- Two cc's, where both are stuns/immobilizes. Just fantastic.
- Good AOE damage output in not just teamfights, but any fights.
- Gets better and better for the length of a fight because of Sunfire Cape, Despair and Tantrum.
- Incredible good ganker when he jungles.
- Quite easy to jungle with.

- Kind of needs Boots of Speed or any other boots to gank good, if the target has high hp.
- Runs out of mana very easily without blue buff

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3x Greater Quint of Resilience

Magic Penetration Marks because of the fact that it will make your jungling smoother, and will really help your damage output both on ganking, early, mid and late game. Great to have.

Armor Seals because... You're a tank... Makes sense?

Cooldown Reduction Glyphs duo to that it's always good to have. Your Tantrum gets more effective, along with that you can toss your Bandage Toss more often, though it probably ain't needed. Ah well, Tantrum kind of needs it.
Note: These Cooldown Reduction Glyphs can be switched out if there is anything else you want instead.

Armor Quints because... Well, you're still a tank, aren't you?
Note: Might be switched with MR Quints.

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A 9-21-0 to get some good Magic Penetration while you keep your tank build. Pretty basic.
You might want to switch it to a 0-21-9 if you feel like it. It's up to you. Myself, I prefer this one though. ;>

Nothing really much more to say here.

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As most junglers, I suggest starting out with Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion.

The first time you call back, you should have aquired 600+++ gold. Grab a Regrowth Pendant and a few Health Potion and Mana Potion and you're ready to go.

Try to aquire either 715 or 2000 gold before you go back the next time. Finish Philosopher's Stone and get Boots of Speed. If you managed to get 2000g, get a Giant's Belt aswell.

Next out is Boots of Swiftness and Sunfire Cape. Either get them together, or if you feel like it go the boots first.

Heading on, get a Negatron Cloak and finish Eleisa's Miracle.
When you can, finish Abyssal Mask. Now it's up to you.

Banshee's Veil and Guardian Angel is both two items I really recommand to get. However, you can change this from how the opponent team is, and what they are strong at. Thornmail is always a great item to get if the opponents have a/some feeded AD carry/dps, or if they just have more AD than AP.

Other items:
- Thornmail: As said, great if the opponents has some strong AD.
- Force of Nature: Great if the opponents has some strong AP.
- Aegis of the Legion: I'd rather have Guardian Angel than this. This item won't do very much late game, so yeah.

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Skill Sequence

Start out with Despair. It's an epic jungling skill.
Always max Tantrum. It's a holy skill and just must be maxed. ;>

Bandage Toss can be choosen at either level 3 or 4, where I prefer jungling to level 4 before ganking. Therefore, I always get it at 4. If you're an early ganker, get it at 3. Simple as that.
Afterwards, max Tantrum, and secondly Despair. Bandage Toss doesn't give any longer durations or etc. on level up, so we'll leave it. Not worth it for the extra mana at all.

Also, of course remember to max your Curse of the Sad Mummy. It's a beast.

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Summoner Spells

- Flash: This is just a great spell, and I love it. I'll take this because it's so useful. Can be changed out for another - this is just personal taste.
- Smite: A damn MUST for every jungler. It really speed up your jungling, and you're gonna have a really hard time without it when doing blue buff, if you don't have a good pull.

- Cleanse: This can always be good to have.
- Fortify: Can support your team very well, good to have.
- Heal: Ehh, this is up to you. I personally never use it, but it's useful sometimes for sure.
- Ghost: Always useful.

- Teleport: Not necessary for a jungler at all.
- Revive: Just no. You can rather choose another.
- Rally: Just nono.
- Revive: I already said NO!!!
- Clairvoyance: Leave it to the support. CAN be taken if you REALLY think it's necessary and no one else has it.

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Playing Amumu: Jungling

Well, I use this as a default route;
Blue Golem > Wolves > Wraiths > Golems > Red Golem > [RECALL] > Wolves > Wraiths...

If the enemy team doesn't have a jungler, always take their Blue Buff when you don't have one yourself.

Despair all the way, and use Tantrum whenever you can. REALLY simple.

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Playing Amumu: Farming

Nothing to say at all.
Just Despair and Tantrum as default.

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Playing Amumu: Ganking

Stand in a bush, and Bandage Toss yourself to your target. Try to look at his movements before you go, to make sure you actually hit him. If you miss, the gank is pretty much failed already. At once you have pulled yourself to him, activate Despair and use Tantrum whenever you can. Keep following him so he always stands in your... *cough*... his* tears, and within range of your Tantrum.

If you feel like it's necessary to the get kill, don't be afraid to use your Curse of the Sad Mummy if you have it - but preferably NOT late game, as a team fight can occur anytime.

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Playing Amumu: Teamfights

Ok, so this is where you shine. Even if it's not much to say here, it's still where Amumu is at his best.

So, you have TWO initiates. Both your Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy can be used as initiators.

Try to initiate with your Bandage Toss], followed by [[Despair and Tantrum. Your team should have started attacking by the time you activated your Tantrum. If not... it might be best to use your Curse of the Sad Mummy to not take too much damage before the fight is really started. However, if your team is good, they should have attacked at the moment you initiate.

So if you didn't need to use your Curse of the Sad Mummy, you save it for later in the battle. Around when you might see anyone on your team dying, and the enemies are around 50-60% hp? Then use it. They won't be able to damage the wounded ally while he/she either runs if he/she is a coward, or fights. This SHOULD ensure at LEAST one kill, turning the whole fight in your favor.

To catch the escaping ones, run after them a few secs. Aim your Bandage Toss and fire away. Make sure to read how they run though. If they run in a straight line forward, toss it forward. If they run in a pattern, use a few secs to read it before you shoot your toss, to make sure you hit. Your Boots of Swiftness will really help on this either if you hit him with Bandage Toss or not.

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So, this was my Amumu guide. I hope you liked it, and I'd really appreciate constructive criticism.

I will update this guide, keep playing it, and add new builds to it as time goes.

But yes, if you're gonna negative vote it, please make sure you did everything properly, and didn't downvote a great guide. I'm not saying that my guide is great, but I'm talking about all the guides on this site.

Thanks. ;>

Change log:
- [1/9/11]Published the guide.
- [4/9/11]Edited the masteries a bit, from 9-21-0 to 1-21-8. Changed some words and fixed spelling mistakes.