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Anivia Build Guide by Lord Reeves

Middle Anivia The Cryophoenix Comprehensive Guide

Middle Anivia The Cryophoenix Comprehensive Guide

Updated on January 14, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Reeves Build Guide By Lord Reeves 7 2 8,423 Views 0 Comments
7 2 8,423 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Reeves Anivia Build Guide By Lord Reeves Updated on January 14, 2024
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Runes: Phase Rush Build

1 2 3 4
Phase Rush
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4
Flash + Teleport
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Anivia The Cryophoenix Comprehensive Guide

By Lord Reeves
Greetings, Summoners! I'm excited to share my comprehensive guide on mastering Anivia.I've played Anivia over 7 and a half and have always been diamond and peaking masters.

As an Anivia main, I've witnessed the evolution of her gameplay and adapted to the changing tides of the meta. This guide is tailored for beginners and intermediate players, or anyone new to Anivia, looking to elevate their game. Whether you're just starting out or seeking to deepen your understanding and skill set, this guide is your go-to resource.

For further questions you can always come ask me on my stream:
Pros & Cons


Great Zoning tools
Great Wave Clear
Good Burst
Good Crowd Control
Low skill Floor


Slowest champ in the game
Super vunerable to engage champs
Isn't a great roamer
Struggles into range champs
Needs to be to objectives first
Rebirth (Passive): Rebirth is pretty straight forward, once you get droppped to zero hp you turn into a egg and revive after 6 seconds as long as they dont kill you in egg form. Rebirth is very powerful when used correctly. The best moments to use your passive is during 1v1's, 1v2's, 2v2's to trade kills for ur passive. During Teamfights however, it is not as good as typically they have enough to kill you anyway during the respawn timer. The other way to utilize Rebirth is tower diving. You can always take an extra tower shot that would prove lethal for others but with passive your are able to have the tower focus you and step right out of tower range and get egged. This makes diving much easier. The next option is if you know you are going to get egged you can start channeling Teleport and it will continue if you are egged allowing you to make a nifty escape. Only do this though if you know if they don't have any CC or CC abilites up as they can still cancel your Teleport and you do not want to waste that summoner.

Flash Frost (Q): This ability very crucial to land, it is guaranteeing a Frostbite (E) crit, whereas if you miss Flash Frost (Q), now you have missed out on quite a large amount of burst AND you have lost your only form of hard CC. When casting Flash Frost (E) remember that the explosion radius is bigger that the model and you can recast it to still stun to get Flash Frost (E) crit off and same applies to when using it to kite or make a pick. Landing this ability consistently and and oftenly will almost always guarentee you to win the lane, and give you the ability to roam, ward, invade, etc. When Flash Frost (Q) is down play safe and wait for it to be backup. If you find yourself struggling to hit this ability consistently get a friend to load into a custom lobby and just spam practice hitting Flash FrostQ, or load into a quickplay game to guarantee you Anivia and do the same. Use Glacial Storm (R), and Crystallize (W). to make hitting Q easier. I'll have more about that in Combo's sections and videos to help with that.

Crystallize (W): This ability is what is going to set you apart from good, and great Anivia players. Crystallize (W) is a rather simple ability by itself. You are creating a line of terrain. Where Crystallize (W) gets complicated is when you start using it with other terrain, displacing enemy champions, canceling dash abilities, cutting of exits, creating easy escapes, and using it to funnel champions into your Flash Frost (Q) or keeping them in your Glacial Storm (R). Crystallize (W) is an ability that you will never stop improving with and I highly recommend going into practice tool or custom lobby with a friend and practice this ability until you become consistent with using it to displace enemies and canceling dash abilities. Another special thing you can do with Anivia, is permanently keep waves at you tower by using Crystallize (W) at your tower this is very important in matchups where you never wanna be up in your lane.

Frostbite (E): Your Frostbite (E) is going to be the easiest ability to master. As long as you have chilled your enemies, which you can do 1 of 3 ways, either land Flash Frost (Q) on them or have them take a tick of your Glacial Storm (R). Once they are chilled Frostbite (E) is guaranteed to crit. This is gonna be the most common way to use Frostbite (E). Another way to use Frostbite (E) is to use it to shorten you auto animation, you can auto then Frostbite (E) to get a bit extra dmg off faster. You can use this to secure minions where you couldn't or to get a bit extra damage off on opponents. The last way to utilize Frostbite (E) is to use it to bait abilites that would make landing your Flash Frost (E) hard or impossible to hit. For exmaple I often use Frostbite (E) on Yasuo players to bait out windwall since the Flash Frost (Q) and Frostbite (E) animation are very similar at the start of them. Then once it is down he can no longer negate my Flash Frost (Q). TLDR use it to mind game oppenents since it on a low cooldown.

Glacial Storm (R): Unlocking Glacial Storm (R) is where Anivia unlocks her true potential as a champion. Glacial Storm (R) puts down a circle of swirling ice rain that slows opponents and deals magic damage per second after 1.5 seconds to reach max size where now it will start causing oppenents to become chilled, which in return allows your Frostbite (E) to now crit. Glacial Storm (R) gives you access to almsot unlimited waveclear, a slow, and another tool to use for zoning opponenets. Once you are level 6 no mage will match you push and you are able to catch waves and rotate to you teammates for plays or use it to shove and siege turrets down. Look to use Glacial Storm (R) on enemies and then Crystallize (W) on them to cut off their exit. Now you are slowing them down and making easier to lander your Flash Frost (Q). A neat trick you can do with Glacial Storm (R) is to recast it to cancel it immediatly causing an extra tick of damage from storm to proc, without wasting extra mana. You can use this to last hit minions,save some mana and to cause that little extra bit of damage to finish an oppponenet off.
Ability Sequences

Ability Sequences To Run

Common/Beginner Ability Sequence

Lane Prio > Opponent's XP Ability Sequence

Lane Prio ≤ Opponent's XP Ability Sequence

Runes Trees

Primary Rune Tree Explanation

Sorcery Runes

Domination Runes

Inspiration Runes

Secondary Rune Tree Explanation

Precision Runes

Domination Runes

Sorcery Runes

Rune Pages Recommended

Mid Lane Rune Pages

ADC Rune Page

Support Rune Page
Combos (Videos are WIP)

List of Combos to Practice

Combo 1: Flash Frost (Q) + Frostbite (E) + AA

This is your bread and butter quick burst combo. Practice landing Flash Frost (Q) as much possible. Consistently landing these nets you lane prio and kill threat on enemy mid. If you can look to weave in autos between each ability as well. I just listed the baseline version but you can Q + AA + AA + EE + AA or somethign like that judge how many autos you can get before they can trade back onto you. Once you throw Flash Frost(Q), realize that you have lost you main form of trading and you only form of hard CC early on.

Combo 2: Crystallize (W) + Flash Frost (Q) + AA + FrostbiteE + AA

Use this combo when you able to utilize Crystallize(W) to cutoff the opponenent or herd him into a choke point so now he can not dodge out of your Flash Frost(Q). Dont overstay greading for kills. Walling someone in is dangerous if they have the damage to kill you as well and you have spent everything.

Combo 3: Flash Frost (Q) + Crystallize (W) + AA + Frostbite (E) + AA

This is a bit more advance version. Lead with throwing Flash Frost(Q) and when they go to dodge it, cut them off using Crystallize(W) to herd them back into the Flash Frost(Q) the easy stun and burst trade.

Combo 4: Glacial Storm (R) + Crystallize (W) + Flash Frost (Q) + AA + Frostbite (E)

Now we start getting to our Glacial Storm(R) combos. Baseline combo here is look to lead with Glacial Storm(R) and immediatly look to use Crystallize(W) to wall them into it. Be patient with your Flash Frost(Q) here. Let them decide which way they are goign to dodge or if they dashes let them use those first. This way if they look to turn now you have Flash Frost(Q) to disengage and stun them out or if they try escaping now they are slowed from sitting in Glacial Storm(R) and it is now a lot easier to land Flash Frost(Q).

Combo 5: Glacial Storm(R) + Flash Frost(Q) + Crystallize(W) + AA + Frostbite(E) + AA

Here instead of using wall to cut them off we are going to lead with Glacial Storm(R) and Flash Frost(Q) first, and then utilizing Combo 3 from above we will use Crystallize(W) to shepherd them back into the Flash Frost guaranteeing the stun and follow up from Frostbite(E).

This is combo 5 but slowed down a little to allow you to get off 2 Frostbite(E)'s. Biggest thing with his combo is the having the recognition of when you can make this combo work. Holding you Flash Frost(Q) can be very deadly into champs who are able to turn on you or they might just get away. When you are able this combo is always better as it gives you more damage overall. Just me mindful if your allowe to get it off.

Sidenotes: Look to weave in auto attacks as much as possible when you can. This drastically helps you out in lane phase and even teamfights though it is much harder in teamfights. These combos can be adjusted. PLEASE PRACTICE your Crystallize (W), this is your most skill expresive ability in your kit and if you are perfect walling people into other terrain and canceling dashes you become a real menance on the rift. I'll add videos ASAP.
Items WIP

What Items to Build and Why

Boots and Their Upgrades

Lost Chapter Items

Remaining Items WIP nothing here atm.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Reeves
Lord Reeves Anivia Guide
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Anivia The Cryophoenix Comprehensive Guide

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