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Corki Build Guide by Armadillo Justice

AP Carry ap corki and the league of lowercase letters

AP Carry ap corki and the league of lowercase letters

Updated on June 17, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Armadillo Justice Build Guide By Armadillo Justice 4 3 10,516 Views 27 Comments
4 3 10,516 Views 27 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Armadillo Justice Corki Build Guide By Armadillo Justice Updated on June 17, 2013
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wow its on


// Hi guys, I'm Armadillo Justice (that's not my summoner name so don't look me up) and I main the middle and top lanes. I play primarily AP champions with strong poking and skirmishing abilities such as Orianna, AP Kog'Maw, Gragas, Ziggs, Ezreal (AD and AP), Urgot, Anivia and Karma; however, I also enjoy bursty snowballers such as Brand and AP Tristana. My favorite champion at this moment is AP Corki, and it just so happens that he strikes an excellent balance between these two extremes. This is my first guide and it was quite a way out of my comfort zone making it, but my desire to share with all of you my personal way of playing this excellent champion drove me to do it, and, we are.

// Quick shout-out to my mom and dad for conceiving me, and to myself for being such an amazing and well-rounded person, I'm so great, don't you all already love me?

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

Pros / Cons


+ // Easy harrass via Phosphorus Bomb allows him to dominate and zone many matchups you wouldn't expect him to win, as well as push and farm breezily
+ // one of the snowballiest champions in the league and will spiral way out of control and carry your team to victory if fed early
+ // if you're a mouthbreathing imbecile and find yourself out of position, Valkyrie means you probably won't die even though you should because you're a moron! (unless you're a MAN and used it to initiate in which case you're ****ed)
+ // INSANE DPS in teamfights and NEVER runs out of cooldowns!!!!!!(unless he does)
+ // his entire kit (escape/chase with Valkyrie, ridiculous range on Missile Barrage, sparkleburst with Phosphorus Bomb ) is extremely conducive to securing kills. You don't get away from a decent AP Corki (unless you're Singed...maybe)
+ // Deals surprisingly well with punks getting all up in his grillz.



- // Relying on his Missile Barrage rather than his autoattacks for damage means he's weaker lategame, has a far higher skillcap, and is somewhat impeded by CDR (bullshirt, h4h4h4, he's extremely impeded)
- // No utility whatsoever means if you fall behind life is hell and everyone will cry at you and say AP corki is terrible. I don't want that, so don't be a scrub. ROAM.
- // Running out of missiles in the middle of a fight is a total buzzkill and will permanently sag your breasts and shrink your genitals.
- // Not viable against all matchups (duh)
- // if you don't apply enough pressure in lane early on, people will key in to the fact that your autoattack range is super short and will try to zone you from the minions, which is super effective until level six.
- // if you troll with this build i will find you I WILL FIND YOU[/columns]


// Masteries are generally to taste. Some people like the tenacity from the defensive tree, which I find kind of weird. There are a bunch of people who take the extra CDR from Utility, which I can understand a lot more. I personally take the usual AP Carry 21/0/9 build. However, I also take Butcher , which might seem like an unusual choice until you take in to account that corki doesn't really start farming with his spells until midgame when he builds his first item and gets his ult, and before then, it's a noticeable difference having those few extra points. Masteries don't often make a NOTICEABLE difference, so I like that.


// Much like masteries, runes really come down to personal preference. I personally take the standard AP runeset with corki. However, I would imagine that switching out my AP quints for movespeed ones would be quite effective against certain matchups. Again, it really comes down to what YOU feel comfortable with.

Summoner Spells

Flash: // Give me -one- good reason why you wouldn't take this spell, and you'll have my permission not to take it. Until then...
Ignite: // this spell is /so/ widely taken, and I'm not even sure why. Don't get me wrong, it's a great spell for securing kills early game, and if you didn't buy Morellonomicon it's vital against opponents like Volibear, Tryndamere and Dr. Mundo. But it doesn't have the amazing utility of spells like Teleport, Exhaust, Ghost, and so on. Still, since Corki is a very snowbally champion, I would recommend you take it in this case. Having a couple kills off the start of the game will really help you get going, and this spell, more than any other, is what will let you do it.
Barrier: // Yaaaaaaay, season three! This spell is Barrier, and it's currently filling the role that summoner Heal used to have in season 2 (that is, being the biggest ****block in the world). This delightful spell will save you against all sorts of bad things. Ignite, gapcloser bursts, accidental pregnancy, syphilis, uh... *cough*

Ability Explanation

  • Hextech Shrapnel Shells: // An amazing passive for AD corki, it provides 10% extra damage from your autoattacks as TRUE DAMAGE. Aww yeah, baby. Corki the armor killer, coming through. Unfortunately, this passive isn't quite as useful on AP corki, but it's still there, doing its part.
  • Sparkleburst is this spell's actual name **** you (Q): // This spell is Sparkleburst and it's the prettiest bread and butter skill in the world. It gives your enemies the special eyes above their heads, too, which helps you see better so you can land your big daddy bombs. Anyways, Phosphorus Bomb is your harrass skill up until level six, and it's really the only thing keeping AP corki's laning phase viable. Once you hit six, this spell is used primarily to execute your opponents or to farm, as the addition of his ult makes even sparkleburst's deceptively long aoe range unnecessary to harrass.
  • WOW I'M FLYING (W): // ahhhnnn this spell is sssssoooo good oh my god
    With this spell you are CORKI THE UNGANKABLE (disclaimer: you're not actually ungankable so don't be an idiot) but anyways this spell is used to escape or chase and incidentally has an OP AP ratio at 2.0 overall. I would not actually recommend using this spell to deal damage or initiate in most cases as you never know when you're going to need it and it has an irritatingly long CD. However, in an all in engagement, strafing over the enemy team with this spell does very noticeable damage.
    As an aside, during early game this spell has a ridiculous manacost. Imagine how silly you would feel if you got your enemy down to like fifty hp and you valkyried in for style points only to realise that you are now too oom to use your phosphorus bomb and actually get the kill. Dont let this happen to you. Valk's cost is always one hundred, so just factor that in to your mana pool before using it, okay, love?
  • ratatatatatatatatatata (E): // this spell is quite clearly Gatling Gun, and it's an amazing spell for AP corki because you can get it at level one and rush liandry's torment and then use the spell and set all of the things on fire.
    seriously, though, don't get this spell don't use this spell it is not for AP corki don't do it
  • Missile Barrage (R): // You get this beauty at level six, and it becomes your bread and butter harrass/dps/farm/contraceptive from then on. Just ALWAYS make sure you've got enough missiles for an engagement.

Ability Sequence Order

R > Q > W > E

// Okay, listen the **** up. Some people like to take E at level 4 on AP corki which is ****ing STUPID. Their explanation is that having the extra ability increases your damage more than not having it.
This is woefully inaccurate. E is a great ability but it's an AD one and built around sustained close-range damage, which is not AP corki's forte. If you're sitting on your *** in front of your enemy with Gatling Gun going as you sparkleburst them, you are DOING SOMETHING WRONG. I mean, you can't even say "take it for lich bane" because your missiles suit that purpose just fine.


Item Sequence

Sorcerer's Shoes 1100
Morellonomicon 2200
Rabadon's Deathcap 3600
Rylai's Crystal Scepter 2600

  • I
  • DON'T
  • NEED
  • TO

Early Game

// Early game is all about farming and preventing your lane opponent from doing the same. As AP corki, you want to harrass as often as possible with your Phosphorus Bomb to keep your opponent away from your minions (and, more importantly, away from you) while you LASTHIT with autoattacks. You should almost NEVER be using your Q on just the minions: that's a waste of mana and you'll go oom fast with very little to show for it. Worse yet, it pushes the lane faster than you're going to like, which will leave you more vulnerable to ganks.
To illustrate why this is bad, I'm going to provide an example situation. You're a level four AP corki, laning against a level three Annie with no visible stun up. You've been harrassing her and pushing the lane all game with your Q, and she's quite low on both cs and health. The lane's coming up to her turret; she steps forward. You immediately smell a rat, and mash W to get the hell out just as the enemy jungler appears from brush. Unfortunately, since you've been spamming Q on your minions all game, you're out of mana, and instead you stand there like an idiot as that annie pops her shield to get her stun up, and then flash stuns you and proceeds to clean your clock with her jungler. Good job. (as a tip, know that you can see annie's current counter on her stun by selecting her, and always always ALWAYS make sure you have enough mana for your valkyrie, no matter the situation. ALWAYS.)
You have a very short AA range, and need to be uncomfortably close to the waves to CS. the only way you're going to stay safe in lane is by zoning your opponent INTELLIGENTLY and NOT pushing. Trust me on this.


// Corki's role in teamfights is highly dependent upon the way the game has been going, upon his teammates and upon his enemies. in about 50% of the cases you're going to want to take the safest and most unapologetically sissy approach, which is sit back like a billion miles away from the actual fight and just aoe everything to death with your ult. This puts out a great deal of dps, is super unrisky, and makes every AP corki in the world look like a gigantic pussycat. If you want to do MAXIMUM DAMAGE (and you should want to do maximum damage, because you're corki and corki is a MAN or actually he's a yordle but he's a YORDLE MAN), I would recommend that you valkyrie STRAIGHT THROUGH THE ENEMY TEAM LIKE A BOSS AND SPARKLEBURST THE ENEMY CARRY'S JOWLS OFF AND LET LOOSE WITH THE BIG BIRD BOMBS, GET BENT WHITE DEVIL
...seriously, though, you should probably sit back until near the end of the battle. Don't go in until you're sure the battle's being won, and THEN mop up.


// So, I'm here to say that AP corki is viable, and I'm willing to fight you over it DON'T TRY ME BRO YOU WANNA GO THO YOU WANNA TANGO LET'S DO IT COME AT ME

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

Some changes since I last played:
-Aatrox released. Not sure how this effects AP corki, but I suppose I'll find out.
Dorans are cheaper. Going to play a few games and experiment with additional possible starting paths for AP cork.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Armadillo Justice
Armadillo Justice Corki Guide
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