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Janna Build Guide by NinfaVampiri

AP Carry AP Janna - ''Say hello to the winds of....''

AP Carry AP Janna - ''Say hello to the winds of....''

Updated on September 16, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NinfaVampiri Build Guide By NinfaVampiri 3 5 68,910 Views 17 Comments
3 5 68,910 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NinfaVampiri Janna Build Guide By NinfaVampiri Updated on September 16, 2013
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Hi this is NinfaVampiri
and this is is my first guide to my favorite mid champion Janna. This build will give you a sustained and bursty pocke champion wich also excels as peeling for your carry while doing massive amounts of damage. and before you say this is a trolololololol guide go and try ( don't blame me if you fail it's not to easy

If you're going to down vote pls tell me so i can change this in my next guide. It would help me improof and thats something everyone would apriciate won't it?

Since Season 4 is about to come out the itme section is not as detailed as it should be, but i think im covering the most important parts on every item
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Why should I play Janna mid

Once when i picked Janna mid our toplaner Darius said:
you can't play janna mid she does no damage!!!
when i then hard carried our team he wated to try it himself next game with me (we're friend now)

But where does Janna's power come from?

Her Skills just scale extremly well, especially Eye Of The Storm with a 90% ration the shield gives around 900 hp late game, wich can obvvosly used for juking and baiting opponents onto diving you in a teamfight.

Howling Gale's range is just so long that she can easily siege turrets while clearing minions when thy arrive and disrupting enemys from getting on your ''towerdestroyer''

As the famous peeling support janna is, she can still do that job and protect the carry and herself and so is extremly hard to kill even if build squishy (wich is not excactly the case in this build)^,.,^

This leads us directly to the :
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Pros / Cons


+ Long ranged Poke
+ Hard to kill
+ easy to bait/ setup kills with
+ can 1v1 adcs late
+ peels and kites like a boaws
Janna is a really strong pick as a support AND AP mid.
She has long ranged poke and farm in Howling Gale and can easily zone out opents.
Furthermore due to the cc her kit provides she can setup ganks really effecively. She has an inbuild speedbuff via Zephyr wich makes it hard to catch her and gives her great escape as well. This is supported buy the knockup from Howling Gale. And if you should fall of you can always switch to protecting your carry and still dealing some nice damage.


- can be outplayed
- Monsoon can loose teamfights (learn to use it)
- only two damage skills
- hard to play

Even Janna has some drawbacks.
While as a support champion she has great utillity she dosen't bring that much burst as an traditonal apc to the table due to only having 2 dmg skills. And should her Howling Gale get dodged or outplayd you loose much farm or harras on your oppnent (farm > harras). The last flaw of Janna is her ultimate Monsoon. WHAT?! Vampi are you serious?? Yeah, and as sad as it is and so strong this ult may be due to the knockback if used wronly it can loose you a teamfight so learn to use it!!!
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Summoner Spells

Simply the best

Flash is the best summoner spell. It acts as an gapcloser or an get free out of jail card. But becouse it is so usefull i see many people Flashing in hte last 2nd and then die efectivly wasting there flash. So if you see a gank and you know you can get away just Flash.
The 2nd best spell. It secures kills. Does extra damage and even reduces healing. AND gives you 5 AD and AP when on Cooldown. So use it early in an all in fight to get the most use out of these stats. Set em all on fire!!!

Honorble Mentions

This spell is just great for baiting your enemys in a teamfight or laining and currently is pretty op.... If you have mana issues for whatever reason take this. you may get flamed but you're gonna stomp them anyways so no problem here.
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Masteries and Runes




Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

This is the rune page i use in the videos and is generally good on any caster- feel fre to swap the Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration for something else which suits your playstyle better.
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Skill Sequence

While i explain the skill order we're also gonna look at the skills- how to use them and what they do. Lets get started:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is Janna's first ability and her main damage ability thats why we take it 1st. Janna whirls around to create a whirlwind wich deals some nice Damage and knocks them up. It can be used to interrrupt channels like Bountiful Harvest or dashes like Urchin Strike. If this was all about this Spell it would be pretty straight forward and easy to use but no Janna is hard to play so there has to be more.
The tornado channels for up to 3 seconds wich greatly increases damage Knockup time and range of the spell. When farming always channel this spell to full extend, to one shot an entire non siege creep minon wave after you got a few items in your pocket.Just aim where the wave will arrrive lay your tornado down and move away-yes you can move around freely after the initial cast, and be Wario watching the gold klinging in your pocket while your opponent has to constantly farm under his tower. If you want to disrupt an enemy channel or just want to knock them up for an easy hit Zephyr during a gank, just press q again to let your winds go on your command. Janna truly is the master of the wind...


Spoiler: Click to view

Janna's second spell is Zephyr which has two effects: a passive and an active.
The passive is pretty straight forward. It increases her movment speed by a few percent and allwos you to move through units, which helps you to dodge skillshots, which obviously is nice. Note: the effect gets lost when Zephyr is on cooldown so its wise to keep it during escapes on the early levels while late game the slow and the low cooldown on this spell in addition to the HUGE slow are enough to get away. To make the escape easier try to run through minions ^,.,^

The active part as smart readers may already know slows your target and deals some dmg and is with an 60% ap ratio your 2nd damgae spell and performs a good combo with an Howling Gale
use it as followup spell after Howling Gale or slow your opponents down for an fully charged dragonlike Howling Gale rinse and repeat to harass them and then kill then with an Ignite or an good gank form your Jungler

The MS buff and damage are nice so this is taken 2nd.


Spoiler: Click to view

Janna's last non ultimate ability is [eye of the storm].This is basicly a shield, but it has with 0.9 an incredible high ap raitio , if im not wrong its the highest in the whole game. To add to the awsomeness of the skill it even give 50 ad (wich is 5 ad more then a B. F. Sword) with the 600 ap you get with this build the shield's value is around 780 hp. This can be great for baiting you're opponets to diving you in a teamfight while you heave instantly 780 hp more than they thought while you and you're team kill them ( use Howling Gale to peel them from you so you don't tak to much dmg)
The bonus ad is great while 1v1 oponents so your AA's actually do something.
A good example of baiting can be seen here

not to usefull until late game so get it last, but feel free to get it twice early on


Spoiler: Click to view

When you read the Cheat sheet and looked down at the skill sequenze you may have thought

OMG!! WTF!!! no ult at 6; what a noob - downvote.

But before you continue raging, please let me explain my reasons. Disclaimer: i don't say this spell is bad. Its actually really good '' But Vampi, if this spell is so good, why don't you get it asap?? It's a good spell indeed, but its not reallly usefull during laning phase, becouse the only szenario i think Monsoon comes to use is a gank in wich you faild to protect yourself with Howling Gale or Zephyr and Eye Of The Storm. This spell only truly shines during teamfights and basecamping to heal your tema from time to time or to completly negate an e.g amummus initiaiton.
But you have to learn how to use this spell so you don't complety screw up your team by pushing enemys out of massive aoe ult (watch the replays to have some examples for good use of this speel)


Spoiler: Click to view
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If im completly honest then you should skip this section of the guide.
''why?'' you ask me?
Mira : Pros never build the same way and so should you. Every item has its counter ( Phantom Dancer gets counterd by Randuin's Omen for exampl. Sometimes the counter is the item itself). What i want to tell you is try to break out of the meta. Don't get me wrong. the meta is ok but don't stick to it and you may find a cool new build. Here is are a few examples:

I like to play Ahri and i played her ap and ad (yes its viable) - both quite succesfull. One game I accedently bought a Pickaxe. instead of selling it and loosing the gold i kept it and combined it into Guinsoo's Rageblade wich worked pretty well on Ahri in an other game i bought a Long Sword at the start and i turned it into Muramana wich is quite interesting on Ahri becouse all Fox-Fires proc it and my damge was going through the roof. So What is ol' Ninfa tryin to tell ya? try out builds and don't stick to this one just try some items. Building is about trial and error. Alternate this build and you may fail. Then you change another part and succed so you press on and change more and more so you get your own unique build. so don't sitck to this build and find your own (like Muramana Ahri)

Boots + 2x Health Potions + 2x Mana Potion give you enough sustain until Chalice of Harmony. In addition it helps you to dodge skillshots.
Janna needs mana reg early on so you can cast your spells to farm and harras without having to recall a thousand times. It also builds in one of the core items of this build.
this item gives you anything you want early on, ap, health and mpen to deal more damage wich alway is nice. As Chalice of Harmony it builds a core item of this build.

Get this item right after you got Haunting Guise to bost you'r lane sustain and dmg a bit.
Both of its passives are defenetly worth the 2600 gold it costs and stats arent to bad either. Especially that it resotores 12% of your maximum mana on kill or assist come in handy so you can go in- get a kill and then peel your enemys from you.

Close to the only shoes a caster can get, even though against champs like Veigar you might want to consider Mercury's Treads

This item is just made for Janna and gives some sweet health and abilitypower. It will - like Haunting Guise give you Magic Penetraition wich in combinaition with Sorcerer's Shoes allows you to almost deal true damage to your opponets. Even better, since all your abiilitys impair movment you'll deal the double damage all the time.

This item is just awesome on any ap-caster. It not only gives you insane 120 ap but also increases your ma ap by 130% Means:instead of the in the cheat sheet mentioned 462.39 AP you have an insane amount of 600 AP. instead of the in the cheat sheet mentioned 462.39 AP you have an insane amount of 600 AP.

As Rabadon's Deathcap this item gives 120 ap + 50 armor which never hurts, but what really makes this item shine is its active ability: you're untargetable for 2.5 seconds which can be used to dodge otherwise lethal spells and then suddendly Flash away or get that Eye Of The Storm out to survive.

Only get this item if the enemy team has over 130 Magicresist so its dmg reduction isn't lowored by
Liandry's Anguish and Sorcerer's Shoes (the excat math can be seen in the spoiler)
Spoiler: Click to view

else get an Deathfire Grasp wich gives also 120 ap and an active that deals 15% of the targets maximum health as damage and also increases all deamage dealt to them for 4 seconds by 20%.

Optional Items

Every AA after a spell deals 50+0.75 of your ap as magic bonus damage. Get thos if you it suits your playstile and you can get in a range during teamfights to get those AA's out. I would recomend testing seeing if you like it

Only get this item if the enemy has much Health regen and heal due to champs like Soraka, Dr. Mundo, Vladimir and Volibear.
If you want to buy it get kage's lucky pick early ' cuz it need ((764/4)*10)/6 = 31,8 minutes to pay itself

If you need more damage then this is your way to go. Build it into Archangel's Staff for more ap.

catalyst the protector for a really hard lane. build it into Rod of Ages for some damage or Banshee's Veil for some magic resist and a como disrupting shield. (think of LeBlanc or ap Tristana catalyst the protector
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Usefull tipps and Videos

This is a compilaition of videos i found on the internet and wich are usefull in my oppinion. These shall help you to improve your playstyle and none is longer than a few minutes, so watch them

This an Video about the playstyle triangle by Gaming Curios wich should help you to react and adapt to your opponets playstyle - check them out to get more infos about Lol i cant cover all in this guide - mainly becouse this is the easier way to to teach you this - to your opponets playstyle


Wards are your friends. They save more lives then you do when you saved the universe once again in Masseffect.

But why does the midlane never ward? Sight wards cost 75 gold eachso in theory you would need 150 gold to ward both sides of your lane. But in fact you can justward one side of your lane and then stay near to this side the whole 3 minutes if possible. This saves you some money and still saves your lif if happy pony Hecarim charges at you to bring you all the joy he has. (this is nice for sayin he is gonna kill you, split you in 4 parts and give them to Elise for dinner).

But where do you ward? excactly here:This well keep you safe from junlgers like the Wukong in the video, aswell as it will not be spoted that easily with Oracle's Elixir.
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Breaking the Meta: the few really working anti meta guides

So this is the last section of this guide biside maybe the matchup section wich i'll start working on duruing seson 4.
Here I'll show you working anti-meta guides you can try for fun or serious in some games

+Top Nami guide by mrdoedoe
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Ty for reading this guide to AP Janna, the in my opinion most verstile ap mid.
Have fun on the field on justice and remember to always protoct your carry.
NinfaVampiri out.

Of course this guide will be updated for season 4

credits to:

jhoijhoi for his wonderfull how to make a guide

-15/9/13 : Published the guide
-14/9/13 : Finished the video of the 1st replay and added summoner spell section
-8/9/13 : Started guide writing and finished all sections
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