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Teemo Build Guide by Lord Trooper

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Trooper

AP Teemo 3vs3 Too Many Shrooms

Lord Trooper Last updated on August 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Honor Guard

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Hello and Welcome to my Teemo build. This Guide will lead you trhough Teemo on the 3vs3 map. Most Chapters are nearly the same like chapters in 5vs5 Guides, but on the Twisted Treeline you have some new items and new possibilities.

Just for notice: This is my way to play teemo on Twisted Treeline.

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Pros and Cons -> Why do I play Teemo?

Pros +
+Nice damage if fed
+Free Wards
+Random Kills
Cons -
-Very Squishy
-Needs good farm
-Needs many kills
-Global Taunt

If you want to play teemo, you should have some tanky teammates with you. Your team needs an engager and some more CC. How you play and which teammates are ok, you can look in the "Teammate" section.

I think Teemo is a more safe pick on the twisted treeline, because you can't find the Blackfire Torch on the 5vs5 map. Liandry's Torment is not comparable to the Blackfire Torch, because the Blackfire scales with the enemies maximum health. You can make a kill, even if your dead. If you have Liandry's and the enemy has 270hp left. Due to Liandry's passive you deal 6% of their current health as magical damage. If we go back to our example and your enemy has 270 hp and you hit your Blinding Dart. if you dont have any AP (just for this example), he will get 260 hp damage through your Dart and 2,7 hp damage due to Liandry's Torment. He survived with 7,3 hp. But if he has 2300 maximum health, he get 54hp damage due to the Blackfire Torch and 260 with the Blinding Dart. He is definitly dead.

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Summoner Spells -> How can I help my team or destroy their team?

Viable Summoner Spells:

Use this if noone in your team picked it or just one.

I pick Flash all the time. Its the best way to escape and combined with Move Quick its pretty cool.

Pick Exhaust, if noone in your team picked it. I think its alway nice to have one guy in your team, who is able to shut the enemies AD down.

Acceptable Summoner Spells:

I never used this spell, but its wonderful to avoid things like Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Trueshot Barrage, Ace in the Hole or Requiem

A nice spell, but you have your Move Quick. So why should you pick Ghost?? Maybe you like to be fast...ok...

Wonderful spell to make a little bait. Dont bait too much, remember you are teemo...

If you dont think you can stay out of teamfights or they have some assassin's...go for it.


Simply NO!, you are Teemo. You remember? This map is too small, you are able to go everywhere very fast.

Well, you have some free wards, why should you pick Clairvoyance??

I never have any problems with mana, but if you have...pick it...but not in games, where I'm in...

No, this Spell is one of these Summoner Spells you will never use. Games on the Twisted Treeline are not long enought to use it efficiently.

The creeps are not very strong, and the buff of Vilemaw isn't that good, that you have to pick smite and steal it.

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Skill Sequence -> In which order do I skill my Skills??

As you can see, I dont build any Attack Speed on Teemo. This build is focused on your Noxious Trap. Depending on your Items your shrooms have a cooldown of 15-20 Secs.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Blinding Dart
The Build is based on laning harrass and many shrooms. You safe much mana if you skill your q at last. On Twisted Treeline your enemies will mostly be AD Caster, AP caster or tanks. Your blinding dart has no dot and you dont want to be longer, as necessary, in the enemies range.

Move Quick
You use this Spell to catch up enemies, who went into your shrooms and kill them, move faster across the map or escape enemies and so on...

Toxic Shot
Your laning Harrass and kill-secure. Hit your enemies and go away or it helps you to farm more easily. I think the rest is selfexplaining.

Noxious Trap
This is your main damage. You will place your shrooms all over the jungle, in every bush and onto your altairs. You force your enemies to go out of theWHOLE jungle or to buy Oracle's Extract

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Runes and Masteries -> Whats necessary to play Teemo?



Cooldownreduction for your Shrooms

Blast Havoc Arcane Knowledge Mental Force Spellsword Archmage
Damage, Damage and Damage. You want to kill them before they kill you.

Even more damage, if they are low life. For example for your shrooms, i hate it if the enemy survives with 1-12 hp....

Perseverance Durability Resistance Veteran's Scars
Well, you want to deal damage, but you also dont want to die. Lets get some health and armor.



Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

This Runesetup is my usual one.
Good Armor to minimalize the incoming damage through the AD casters and flat AP Quints to deal more damage in the early game. The flat magicpenetration marks are your ticket for better harrass early. The scaling Mres Glyphs covering your lategame against a not fed mage.

Of course you can buy many other runes. These are just my Runes, but I also swap them sometimes. I think you have to choose, which runes you want to take, but pls just pick the runes efficiently. I see many people running around with AP all over.... ok, you do damage, but your survivability is very itemdepending.

So i would say:

Marks: AP or magic penetration
Seals: armor or health
Glyphs: mres, Cooldown red. or mana(reg)
Quints: AP, Cooldown red., Health, etc...

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Items -> What shall I buy?

I start most times with Doran's Ring and 3 Health Potion. Well, the movement speed is not necessary, because you play defensive and farm. Your Move Quick should bring you out of the most dangerous situations. The 3 Health Potion are for your laning phase. You are stronger against harrass and you are able to stay much longer on your lane.

Usually I start now building shoes and Rylai's Crystal Scepter, because you need some HP to avoid bursts. The additional slow is not necessary, but very nice to catch up enemies with your Move Quick and slow them with your Blinding Dart.

Your next item should be the Blackfire Torch. Maybe you are able to buy Kage's Lucky Pick earlier to get some extra gold. This item scales with your enemies maximum HP. I think it's a nice item, because you do everytime a massive amount of damage, also against tanks or AD bruiser, which are your main enemies.

Well, to max your damage output you should build now Wooglet's Witchcap. It's a combination of Rabadon's Deathcap and Zhonya's Hourglass. You can activate it, to negate damage from Hemoplague of Vlad or other damage like the ults of Karthus, Ezreal, etc...

Now its your decision, what you want to build:


This gives you also some Health and a shiled. Remember you play vs AD caster.
If you want to spamm everything, pick it.
If you cant avoid teamfights, with this item you can get in.


You dont even have to be around your enemies to destroy their mres, but buy it only if they build mres.
Simple item to detsroy them. With some nice CDR
CDR, AP, Mana reg. All things you need. But the important point at this item is it's unique passive. It reduces healing by 50% (!). Wonderful against a mundo, vlad, swain, etc...

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Gameplay -> How do I play the Game (early, mid, late)


Your early game is very passive. You farm and keep surviving, but never stop helping your teammates, if they get into trouble. You need your Blackfire Torch very early, but i would build Rylai's Crystal Scepter even before.


Maybe you deal now a decent amount of damage and you are able to make the difference in the teamfights. Place your shrooms everywhere, because you and your team cant buy wards. So you have to let your team know, when and how many enemies pass the jungle. If you have the Blackfire Torch your enemies should be scared, to go into your or even in their jungle. At this moments you and your team have to decide where the teamfights should start. Dont try to go alone in a fight vs23 or 3 of their team, but keep movin'.


Now you should see if your team is winning or not.
If your team is winning try to keep the enemie's jungle "shroomed". They should be able to get their altair back.
If your team is losing, play def and farm their waves. Shroom your jungle if they go back and shroom your base if they want to towerdive.

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Teammates -> Who should be in your team?

Well, after all you should remember: You are Teemo. You are very squishy and will be flamed alot if you dont win the game. Play defensive and let your enemies do some mistakes, so you become fed.
But if you even could fail you should have the right teammates to help you. If you aren`t fed let the others get fed, remember your taunt [ ;) ]

So first of all, you have to have a tank and some AD - Damage in your team. Which Champions are in your team is not that important. But it`s quiet nice if you have some champs, who can benefit of your pros an cons.

AD - Caster

This is one of my favorite teammates. He assassinates any enemy, who is chasing you and can go away.
Jump in -> Kill enemy -> Jump out
Simple and effective. With your "Wards" he can pick his target easily.

Pantheon is a nice teammate, because he can safe you easily and deal a nice amount of damage to your enemies.
[Global Taunt: Active] -> getting chased -> pantheon comes and rescue you -> kill them all?

In my my opinion he is one of the most OP hcamps on this map. He can jump in, get tanky and destroy their whole team with your help...
[Global Taunt: Active] -> getting chased -> Jax picks up some kills -> no enemy left

Mh, i think its the same like Pantheon, just with a Nasus ult... [look above pls]


I like him very much, if you are getting chased he slows the enemey team down or traps them besides of one of your Noxious Trap and you can kill them all (but please don't blind them while they attack him....)

Another OP champ, even in the whole game(!). Well, his AS slow isn't that effective but he has a nice engage and slow!

Cho is very nice, because his Rupture and Feral Scream can interrupt teamfights, if the enemies team is winning and your team needs some time.

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Teamfights -> What do I do in Teamfights?

You have a simple role in the teamfights. You go in as last one and stay back, if your team is losing the fight you cover them with your shrooms. You should try to force your enemy team to split up, so your team is able to kill them easily.

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Tips+Tricks -> How to confuse your enemys

Here I will talk about some Tips for a your gameplay. Bu not only if you play Teemo. I see many people doing things wrong.... ok, i dont want to talk too much about these people. But you should ALWAYS aware of some basic things. At first i want to give you an overview where you can place your shrooms:

Where do I place my shrooms?

Ok, you can see there are many possibilities to place your shrooms. It's depending on your enemy team where they walk more often and where they never walk. Your part is it to ward these parts in the jungle first.
For notice: You can't place shrooms at ALL places, who are marked on this map. These marked places are just examples.

General Tips

[not only for Teemo]:

1. You can place your shrooms on YOUR altairs. They are invisible until your enemies captured THIS altair.

2. Don't chase an enemey across the map, it's never a good idea to chase for a long time.

3. Try to keep invisible on the minimap

4. If you want you can start jungling, start at lvl 2 or 3. You need your Blinding Dart and your Toxic Shot for an accaptable jungling, because the creeps are very easy to farm. Just hit everyone with your Toxic Shot and the biggest one with your Blinding Dart.

5. The order, in which you buy your items, should be depending on the Creepscore and the kills of your enemies. Always ask yourself: "Who deals most damage to me?" and "Who is fed?"

6. Don't forget the active abilites of some items you have.

7. Don't force your teammates to pick a champ they can't play good.

8. Cooperate with your team. Don't instalock with your champ. On this map and general some Champion combinations are damn powerful!! ( Galio / Nunu / Jarvan IV / Wukong / Pantheon etc...) If they are useful is another topic, but pls think about it....

9. Remember your job in your game. If you pick a tank or soemthing like this, don't feel bad if you dont have much kills. A fed Darius is better than a fed Nunu

10. Mh, ok. I just want to have a 10th point. Maybe i get one later on... :)

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I hope i could give you a nice overview, towards Teemo's possibilities on this map. If you dont want to play him like on the 5vs5 i think it's a nice alternative how you can play him.

I want to add a FAQ section, but you have to ask some Questions ^^

This was my first guide, which I created. So please don't be too hard to me, I'm still learning. :)
If i made a mistake in this guide or wrote something wrong, please correct me.