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Viktor Build Guide by Woody23

This build has been archived and is for historical display only.

PLEASE NOTE: This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Woody23

AP Viktor

Woody23 Last updated on April 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, my name is Woody23. This is my 2nd guide, which I hope will have improved upon my first guide which was on Orianna. I have played Viktor quite a few times, and I feel he has potential in various ways. The builds, runes, skills, and masteries are all opinions of my own. So with that said, this build shouldn't be the same since it won't fit anyone's needs in a game everytime.

Note: Please do not downvote because of something you don't like about the build, it's what I feel is good for him, but not something that is supposed to be used every game. So make your own choices from what I present in this guide.

This guide is still under construction to some extent and will be updated at times. The main construction aspect I am referring to is counters to Viktor and who he counters.

PLEASE NOTE I support the power transfer part of this guide more as of now due to the fact it is easier than death ray in using it and allows you to go a bit more tanky earlier on due to the fact you don't need to buy Augment: Death as early as you may need to do in some games due to low gold.

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Patch History


■ Death Ray: travel speed and hitbox precision tuned, especially when cast near walls.
■ Chaos Storm: fixed an issue where it could sometimes be cast twice.

■ Power Transfer:
■ Augment: Power now grants movement speed when the missile is launched rather than when the cast animation begins.
■Fixed a bug where Viktor could gain the movement speed from Augment: Power without actually casting Power Transfer.
■Fixed a bug where Augment: Power's movement speed lasted only 2 seconds instead of the intended 3.
■Fixed a bug where Gravity Field disappeared when Viktor died.
■Fixed a bug where Chaos Storm disappeared when viktor died (though it will not respond to commands while Viktor is dead).

■ Power Transfer missile speed increased to 2000 from 1400.
■ Gravity Field activation time reduced to 0.25 seconds from 0.5.
■Fixed a bug where Chaos Storm's tooltip stated that it dealt less damage than it actually did.
December 31, 2011 Hotfix:

■ Evolving Technology:
■Lowered the Augment costs to 1000.
■The displayed price will remain 1200 until patched in early 2012, but The Hex Core will be upgradable for 1000 as it was originally intended.
■Fixed a bug where Augment: Power was not assigning the correct stats.
■ Death Ray: Fixed a bug where it was not doing the correct amount of damage reported.
■ Chaos Storm: Fixed a bug where it was reacting to Twisted Fate's passive.
■Fixed a bug where the End of Game screen was reporting massive damage done values for Viktor.
V1.0.0.131: Added

■ Power Transfer: Viktor blasts an enemy unit dealing magic damage, returning a portion of the damage dealt as a shield.
■ Gravity Field: Viktor conjures a heavy gravitational field that slows any target in its radius. If enemies stay too long within the radius of the device, it gets stunned.
■ Death Ray: Viktor uses his robotic arm to fire a chaos beam that cuts across the field in a line, dealing damage to any opponents struck in its path.
■ Chaos Storm (Ultimate): Viktor conjures a singularity on the field which deals magic damage and briefly silences enemies. The singularity then does magic damage to all nearby enemies every second. Viktor can redirect the singularity.
■ Evolving Technology (Innate): Viktor starts with a Hex Core that provides him with stats and can be upgraded in the store to augment one of his abilities. The Hex Core can only be upgraded once, and cannot be sold back to the store.

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Early in life, Viktor discovered his passion for science and invention, particularly in the field of mechanical automation. He attended Zaun's prestigious College of Techmaturgy and led the team that constructed Blitzcrank a scientific breakthrough that he expected to vault him to the top of his profession. Unfortunately his triumph was usurped by Professor Stanwick, who stole credit for developing Blitzcrank's sentience and later used Viktor's research to revive Urgot. Viktor's appeals for justice fell on deaf ears, and he sank into a deep depression. He withdrew from the College and barricaded himself in his private laboratory, cutting all human ties. There, in secret, he conceived a project for which nobody else could claim credit. Desiring both to revolutionize his field and to eliminate the jealous human emotions which festered inside him, he engineered parts to replace and improve his own body.
When Viktor re-emerged, almost no trace of the original man remained. Not only had he supplanted the majority of his anatomy, but his personality had changed. His previous hope to better society was replaced by an obsession with what he called ''the glorious evolution.'' He saw himself as the patron and pioneer of Valoran's future “ a future in which man would renounce his flesh in favor of superior hextech augmentations. Though Viktor's initial appeals were met with heavy skepticism, scientists were confounded by the sophistication of his machinery. By integrating his mind with techmaturgical devices, he had been able to drastically accelerate the progress of his research. His transformation had stripped him of what he perceived as his emotional weaknesses, but there was some lingering residue of resentment against the Professor. Viktor joined the League of Legends to pit his inventions against the greatest opponents Valoran could offer, and to correct any weaknesses or inefficiencies that remained.
''In one's hand, techmaturgy is a tool. As one's hand, it is liberation.''

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Upon selection

    "Join my glorious evolution."
    "Inferior constructs."
    "They are obsolete."
    "Relinquish the flesh."
    "Destroy...Then improve!"
    "Their bodies are frail."
    "Adapt or be removed."

    "I am the first of many."
    "Metal is perfection."
    "With utmost efficiency."
    "Analyzing approach."
    "Embrace progress."
    "Pave the way."
    "Function over form."
    "All will soon change."
    "Submit to my designs."

    "Steel can fix all your flaws. (laughs)"
    "My opponents need to be upgraded."
    "The key to the uhh...Huh?! That is Viktor...What?! Urgh! Keep your hand to yourself!"
    "Listen close-...I have important-...This is why I can't take you nice places!"
    Upon using Chaos Storm
    "True power!"

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Pros / Cons


    Able to burst people down very well.
    Death ray has a decent amount of range.
    Able to be worthwhile in a team fight while also being able to 1v1 certain people.
    Option to choose what abilities you want to improve with augments.
    A lock up that can be used against a tightly packed group of people, and will ensure a lot of damage on an AOE focused team.

    Very skillshot oriented with 3 of his abilities being skillshots.
    His lock up (Gravity Field) has a low range if you choose to not get the augment.
    Viktor can run out of mana very quickly.
    Very squishy.

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Abilities/Skill Sequence

Evolving Technology Viktor's passive Evolving Technology allows him to get 3 ability power per level, and can upgrade his passive, which gives him an item to start with, to something better which can't be sold. His passive in my opinion seems alright since you get ability power from something free, and you can upgrade it for a decent price, though one bad part about it is not being able to sell it back, which I find to not be much of a problem since I personally only go for Augment Death. *Augments discussed in later chapter.*

Power Transfer This ability is nice for harassing, somewhat, since if your enemy hits you after you get your shield you take trade with people, otherwise it isn't worth it which is usually the case since most people know that they have to harass you before you get your shield. This ability isn't much in team fights compared to other abilities since it is a single target ability. However, the shield is very nice since compared to 1v1 fights you will probably actually use your shield more than ever. I find that power transfer is better than death ray if you are looking to only win your lane since it doesn't require much skill and provides a shield -to usually just stop minion damage since the enemy will probably harass you before your shield is up- to help harass as a fast nuking ability that is more reliable than death ray.

Gravity Field Gravity Field is a decent ability with the augment, but without it, it has such a low range (without an augment) that you practically have to stand on your enemy before you can cast it and actually get the stun off. If you manage to get a stun off, it is much easier to land your E (Death Ray). At later skill levels, the low range can be dealt with easier than before since the slow may be enough to have people stay in it for 3 stacks. This is your ability for ganking and counter-ganking since if they get stunned, or go around the field, you may be saved. NOTE You should take this ability 2nd if there is an enemy jungler than can get to you easily (such as Maokai or Shaco) or when you need to make a very early play in your lane.

Death Ray Death Ray is a great ability once it is mastered due to the high range it can achieve, however it can be hard to land so if you are someone who can't land it, Power Transfer is the better choice. Using this ability can allow you to take no damage, while dealing damage since the range from the start to finish is long enough. This is the ability I get for the augment as well, since it seems better than other augments due to you dealing even more damage with it. If you aren't great at landing skill shots, use power transfer due to the fact that the damage is similar though this ability allows for better harassing and better damage in the ability power ratio. This ability allows for vision on the place it is casted on, so this can save you from a gank at times. Make sure when you cast this ability to click one spot (start) and cast to another point (end), which is like Rumble's ult.

Chaos Storm This ability can do a large amount of burst to people in the .5 seconds, and after that it seems to have little damage, but if the person takes all the damage over the 7 seconds, it can be a lot. This ability is the most useful ability in team fights along with gravity field (with augment mainly) since it is an AOE (attack on everything) ability.

Skill Sequence:
Death Ray:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Power Transfer:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I get power transfer first for the death ray sequence due to the fact it is more cost effective for level one.
These are whatI feel are nice skill sequences for these types of abilities. These surely should be changed yourself in a game if you don't agree with them.

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Evolving Technology: Augments

Augments are upgraded versions of Viktor's passive item The Hex Core, which you get from Evolving Technology. These have special abilities that help Viktor in a few ways.

Augment: Power: This augment is in my opinion the worst augment, due to the fact that you get sustain from this, which can easily be obtained from items that give you ability power like Rod of Ages, or even 3 Doran Rings. If you are needing sustain at a low cost, this is something to consider, since having this can be better at times but overall won't help you since you will lack the damage you had the opportunity for. The health for this item isn't that great either, since Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives a lot of health, a slow, and ability power for a bit more of a cost, but is much more worth it since that at least can be sold. If you are even using the power transfer sequence it still isn't worth it since power transfer is a reliable nuking ability and getting sustain won't help with that nuking. The only worthwhile thing about this augment is the movement speed, however compared to the other augments which provide a lot more beneficial stats, this isn't worth it.

Augment: Gravity: This augment is a pretty decent attachment since gravity field is very helpful. It gives what a caster needs, which is mana, cooldown reduction and mana regeneration. The additional range on gravity field can help pretty well, and your abilities can be spammed more due to running out of mana slower than before, and having a lower cooldown. If you find that you need a stun, this is a great item to have compared to Augment Power or Augment Death, however you do lack the burst potential. The potential may have been lost by getting this item, but you get more sustained damage due to you being able to spam more and more. Overall, this augment can't go wrong as long as you spam spam spam and land your gravity field so that people are stunned.

Augment: Death: This augment is what I consider to be the best augment. However, it is not for everyone if they can't land Death Ray, which can be understandable and Augment Gravity is what they will probably need next then. The ability power you get from this item helps give you more damage for the 30% extra magic damage. This augment allows you to be more bursty and can help you do more damage, especially in team fights with Chaos Storm and hitting a few people with Death Ray. This augment should partly be chosen for the additional damage, but using it for the flat ability power is nice too. While this augment is for death ray mostly, the AP is still nice even if you go for the Power Transfer sequence.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells:
Flash Even after the nerfs, flash can save your life by going over walls, or just plain flashing away from people. This escape spell is probably more helpful than ghost, since you don't have any reason for speed, and making a surprise attack from flash can get you kills.

Ignite A nice spell for finishing people off. The extra ability power (on cooldown) is useful too, for more burst damage potential.

Personal Spells:
Teleport A very nice spell for getting back to lane faster to continue farming or harassing, or just to help gank. I love this spell since I practically miss nothing in my lane, allowing me to gain full health while the enemy has lower health most likely, making for a possible kill.

Decent Spells:
Exhaust A decent spell for keeping people in your stun, death ray, or chaos storm range. It helps against any possible attack damage champs too. However, being a ranged champ with the low range of Exhaust hinders the effectiveness than having this spell on the support or jungler who either way (being melee or range) can use this while you use another spell in its place.

Clarity If you really like to spam spells and truly dominate your lane by harass, this spell is really want you need. However, getting mana regeneration runes, masteries, or blue buff might be a better option since there are better spells than this overall, since this only is really effective during laning phases.

Barrier This spell can be good or bad depending on how effectively you can time this spell, so it may not be the best choice if you need something reliable.

Garrison This spell is all right for Viktor to get on Dominion, however other people are better to use it than others since they can afford to "give up" a spell for the team.

Other Spells:
Cleanse Allows you to get out of crowd control effects, which can be useful. You really shouldn't be all up in people's faces so this shouldn't really be a problem unless your being focused. However, if you take a lot of damage during the time you are CCed you should get tanky items that give ability power, like rod of ages, zhonyas hourglass, or rylai's crystal scepter.

Revive If you like to use revive, use it. However, there are probably a lot of other better spells to use in most situations such as Flash and Ignite since you shouldn't be killed often since you are a carry.

Clairvoyance This spell isn't that great compared to how it was before it was nerfed. While it did get buffed, it still is a bit weak to the original CV. So with that said, if you like it and want to use it, make sure you use it properly otherwise this will end up as a wasted spell since the cooldown is pretty long compared to how it was before.

Heal Summoner spell Heal isn't the best choice for Viktor, but it can be decent in certain situations and a life saver. However, this is mostly better on health dependent champions or the AD carry if it is used at all.

Ghost Ghost isn't the best escape for Viktor compared to Flash due to the fact that slows and other CC completely negate a lot of the benefits. Flash allows you to escape in various ways you probably couldn't escape with ghost. However, if you need an escape this will be good enough.

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The runes shown at the top of the page are runes that I would say, fit Viktor nicely. The runes I present to you, should be adjusted to your needs. ALWAYS!

Personal Rune Set:


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration This rune is used since you wantmore damage to people as possible, so if anyone on the enemy team gets magic resist, you have a counter to it, leaving you to give them more damage than before. This rune mainly applies to late game.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration This rune is used since Viktor has mana problems if you want to win your lane, since you will need to spam Death Ray. Flat mana regeneration can be used, but this will help for late game sustain in mana. Flat mana regeneration is great if you want more early game dominance. This type of run is especially necessary when maxing death ray due to higher mana costs, and is just overall useful when maxing power transfer.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power This rune is used so that you get more damage for late game in your abilities. Flat ability power can be used for early game dominance, but won't be as useful late game compared to these.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power This rune is used for more damage like the Glyphs. Magic penetration can work in this case as well and Quintessence of Force works if you stay in games for a decent amount of time. This rune is used for early game dominance.

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The masteries used are what I find to be a standard AP Caster's build.
I get all the ability power in the offense tree for more burst potential, and then get mana and mana regeneration as well to help Viktor's issue for spamming to get lane dominance.
The masteries are 21-0-9.

Personal Mastery Tree:


Mental Force Used for ability power.
Sorcery Used for cooldown reduction, allowing for more spamming of abilities.
Arcane Knowledge Used for magic penetration, allowing for tanky champs to crumble faster.
Havoc Used for more damage output.
Blast Used for per level ability power.
Destruction Used to destroy towers faster. I choose this over spellsword since I don't auto-attack the enemy champion for damage as often as this mastery would be useful for, and I can last hit well without it so the purpose I see for it is useless on Viktor.
Archmage Used for more ability power. Get as many ability power items as you can so this effect builds more effectively.
Executioner Used for more damage to low health targets. Useful for finishing kills.
Summoner's Insight Used for a reduced cooldown of flash, helping in escapes or kills. Used also in my case for teleport, which loses .5 seconds in casting time. However if you use ignite or exhaust getting a point in Summoner's Wrath can be benficial instead.
Improved Recall Used for getting back to base faster. If your in trouble, and an enemy is near that could catch you, this can be helpful to use.
Meditation Used for mana regeneration which allows for spell spamming.
Mastermind Used for cooldown reduction of summoner spells to get them back a bit quicker. Use expanded mind instead if you want more mana to keep spamming your spells.
Runic Affinity Used for enchanced time on keeping buffs, allowing you to keep spamming spells if you have blue buff.

Spellsword This mastery is another option you can use instead of Destruction and is only useful if you auto-attack obviously, so if you get Lich Bane or Iceborn Gauntlet then this mastery would be good to use. However, Viktor isn't someone who relies on auto-attacking at all except for early-game harassment or last hitting, so unlike an AP AS Teemo, he doesn't need this mastery.
Expanded Mind Used for more mana, allowing you to use more spells for spamming. Mastermind should be used in place of this if you don't want the mana from this mastery.

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Personal Item Build (Power Transfer Build):

Item Sequence

Boots of Speed

Health Potion

Health Potion

Health Potion

Blasting Wand

Rabadon's Deathcap

Sorcerer's Shoes

Enchantment: Alacrity

Giant's Belt

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Augment: Death

Void Staff

Catalyst of Aeons

Rod of Ages
Doran's Ring should be sold to finish off an item or if you filled every other slot. It should be held off till you used every other slot so that you get more mana regeneration, which is key for all casters.

Rod of Ages or Rylai's Crystal Scepter If you need a slow to get people, Rylai's is your better bet. However, if you want more sustain Rod of Ages is better since with not only health you also get mana. From this determine which to get first, and eventually you should have both unless you need other types of items. Also, the reason why I get Rod of Ages so late in these builds is that I don't really care for it early game, and I want more health with some ability power and this is an item to get for such a demand, however getting early can be very beneficial either way.

Rabadon's Deathcap You should only try to focus on this if you have Needlessly Large Rod, or can almost get it. Otherwise, if you get blasting wand, you will have to wait a long time just to earn even more gold for it. And since you have blasting wand, you might want to get other items like Void Staff, Abyssal Scepter, Rylai's or Rod of Ages.

Will of the Ancients This is for sustain late game for your whole team so you don't have to keep going back in you get low. Other things can be better than this, like Zhonyas if you want more damage, and some more tanky aspects.

Void Staff This is a nice item, since you get more magic penetration.

Abyssal Mask If you get this, you may want to not buy any magic penetration items, since the total pentration aspect decreases since your lowering the magic resist of people. However, having sorcerer's shoes and this item can work pretty well still, especially if you have magic damage problems with your enemies.

Zhonya's Hourglass Great AP plus you get armor out of it. However, compared to other casters like Morgana who really benefit the active, this really doesn't benefit Viktor as much since he needs to be up in people's faces for most of his abilities. So the real benefit to it is dodging some damage, or waiting for your abilities to come off cooldown so you can finish people off.

Sorcerer's Shoes These boots are great for Viktor, however if you get other magic penetration items, like Void Staff it is less effective.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity These boots are great if you have Void Staff or Abyssal Scepter since you already help out in countering magic resist, so doing it even more would make it even more less effective. Cooldown reduction=spam spam spam!

Enchantment: Alacrity This boot enchantment is extremely reliable, since you get the bonus movement anytime. This enchantment has nothing wrong with it.

Enchantment: Furor This boot enchantment is great, similar to Alacrity, except cooldowns hinder the bonus movement speed you get, since you don't get any after that 2 seconds, so you would have to make sure you auto-attack during that time, and if you do that, this enchantment isn't bad at all.

Enchantment: Homeguard This enchantment isn't the best, however if you really want to get to lane a lot faster, due to the movement speed bonus and instant health and mana, it isn't too extremely bad. However, this won't help you in fights where you need to get away from someone like Wukong, so Alacrity and Furor can be much better since you are a carry.

Enchantment: Distortion This enchantment can truly only be worth it if you have 2 of the 3 spells that it benefits, since otherwise you would want more movement speed, since only benefitting 1 summoner spell isn't going to be worth it usually.

Deathfire Grasp Ability power and cooldown reduction.... pretty good. You should only buy this if there are people with a lot of HP otherwise the active might not benefit you as much as you may want, and other items may be better. This item isn't as neccessary for Viktor either since his burst isn't as high as some other people such as Veigar who can benefit from this much more. After the nerfs, this item probably won't be as useful for Viktor at all anymore.

Morellonomicon (Morello's Evil Tome) Mana regen, ability power, and cooldown reduction... a caster's dream! This item is excellent against people such as Swain or Sion.

Mercury's Treads Not the best boots for Viktor, though if you have magic problems and crowd control problems this will benefit you the most.

Boots of Swiftness Not the best boots for Viktor, as this probably won't benefit you as much as Sorcerer's Shoes or Ionian Boots of Lucidity could.

Lich Bane This item has MR, AP, mana, and movement speed, however the passive I find to not be something Viktor needs or really benefits from like Fizz or Akali can since why would he need to auto-attack at all. If you do like to auto-attack, this item is good for you, and you should also pair it up with Spellsword the mastery for more damage.

Mejai's Soulstealer If you want to be hunted down like a dog, (if your enemy is smart) this item is for you. If you are doing VERY WELL this item probably could benefit you a lot, otherwise this could get you killed more often, making you lose stacks and gold for buying a snowball item.

Prospector's Ring If your playing dominion, this item can be an all right item to buy, however working up on other items may be better like catalyst for RoA if you want health or blasting wand if you want AP.

Chalice of Harmony or Athene's Unholy Grail Both of these items provide critical mana regeneration which can really help Viktor possibly more than Tear of the Goddess if you spam his abilities more often. This item (chalice of harmony) should be bought as one of your first few basic/common items since you want the passive for the rest of the game. Athene's should be one of the last items you get since it doesn't provide survivability along with AP like other items such as Rod of Ages which would be better to get.

Tear of the Goddess or Archangel's Staff Both of these items are all right on Viktor. Chalice of harmony is probably better since he doesn't need a steady mana pool, he needs the passive mana regeneration from the Chalice of Harmony instead. This is due to the fact his abilities can cost a lot of mana, mainly on his most damaging ability (to an extent) being his death ray. However, if you have mana problems this is good enough.

Haunting Guise This item is good for early or mid game, so if you want it this is the best time to get it. However, late game you want to sell it for a Void Staff since it has better stats overall.

Banshee's Veil Banshee's Veil is a very good item against AP casters that love to burst you down. Examples include: LeBlanc Akali Fizz Diana. These people can easily be countered with this item.

Guardian Angel Guardian Angel is one of the best defensive items. This is due to it providing armor and magic resist along with a revive similar to Zilean's chronoshift. If you require a defensive item you should get this if you are always focused, so while your teammates fight off the enemies, you are being revived. Banshee's Veil can also be a good alternative.

Liandry's Torment This item is pretty good to get if you require some magic penetration along with the additional damage. Since your W slows people and then stuns them, and if you get Rylai's Crystal Scepter first, your damage output will be a bit higher.

Iceborn Gauntlet Iceborn Gauntlet isn't a bad item, however for Viktor this won't normally be a good choice at all. This item is situational, and so if you are going against champions such as Talon or Pantheon or against a heavy AD team, this item would be a more AP oriented Frozen Heart. The alternative to this is to get Zhonya's Hourglass which is much better if you need armor since you get more AP out of it, and Viktor doesn't really need to auto-attack that much either.

Twin Shadows Twin Shadows isn't extremely necessary on Viktor as much as it can be useful on other AP champs. For one, the active is a good gap closer on other dependent people such as Diana or Akali to get in range for an ult or get closer to use other abilities when their ults are down/has no more charges. While Viktor can use it to get an easier W on people, other items such as Abyssal Mask provide more AP and magic resist and are typically better since Twin Shadows active isn't as necessary as other champs can find it to be. However, if you want this to easily catch up to people then this is a pretty good item to buy.

Seraph's Embrace Since this is an automatic upgrade from Archangel's Staff once the max amount of charges is hit, this is a great item, since you don't have to pay for it, being one of the reasons.

Augments: I usually buy augments when I have less than 1,600 gold when I recall early game otherwise a blasting wand or catalyst/giants belt can be beneficial in place of getting the augment early. *Specific detail about augments in Evolving Technology: Augments chapter.*

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Early/Mid/Late Game

As Viktor, you should try for mid, however he can work with other partners and work in a bot lane or top (solo or duo).

Early Game: If you want to dominate your lane, harass as much as you can. It's really easy if you have death ray, and it is a bit harder to trade and deal damage with Power Transfer. Farming is key here as it will tell you what items to get. If you reach 1,600 when you recall, you should try for needlessly large rod, since you have one of the few opportunities in a game to buy it since you usually won't have enough most of the time. If you have 1,000 you can buy an augment, or maybe get some sorcerer's shoes or possibly work on getting some more tanky aspects like catalyst or negatron cloak if you are being bursted hard by the enemy caster or even blasting wand too.

Mid Game: Farm, farm, farm. This is very important as team fights are going to happen soon enough, or they might have already happened. You should start focusing on RoA, Rylai's and your deathcap or whatever items you are going to buy. If you haven't bought an augment, now is probably the time to do so for uses in team fights with Augment Death and Gravity.

Late Game: Now is the time to focus on finishing item you may not have had in mid game like a deathcap, or just work on the rest of your build which in my case would usually be void staff and will of the ancients or zhonyas hourglass. Make sure to be apart of all teamfights as you have great use for them with your W, E, and R. If you get focused, stay back at the start of fights, or wait a few seconds and go into fights.

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Ganking on Viktor is alright, as long as the enemy is pushed up to your allies' side of the lane. I say this, since your W, Gravity Field, isn't probably going to be useful on the low range it has if the enemy is in the middle. If you can get kills without your Gravity Field, it is best to just R and E to get your kills fast and get out fast, so that you don't soak up the experience and also don't have a counter gank if you have low health.

Top Lane: Ganking a top lane solo is pretty easy if you are the Blue team as you really want to go behind your enemy by going into the tri-bush top and into their side of the lane to use your Gravity Field, as it is more useful here than anywhere else as even if the enemy is in the middle, you can position it so that they either go over it, or have to walk all the way around it, probably making for a kill. If the top lane is a duo then the same tactics are used, though be sure you can kill them as you might just be killed instead if your only focused on their way back to their turret.

Mid Lane: If for some reason you end up in another lane other than mid, you should not try to gank them unless they are really pushed up as your Gravity Field is probably the only thing stopping mid lane from escaping to their turret and has a low range. If they are low enough, then using your R and E might just do the job, and then all you really need to do is go behind them and use the combo. Otherwise, there is no point ganking mid unless you want pressure off your mid ally, so that they can farm or just go back and heal.

Bot Lane: Ganking bot lane should probably only be done if you are purple team since you can go behind the enemy, but if the enemy is smart they will have a ward in the river, so if you really want to gank them going through their jungle is the best option (once you know there is a ward). If you do go through the enemy jungle prepare an escape tactic as this is risky. Once you gank them, make sure you can get someone in your Gravity Field if they are near full health otherwise a R and E combo should be used for a quick fight.

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Farming is a key aspect in ruling your game, and more importantly your lane. Laning is the true test of winning a game sometimes, as teams having 2/3 lost lanes may feel the need to surrender. This has happened to me countless times, where I win my lane but the other lanes couldn't.

Remember: Farming in some cases is better to do than harass, since you need gold which is used to buy items, which allows you to be a great AP carry.

Power Transfer When farming, this ability doesn't help a lot unless your going to miss a few minions. If you find yourself in this situation, you should use this ability to get the minions.

Death Ray When farming, if you want to push your lane to possibly gank/get blue/get some jungle creeps this is your friend to do so. At a certain point, this ability is a 1 shot kill to caster minions, so farming shouldn't be a problem near mid game. In the beginning this should be used as harass instead of farm, unless you are going to get multiple minions since the mana cost is high enough for quick depletion of mana.

Jungle: When you find your lane pushed too far, or just need the extra experience and gold, always try to get some creep kills in the jungle. If you have no jungler, then you can try to go for this as long as you won't be badly damaged (so early game creep kills are not worth it). When you can kill minions easily with your death ray, is a perfect time to do this as shooting your death ray first at for example wraiths will lower their health quite a bit, with the use of power transfer on the blue wraith will get you fast and easy kills. If you have a jungler, look to see where they are, since if they died, are back at their base, or is ganking a lane that isn't yours, the low spawn time can be dealt with, making it not much of a problem for your jungler. If your jungler is near the camp your going to take, you should either ask if you can take it or just not bother to take it since they will probably use it. Now due to the wraith camp being moved away from the middle part of mid lane (in between the enemy tower and your own tower) you will have to actually be at the camp to truly finish it for your jungler when they actually do that camp, so taking the jungle isn't really worth doing as much as before since it takes more time.

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I hope you liked parts of the guide, as I know not all of it is for everyone's liking.
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