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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scorpio Claw

Ashe-Safety First

Scorpio Claw Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Welcome to my guide for Ashe. I played Ashe a lot and I'm gonna try to put all of my experiences with her in this guide, hopefully it will help you as well as me. My final target with Ashe is to stop dying for good (I'm far from that). I divided the guide in two parts. In the first part-Build-you should find anythink you want to know about items, runes, masteries and skill order. The second part-Gameplay-is about gameplay itself. It contains my personal experiences, yours might be different, so if you have something to say to any part of my guide, please do so. This is my first guide ever, so I will appreciate every advice or suggestion you might have. Also it is pretty long, so don't expect to read it while your game is loading.

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List of updates


- Some mistakes in english corrected, added List of updates, added and described Sword of the Occult, by CBandicoot's advice

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About Ashe

Ashe is maybe the most classic carry in LoL, which means she is weak at first, but if you play her right, she has great output in late game. Ashe is not useless till late game though, she can support her team in various ways. She really shines at escapes and chases thanks to her awesome slow. She is great DPS. There were some experiments with AP Ashe, but I find it wasting her potential. Her biggest weakness is her defense, which is almost zero. Because she is so fragile, she always have to stay behind someone who can protect her. Ashe can't jungle and it's very hard to handle solo lane with her, but she can play at any lane she wants.


+ almost constant slow for enemy team
+ very high late game damage output, if played correctly
+ tanks are not problem with some armor penetration
+ good famring and harassing with Volley and Focus
+ with my sumonner spells, Youmuu's Ghostblade, her slow and ulti, she can easily escape ganks
+ ulti Enchanted Crystal Arrow has infinite range, which means you can get assists or even kills without being close to the action
+ Hawkshot can scout bushes and in lategame it has extreme range, revealing all in its path
+ good support for escaping allies


- extremely squishy -> she needs someone to protect her
- slow movement, she has no other choice for boots than Boots of Swiftness
- requires precise early and mid game, otherwise she is useless
- teamfights have to be engaged with extreme caution
- easy kill for champs with some reaching abilities (Xin, Jax, Tryn, Tristana...)
- sometimes problems with mana
- Queen Ashe's skirt animation looks terrible

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Part I


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Skill Sequence

I'm going to write about skill usange in detail later in the second part, here I will just say something to the Skill Sequence. The first spell depends on where you are going. If you go mid, it is for sure Volley. If you go to top or bot and you will go in the bush with your lanemate, grab Frost Shot. With Frost Shot you can get first blood very easily if enemies enter the bush, more about this later. You have to level Volley as much as possible, because it has good damage for early game harassing and lasthiting and the cooldown is reduced greatly every level. It's important to Have at least one point in Frost Shot and also one in Hawkshot. Of course, grab Enchanted Crystal Arrow each time possible.

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Summoner Spells

Good choices:

I choose this spell, because Ashe has low movement speed and she needs some boost when she gets ganked. Sometimes it's also useful for chasing enemies, but you shouldn't need it for that because of your Frost Shot, so try to save it for escaping.

Flash is a must. It gives you the ability to place yourself exactly where you want to be, and that is very importatnt for Ashe. Apart from that, it gives you great chasing and escaping capability.

This spell gives you good map control, you can save your towers and allies anytime. Also your Enchanted Crystal Arrow gains stun duration with distance, so if you are good with skillshots, you can shoot it from blue pool, than port to the location and kill someone stunned for 3,5 seconds. This combo requires some luck though.

Worth Trying:

This spell is not necessary, but if you are new to Ashe and you are dying too much, it might help you. It is useful on mid, you can shoot Enchanted Crystal Arrow to your enemy, than attack him and if he don't back because he has bigger damage and he thinks that he can kill you, you use your heal in the right time and then kill him. This works only agains silly enemies though, smart guy knows you have heal and will caunt on that. Also you can lure enemies to dive you under your tower when you are low hp, you can heal, stun them under the tower and get a kill, but you are so squishy that you could be dead before you use the heal.

Clarity allows you to spam your Volley very often and you totally don't need to wory about mana. If you choose this spell, you can use some other seal runes than Greater Seal of Replenishment. I don't find this spell necessary for Ashe, with the runes she can spam enough and other spells are more useful for her.

Bad choices:

You shouldn't be dying, no use for this spell.

You can't jungle and your famring capabilities are more than enough.

Cleanse is not that bad, it could help you escape ganks and get away from teafights if they focus you, but I don't like this spell because other spells are far more useful.

Good to have in team, but it isn't for you, leave it for tank or someone with taunt.

Ashe don't need this, if she wants to kill someone, she can do it without ignite.

You already have slow. Only use for this would be to get away from some DPS like Xin, but you have plenty of other ways how to do that.

This spell have so small effects that it is almost useless. Even if it wasn't useless, it would be bad choice for Ashe, because she isn't supposed to be in the middle of teamfights, she should keep in safe distance from enemies.

Hawkshot will do the scouting.

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There is no much to say about masteries. Ashe is pure carry DPS, so the offense tree is a sure choice. Few points in the utility tree increase the mana regeneration for spamming Volley and the Awareness mastery helps to get ahead in eperience.

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I choose Greater Mark of Desolation, because the armor penetration is extremely important through the whole game and it also gives you nice bonus to damage output early game. Someone likes crit runes more. I'm not saying it's bad, crit Ashe has a huge damage output, but it can be easily countered by stacking armor. I used to play her on crit, I dealt crit on every shot and it was awesome, until some Rammus, Morde or Malphite with items like Randuin's Omen and Thornmail came. They could just stand in front of me, type "/l" in chat and there was nothing i could do about it.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction and Greater Quintessence of Scaling Cooldown Reduction gives me nice cooldown reduction, which I need for spamming Volley and more importantly for having Enchanted Crystal Arrow ready as often as possible.

Without Greater Seal of Replenishment, you will not be able to spam Volley enough till some higher levels. Some time ago Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration would be better choice, but Riot minimized the effect so i think theese are better now. It gives bigger bonus to early game, which is when Ashe have biggest mana problems.

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The items I use aren't always the ones I have in the Item Purchases in the beggining of the guide. In 90% games, my core build is Boots of Swiftness, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Phantom Dancer and The Black Cleaver. The last two items depend on enemy team and their builds and on my survivability.


At the start of the game, you have two choices. The first one I used to buy when I was new to Ashe. It's Boots of Speed+3 potions (choose the ones that suit you, I used to choose 2 Health Potions and 1 Mana Potion). This gives you some speed which helps you survive and potions will keep you on the lane long enough to farm some gold. The other choice, which I prefer now is Doran's Blade. Ashe is very squishy, the extra 100 HP are very useful in the early game. The damage is nice for harrasing with Focus or getting first blood. Riot recently made it more expensive, so I can't buy potion, but it doesn't matter, because I regenerate thanks to the small lifesteal and runes take care of the mana.
When I'm back the first time, I normally buy Boots of Swiftness to be able to get to safety quickly. I should have money for The Brutalizer. If I was lucky and I made some extra gold, I continue in building Zeal. When I have The Brutalizer and Zeal I wait and make money for B. F. Sword. I usually sell Doran's Blade when buying BF. In the mid game I have to get kills and if its hard to do, I sometimes take Elixir of Agility. Then I finish Youmuu's Ghostblade and Phantom Dancer. From the BF I usually make The Black Cleaver, but if enemy team doesn't have armor, I can focus more damage with Infinity Edge or if they harass me I can get The Bloodthirster for lifesteal and great damage. The last two items are situational, choose what you think you need or look below on the Situational items.

For more experienced Ashe players:
Thanks to CBandicoot I discovered a new way to adjust my build. If I'm on bot or top, I make money for Sword of the Occult and Boots of Swiftness or at least Boots of Speed (2369 or 1719). When I go shopping first time, I buy the items and return to my lane to gank it, if possible. This way is more aggresive and requies more ganking. Also you will be focused more as you get more stacks. In this way, you can rush damage and you are not so weak in mid game. In fact, if you combine it with Elixir of Agility, you are pretty deadly already. After the Sword of the Occult I continue building my usual core build without the BF, starting with Zeal ( Zeal-> The Brutalizer-> Phantom Dancer-> Youmuu's Ghostblade).

Core item explanation

Ashe needs this boots, she will be too slow with any other boots.

At first I didn't like this item, but when I tried it, I started to love it. The moment I get this, I become killing machine. Damage, Crit chance and armor penetration -> exactly the three things Ashe needs. The armor penetration allows you to enjoy your full damage (almost) and there is no need for Last Whisper if enemy team doesn't have really strong armor. The damage is nice, but you can't take it as your main damage item. Cooldown reduction is useful for your ulti. And the active is great. Just don't waste it without killing someone. The attack speed helps you to kill someone very quickly, but you have to activate it right befor you attack, to use the full lenght of it, which means 4 seconds, because your attack is not melee. Also if things go wrong, you can activate this and ghost and run away like if you had 10 angry Garens behind your back.

I think every Ashe have to get this in some part of her build. At first, the Zeal gives you good bonuses for good price and later the complete item have so big numbers that you just can't ignore it. Huge attack speed and good crit chance. Also this movement speed+ Boots of Swiftness completely compensates Ashe's slow movement.

If you build this from your BF, you will probably need one more item with damage, but the attack speed is good and tanks are going to hate you, because the stacks are not usual armor penetration, but it's armor reduction, which means all of your teammates will deal more damage to your target.

For aggresive gameplay. With this the game will be harder, but you will get better output much sooner. It doesn't give armor penetration, so don't use it against armor stackers. Nice thing about items like this one is how they improve themselves-the more stacks you have, the easier it is to get more. Don't use this on mid if you are not getting fed by your opposite, which doesn't happen often. Overall this item is risky, but very rewarding. Also you might want to choose Teleport instead of Ghost to get more stacks more easily (don't forget to switch mastery to port from ghost).

Situational items

Damage output

Grab one or two of theese if you chose The Black Cleaver or if you have no survival problems.

Best choice for increasing pure damage output. You will have more than 50% crit chance, which is growing even larger every three seconds thanks to Focus. Downside of this item is it's extreme price and no armor penetration, so get this only if you are getting fed enough and enemies are not stacking too much armor.

This is pretty self explanatory...If enemy tank/tanks have lots of armor and it takes too long time to kill them, get this. Combined with Infinity Edge gives you the most damage output possible in my build.

Also great damage item, which brings comparison with Infinity Edge:Infi gives you bigger damage right after the purchase and improves your crit greatly, Bloodthirster gives more damage after some time, but no crit. It also gives good lifesteal, so you don't have to back so often and it's cheaper. The decision-if you care only about bigger damage output, take Infi and if you are being harassed and you don't want to waste so much money (the difference is 880), take Bloodthirster.

I don't buy this item often, because the others are stronger. But it's good against healers like Soraka, Sona and Kayle, or against someone like Mundo.

Good for enemies with high HP, if you have this item, it doesn't matter that Cho Gath has more HP squares than the game is able to draw. Also attack speed and extra flat damage are useful. Someone could say that the armor is useful too, but the truth is that they will kill you with or without armor if you let them reach you. On the other side, this item is very expensive, don't waste your money on it if you don't need it. Ashe can do good without the Bloodrazor most of the games.

Grab this only if noone else in your team has it and if you feel like you can sacrfice part of your possible damage to increase your team's effectiveness.

Good to caunter Jax or if you meet someone else with high dodge (could be Sivir or Nasus maybe).


Probably the best survival choice. 50% of my deaths are caused by some stun or snare spell, this item counters them. Mana and HP helps too, magic resist is good, but I would not caunt on it.

Ok, this could look wierd on Ashe, but if enemies dive you in teamfights, this is the only thing that can save you. Otherwise you will have to stay away from teamfights or get killed every time, either way you will become useless.

Could help against caster nukers, but I personaly prefer Banshee's Veil

Bad item choices

I'm not going to write down all the remaining items, I will just point out some of them, which I saw or tried on Ashe and found it a bad choice.

Any other boots than Boots of Swiftness are a mistake, you will be too slow.

Mana runes should be enough. If they aren't, you have to learn to spare some mana sometimes. This item will slow down your build and you will block spot for some more useful item.

If you want to do something with your defense, choose one of the items above. This is too expensive, has low damage bonus and the slow is useless for you.

Like Chalice of Harmony-you have to learn to suffice with the mana you have. I'm OK with mana without theese items, so you can be too. It has too low damage, slows down build etc.

Getting this item is like saying "Kill me!" to the other team. You need every gold you can get and you don't need a target on your forehead. Your tank should get this, if the team needs it.

I think it is obvious, but I saw it on some Ashe. It could only be useful against heavy close range DPS-normally they would kill you in 3-4 hits, with this it will be 5-6 hits, which means you gain about 1-3 seconds of life for 2000. I prefer to just keep in safe distance.

The splash area is too small and so are the bonuses, Ashe can make money for better items.

This item is very expensive (4070), you will use only half of the benefits and the numbers for each one are extremely small compared to the price.

I don't like this item, because noone really needs it. You can get much better DPS items, which will deal with casters just fine.

This is similar to Thornmail -> two seconds of life are not worth giving the money and spot for other item away.

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Part II


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You might disagree with something from this section and you might be right. You should play with the ones you find good for you. This list contains my subjective experiences and is missing a lot of things, because I often play on mid or I'm playing with my friends. That is totally different than playing with strangers and I only get to play often with limmited amount of champions. It doesn't mean I don't play solo queue though, it is somewhere arround 60%:40% premade:solo.

Good Lanemates

, , , They can take some damage for you, and each one of them has some ability that can bring enemies to you. With your slow, it's very dangerous for your enemies.

He takes damage, you are both good harassers and you can dive tower at six with him tanking.

She can stun any enemy that overextends and than you kill him together. You also protect each other, using your scouting capabilities.

You deliver CC, he delivers damage. You deliver physical, he delivers magic. You are both strong harassers. It is hard to build some defense against this combo. I'm talking about AP Ezreal, of course.

Combining your ultimates is overkill and when enemies start to move after you both jumped at them, you will slow them, so they can't get out of the area of Fiddle's ulti anyway. Downside of this combo is, that Fiddle will probably get all the kills, but you both will get lots of them together, so you gain lots of assists and its ok.

Similar to Ezreal-good harass, one DPS and one caster. Also her snare, and your stun and slow makes it impossible for enemies to escape.

His ulti is similar to Fiddle's, his taunt+your skills -> no getting away

Similar idea to many above-he takes damage and his long stun+your skills leads to many kills.

Xin is able to do big damage, he just needs to keep hitting them for a while, without being focused by somebody else, you can help him with that.

Bad Lanemates

You two together would be good, but if you meet in a game, you should separate for better teamplay. One of you will probably go mid anyway.

, , I don't like to play with theese, because they take all the lasthits and that is a disaster for me.

Similar to the ones above, just you are going to take all the lasthits from him.

Soraka will not add more damage to yours and not one of you is able to take much damage. Also you should keep yourself out of danger, so there is no neeed for saraka's healing, she is far more useful elsewhere.

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Spell usage

Ashe's spells are useful in many situations, if you know how and when to use them.

This is great for lasthitting minions on top or bot. When I can, I like to stay in bush and just lasthit minions. It protects me from harass and I don't autoattack minions, so i can build up the effect of Focus without madly running from place to place. While staying in bush, I can crit enemies who gets too close from time to time, but that will reveal me and some enemies can hit me back, so care for that. On mid, you can do the same, you just can't stay in bush and you will be pushed to your tower, but that is usually what you want anyaway.

The most important spell for Ashe to have, but not to level. I turn it on every time I attack an enemy. Even if it is just one-hit harass, the slow is annoying and will give your enemies reason to keep away from you. It is extremely useful for chasing and escaping, of course. If you are running away from someone and he is not right behind you, shoot one arrow to him (or seven with Volley, which is quicker to do, but cost more mana) from time to time, until you get away. Also don't forget to do the same to save your allies. One single arrow can save a life, keep it in mind, but don't get killed while trying to help somebody. Also don't forget, that every long ranged champion can shoot through walls.
In the beggining of my guide, I said that you can get first blood thanks to this and Focus. If it wasn't obvoius before, I think it is now. If you and your lanemate go to bush in the start of the game and some enemy dares to enter it, you crit him, slow him, and with help of your ally kill him. It takes longer time for him to get to safety thanks to the slow. With Focus prepared, armor penetration runes and Doran's Blade, you have high damage output in the beggining, even though you are carry. Before you decide to do this, chceck enemy team and their sumnoner spells. If you try to do this against for instance Xin and Akali with exhaust, you are dead.

Every Ashe level up this spell as much as possible. Sometimes it's usange is similar to Frost Shot, but don't use it when Frost Shot is enough as this spell is why Ashe tends to have mana problems. The first time you use it, you will notice that if one of the arrows hits someone (enemy minion or champion), it will disappear, which means enemies are safe behind their creeps. Also notice, that it does not have slow. It only applies your level of Frost Shot-that is why i get Frost shot as first spell if I want first blood. The main purpose of Volley is to farm and harass (apart from showing the world, that you can shoot seven arrows with five fingers). It has bigger range than your autoattack, even bigger than the shown range a bit, which allows you to farm even if enemies are trying to cut you off. Thanks to it's wide area of effect you can slow more enemies at once, which is useful in teamfights and you can also lasthit more than one minion at a time.
If you can't get too close to a teamfight, you can help your allies at leats by spamming this spell as much as possible. It goes through walls, so it's useful in forrest battles.

This spell has two parts, which have no logical connection to each other, but I don't complain. First the active part. It's important to have at least one point here, especialy on mid. If you are on mid and someone reports a miss, use his spell to scout the bush on his side after a short delay. If you are on top or bot, it is not that important, but still useful. You can scout both side bushes with one shot (the ones next to the edge of map) at 1st level of Hawkshot and scout the river bush if you think you could get ganked. If there is enemy jungler, scout buffs and dragon often, if you see him in your forrest, you can kill him with someone and if you reveal him in his forrest, you could try to kill him too, or he might at least get scared and leave the buff, if he doesn't see you on the minimap. This spell has no cost, but a long cooldown, so use it when it is possible to see something, but don't waste it if everyone are on their lanes. It's good to scout bushes before you enter them in mid game and late game, but care to don't give yourself away when you are preparing a gank, the particle effect is very noticable. At higher levels, it has huge range, which allows you to scout more areas at once, so use the full range. Also notice, that it only reveals for a short time as it flyes by, but it reveals a small area for longer time on the end of it's path, so sometimes it's better to do not use the full range. You have to figure out where to put the end by yourself.

Now to the second, passive part. I read many times that it is useless, but I always wondered how much I really earn from this spell and if it really is totally useless. I played a game and I was writing down the number of my lasthits each time I leveled up and took Hawkshot, which are usually levels 4, 12, 15, 17 and 18. Then I checked with my average total number of lasthits from last 6 games (it was arroound 170, which means I should get better at lasthitting) and adjusted the individual numbers to roughly match the average final number. After that, I calculated how much money I get from the whole game, and the final number was 420. This number is neither too big and neither too small, it is free Dagger. It will be probably bigger number if you play on mid, because this is the average output from both mid and side lanes. But this is the total number and what is important is how much money you get when you are building your core build. I calculated the money I got only to level 18 (core build should be completed some time ago) and it was only 200. Half of the game or even more is gone and you can't buy even Boots of Speed for that money. So my answer is yes, the passive part of Hawkshot is uselsess.

You have to learn to use this spell by practice, i can tell you just few hints. It has pretty low cooldown (for ulti), which allows me to use it often and I don't have to keep it for special occasions. In about a third of all cases I shoot it to catch someone who is gatting away from my team. It isn't the fastest skillshot arround, so it's difficult to hit something from long range, but if you do, you can accomplish amazing things. Here are a few tips for aiming:

    -Align your shot with the direction of enemy movement
    -Try to shoot them when they are running through some tight areas like forrest entering
    -Check if there is noone in the way of the shot
    -If they are running next to a wall, shoot a bit more further away from the wall-you can see this in Lux spotlight video, with Lux's ulti, on youtube (video is below, the trick is on 4:45)
    -Take your time-better late stun, than early miss
    -If you are shooting someone who is not running, wait for him to stop moving for a while (attacking minion for instance)
    -If you are forced to shoot upright the enemy movement direction, estimate his position when the arrow catches him-this takes lot of practice

Lux spotlight:

Apart from chasing someone, this spell is also useful to get yourself or an ally away from ganks, help them escape from lost teamfight etc. When a big teamfight happens and it is not sure who is going to win, use your ulti 2-3 seconds after someone innitiates. Do NOT innitiate by yourself with ulti, the stun might be gone before something happens or everyone could just ignore you as well. The dealy after innitiate is there to maximize your team CC effect-if everybody throw out their CC right away, enemies will easily run away right after it ends, or even worse-they could survive it and then use their CC to slay your team one by one. Sometimes it's best to save your ulti and use it after the teamfight to chase or save someone, you have to decide, each teamfight is different. The "no innitiate" rule has an exception-ganks. It is usually good idea to stun someone with your ulti before you jump on him with your teammates from bush, you can kill enemies who would otherwise get to safety thanks to this. Noone else in your team is able to stun with infinite range-usually gankers have to show themselves before they get in range for their CC, Ashe doesn't. You can also use ulti to gain assists without being anyhow close to the action, if you aim properly. Other situation that might happen is some heavy DPS, like Master Yi, trying to solo destroy your tower without creeps. If you notice this, shoot your ulti on him-you will probably not get him killed, but he will be forced to retreat and you will save the tower. Last thing I can think of is harassing with ulti. I just shoot my ulti to the enemy, then damage him as much as I can and then back. When the stun is gone, he will probably go back to tower, but care for counterattack, especially from someone with stun or snare. You can do this more times-you will bring your enemy to low HP, maybe he will use his summoner spells unnecessarily and he will hopefuly think that you are moron, then you can easily kill him. It is more useful on mid, if you do it on top or bot, tell your lanemate that you are just harassing before you do it.

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Playing through the game

Early Game

1) Farm
2) Harass
3) First blood

At the start you can go any lane-where it suits you and your team. On mid there is nothing special to do, just farm as much as possible and try to harass, but don't put yourself in danger. It's overall better to let your opposite push to your tower a bit, but don't let him deal damage to the tower. Try to stay on the lane as long as possible and if you decide to retreat, you should attack your enemy-either to kill him, or to force him to retreat too, otherwise he will damage your tower. If you go top or bot, you can attempt first blood, as I described here. While laning, it's good to stay in bush like I said here. This position in bush is sometimes dangerous though, you should be very careful if you don't have Flash ready. If enemies decide to attack your lanemate, they will get past you quickly. Now there is your tower, your retreating ally running towards it, two enemies chasing him and behind all of that, farthest from safety, you. The best reaction on this is to tell your ally to stop running and kill those two enemies with your help, but that requies teamspeak and sometimes they are just stronger. If you see that your ally will get under the tower in time, just get there too using flash or ghost, or both if necessary. You may also take it to the river and go around, but you will not be able to support your ally if enemies decide to dive or they might catch you. If your ally will not make it to the tower himself, attack enemies from behind, use Volley on both of them and then get away. Either flash over them or run arround through the river. If you are on six already, it is a lot easier-you might even get doublekill with your Enchanted Crystal Arrow, if they decide to dive.
Wherever you are, you should make 2350 gold before you go back first time. It is a big number, but if you play safe, you can really stay on the lane for a long time. If you bought Boots of Speed at the beggining, 2000 gold is enough.

Mid Game

1) Farm
2) Gank
3) Scout ( Hawkshot)
4) Use Enchanted Crystal Arrow often

In midgame, you should still focus on farming as much gold as possible. With my build, mid game is your weakest time (it's better with Sword of the Occult, but it's still the hardest part of the game for you). Your allies and enemies will start ganking, which means you have to be very careful, because you are easy target. You should also take part in the killing to gain assists and few kills, but keep in mind that your survival has bigger priority than gaining a kill. With your Enchanted Crystal Arrow, you are valuable ally for ganking, but always go with someone who can protect you if things go bad.
If you are close to your escaping allies, go get them to safety with your slow.
I said that you need to get some kills. Well your goal is to get as much gold as you can, my build is expensive. I usually don't get too many kills in mid game, only arround 2-3 if I don't get lucky, but I usually get many assists (more than 10) and that gives money too. Killing Dragon is a good idea, but you need help for that. If you have problems gaining the kills or assists, try it with Elixir of Agility, but it have to earn more money than it costs. If you buy it, don't consume it right away, wait till you get in some action. You can also get buffs if noone else needs them, they will help you greatly.
Teamfights will start to occur and you should be there, but safe. Always keep yourself behind your tank. When the teamfight starts, you should be in safe range from all of the enemies, which means you might be able to use only Volley at first, and fully enter later, but that is ok. After the teamfight help your allies to escape or catch enemies. Don't forget to use Enchanted Crystal Arrow in the right time. To the end of the mid game you should finish your core build and decide which situational items will you need.

Late Game

1) Kill enemies
2) Support allies
3) Scout
4) Push

Welcome to the long awaited late game! If you did good in early and mid game, you will now enjoy the true power of Ashe. You don't have to be afraid so much anymore, enemies should fear you now. You should be able to kill anyone on the map very quickly, but you can't win every 1 vs 1. Some fed close range DPS are still able to kill you quicker then you kill them, keep that in mind. You still shouldn't solo, but if you can see at least 3 of your enemies on the map and you need to push somewhere, do it, if you have ulti ready. You can destroy tower quickly and you can get away from two enemies, or you can kill them both yourself sometimes. In teamfights you have to use your full strenght now, because that is why you are there the whole time. As usual, try to kill DPS and casters first (or supports), but if you can't reach any of them, you can focus tank. His HP should go down pretty quickly as well, and if you kill him, enemy team will fall apart and start running away, but they can't escape Ashe. Scout forrest often and check Baron with your Hawkshot, when you think enemies could be killing him. Don't be afraid to use your Enchanted Crystal Arrow, it has short cooldown. I sometimes can't believe it is ready again. I can't think of anything else to say, just go there and win the game :).

Guide Top


I thank you for reading and I'm looking forward to your feedback. Please try the things you haven't before you talk about them and don't post trolls in comments, I will not respond to them. I'm sorry for my english, there are probably some mistakes, I will correct them if I find them. I will check back often to answer your comments and update my guide as the game and my experiences develops. Also I might add some pictures or videos if you will need them.
I hope you enjoyed my guide and I wish you good luck at mastering Ashe, The Frost Archer.