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Aurelion Sol Build Guide by DixonTheGuideMaker

Middle 🐉 Aurelion Sol guide by Dixon 📜 12.14 ✅

Middle 🐉 Aurelion Sol guide by Dixon 📜 12.14 ✅

Updated on August 4, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker 1,377 Views 0 Comments
1,377 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Aurelion Sol Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker Updated on August 4, 2022
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Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Flash + Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

🐉 Aurelion Sol guide by Dixon 📜 12.14 ✅

By DixonTheGuideMaker
Hello everyone and welcome to one of my guides! This guide contains useful information and general knowledge based on my own game experience + open source info from Internet about the champ 💡📚📈🔍

My name is Max, but you can call me Dixon as well. I'm from Ukraine so English is not my native language and I can do some mistakes (I'm sorry for that). However, you can also write me comments and I'm able to answer you in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian languages since I understand all of them, but in different levels of knowledge. 😄

I started to play League of Legends in 2016. My highest ELO at the moment is Platinum 2 (soloQ) and 💎Diamond 4 (flexQ) on EU-West server (top 5% best players at the server).

I would like to invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I'm going to make a lot of League of Legends content in English:
You will also find my streams on Twitch by following this link:

I'm not a hardcore high elo player, but I enjoy this game and share this passion with all the people who find my content as interesting or useful.

I hope this guide will help you to improve your champion's understanding so it would be more fun to play!

Let me know in the comments section if you find any mistakes or outdated information so I could fix it! Thanks in advance!

Have a nice reading! 📖🤓
1. Aurelion Sol is a very strong roaming champion thanks to his Singularity. This will allow you to impact your side lanes with ease after pushing your lane.

2. Thanks to his Passive and Astral Flight, Aurelion Sol has good poke and good wave clear. This will make pushing the wave and trading much easier in comparison to a lot of champions.

3. Aurelion Sol has lots of utility built into his kit. They offer him tons of protection and manoeuvrability. He has tools to stop ganks and protect himself from all-ins.

1. Aurelion Sol is a very difficult champion to play. One reason for this is because you need to constantly be aware of your Passive. You will need to put in a lot of time to master Aurelion Sol.

2. As Aurelion Sol is a roam heavy champion, it can be difficult for you to roam if your side lanes are not strong. It will also be hard to roam against champions with good pushing power.

3. Aurelion is a mana hungry champion. Keep a constant eye on your mana bar at all times otherwise you'll have little kill threat. He will also be vulnerable to ganks and all-ins if he is low. Ensure you have enough mana to use your Singularity just in case something happens.

The passive is what makes him truly unique and unusual. From the very start of the game, 3 stars rotate around Aurelion Sol in the same direction. When colliding with any enemy, the star deals magic damage and continues its orbit. It is due to the spinning stars that Aurelion Sol deals a huge amount of magic damage per match. Please note that the stars not only deal damage, but also are able to transmit the effects of a magical attack. For example, if you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter, then each star on impact will also slow down the enemy's movement speed. It is important to note that if Aurelion Sol falls under the influence of a control skill (for example, a stun), then the stars instantly disappear and while Aurelion Sol is under the influence of control, he will not deal damage. Immediately after the end of the control, the stars will appear in their orbit and begin their movement again. Finally, I would like to say that the rotating stars are visible even if you are standing in the bushes. The enemy, of course, will not see the hero, but will see the rotation of the stars. So sitting and waiting for the enemy in the bushes is not the best idea.

This is the main attacking skill of the champion, which can not only deal good massive magic damage, but also has the ability to stun a group of enemies. It is worth noting that the initial flight range of the star is quite small, since it is limited by the radius of the outer orbit of the hero's stars. In order to use the skill at a great distance, you will have to follow the flying star. This increases Aurelion Sol's movement speed. The flight speed of the star is quite good and under normal conditions without boots or the action of the Singularity passive, Aurelion Sol simply will not have time to move after the star. This skill can be used effectively with the Singularity skill. You launch a star and fly after it. At the same time, if you calculated everything correctly, then the star will fly a long distance and the final radius of the explosion will be much larger. This way you will be more likely to stun a group of enemies rather than a single enemy.

The passive part of the skill allows you to increase the damage of the stars and this will really be felt at the initial stage of the game. The active part of the skill allows you to increase the radius of the orbit of stars and increase the magic damage of each star. As the radius of the orbit increases, the stars begin to move somewhat faster. Thus, you will deal damage with stars with the same frequency as with a small radius. The skill is very good and allows you to inflict enormous damage in team fights. The main disadvantage of the skill is that it spends a lot of mana. Every second the skill consumes mana, so you should definitely keep an eye on this too.

Due to the passive part of the skill, Aurelion Sol is able to significantly increase his movement speed when moving in one direction. If you take damage from an enemy champion, then you stop flying, so keep an eye on it. Activating the skill allows you to move in the specified direction through the air and to ignore any obstacles. This allows you to run away from enemies in difficult situations, using uneven terrain or, on the contrary, to arrange very effective ganks. Taking damage while flying or changing the direction of movement will instantly cancel the effect of the skill. An interesting feature is that during the flight you can use the Breath of Light and at the same time the hero will continue his flight.

On the one hand it may seem that the ult is very simple and unimpressive, but of course it is not. Firstly, it is worth saying that the ult is applied almost instantly and has a very good range. It is quite difficult to miss it in team fights. Secondly, in addition to good magical damage, the ult greatly slows down the movement speed of enemies. Thirdly, with the help of the ult you can push targets. If you look closely, then at the moment the skill is activated, you will see a special mark on the ult's sight, this mark displays where you will push the enemies. This feature can be used to push enemies back and, for example, save their allies, or vice versa, you can go behind enemy lines and throw the enemy right at your allies.
is one of core items for ability power based champions. The item is good against tanks, heavy bruisers and all champions who buy or stack a lot of Health Points during a game.

buy this item to get nice amount of additional HP that will help you survive enemy's ability combo + you will be able to apply slow effects by your damaging abilities.

is most effectively used against abilities that have a downtime before they can affect full damage to the target like Chum the Waters, Unleashed Power, Death Mark, Life Form Disintegration Ray, Death Lotus etc.

is a great item for most AP champions with burst type of damage, especially if the enemy team has a lot of champions with shields.

buy this item if you want to cut enemy's healings, life steal and vampirism. Together wiith Liandry's Anguish the Grievous Wounds time can be extended for an additional 4 seconds.

makes a good couple with Liandry's Anguish. This is a perfect item for champions with AOE abilities and works also well against champions who buy ot stack a lot of HP during a game.

is a powerful item for pure ability power casters, and is also very effective on burst assassins and hybrid champions that take advantage of Lich Bane for additional burst. This item provides tons of pure ability power, but it shouldn't be bought early on since its passive gives you more profit when you already have some ability power.

is made to help magical champions to destroy their targets really quickly by ignoring almost half of enemy's magic resistance. This item works well against both tanks and squishy targets.

is one of the best items in the game for mages who need to stack as much mana as possible.

is a strong item against magic damage but is most valued for its ability to prevent crowd control or counter poke damage. As such it is highly recommended to build Banshee's Veil when you are being focused by crowd control effects, or when the enemy has initiation or pulling abilities like Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Rocket Grab. Combined with Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil will make you very resilient to both magic and physical damage.

is a very good item for ability power-based champions, as it allows you to ignore 18 points of your enemy's magic resistance. Sorcerer's Shoes are less efficient against enemies with high magic resistance. However, they synergize well with other magic penetration items, percentage items such as Void Staff in particular. It is possible to sell these boots at late-game once you have Void Staff, as the extra magic penetration is arguably negligible.

That rune is very good since it gives you a great boost on your burst damage that can makes the difference between a running 50hp opponent and a sweet boost of 300 gold in your pocket.

The rune gives your champion some sustain which is especially useful during the early game and the rune scales also with AD and AP items so it can become a reason in the late game why your champion survived a fight with 1-3% HP.

This rune gives you some amount of AD or AP whenever you score a takedown (but this amount of AD\AP gain is limited).

This rune gives a lot of movement speed out combat which is very helpful during all stages of the game and it can help you to chase down enemies or to group with your allies faster.

The rune helps you to live through the early game and permanently increases a little bit your mana pool which is also helpful since you will not be in need so fast to do Recall just to restore mana.

Take this rune if you are going to play with Corrupting Potion and you will be able to slightly accelerate your movement speed while Corrupting Potion or Refillable Potion are active.

Flash is the most frequent choice of all players in League of Legends. Such popularity of the spell is caused by the fact that Flash is able to instantly teleport you on a short distance. This distance is enough to dodge some hostile abilities or to jump back and avoid an unexpected gank. With the help of Flash, you can overcome various obstacles like walls, pillars and other different obstacles. Flash is equally good to use for both attack and defense. This gives the spell some versatility. The summoner spell cannot be used if you have been silenced (you cannot use skills for some time). Also, Flash cannot be used under the effect of hard control abilities such as stun or fear.

Exhaust is an extremely powerful tool for disabling champions who mainly autoattack, as well as any champion that can deal a high amount of damage. When your team is chasing an enemy and he is getting away, using Exhaust on him will help your team gain the upper hand. Using it against enemies when escaping can help you as their movement speed will be greatly decreased.

Ignite provides players an offensive utility and damage spell that scales with level. A well-placed healing reduction debuff from Ignite can severely limit the effectiveness of enemy healing items, as well as healing abilities from champions like Soraka, Aatrox, Vladimir, Volibear and Warwick. It is considered a direct counter to Dr. Mundo, Soraka, Aatrox and Swain because they are reliant on their healing-based abilities. The healing reduction debuff also applies to life steal, omnivamp, etc.
EARLY GAME (average):
Depending on what level you take your Singularity, your first power spike is when you hit level 3 or 4. While the Singularity won’t help you in 1v1 fights during the early laning phase, it will allow you to help your Jungler if they need you for a potential early scuttle crab fight. Once Aurelion Sol has completed his first item, he can look for more favourable trades with the enemy. Whilst around your Astral Flight, you should poke the enemy down and then commit to an all-in once they’re low. Aurelion Sol’s main power spike his at level 6 when he unlocks his Ultimate Falling Star. It offers him a lot of additional damage and can be used in conjunction with his Breath of Light to CC the enemy. It also helps him in roams too.

Constantly toggle and move around the lane to make use of your Passive and your Astral Flight. Try to hit the minions and the enemy champion whenever possible. Push the early few waves and then recall for your first item. This will give you one up over the enemy in the very early laning phase. Keep a constant eye on the minimap, push the wave and look to impact your side lanes with your Singularity.

MID GAME (strong):
At level 9, Aurelion Sol will max his Astral Flight ability. This is a very good power spike for him as it will allow him to dish out more damage, and clear waves easier. During the mid-game, Aurelion Sol should’ve completed multiple items. He should be able to dish out a lot of damage in team fights with his Astral Flight and Passive. Level 11 is another good power spike for Aurelion Sol because he gets to put a second point in his Ultimate Falling Star.

Keep the minion wave pushed into the enemies tower and look to roam with your Singularity. Keeping them under tower will make them unable to roam or help their allies. When no team fights are occurring, put yourself in a side lane and push the minion wave. Use your Singularity to move around the map fast and help your allies in case of a fight. Look to set up picks with your Breath of Light by charging towards the enemy from your base or using your Singularity to flank the enemy from the side.

LATE GAME (average):
At level 16, Aurelion Sol will put the third and final point in his Ultimate Falling Star. He should be able to deal a lot of damage in team fights at this stage of the game. In the late game, Aurelion Sol will be able to dish out a lot of damage as he should be coming near to completing his build. Ensure that you’re playing around your Astral Flight effectively to stay alive. At level 13, Aurelion would’ve maxed out both his Astral Flight and Breath of Light. He should be a real contender to start team fights with his Breath of Light.

Stick with your team and look for picks with your Breath of Light. Avoid walking or moving around Summoners Rift alone. Use your Ultimate Falling Star in the late game as a utility tool to keep your allies safe and to prevent the enemy from getting on to your teammates. Try your hardest to kite and move around in team fights. It’s important that you stay alive for as long as possible while your Passive and Astral Flight does the work.

Aurelion Sol is quite vulnerable to ganks since he has to push the wave. But, he can use his Singularity to escape one. Make sure you do not waste your gap closer if he has his Singularity or Ultimate Falling Star available so you can catch up to him if he tries to escape. When Aurelion Sol pushes and roams, make sure you ping as soon as he goes missing. Try to push the wave back and start taking Tower plates if you’re unable to match his roam. Try and abuse Aurelion Sol’s Breath of Light cooldown. Once it’s down, he is very vulnerable. Look for favourable trades whenever he misses it.

Aurelion can use his Breath of Light + Falling Star combo to turn team fights instantly. Be sure not to stand in a cluster when looking to team fight. This is especially true when chasing, sieging or fighting inside the jungle. Wards and good communication is key against Aurelion Sol. Make sure you have the river warded at all times, and ping if he goes missing. Don’t be afraid to write in chat that he is missing too. CC is your best friend against Aurelion Sol. If you can lock him down with CC, it will be difficult for him to adjust his positioning for his stars Astral Flight. Additionally, as he is a poke champion, locking him down with CC as quickly as you can make it harder for him to dish out damage in the team fight.

Don’t all in Aurelion at level 1 when he has Corrupting Potion. He is going to heal up a lot and deal surprising damage when trading back with you. While not always practical, once Aurelion hits level 3 he will unlock his main roaming ability Singularity. Ping as soon as he goes missing as it is not unheard of Aurelion roaming to bot lane at level 3. When Aurelion hits level 6, he will try and make good use of his Ultimate Falling Star. If he cannot kill you in lane, he’ll make sure to use it elsewhere. Once his Ultimate Falling Star is up and he’s gone, communicate with your team.

Wow, have you really read the guide till this moment? I hope it was useful and interesting for you. Let me know it please by voting!

And don't forget to visit and check my YouTube channel! Maybe you will like it! 😉
The appearance of a comet in the night sky is often said to portend upheaval and unrest. Under the auspices of such fiery harbingers, new empires rise, old cultures fall, and even the stars themselves may vanish from the heavens…

The truth is, perhaps, more unsettling.

The almighty being known as Aurelion Sol was already ancient before the rise of the mortal races of Runeterra. Born in the first breath of creation, he and those like him roamed the vast nothingness of a pristine celestial realm, seeking to fill this canvas of incalculable breadth with marvels whose twinkling spectra would bring fulfillment and delight to all who witnessed them.

As he wandered, Aurelion Sol seldom encountered any equals. The eternal Aspects were dispassionate and incurious things, contributing little to existence, content only to compose amusingly self-centered philosophies on the nature of creation.

But then, bathed in the light of a fairly unremarkable sun he had crafted eons earlier, he discovered something. A world. New realms.

He did not know who had created this world, or why—only that it had not been him.

The Aspects, who seemed unusually invested in it, implored him to come closer. There was life here, and magic, and fledgling civilizations that cried out for guidance from beings greater than themselves. Flattered by this new audience to his supreme majesty, Aurelion Sol descended to bask in their adulation, in the form of a vast and terrible dragon from the stars.

The tiny inhabitants of the insignificant land of Targon named him for the golden light of the sun he had gifted them, and the Aspects commanded them to bring forth a suitable offering in return. The mortals climbed to the peak of their tallest mountain, and presented him with a splendorous crown, crafted with careful and cunning magic, and etched with the inscrutable patterns of the celestial realm.

From the moment it touched Aurelion Sol’s brow, he knew this was no gift at all.

The accursed thing clamped in place with unimaginable force, enough that even he could not remove it, and he could feel his knowledge of the sun and its creation being stolen and scrutinized by intelligences vastly inferior to his own. Worse still, the power of the crown hurled him back into the heavens, and prevented him from getting any closer to that world again.

Instead, he was forced to watch as the duplicitous Aspects of Targon set the mortals to work in the construction of a great, gleaming disc. With this, they channeled his celestial power to raise up immortal god-warriors, for some unknown conflict that was apparently still to come.

Outraged, Aurelion Sol could see other stars fading across the firmament for lack of care and maintenance, and he strained to break free of the crown’s control. It was he who had birthed their light into the universe! Why must he be shackled, now, by the Aspects and their lowly pawns? He roared with glee when the Sun Disc failed… only to see a second, more powerful one take its place. Eventually, resigned to his fate, he saw the god-warriors cast down their rivals, then chittering creatures of pure darkness, and eventually each other.

Then, in little more than the blink of a star dragon’s eye, the world was ravaged by a succession of sorcerous catastrophes, and Aurelion Sol finally knew that Targon and the hated Aspects were all but defenseless. As he cautiously circled back, he realized the magic that bound him was weakening. Flecks of gold began to fall from his crown, each one blazing across the skies like a comet.

Driven by the tantalizing possibilities of freedom and revenge, Aurelion Sol now regards Runeterra with simmering, eternal fury. Surely, it is here, upon this world, that the cosmic balance will tip in his favor once more—and with it, the universe itself shall bear witness to the fate of those who dare steal the power of a star forger.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker
DixonTheGuideMaker Aurelion Sol Guide
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🐉 Aurelion Sol guide by Dixon 📜 12.14 ✅

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