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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Poppy Build Guide by CryAwake

Jungle Bruiser Poppy Jungle (In-Depth)

Jungle Bruiser Poppy Jungle (In-Depth)

Updated on October 25, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CryAwake Build Guide By CryAwake 38 2 76,863 Views 11 Comments
38 2 76,863 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CryAwake Poppy Build Guide By CryAwake Updated on October 25, 2019
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Cheap Shot
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

Bruiser Poppy Jungle (In-Depth)

By CryAwake
Introduction - CryAwake
Hello, my name is CryAwake, and first of all I am incredibly grateful you decided to check out my guide. I am a mastery seven Poppy main on the North American server I have nearly two hundred thousand mastery points on Poppy, I am currently a gold player pushing to platinum using the guide you see presented in front of you right now to climb up the elo ladder. I do sincerely hope you enjoy my first ever guide on Mobafire and I will appreciate it if you upvoted and left me a comment, thanks.
Pros and cons - CryAwake

+ High damage
+ High defence
+ Extremely cute
+ Lots of crowd control
+ game changing ulimate
Poppy have many varius strenghs with her bruiser build she is able to sustain a large amount of tankiness while still being able to burst down targets easily having a large amount of crowd control, Poppy can esily stun lock enemy champions providing excellent kill pressure as well as a large disruption in team fights[/color] id est laborum, and this may be an opinion wether its appropriate to include this but after Poppy's rework she is incredibly cute rather then the old gremlin that claimed her name.


- Easily kited
- Item reliant
- Watch's you sleep
- Weak ulimate engage
- Ultimate can negate kills
As much as I don't want to admit it my little cupcake does come with her own consequences, unless you are able to always land a stun on a ranged target Poppy can easily be kited be mages and attack damage carries, the main problem with Poppy is her ultimate don't get me wrong its an incredible ultimate ability but its rather strong as a disengage rather than an engage, playing Poppy as a bruiser she is more item reliant, be extremely careful when using your ultimate as a poorly time ultimate can negate kills.
Abilities - CryAwake
Iron Ambassador - Poppy's passive is a ranged auto called Iron Ambassador every 16 seconds Poppy with throw her buckler at an enemy damaging and applying on-hit effects if the buckler hits an enemy it will bounce back returning half the distance when picked up it will grant a Shield, if the buckler kills the enemy the shield will return to Poppy using her passive with the Titanic Hyrda active can chuck a squishies health.

Hammer Shock - Hammer Shock is Poppy's bread and butter ability dealing percentage physical damage and having a pretty low base cooldown, this is Poppy's main damaging ability I always for obvious reasons max Hammer Shock first, scaling well with attack damage this ability can create some devastating area of effect damage, try to aim hammer shock in the direction your enemy is moving to get both bursts of damage.

Steadfast Presence - Steadfast Presence increases movement speed and creates a barrier around Poppy blocking all enemy dashes, enemies that attempt to either dash towards or away from poppy are damaged and grounded, steadfast presence only blocks a single dash per enemy as well as blocking[blast cone dashes, max steadfast presence last as it scales with ability power and putting points in it are never worth it.

Heroic Charge - Heroic Charge is a point and clickability Poppy will dash towards an enemy unit knocking them back if the enemy collides with terrain heroic charge will do double its damage and stun the target this includes champion created terrains such as Anivia's wall or Taliyah's ultimate I recommend maxing heroic charge second as it skills decently with attack damage and can singlehandedly turn team fights and duels

Keeper's Verdict Keeper's Verdict can be instantly cast for an immediate area of effect knock up damaging and making enemies airborne or channelled to increase the range and damage of the ability enemies hit with a channelled ultimate become untargetable and are knocked towards their fountain. This ability can be used to either save you and your allies remove an enemy from team fights and extend your crowd control combo.
Runes - CryAwake
Conqueror - Conqueror is a very powerful rune for any bruiser it provides healing and true damage during duels even though many players may not see a difference Conqueror can singlehandedly create skirmishes into your favour, this ability will provide excellent damage against squishy targets and tanky targets making fighting multiple enemies easier however you sacrifice some burst for duelling potential with Conqueror

Triumph - Triumph is a rune set that can never be useless on anyone the gold earned for each kill have nearly no effect however the Triumph healing can easily save your life during a fight with many targets or gaining a successful tower dive kill. there has been a numerous amount of times where I survive a tower dive with the Triumph giving me just enough health to prevent the tower from killing, no other rune will work well.

Legend: Alacrity - Legend: Alacrity can grant up to eighteen percent attack speed its simple really killing champions, monsters and minions will add a stack the more you kill the more attack speed you'll gain, attack speed is not a necessity on Poppy but it will help you kill champions easier in duels and clear jungle camps faster you can rather take Legend: Tenacity if you want a tankier approach, Legend: Bloodline is not idle.

Coup de Grace - makes sure you get those guaranteed kills on champions below forty percent health by rewarding you with eight percent adaptive force in this case attack damage, Last Stand is also a good choice and can make some amazing plays when you are nearly dead, Poppy have some intense outplay potential, Cut Down makes zero sense as you build health items making it quite useless unless fighting all tanks

Electrocute - Electrocute is generally used for incredible bursts of damage, I usually don't use Electrocute unless fighting a squishy enemy jungler like Kindred and Twitch however if your main objective is to eliminate a certain enemy constantly such as their attack damage carry Electrocute will do the job right, you can also choose Predator for constant ganking pressure as well as scaring anyone who crosses you.

Cheap Shot - Cheap Shot is a very power rune for Poppy as it can be activated off all her abilities you don't need to land the stun from Heroic Charge to active Cheap Shot, if you going for a build path with the idle path of instant bursting Sudden Impact can be useful however you can only activate it using you heroic charge, don't touch Taste of Blood as the healing will be barely helpful and you don't build lifesteal .

Eyeball Collection - Eyeball Collection can be used to increase your adaptive force for every champion kill you get making it more easier for you to acquire more champion kills, however, if you want to go for a more vision rune I would recommend Zombie Ward, when you kill a ward it will come back to life as a zombie giving vision, making Heroic Charge easier to use in brushes, Ghost Poro will retreat removing vison.

Relentless Hunter - Relentless Hunter is really the only rune you should have, Ingenious Hunter, is never useful as your only active item is the Titanic Hyrda and its generally not your main damage item, Ultimate Hunter is also not recommended as your ultimate isn't a necessity, the only other rune that may have some use is Ravenous Hunter but its never worth it as the heal will barely affect you and generally will never save you.

Shield Bash - Shield Bash gives you both increased shield health and bonus damage when acquiring the shield, however, if you would rather have more tower pressure Demolish is a completely viable choice as Poppy's bruiser build does build a large amount of health, however, Font of Life is a rune I would highly not recommend as its main use its only good for peeling for your team or supporting.

Bone Plating - Bone Plating is an extremely powerful rune and is generally used on multiple tanks and bruisers after taking damage from an enemy, reduces the next three enemy attacks damage, Second Wind is quite useless as a jungler since the healing will barely affect you due to the fact you are not laning and taking zero poke damage unless ganking, Conditioning is not that helpful since you don't build very tanky.
Items - CryAwake
Stalker's Blade - Warrior - Stalker's Blade - Warrior provides a large amount of early game damage making securing kills extremely easier especially when invading with Heroic Charge and Hammer Shock available, when fighting a squishy jungler or scaler I generally rush Stalker's Blade - Warrior and constantly invade them creating increased creep score and kills, in my opinion taking early game damage over health is worth it.

Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk - Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk is generally never purchased unless I need a tankier approach sacrificing damage from the Stalker's Blade - Warrior, Immolate makes clearing camps and waves easier as well as dealing bonus magic damage to enemies that enter a duel with you. Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk provides a fifteen health modifier increasing the health of Black Cleaver and Titanic Hydra.

Black Cleaver - Black Cleaver is a very power bruiser item it provides excellent health, damage and twenty percent cooldown reduction, during a skirmish the passive will begin to shred armour by four percent stacking six times to a grand total of twenty-four percent, Black Cleaver provides great survivability and damage as well as making killing tanks much easier, simply adding a Last Whisper with making any tank fear you

Titanic Hydra - Titanic Hydra is a very powerful item for melee champions its base cleave passive makes clearing any camp or wave extremely easy the active can deal a devastating amount of damage to champions from an auto attack this includes Iron Ambassador, activating Titanic Hydra before tossing your buckler can create some power poke damage and occasionally and execute, finish this item first when fighting squishies.

Iceborn Gauntlet - Frostfire Gauntlet is an excellent item for Poppy it provides great mana, armour and twenty percent cooldown reduction, the Sheen passive can provide powerful damage whilst the armour scales with poppy's Steadfast Presence passive, the sheen passive can be activated with Iron Ambassador. I would recommend building the sheen quite early if you are having mana problems early game.

Spirit Visage - Spirit Visage is a tank item that provides a large amount of magic resistance, as well as health and base regeneration, having a support champion that can heal you, makes Spirit Visage a powerful item as receiving heath is increased by thirty percent, I generally go with a Spirit Visage as the base health regeneration is by itself is very strong, Gargoyle Stoneplate and Adaptive Helm are also viable choices.

Dead Man's Plate - Dead Man's Plate is generally a very offensive tank item it provides excellent health and armour, its passive will damage and strongly slow an enemy champion this works in Poppy's favour as her Iron Ambassador, this makes catching enemies extremely easier, using your Dead Man's Plate's passive with the active of Titanic Hydra can create come horrifying damage against squishy targets.

Guardian Angel - Guardian Angel is a wonderful item for bruisers I would recommend building this item last or earlier if you are ahead, make sure to be very smart after purchasing your Guardian Angel don't get caught out in a bad situation or you'll lose the Guardian Angel passive and generally late game, throw the game away into your enemies favour as cooldown timers can reach to around a minute.

Mercury's Treads - Mercury's Treads provide magic resistance and reduction on crowd control effects, the concept is really not that hard to hold if you face ability power champions build these boots quite early, I generally build Mercury's Treads as I prefer the offence of Frostfire Gauntlet over magic resistance, however, if you having trouble against ability power champions build Mercury's Treads then rush magic resistance.

Ninja Tabi - Ninja Tabi provides armour and reduction from auto attacks, because of the base health of Black Cleaver and Titanic Hydra you don't have to worry about being bursted down from enemy assassins and bruisers, I would recommend building Frostfire Gauntlet for your fist tank item however if you are facing multiple targets that deal their main damage with auto attacks I would build an early Ninja Tabi.
Summoner Spells - CryAwake
Chilling Smite - Chilling Smite is in most cases better than going with Challenging Smite as it provides excellent extra burst with you full combo, makes cathing up to enemies and running from enemies much more and can making landing Heroic Charge easier, however, if you are fighting a large collection of bruisers and tanks challenging smite is still very viable on Poppy, Smite is a necessity as a jungler .

Ignite - Ignite provides excellent kill pressure however I really would never take ignite unless in a position where you can easily run away and counter jungle to the absolute fullest, in most cases taking Ignite will guarantee a kill in the early game, however late game it becomes a burden with the only use reducing healing and limiting your escape, generally take Ignite when playing a laning phase to apply extra kill pressure.

Exhaust - Exhaust is a tricky summoner spell usually never seen used by champions beside supports and occasionally mid laners such as Karthus, Exhaust can apply powerful kill pressure as positioning you Heroic Charge correctly in the early game can guarantee a stun and sometimes the occasional kill, late game Exhaust can still prove to be incredibly useful for catching enemy carries as well as peeling for your own carries.

Ghost - Ghost may seem like a useless summoner spell to players but can prove to be incredibly powerful when ganking, being able to increase your movement and walk through units can make catching up to enemies easier forcing them to usually Flash whilst having ghost cooldown significantly lower than flash, if you decide to take Predator with ghost Poppy becomes an extremely horrifying ganker guaranteeing a kill if you land your stun .

Flash - Flash is a summoner spell under any circumstances is never a poor choice being the most used summoner spell Flash is an incredibly amazing summoner spell being able to flash over walls and short distances can easily save your life or help you position yourself to get a better a Heroic Charge to simply get closer to an enemy to insure yourself getting a kill, or landing a powerful area of effect crowd control .
Jungle route - CryAwake
As Poppy, you can easily solo Raptors as your first camp with Hammer Shock clump them together to guarantee you hit them all, after completing Raptors proceed to the Red Brambleback consume both health potions and ward the nearby brush, head toward Krugs and focus the large Krug finish it off with smite and finish the camp, either look to gank bot lane or mid lane if neither are available to gank proceed to the enemy Raptor camp take it if it is available or safe then proceed to Scuttle finish off with Blue sentinel , Gromp then Wolves , recall and rinse and repeat don't be afraid to invade with Poppy because of all the terrain in the jungle landing a stun is very easy and make sure to keep constantly ganking lanes to get your yourself and allies ahead.

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