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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Cho'Gath Build Guide by Raffattack

Ch-Ch-Ch Cho'Gath ! Chia Pet with Magic

Ch-Ch-Ch Cho'Gath ! Chia Pet with Magic

Updated on July 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raffattack Build Guide By Raffattack 7,151 Views 6 Comments
7,151 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Raffattack Cho'Gath Build Guide By Raffattack Updated on July 30, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport




Hello, MOBA! This is my first ever guide, and it's on one of my most favorite solo top champs. This is just an introduction so feel free to skip this little piece of me just spouting.

Well, I was first introduced to Cho'Gath when a couple of friends and I were playing a Normal game. I usually play solo top so I decided to try someone new to me; this being Cho'Gath. If I recall correctly, it was against a Irelia. I completely face stomped on that chick so hard. That was when I realized... Cho'Gath is a hard core tank with a lot of AP Potential. After learning more about him and how to combat other solo tops with this beast, I've finally decided to write a guide. I will try and keep this up to date as much as I can.


I recommend using this build with friends that you can speak to on something such as Vent or Skype.

I would also like to know a reason for the rating that you gave me.
Also, please criticize this guide so that I can hopefully become better.
Sorry if I keep repeating things. <3
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Abbreviations / Meanings

CC = Crowd Control (Slow, Stun, Snare, Silence)
MR = Magic Resist
KS = Kill-Steal
CS = Creep Score (Minion Kills / Jungle Creeps)
DPS = Damage Per Second
OOM = Out of Mana
ADC = Attack Damage Carry (ex. Graves, Ashe, Ezreal)
APC = Ability Power Carry (ex. Gragas, Anivia, Ezreal)
Gank = Pretty much an ambush

(Tell me some more!)
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Pros / Cons


+ Rupture = Knock-Up
+ Feral Scream = Silence
+ Two CC's Rupture Feral Scream
+ Feast Boosts your Tankiness
+ Carnivore Sustain in Lane
+ Feast Free Smite (True Damage)

- Rupture is easy to see for the enemy
- Yelled at for missing Rupture!!!
- Dying loses stacks on Feast
- Squishy early game
- Constantly having to get Feast Stacks
- Extremely Mana Hungry
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I get 9/21 for a few reasons.

The 9 Points in offense give you AP, Magic Penetration, and CD Reduction. If you choose to get Ignite over Teleport, you can finish off people or slow their healing.
Ex. Vladimir

(I've just edited the Defense Masteries)
The 21 Points in defense allow me to do a couple of things. I get bonus hp and increased Armor/MR. It also reduces the damage you take and a good amount of CD reduction. I personally think Juggernaut is a must have for tanks to lower the CC that is coming your way. Mercenary is there for ONE good reason. If you are the tank, you will be taking damage. Being Cho'Gath, your Vorpal Spikes will most likely hit most of the members of the opposing team. If they die, you get the assist which comes with that extra gold. It may seem like a little, but if you are doing a good job, it will really show.

If you really don't like Mercenary , put points into Initiator .

I've now reconsidered taking Mercenary into 2/2/2 on Initiator , Honor Guard , and Enlightenment . Also, getting Vigor . This will allow you to be ready for ganks with the Hp Regen, Movement Speed, and CD Reduction.
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Summoner Spells

A quick escape + can ensure your escape. NEVAR REPLACE THIS!

You'll be able to leave your lane and come back. You can also teleport to a ward in bot lane to gank.

FINISH HIM! ... or just slow their HP Regeneration down. A replacement for teleport.

Use this to slow the enemy AD carry. Don't get this if someone else on your team has gotten this. There has been many a time of 2 exhausts on 1 person.

The time has come for you to realize that you will be the target of all the CC if you're doing your job correctly. Cleanse all that away and rejoice as you can move and such now! Not recommended unless you know the opposing team. (Ex. Draft Pick / Ranked)
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Skill Explanations

Whenever Cho'Gath kills a unit, he recovers 34 - 68 (+2.0 each level) health and 3.5 - 7.75 mana (+0.25 each level). This passive gives you a lot of sustain in lane. Most people Rupture then Feral Scream a mob wave to get all the farm. Doing this will give you A LOT of Health back.

Ruptures the ground at target location. After a delay of 0.65 seconds, enemies are launched into the air for 1 second, dealt 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 305 (+100% of ability power) magic damage, and have their movement speed slowed by 60% for 3 seconds. This is a skill that can either win or lose a fight for your team. Figuring out an opponents movement patterns can help land some hits with this. The knock-up is really threatening in team fights.
Tips and Tricks
  • When the enemy tries to farm, punish them by rupturing.
  • Aim Rupture a little bit behind them, people tend to walk back when they see it.
  • Use Rupture while a Galio or Nunu & Willump channels their ultimate, you can end it earlier.

Cho'Gath screams in a cone in front of him, silencing enemies for 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3 seconds and causing 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+70% of ability power) magic damage. This ability is a silence that does tons of damage. Use this in fights regardless to make sure they can't use abilities such as Kayle's ultimate.
Tips and Tricks

Toggle: Cho'gath's physical attacks launch spikes which deal 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 (+30% of ability power) magic damage in a line in front of him. This skill can assist in last hits. Having attack speed really helps since it scales with it. :D (I can imagine AP/Attack Speed Cho'Gath in the near future.) I choose to get this last because we are mainly playing the role of a tank.
Tips and Tricks
  • Toggle this ability off when near an enemy tower. You can get turret agro if a spike hits the enemy champion.
  • You can use this to assist in your last hitting.
  • You can turn it off to hold your lane from being pushed as much with it on.

Devours an enemy unit, dealing 300 / 475 / 650 (+0.7 per ability power) true damage (1,000 to minions) that ignores armor and magic resist. If the target is killed, Cho'Gath grows, gaining 90 / 120 / 150 extra health (max 6 stacks). Cho'Gath loses half his stacks (rounded up) upon death. This skill is what makes Cho'Gath. This ultimate causes him to become bigger and look like more of a threat. Looking like more of a threat usually makes people waste all their abilities on you.
Tips and Tricks
  • You can use this as a free smite to secure Baron or Dragon
  • Use this to true damage an enemy champion
  • Get 6 Stacks as fast as you can.

This build burns tons of mana. Be sparing with your ability use.
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Your starting item should be a Doran's Ring. The ring gives you the much needed Mana Regen and 80 Health. The 15 AP is a nice touch as well. However, if you go up against somebody with tons of physical harass, such as Irelia, if you wish, buy a Doran's Shield.

After your first recall, you should be able to buy your boots. These are essential on any person.

Philosopher's Stone I usually buy this for the gold and mana regen. If you can, farm up until you can buy this and Boots at the same time. You should be able to unless you are getting harassed HARD. This item isn't required, but it's nice to have.

These boots will get you out of CC a lot faster with Tenacity.

This item is a must have for Cho'Gath. HP, Mana, AP that gets bigger. This item should come up right after you complete your Boots. DON'T FORGET THIS ITEM!!!

This item is godly for Cho'Gath. 99 Armor and 500 Mana. Pretty good! Now add the CD Reduction and the Attack Speed Reduction on nearby enemy champions will help against the AD Carry by A LOT! Buy this after RoA.

This item is honestly here just to give the AP. There is no other reason. Adds damage to all your skills. Done.

This is your 2nd chance at life buddy! Buy this for the Armor and MR boost. If you die with this item, you come back alive and your job of tanking is reborn!

The HP regen on this is really the only real reason for this item. The MR is going to be my back up excuse for buying this item. Tank for days by Regenerating all your HP back fast!

The Situation

If the other team is stacked with MR. Replace FoN with this.

If the enemy team is AD Heavy or if their ADC is fed. Replace FoN with this.

Replace frozen heart with this if you are having really heavy problems with the entire enemy carries. Replace FoN :)

If the enemy has tons of HP. This item is really situational, but gives you another Gold item. Make sure to use it if you get it! Replace FoN.

(For Some Reason, I Like to Replace FoN)
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Skill Sequence Explanation

The skill sequence is like this for a reason.


  • Mana Hungry (Don't be spamming skills!)
  • Starts working better at 6
  • Requires that you have to last hit until Philo.
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You and Your Team

As Cho'Gath, your job is to put as much pressure on the enemy carries. Be sure to Feral Scream the enemy AP Carry! Rupture whoever is channeling a spell (Ex. Malefic Visions).


(and CC the heck out of them)

Hopefully, you are able to tank almost everything the enemy sends your way. Also, try to pick off members of the opposing team if they choose to farm. Each kill will only help! This reasoning only works for no or small exchange. 1 of them, for none of you is good!

Jungle Buffs, Dragon, Baron

Keep your jungle buffs safe!

If your team decides to Dragon or Baron, keep your feast up to secure it! 1000 true damage can probably secure it most of the time.
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Game Stages

Early Game
All I do is farm, farm, farm! No matter what!
Yep that explains it. Stay alive and start harassing the enemy with Vorpal Spikes at 3.
Use your Rupture and Feral Scream to run away or initiate for a gank from your jungler.

Mid Game
This stage is where Cho'Gath should shine. By this, you should have your RoA. A few feast stacks and if you really farmed a lot, a Frozen Heart. There should have been at least 2 team fights by now.

Late Game
By now, you should have everything! (or at least everything) Tank and keep your carries alive. Win team fights and get Baron when you can. Bush gank unlucky roamers. You are the team. Carry them on your back. NOW!
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vs. Other Solo Tops [under construction]

I only have info on some so any useful comments on these champions would be nice on these solo tops!

Jeebus! Rupture inside the Twilight Shroud. If you don't want to waste a rupture then move back a little and Feral Scream inside of there. That's the only time you can really counter Akali. She does to much damage if you have no MR. Try to shut her down early or she can just annihilate your team if she gets fed from kills/farm.

Epic counter right here. You will destroy this sucker! If he even dares to use Cataclysm on you, unleash the fiercest Rupture you have ever done! Feral Scream right away afterword. Render his Cataclysm useless! 3.5 Seconds on his ultimate rendered useless from just 2 abilities! YEA! Other than that, deny him of farm and try to deny his experience. It's really easy to get ganked if the enemy has his Cataclysm however. A jungler like Rammus, Nocturne, or Shaco will probably be able to kill you in those 3.5 Seconds. WARDS!

LOLOLOLOL! You would think that Jax would be hard, but he really isn't. You would also think that Jax players could stop activating Counter Strike and Empower before jumping on you. NOPE. Right when you see a spinning cane on top of his head that is shining yellow, get ready to use Rupture on yourself. I always laugh when he uses Leap Strike and stun me, just to get knocked into the air. Even if you got hurt, Feral Scream and just auto attack with Vorpal Spikes to get him to book it out of there. If by some chance, you get ganked for that reason... FLASH! He should be easy to go up against. Buy wards to see why he is activating those skills. Either for a gank, or just to harass you.

If you chose to get the Greater Quintessence of Scaling Magic Resist, then you shouldn't be too worried. Rumble is someone you don't normally see. However, he can probably beat you in a fight. No offense, but his Flamespitter and Scrap Shield will make him hard to kill. His Electro-Harpoon will also make it hard for you to get to him. Assume that he is good! Use Feral Scream before he is 100 Heat. Rupture him when he does his combo. At 6, you can lose! Farm and harass with Vorpal Spikes at the same time. I don't see him enough, other than myself playing Rumble. He will initiate a fight with you indefinitely when he uses Electro-Harpoon, into Scrap Shield while using Flame Spitter. Right when you think you're safe, if he is at 6, expect The Equalizer to land.

This guy right here. All you need to know is: Don't chase him when he has his Poison Trail on, don't push your lane! Why? Fling is the reason! If you even push enough next to his tower, he will Fling you over into tower range and those tower hits hurt! Also, if he throws out his Mega Adhesive near the mid point of the lane, assume that you are going to get ganked and just run out of there! The only way Singed will do good late game is if you allow him to farm. DON'T LET HIM! If you really must, however, fight him before 6. His ultimate, Insanity Potion will make it hard for you to kill him on your own. Especially if he already has his Rod of Ages

This is probably one of the "Nightmare" champions that you can go against. He will life steal off you most of the time with a blood Transfusion. Try to take advantage of Carnivore, you really need those last hits now! Hitting Rupture is probably one of the hardest things to do. Why? Sanguine Pool! He will use this to dodge that! If he does, try and silence him right when he gets up. You can also try and wait for him to use that, and Rupture right after he gets up!

GG. You have now lost your lane! Let him push to your tower so that your Jungler can gank. He is really mana hungry, so the only chance to fight back is when he runs out of Mana! Land your Feral Scream, then Rupture! Feast him, if needed.

Derp. Farm more than this copycat. Dodge his Rupture, then Rupture him back. Another strategy, Feral Scream into a Rupture. This won't let him fight back. Careful for the reply of the exact same things while you run. :)

Deny him from farming his Siphoning Strike. Har Har Har. Rupture and Feral Scream him!

Rupture when he jumps on you. What more can I possibly say.

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Build 2: Super Mega Tank

This is probably one of the hardest Cho'Gath builds to finish. This build is very expensive and is often seen as trolling! This should not be used in very serious gameplay, such as Ranked. This utilizes anything to do with Armor, Magic Resistance, and HP. All of these items will give you more than enough HP to tank what the other team throws. Put in some resistances like Force of Nature and Guardian Angel and now you are an unstoppable force. The Sunfire Aegis is there to do damage while you tank everything.

Recommended Game Modes
-ARAM = All random, All mid

This build is meant for you to have fun!
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Thanks to -
Jhoijhoi for some templates for the Pros / Cons, Runes, and masteries.
Her guide
my friend for reviewing this guide and telling me some problems.
Matt for creating the BBCoding Guide!

Thank you for reading or skimming!
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Explanation for Name

If, for some reason, you want to know why I named it "Ch-Ch-Ch Cho'Gath ! Chia Pet with Magic" then here is the reasoning. Chia Pets grow over time; like Cho'Gath when he gets Feast stacks. Thus, if Cho'Gath = Chia Pet so then... if Chia Pets have magic then Cho'Gath has AP. That is why ~
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Log of News

7/10/12 - Published !

7/10/12 - Changed name from Ch-Ch-Ch Cho'Gath to ---> Ch-Ch-Ch Cho'Gath ! Chia Pet with Magic

7/11/12 - Added some vs. Other Solo Tops (Akali, Singed, Rumble, J4, Jax, Pantheon, & Nasus)

7/12/12 - Added some vs. Other Solo Tops (Vlad, Yorick, Cho'Gath)

7/13/12 - Added Deathfire Grasp to The Situation

7/23/12 - Changed Masteries for better laning

7/30/12 - Added a 2nd Build: Super Mega Tank. (Fun Build)

7/31/12 - Changed the Quints
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