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Neeko Build Guide by Doglightning

Support [Challenger] Neeko Support Guide 🐸🌸

Support [Challenger] Neeko Support Guide 🐸🌸

Updated on September 21, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doglightning Build Guide By Doglightning 1154 36 1,301,486 Views 63 Comments
1154 36 1,301,486 Views 63 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Doglightning Neeko Build Guide By Doglightning Updated on September 21, 2022
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Runes: Guardian - Defensive

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Zombie Ward
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Aggressive summs
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[Challenger] Neeko Support Guide 🐸🌸

By Doglightning


I am updating one guide a week for the next 10 weeks. If this message is not at the top of the guide then it has been updated
Welcome tomatoes! I am Doglightning an grandmaster Neeko Support main. I have been playing league since season 3 but s9 was my first season I really tried to progress as I was done with school. I hit Diamond for the first time playing Neeko support and managed to climb my way up to Master by the end of the split. Now in s10 I have hit grandmaster from being a plat player a year ago. To me this is proof of Neekos viability as I am not just a high elo player I actually managed to climb to high elo using this champion!

This guide is updated for Season 10, so you know the information to be the best comes from the best and ensures YOU get the most up to date information possible.

Why Neeko support?
Other the the fact that she's hella fun and cute! She's also got good synergies with most adcs and is good vs most tanks and healers. She can play many different styles. Engage, disengage and vision control are all things Neeko excels at. I like to think of her like a lower dmg Zyra but has the ability to engage more aggressively. If you are looking for an off meta support then I strongly recommend Neeko!
Please check out my twitch it really helps support me in making Neeko content like this:

+ Good base damage
+ Great CC
+ Peel/Engage
+ Lane bully
+ Excellent at vision control
+ Only mage support with an escape
+ Fun passive

Neeko is an very underrated support. She can disengage with Tangle-Barbs & Pop Blossom while still able to look for engages when her Flash is off cooldown. Neekos vision control is one of the best in the game imo because of Shapesplitter allowing her to safely ward alone without getting caught. She is also the only mage in the game with an escape thanks to Shapesplitter so you can pick her into engage tanks and not int if you get caught.

- Low range
- Squishy
- Falls off late
- Hard to play from behind
- High skill floor
- Gets flamed by teammates

Neeko has short range for a mage because she has an escape which most mages don't have. Unfortunately this short range makes her a harder champ to play at first and very weak into mages who will out rage you. Neeko is very squishy and falls off late game so you will need to end games ASAP. The worst part about Neeko imo is that she is off meta so people will instantly blame you when you are losing so you must have thick skin and mute these type of people!

FLASH: This is an mandatory summoner spell. The most common uses for it are to flash Tangle-Barbs and flash Pop Blossom the enemy.
IGNITE: Ignite is a direct counter to Heal which almost every adc takes so be sure to use it before the enemy Heals for some early kills. In teamfights put it on whoever is getting the most healing.
EXHAUST: I usually only run Exhaust into Tristana and Yasuo because of their ability to hard engage lvl 2 and snowball. If you struggle vs assassins then this is also a fine option.
Barrier: Nimbus Cloak + Barrier is one of my favorite combos into hard engage champs like Rakan, Nautilus or Leona. Go for aggressive trades early and if they hard engage on you just kill and and escape with 10% hp.


Electrocute is a super good all in rune as you can proc it very easily with your E>Q>AA combo. This is my go to rune if I don't know what to run and is very good if you have kill pressure in lane lvl 2 or 3.

Predator is a good option if you think you don't have kill pressure in lane and want to roam. Say its a Ezreal and Soraka then you will be safe to leave adc 1v2 and roam early. First back get your Boots and look to roam mid or top. When you hit 6 you have insane lane pressure since you can hard engage at any point.
I only ever take Taste of Blood in this section because Neeko has low range and will be taking poke. This allows her to sustain herself by landing Blooming Burst whenever you can. Also since I go for W start on Neeko I am trading aggressively lvl 1 with auto attacks and Taste of Blood procs off autos so you can sustain some of the poke the enemy adc/supp trade back on you.

I run Zombie Ward because the late game vision control it gives is insane but I think it's only better in diamond+ elo as it requires the enemy to actually ward which lower elo supports don't really do that well.

Ghost Poro is better in low elos because for one the enemy is less likely to sweep wards making it easier to stack compared to higher elo where they enemy is constantly sweeping wards before you can convert them into powos.
Relentless Hunter is just great for keeping presence on the map also very good for games you think you will not be building Mobility Boots.

Ingenious Hunter is a must if you are running Predator as it significantly reduces the cd. Also is mandatory if you plan on running the enchanter neeko items.
Celerity is really good on Neeko. This rune will add about 9 ms when you finish your boots and will add about 15 ms every time you use Shapesplitter. It may not seem like alot but this can be the difference in landing a root or dodging a skillshot.

Second Wind is a very good option vs poke lanes. In combination with Taste of Blood you will be healing about an extra 200hp b4 first back which is more than a extra pot.
Waterwalking is imo a really clutch rune. Neeko is a early/mid game champ. the movespeed from Waterwalking allows better roaming in the early game while giving movespeed for big ults mid game. By this I mean a lot of the game winning Neeko ults are around baron and dragon making the extra 25 ms in river very valuable.

Overgrowth scales really well later into the game since you get free health from the support item and 300hp from Hextech Rocketbelt.

Unflinching is good if the enemy bot lane as a lot of cc and you want free tenacity. For example this rune is really good vs Nautilus.
Axe rune is very underrated on Neeko. Since I start Shapesplitter you are autoing as much as possible early and if you all in the enemy at anypoint one extra proc of Shapesplitter will do way more dmg then Diamond would add.


Aftershock is a good choice if you have a safe adc but you are scared they will all in you. For instance you are facing a Nautilus and your adc is a Ezreal. Since ezreal is not hookable because of his blink then you will be the kill target. After you get hooked throw a Tangle-Barbs to proc Aftershock and get tanky.

Guardian is good if you have a weak early adc and want to protect him from getting all in from the enemy support. If the enemy support engages on your or the adc just walk in range of Guardian to proc the shield and block a ton of damage.
Demolish is great for pressuring the enemies tower and taking early plates.
Never can go wrong since if you don't get plates in lane it's still useful to help push towers later.

Font of Life is kinda useless early. It heals when people auto attack people that you have rooted for a % of your hp. Early because you don't have hp it barely heals anything. Later when you finish Hextech Rocketbelt and Bulwark of the Mountain it will start to heal a decent amount in teamfights.

Conditioning is good if you have an easy lane and plan to just scale into late game.

Second Wind is good into poke lanes where you are just constantly taking damange.

Bone Plating is good vs all in lanes where you wanna avoid getting bursted.
Take Overgrowth for an extra 150 hp late game. once you finish your Hextech Rocketbelt and Bulwark of the Mountain it will start to scale.

If enemy has a lot of cc than Unflinching is really good. You can get this and Mercury's Treads to avoid getting cc chained.
Taste of Blood combo'd with Second Wind will give a ton of sustain. Maybe an extra 250 healing combined by first back. Really good vs poke lane.

Zombie Ward is good for scaling to late game and getting lots of free vision when sweeping wards. Also gives 30ap later.
Ingenious Hunter is really good if you plan on going my enchanter Neeko build. This is when you get Shurelya's Battlesong with Redemption. These both have long cd's and with Ingenious Hunter you can get the cooldown lower so you can spam more.

Relentless Hunter is good if you wanna go full ap Neeko and be able to rotate around the map faster as you don't need item cdr with just protobelt.
Axe rune is very underrated on Neeko. Since I start Shapesplitter you are autoing as much as possible early and if you all in the enemy at anypoint one extra proc of Shapesplitter will do way more dmg then Diamond would add.


Arcane Comet is amazing if your lane is very easy to poke out. This inherently means its worse into shields and heals because they will just sustain the poke out. Landing a good root lvl 1 or 2 will guarantee that the comet and scorch both hit giving 35 free dmg on your first spell that hits which is the same dmg as electrocute.
Nimbus Cloak is so fun it gives you movespeed when you use your summs which can save your life or net you a kill. If facing a tank bot I would recommend pairing Nimbus Cloak with Barrier. Hextech Flashtraption can also be fun comboed with Nimbus Cloak if you play around with it! Example Hexflash play!

All the options in this part of the tree are viable but I think Celerity is the best. This rune will add about 9 ms when you finish your boots and will add about 15 ms everytime you use Shapesplitter.
Scorch is just good. Every time you hit a spell it burns the enemy for extra damage. If this hits a few times before you all in the damage could be the difference needed for a kill.

Waterwalking is imo a really clutch rune. Neeko is a early/mid game champ. the movespeed from Waterwalking allows better roaming in the early game while giving movespeed for big ults mid game. By this I mean a lot of the game winning Neeko ults are around baron and dragon making the extra 25 ms in river very valuable.
Taste of Blood is just good for sustain in lane and making your trades more favorable for yourself.

Hextech Flashtraption is really fun with Nimbus Cloak because you can combo the extra ms with your Shapesplitter to get some extra distance in the stealth.
Relentless Hunter is just great for keeping presence on the map also very good for games you think you will not be building Mobility Boots.

Biscuit Delivery is very good when taking Arcane Comet because you will oom in lane taking Blooming Burst level 1 and Biscuit Delivery gives you 10% of your missing mana back.
This page is usually used vs mages in the bot lane so I take Circle for some extra resist to the poke.
Inherent Glamour (Passive): Neekos passive allows her to disguise herself as an ally.
Imo there are two uses that are super important. One is you can use the passive you hide your ult cast and two that you gain the base movespeed of the ally you turn into. Make sure when roaming you are getting the best ms champion. As for trickery just play around with it changing into low hp allies and try to bait the enemy. Click to watch a few passive tricks
Blooming Burst (Q): For Support Blooming Burst isn't that good which is why I leave it at one point usually. Since it bounces when it hits a target you can use it to check if enemies are in bushes. Not to much more to say about this spell.

Shapesplitter (W): Neekos clone is one of her most unique spells and has many functions. you can use it to dodge spells, deaggro minion wave, start a slow push, trick enemy,
avoid ganks and many more. If you want to see how to do these tricks then click right here!
Tangle-Barbs (E): Tangle-Barbs is the bread and butter of Neeko support. The first target hit will be a half duration but every target after that will be double duration which at max rank is 3 SEC! Try to always send your root through the minions before you hit the enemy. An EXTREMELY IMPORTANT trick is you can root then flash after to make the root harder to dodge rather than flash then root after. Click here to see how it's done.
Pop Blossom (R): Pop Blossom is probably one of the most satisfying abilities in the game. You can hide its cast with neekos passive then flash on the enemy at the last second and they won't know what hit them. Its important that you don't only use Pop Blossom for engages when you get to teamfights. You need to learn to use it for disengage just as much as you engage with it. Try holding it in teamfights sometimes until maybe 10 sec later rather than blowing it at the start! Full combo example.

All in playstyle

The all in play style of Neeko is great with adc's who are looking to "all in" or go for extended
trades. Adc's like Kai'Sa, Lucian and Tristana all want to get their full dps combo off
and long roots help enable your adc to carry. There are also adc's that can combo your root
if you put extra points in it. Great example is Caitlyn can easily trap under your root once
you have 2 points in it and Xayah can Q auto and E to combo your root with her own root.
Another side benefit of maxing root immediately is once you hit 6 you can Tangle-Barbs
into a Pop Blossom without having to worry that they might flash out of your ult since the
extended root duration is 2.4 sec by the time you hit lvl 6.

It is important to note that you do not want to max Tangle-Barbs vs mobile adc's that can
dodge the root like Vayne, Lucian or Ezreal. Also vs Sivir you do not want to max
root or she will just spell shield it. Max Blooming Burst and make her choose between getting
poked or rooted.

Poke playstyle

The poke playstyle is much better with adc's that will not make use of an extended root and
are more just looking for quick trades. Adc's like Ezreal, Varus and Ashe are great
with this since they can poke with you early and look for all ins once you hit lvl 6. Since Jhin
can extend a lvl 1 root easily with his Deadly Flourish it is a good idea to do the poke style
with him. Also vs Morgana you can break her rank 1 Black Shield with a rank 3
Blooming Burst so its good to level this style vs her.

Why W then E first?

This is a question I get a lot and there are a few reason.
1. Shapesplitter has no mana cost so you are much less likely to oom before first back.
2. Once you hit lvl 2 you can stealth out of a bush and look for an empowered root for an easy first blood.
3. If you get ganked early it's better to have Shapesplitter and Tangle-Barbs then Blooming Burst.
4. In an early all in you will get more dmg out of Shapesplitter which is why I run Axe.
5. You can trade very efficiently with Shapesplitter lvl 1 since it cannot be dodged and you can deaggro the minion wave after you trade to take no dmg in return. Deaggro technique.
6. If you cannot trade lvl 1 say its a Draven Nami then you can use Shapesplitter to push the wave and hit lvl 2 first.

Why max W 2nd?

This is a topic that I get asked all the time on stream. I will start by saying everyone has a play style and if you like the extra dmg then for sure max Blooming Burst 2nd. For me I am all about vision control and mid game I am spamming Shapesplitter on cd to get control of the enemy jungle. Maxing Shapesplitter reduces its CD so I can get my vision control quicker and safer. Also maxing Shapesplitter 2nd gives you an extra 20% ms at max rank. This is very helpful for engaging with your ult or kiting a teamfight out. I personally think supports are there to support and don't need the extra dmg from Blooming Burst.

Starting Items

  • This is your go too if in a lane where you can constantly poke the enemy.


  • Really synergizes with Neekos stealth on Shapesplitter. when using stealth out of a bush the extra movespeed means you can get closer to the enemy without them seeing you. If you can rush this early it's also great for roaming.
  • I don't build this too often but if you are the only AP carry on your team this will help you be a real threat in teamfights forcing enemy tanks to build MR.
  • Amazing item if the team has a lot of AP or CC. Most ults you engage with will get you CC chained and this boots option will help break that chain.
  • If enemy has all ad or lots of auto attack champions then this is a good item.

AP Neeko Support Items

(note: you can mix items from ap, enchanter and tank builds)
  • By far best item on Neeko. You can use the rocketbelt to extend the Pop Blossom range just like a mini Flash. It also can be used as a tool to dodge spells or push waves. With Ap, Hp and CDR idk what more you could ask for in an item.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass is only needed when the enemy has champions that can 1 shot you before ult lands like Katarina or Rengar. This is a really expensive item and you may not complete it every game which is why I don't like building it unless I have to.
  • Decent item to round out your build at the end as it is cheap and easy to complete with not many open slots. This item offers no defensive stats so I usually build this as a 3rd item. The active is good for scouting but Neekos Shapesplitter does that job well enough so you will probably just use it for engage/disengage.
  • Great item if the enemy team has a bunch of healing champs such as Soraka, Darius or Ekko. You can rush Oblivion Orb as it is only 800g and applies the anti heal.
  • Good if enemy has a lot of AP champs or long range spells you want to block like Zoe sleep or Blitzcrank hook. Also when you disguise using Inherent Glamour the enemy cannot see the spell shield making it easy to bait key enemy spells.
  • Great if you are snowballing hard. basically when you land your root the rest of your combo will do 10% more dmg. If not snowballing don't get it as its expensive.
  • Since it does %hp dmg it is very good vs tanky teams. Also it makes you tanky which is always good on Neeko as you are usually front lining with your Pop Blossom
  • If the enemy team is stacking MR and you are trying to be a big damage source then Void Staff is a must as it greatly increases your damage potential.

Enchanter/Tank Neeko Support Items

(note: you can mix items from ap, enchanter and tank builds)
  • This item provide engage/disengage for not only you but your whole team. It also Provide a damage boost for you and your teammates next 3 spells. Seriously a great item on Neeko.
  • If you team is missing engageor you are facing an all AP team then this item is perfect. The AoE slow at the end makes it so whoever you are ulting cannot escape even if they flash. Fun fact I first hit diamond rushing this item with aftershock every game. Trust me its fun!
  • One of my favorite support items. If you are ever falling behind just build this item. It is the cheapest item in the game costing only 2100g and it literally does everything. The heal is good, it can give vision to scout baron, can be used while dead and does 10% of the enemies hp as true dmg. If you combo this with Hextech Rocketbelt you aren't really reducing your all in dmg and you are increasing your survivability. Seriously try this item!
  • This item is good if you are wanting to peel your adc as it makes your adc do more damage to the people you root off them.
  • Super niche item. Only get it if the enemy is all AD and they keep diving your adc. The effects of this are halved for ranged champs so you should wait until your adc has at least 3 items to make this item effective.
  • If enemy team is AP this is great as it makes you very tanky but at the same time enables your team to do 10% more damage to the people you are CCing
This video of me vs Aphromoo is great at highlighting the power of starting Shapesplitter into Tangle-Barbs. Level 1 you want to be autoing the minions to get your empowered auto then poking the enemy. Notice how after I auto the vayne in the video I instantly pop Shapesplitter to deaggro the 3 ranged minions that would of attacked me! I then predict a gank coming and since I had Tangle-Barbs I am able to CC the graves and save my adc. If I had started Blooming Burst I would have done less dps then Shapesplitter and probably wouldn't have been able to make this play happen.
Now say you are facing a ranged support with a long range adc that you cannot poke lvl 1 with Shapesplitter like in that video vs Aphromoo. This is okay you can instead of going for poke use your empowered autos to push the wave and hit lvl 2 first. You can then stealth from the brush and look for an empowered Tangle-Barbs to get first blood. Stealth + Empowered Root Example!

If you are in a lane where you are in a losing matchup this is okay since Neeko can win at 6 even if you fall a bit behind. Remember to use your passive Inherent Glamour to disguise your ult and look for flash ults to catch your opponent off guard. If you are losing lane so bad that you cannot win at 6 go roam. Using Inherent Glamour to look like a jungler can really throw top/mid off when you gank!
Once mid game hits you want to be getting vision around the objectives your team will be fighting over. That could be drag/baron/ a tower. Utilizing Neekos Shapesplitter will be key to safely getting vision down without needing a teammate to babysit you. Neekos ability to safely ward alone is one of her greatest strengths as a support and it's why I max Shapesplitter 2nd. To reduce the CD and increase your ms for engages.

Speaking of engages lets go over your role for teamfighting. This can be difficult to learn as Neeko can act as your teams engage/disengage. Once you get into this phase of the game ask yourself a few questions. Does my team have better engages then me? Will my adc need peeling? Is my adc very fed? These are really important into discovering your role in a teamfight. If your team has great engage like a Zac then you should let him engage. You can follow up his engage with your combo but this is when you need to ask yourself if your adc needs you too peel. If it's a self peeling adc like Kai'Sa, Xayah or Ezreal feel free to follow up on your teams engage but if its a Jinx, Ashe or Jhin you should consider holding your Pop Blossom for peeling them.

Defending against Baron pushes is something Neeko is great at. Since your adc will have a tower to protect them this is a great time you use your Sweeping Lens and go hide in a flank. If you use Inherent Glamour to disguise yourself as a teammate and come from behind with a big Pop Blossom & Hextech Rocketbelt & Flash combo this can be an easy way to come back in games. Teams with baron always play over aggressive and if you have been peeling all game they won't expect you to be flanking them!

Just remember you might lose your team games when learning when you need to be an engager and an peeler but you need to just keep failing until you learn the best times to be doing each role. Most mage/enchanter supports can only disengage and peel. Neekos ability to engage is what makes her so fun!
Thanks to anyone who made it this far. It look me about 11 hours to make this guide and I would really appreciate it if you checked my twitch out! Neeko support is a passion of mine and my goal is to make this something that isn't flamed at by the lol community. I will be updating this guide about 2 weeks after preseason drops so make sure you come back!

I used JHOIJHOI guide Making a Guide to create this.

If you are looking for good Neeko mid info check out NeekoNeekoNiii's guide

More good Neeko Support info: Neeko essentials from the top mastered neeko na

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