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Aatrox Build Guide by DixonTheGuideMaker

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Complete Aatrox guide by Dixon

By DixonTheGuideMaker | Updated on July 10, 2020

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Champion Build Guide

Complete Aatrox guide by Dixon

By DixonTheGuideMaker
Hello! My name is Dixon. My highest rank is Diamond 4 (EU-West). I try to make video guides for beginners with all basic information any new player needs to know. In my videos I also add a game review of one of best mainers of the champion.

Here is my Aatrox video guide:
Aatrox abilities Back to Top
First of all, it is worth noting that his abilities don’t need mana or any other resources like energy or something. It means that his abilities are only limited by their cooldown time.

Aatrox passive Deathbringer Stance is a fairly useful ability. His attacks become stronger and he gets some health back that allows him to trade more successfully and to stay longer at his lane. Of course the recharging is quite big, but you need to remember that it can be reduced through the use of basic skills and in those moments when you hit an enemy with the ability The Darkin Blade. Buying items which reduce cooldown time and levelling up his abilities lead to more frequent usage of Aatrox passive.

THE DARKIN BLADE is the main combat skill of Atrox, around which the entire game of the champion is actually built. The ability allows you to deliver 3 powerful strikes with AOE damage and the ability to throw enemies into the air. It is worth saying that it is not necessary to use all three hits at once. After the first hit 4 more seconds are given to you to make other 2 hits. This time is enough to use the ability more competently. You need to understand that each subsequent strike does more damage, so it is extremely important to hit the second and third strikes. In addition, you need to learn how to get exactly the edge of the blade, since the damage in this case will be very significant and the enemy will be thrown into the air. Actually, this is the most difficult thing in this champion, but this is what you should learn first. If you do not hit the enemies with the edge of the blade, then there will be little sense from such an Aatrox player in the game. I recommend you to carefully study the affected area of each strike. On the first levels, the ability will not do as much damage as we would like to see and the cooldown will be huge. So do not hope that you will out trade all your enemies. The ability has also a very important role in team fights, since you have the opportunity to throw enemies into the air several times, and AOE control in battles is extremely useful.

INFERNAL CHAINS on the one hand, the ability allows you to inflict good damage and control the enemy, pulling him to the center, but unfortunately it’s quite difficult to do. The reason is that after using the ability, the enemy should be in the zone during 1.5 seconds, and this is actually a lot of time. It’s good to use this ability in combination with some other control skills of your teammates. Firstly your ally uses something like stun and right after that you apply infernal chains. After the moment when enemy gets to the center of this zone, you should hit him by your Q – the Darking Blade. It is especially hard to use the ability against mobile champions. That’s why Aatrox is more favourable champion against opponents with low mobility.

Umbral Dash increases the mobility of the champion and allows him to hit his Q (the Darking Blade) more accurately. The range of the dash is quite low though. Yes, we can jump over thin walls, but for example, this will not save us from the gang of the enemy jungler. You can use his first Q+E combo to strike range champions or to land the last and the strongest Q into heads of your melee opponent. In conclusion, it is worth pointing out that the passive part of the ability gives us vampirism significantly increases the champion's survivability in battle. The most important thing is to try to constantly do damage.

World Ender is the ultimate ability of Aatrox. It was changed so many times that many players have already forgotten how it worked at the beginning. Some time ago, the ultimate allowed the champion to be resurrected during the battle, but this feature was removed and now it only increases the combat characteristics of Aatrox. Now the ability works as simple and clear as possible. After the activation, you get a bonus to movement speed, a bonus to damage and self-healing. Moreover, if during the battle you kill or help to kill an enemy champion, then the duration will last longer.
Summoner spells Back to Top
The most common choice is Flash + Teleport. Flash enhances mobility, which the champion needs very much and certainly should not rely on the ability Umbral Dash. Teleport, in principle, is a frequent choice for the top line, as this spell allows you to quickly move to another line and help allies. At the beginning of the game, the teleport can still be used to quickly return to the line from the base. So you don’t lose any gold or experience. For Aatrox, the teleport is also good because the champion himself is a good pusher. Not ideal, but the champion has the potential for this. It is extremely important to have in the ability to quickly move to the allies and participate in the battle when you are doing split-pushing. In some cases, you can take Ignite instead of the teleport. In this case, you will have more damage on the line and against some champions this may be a good choice. Personally, I think that teleport is a better choice.
Skill order Back to Top
Aatrox has not many options what to learn first. The Darkin Blade must be maxed out, as this is our main source of damage. A higher ability level will not only increase damage, but also reduce cooldown. Secondly, it’s better to maximize Umbral Dash. This ability will help you to land the Darkin Blade more accurately and give you a good vampirism. And it is enough to learn Infernal Chains one time at the beginning of the game, since it is difficult hit the enemy by this ability. He can simply to stay behind his minions or you can miss. Of course you have to learn the ultimate ability as fast as possible.
Runes for Aatrox Back to Top
You see the runes at your screen. Conqueror is the best rune for Aatrox because it provides you with bonus attack damage and it’s very easy to stack with your combo. Triumph gives you HP and gold for each kill or assist and it’s simply better than other two options. Legend Alacrity provides you free attack speed to do more damage and to restore more HP back due to vampirism. But Legend Tenacity is also a good option against an enemy team with massive control abilities. Last Stand gives you another damage increase. Some people prefer Coup de Grace though. Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter give you additional sustain both at the line and team fights.
Build Back to Top
The power spike for Aatrox is Black Cleaver plus Death’s Dance. After buying them, Aatrox becomes an unstoppable, almost unkillable demon of destruction. Together with Sterak’s Gage, Spirit Visage and Guardian Angel you will have anything a bruiser wants to have: a lot of Health Points, Resistances and Damage.
Strong enemies Back to Top
Early game can be a serious problem for Aatrox. The most problematic will be the champions who are able to play aggressively from the first minutes like Rumble, Riven, Jax, Fiora, Camille, Tryndamere, Garen, Darius. All of them are potentially dangerous enemies that will not allow you to farm normally in the first minutes of the game, and with help of enemy’s jungler they can easily kill you. You should play as carefully as possible and in some cases you can even let the enemy push your line a bit. So you can stay closer to your tower and at least be less afraid of the ganges. No matter how difficult the start might seem to you, remember that you will be able to fully reveal your potential in team fights. So even if you lose the line, don’t worry too much.
General tips and playstyle Back to Top
At the early stage of the game, Aatrox is not easy to stand on the line. He relies too much on The Darkin Blade ability, which has a large cooldown at the beginning of the game, and the damage of the skill is medium. With normal artifacts and if you hit the edge of the blade, the damage will be great, but before that you still need to survive. Most often, at the beginning of the game, Aatrox is better to play very carefully and try to farm as well as possible without missing minions. Do not seek early killings if you don’t play against some easy trash champions like Kayle or Nasus. Without the help of the jungler, killing the enemy on the line will be very difficult. The most important thing is to not die yourself. If the enemy plays passively, then of course he can be pressed a little, but without fanaticism. Be sure to follow the approximate movement of the enemy jungler and timely set wards in the area of the river. Aatrox has no way to quickly get out of the battle and the ability of Umbral Dash will not save you from the gang. So do not go far from the tower until you’ll get level 6. On the line, carefully monitor the actions of the enemy and actively use abilities. But remember that the enemy can catch you on cooldowns. If you already spent The Darkin Blade, then over the next few seconds, you should play more carefully. For farm minions, you can still use the Infernal Chains skill, which can be applied from a distance.
Thanks for attention! Back to Top
Thank you for the reading! I wish you a lot of victories and good time playing Aatrox!
Don't forget to visit my YouTube Channel for more information:
In Kayle We Trust...
League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker
DixonTheGuideMaker Aatrox Guide

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Complete Aatrox guide by Dixon
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