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Yasuo Build Guide by extradelicious

Assassin Complete Top/Mid Lane Yasuo Guide

Assassin Complete Top/Mid Lane Yasuo Guide

Updated on December 26, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author extradelicious Build Guide By extradelicious 21 4 479,566 Views 95 Comments
21 4 479,566 Views 95 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author extradelicious Yasuo Build Guide By extradelicious Updated on December 26, 2013
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This is my 3rd guide and as you can see, it is on Yasuo.

This guide shows how I believe Yasuo should be played/what has worked well for me and other people. This guide is for mid and top laning, and gives you tips on how to use him well.

Also, I have played more than 30-40 games on Yasuo. Albeit like 80% of them were on PBE. (Public Beta Environment)
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    Low Cooldowns.
    No Resource (Can spam spells forever)
    Giant wind wall of projectile blocks.
    High damage output.
    DOUBLE crit chance.
    Taunts Ninjas.

    Not inherently tanky.
    No self-sustain.
    Has not been forgiven... :(
    Weak laner in most cases.
    10% less Crit Damage.
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Woofles has kindly done some math on runes, so I have changed the recommended runes.
Greater Mark of Armor Penetration x6
Greater Mark of Attack Damage x3
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x1
Greater Quintessence of Life Steal x2

Reasoning behind the runes:
Get high amount of flat AD from the Greater Mark of Attack Damage x3 and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x1 for 2 reasons:
    1. Stronger Early game so you can establish dominance in lane
    2. Easier to last hit minions.
The Greater Mark of Armor Penetrations are more effective late game, and the flat Armor Pen works very well with your ultimate.
The armor runes are pretty self-explanatory. Gives some much-needed early armor and trading power. Stay with flat AD runes even if you have an enemy AP laner, because majority of early damage in lane will still be physical.
Scaling MR runes are good because you don't need the early MR if you are against a physical damage champion. Protects you against those bursty AP mids later on. (assuming you are in top lane)
Greater Quintessence of Life Stealx2 for more sustain in lane.

Other Runes:
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9 instead of the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9 if you are against an AP champion in lane.

If you don't think you will have any problem with early game trades or csing, you can swap out the Greater Mark of Attack Damage runes and put in Greater Mark of Armor Penetration runes, for massive amounts of armor penetration so you can -insert Phreak's voice- deal tons of damage.
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Summoner Spells

Summoners you should usually take

Ignite is the current go-to mastery on top and mid laners. Deals true damage, lowers healing/life steal effects. This, combined with your skill set, will mean that the enemy laner will always have to be wary about your damage output.

I feel like this is a must need on 90% of the champs out there. Good for escaping, engaging, and just good in general. Strong summoner spell unless it is ever nerfed which it probably won't be.

Other useful Summoner Spells

Barrier Keeps you alive longer so you can do more damage. This is very useful against very bursty or high damage dealing enemies.

Teleport More map presence. Surprise teleport ganks are very fun, no matter what elo you are in.

Exhaust If the enemy laner doesn't have any inherent escapes, this could be a better skill to take than ignite as you will be able to tack more damage on with your basic attacks and such.
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I believe Yasuo should be built mostly damage, so I will complement that by going with an offensive based mastery build.

These are the masteries I feel are best on Yasuo, and an explanation why on each.

Offensive Tree

Double-Edged Sword You deal 2% more damage and take 1% more. You have a damage build. 2>1. That's about it.

Fury You already have really low cooldowns on your spells so the AS Fury is more useful than the tiny bit of cooldown reduction Sorcery gives you.

Brute Force Gives you more attack damage. This means better trades, and easier to kill minions. Also, 10 bonus damage at level 18 is a free Long Sword

Martial Mastery Same idea as Brute Force more damage is better

Dangerous Game You never know when this mastery will keep you alive after you are done ripping someone a new one. Only heals you for about an autoattack or two's worth of HP, but in some cases that might be all you need.

Executioner I feel like this is getting repetitive. More damage as soon as the enemy is below 50% hp. Very useful skill.

Warlord Increases bonus attack damage by 5%. Depending on what you build, this could give you as much as 15 more damage, 450-ish gold worth.

Devastating Strikes Armor and magic penetration. While this skill is very good on basically all damage dealing champions, it is extremely good on Yasuo because of how spammy he is.

Frenzy A little more attack speed never hits. You will proc this a lot because of the higher critical chance you get from the build + his passive.

Havoc More damage. Also, the end point on the offensive tree.

Defensive Tree

Block This skill blocks damage from basic attacks by 2. This is very useful for early game trades.

Recovery Because Yasuo has no innate life steal or sustain, it is important to grab some until you build a Vampiric Scepter

Unyielding This is basically Block but instead of only blocking damage from basic attacks, it blocks damage from everything that hits you. Useful.

Veteran Scars Doesn't matter if you are going damage or tanky build. 36 HP at level 1 is insane for lane power. Also, if you are going damage build, 36 HP can mean a world of difference.

Juggernaut Useful skill. Just not much else to spec into at this point.

Other choices for masteries:

Butcher Take this instead of Dangerous Game if you have trouble last hitting.
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This is Yasuo's Passive. Intent doubles his critical strike chance (cash effective much), and resolve gives you a small shield when you max your flow. This is really nice as it basically rewards you for having higher MS and moving around more in team fights.

Q Skill. First two hits just stab everyone in front of you. If you get three stacks of Gathering Storm (you must succesfully hit it to gain stacks) the third stack sends a tornado that knocks people up. You can also use this skill while dashing with Sweeping Blade to change it into an AOE ability where it hits everyone around you instead of in the direction you use it in.

W Skill.This skill I feel could be really OP against certain champs if used properly. First of all, it blocks all projectiles, including ADC autoattacks. Like, wow. This wall is going to be an enemy ADC's nightmare. That being said, this is pretty useless against most lane opponents that you will be facing. You only need one point in it to have it be useful. Also, passive gives you more flow for dashes. This isn't really useful but still helps.

E Skill.You dash through an enemy, dealing damage. It is worth noting that there is a set distance so you can dash far beyond the targeted enemy. You mark enemies you dash through and you cannot dash through them again until the mark disappears. This is a very, very spammy skill and you can travel alot of distance with it in a very short time.

This is Yasuo's Ultimate (R) skill. You can "teleport" (it's more like a Vi Ult) to an airborn (knocked up) enemy and you suspend them and all very close enemies who are also airborne while you hit them. This can be combined with the tornado from the 3rd stack of Gathering Storm or with a knockup from someone on your team. ( Alistar, Malphite are good for this) You get armor penetration based on the amount of bonus armor the enemy has.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Max Steel Tempest first as it is your main damage, bread and butter skill.
Max Sweeping Blade second, as it gives you much needed mobility and lets you trade like a boss. You should be able to dash away from enemies after hitting them with Q before they can do an equivalent amount of damage back.
Max Wind Wall last because it is much more useful in team fights than laning.
As with all other champions ultimate, level up your ultimate, Last Breath whenever you can. (6,11,16)
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Offensive Items

Statikk Shiv The bonus movement speed means more flow. Also, dashes help stack up the passive lightning. the 20% critical strike is also turned into 40% on Yasuo. Great item to grab, preferably early.

Blade of the Ruined King Use the active on someone, and you have more movement speed. More flow. More shield. Such wow. Also, the item effect procs on the closest enemy you hit with your Steel Tempest

Infinity Edge 70 more AD, 25%(50% on Yasuo) more critical strike chance, also +50% more critical damage. This should be a damage dealing Yasuo's wet dream.

Last Whisper You do need armor penetration. This is still the best armor penetration item.

Black Cleaver If the other team is stacking armor, You could grab this along with Last Whisper.

Bloodthirster This gives alot of damage and life steal. Both are something that Yasuo needs. This could be substituted in lieu of Blade of the Ruined King

Trinity Force I would only get this if you are rolling in cash. Very expensive. However, It gives movement speed, critical strike chance, more damage, and because Yasuo is so spammy, You will be procing the 200% damage passive a lot.

Ravenous Hydra Again, expensive item. Useful, but only build if you are winning lane/csing extremely well. Gives some sustain and a lot of damage. You could Dash, auto-attack, q, Hydra/Tiamat activate, then dash away.

Mercurial Scimitar If the enemy team has a lot of AP and is Hard CCing you, this could be a very good add-on. Gives MR, Attack damage, free cleanse.

Maw of Malmortius Mr, Attack damage, pretty much like the Mercurial Scimitar However, grab this instead if the enemy team isn't locking you down with CC and just deals a lot of AP damage on you. The shield is more useful in that case.

Defensive Items

Frozen Mallet Good for sticking on people. Gives a fair amount of health, but no resists.

Randuin's Omen Gives health and armor. Slows anyone who autoattacks you. Can also use active to slow everyone around you. Useful item that could be swapped in for Guardian Angel if the entire enemy team is AD.

Sunfire Aegis This is basically a Randuin's Omen that doesn't slow with a little less health and armor. However, it is also cheaper. Instead of slowing people, it does magic damage to enemies near you. This could end up being a lot of damage in extended fights.

Spirit Visage This is just a really nice item. Definitely grab it if there is a lot of AP damage on the other team.

Banshee's Veil Someone like a LeBlanc on their team? Laugh at their feeble attempts to burst you down with your spell shield.

Guardian Angel This usually deters the enemies from focusing you since you will just come back a few seconds later anyway. Gives mixed resistances, is a pretty solid item if you are fighting against a balanced team.


Berserker's Greaves These boots are ok on Yasuo if you aren't too worried about the enemy team's damage output.

Ninja Tabi If the enemy team only has 1 AP damage dealer, just grab these. 25 armor, and blocks 10% of damage from basic attacks. Yes Please!

Mercury's Treads Useful against a high AP or high CC team. Tenacity is a really nice thing to have. Take if the enemy team has 2 or more AP damage dealers.


Stealth Ward start. The extra vision is just too much to give out on on a champion such as Yasuo, and there is no real reason to get the other two trinkets.
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The Yasuo Champion Spotlight by Phreak/Riot Games shows how to trade/poke in lane pretty well. Here it is if you want to see it. Spell combos starts at 4:40 on the video.

Steel Tempest this is your bread and butter damage dealer/poker in lane. Use this a lot, and remember that the first enemy hit procs any item passives.

Play aggressively, unless it is an early game god (Riven, Renekton) poking at them whenever they are in range of Steel Tempest
You can dash through an enemy minion with Sweeping Blade, autoattack them and hit them with Steel Tempest, then dash back to safety through another enemy minion.

Make sure to not shove too much, as the enemy jungler will probably make you pay for doing so.

When you get into lane, try and get a subtle level two advantage, and when you do, use Control + E to level up your dash quickly and try and capitalize on the advantage by dashing to them and hitting them. You can gain this level two advantage by adding 1 extra hit on a minion. For example, walk into lane and hit a minion first, then again. If they hit a minion, hit one again. This will ensure that you will hit level 2 before they do. When you do, they will either back away because of the level advantage or die/almost die from trying to fight a level 2 with level 1 stats.

If the enemy laner does get low but decides to stay, call your jungler over and take advantage of the situation.

If you are winning lane and it is getting to the point where you can quickly kill all of the minions, you can elect to play as normal or shove hard and then go for other objectives on the map while the enemy is stuck csing at his tower. If you are top lane, you can go and take golems or the white jungle camp. If you are mid, you can take your wraiths, or if you are really daring, go for the other team's wraiths. However, you should use your trinket to ward well to prevent becoming a feast for the enemy team.

If you are having trouble in lane, try and farm well with dashes and Qs. Remember, you can spam your spells all you want because they do not cost anything. If you are still having trouble, maybe call (politely) your jungler over to help you.

Remember, its ok to play cautious, but never play scared. Just keep in the back of your mind how much damage out put the enemy has compared to your own and use that to make practical decisions.
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You should go in a second after your front line and the enemy front line is engaged. You can use a tornado combined with your ultimate to get into the back line of the enemy team and you should be able to kill them. Remember to use your ultimate early for the bonus armor penetration. Otherwise, play as you would any other melee damage dealing champion. Keep in mind that if you are taking too much damage from fighting their back line you might be able to dash back through the enemy front line back to your team's side of the fight.

Make sure to keep an eye out for a good wall placement. If you can see where the enemy ADC is just place a wall in front of them and laugh as their basic attacks get swallowed up by your anti-projectile wall of air.
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I'm not going to include a matchup section until more time passes by.

Have fun playing Yasuo! I hope the guide helps.

Feel free to leave advice on how to make the guide better or if I should think about changing parts of it. I will be updating this guide at regular intervals! (Probably daily)

I'll add on to the guide and make it better looking in the future, I'm really sorry, but right now I'm trying to find internships and do college work and stuffs T_T
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Question and Answer

If you have a question, ask me in the discussion section and I'll copy and paste the question and answer here!
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Testimony/Nice Scores

Feel free to send me your scores!
This reader practiced with the build for a few times, and his practice led him to a 26/6 game!
Darkest Cara found his own sweet spot with Yasuo!

Trigrexx has also improved his yasuo abilities!

Unseen Haze got a penta in one of his first Yasuo games! Also, nice scores.

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