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Twitch Build Guide by KzooMarine

Comprehensive Jungle Twitch Guide

Comprehensive Jungle Twitch Guide

Updated on March 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KzooMarine Build Guide By KzooMarine 5 2 38,005 Views 18 Comments
5 2 38,005 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KzooMarine Twitch Build Guide By KzooMarine Updated on March 28, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Note to Viewers

If you see anything you find questionable, typos, or anything you feel the need, please bring it up to me. I'll be more than happy to discuss them with you in comments below or PMs and will weigh your input heavily, and make the appropriate changes if necessary.

I've put a lot of effort into this guide, and hope that you'll give me the chance to further explain my choices or adjust them if I have something incorrect, rather than getting down votes for minor reasons.

Thanks for the time in viewing this, I hope it helps many of you!
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Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I play Twitch in an unorthodox way, but have had a lot of success and felt I'd share with the community. The majority of the times that I select in ranked matches, there is instant QQ in regards to how horrible Twitch is. The bottom line however, isn't that Twitch is bad, its that a lot of people playing him do so very poorly.

This build uses the assumption that you are familiar with Twitch and what the champion can and cannot consistantly do with success. Its not intended to be a full guide (though its evolving closer and closer to one) that teaches someone thats never played the champion before to go out and have mass success.
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Pros / Cons of Jungle Twitch

Arguably the most effective early game ganker
High attack speed
Very good damage
High powered Ultimate
Pro Scouter
Great Escapability

Oracles / Wards can be problematic
Positioning is very important
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Greater Mark of Desolationx9 x9 x9 Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3

Greater Mark of Desolation for the obvious benefits that armor pen gives an auto attacker like , unless they have multiple champions stack armor, you shouldn't need more than these and the quints all game.

for additional survivability in the jungle early game, as well as for the extra defense on early ganks vs attack damage champions.

I went with these over [item=Greater Glyph of Warding] as I dont feel needs these purely for the jungle. Runes provide the most benefit at level 1 and have diminishing returns every level thereafter (unless they're whatever per levels), as such, with being an offensive and squishy carry with a lower hit point pool, I feel the extra attack speed is more beneficial early on in the jungle and in ganks that extra magic resist would be.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation for the obvious benefits that armor pen gives an auto attacker like , unless they have multiple champions stack armor, you shouldn't need more than these and the marks all game.
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Summoner Spells

Summoners are always a dicey topic. Everyone has those that they belief are must haves on certain archetypes of champions. They all serve some kind of purpose and in ideal situation have a use.

I listed and above to avoid the trolls seeing that a jungle guide didn't have or and instantly disregarding the rest of the guide...then leaving a ******ed comment showing how little they read before deciding. Both are explained below.

With I'm a firm believer that with good (smart) positioning you have high survivability and as such are able to bypass . This may cost you a death at times, but having ignite will buy you many more first blood and other kills. At least that is what I've found and have had success with. Obviously, you can have success with others and need to find what you're comfortable with.

My Summoners of choice


This goes along with my thought process on and . Smite pays the biggest dividend at level 1, and then has diminishing returns until its all but unnecessary aside from key situations like stealing a buff / baron / dragon. With a heavy leash at level 1, you can take your buff of choice with minimal damage and lose minimal seconds on your jungle time.

This is NOT to say that isn't a viable choice. It has obvious benefits in the leveling phase of jungling and is worth consideration. It is completely dependent on personal playstyle and should be taken by a new jungler.

provides extra control for ganks and extra survivability if you get into a bad spot. The slow and damage reduction on the target is very powerful all game.

is your bread and butter for level 2 ganks. Against most other champions at level 1 or 2, 2-5 hits, ignite and an expunge will net you a kill depending on how well your team helps with the gank. It also reduces the healing enemy champions receive while its active on them.
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Alternative Summoner Spells

Obvious benefits in the jungle, especially early game, stealing buffs, and securing dragon / baron.

Its not the most commonly picked summoner spell for no reason. Its great for escapes and from time to time allows you to catch up to fleeing enemies.

Noob heal, as many dead haters will refer to it, has pleanty of benefits. It increases your sustain in the jungle and on ganks, can save a teammate, and can extend a push on enemy towers.

Cleanse is not my favorite summoner, but if you're against a team with lots of crowd control or expect to get locked down constantly, it could come in useful.
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Skills Sequence

Passive, Applies up to 6 stacks of venom that deal true damage based on your level every second and is your modifier for other skills that require stacks to apply their effects.

Stealth for 10 - 50 seconds and 30 - 70% attack speed for a short duration upon exiting stealth. I take this at level 1 to assist with the early jungling and ganking and max it second at level 14

Applies a movement speed debuf to the target equal to 30% please an additional 6% per stack of deadly venom on the target for a maximum slow of 66%. The % of slow does not increase as you level the ability, only the duration of the slow slightly increases. As such, I max this last.

I do however take this ability at level 3 as I'm usually making my second gank attempt before level 4. Due to the fact that the % of slow does not increase, I max it last at level 18.

Expunge Deals 30-150 damage plus ability power plus 20-60 additional damage per stack of on your target. Maximum damage with no ability power in your build is 510 per Expunge. Keep in mind that you've already hit your target 6 times with auto attacks that may have crit and your stacks have ticked every second prior to your Expunge, so the damage leading up to the Expunge makes the grand total much more than 510.

I take Expunge at level 2 and max it first at level 9, as it is your primary source of damage beyond auto attacks and one of the best finishers for getting a killing blow in the game.

The ultimate to rule all other ultimates. You gain lots of attack range and 15-35 attack damage that will hit and apply a stack of per hit to every enemy in line with your target for 12 seconds or 7 shots. With your insane attack damage and attack speed, if they're lined up for you, you can decimate the entire enemy team in no time, hitting them all 6 times for base damage (or crit value), 6 stacks of , and an Expunge in less than 3 seconds once your build is complete.

You want to put a point into this skill everytime you're able, at level 6, 11, and 16.
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Starting Items

This item not only gives +18 armor, but its also a prerequisite for Wriggles Lantern. The additional armor helps with survivability in the jungle and minimizes damage from attack damage enemies.

x5 You will need these to maintain your health as you kill jungle minions so you can move right into a gank.
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Core Items

This is a staple in most Attack Damage jungle builds. The health returned combined with the big hit it can lay on minions is to good to pass up, not to mention it gives you a free ward every 3 minutes and some armor and attack damage.

Allows for very fast travel times from gank to gank.

The extra crit and damage combined with attack speed boost out of stealth makes this very powerful in the early to mid game.
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Suggested Item Build

Core Items Explained Above

Heavy doses of attack speed and crit, along with 15% move speed is huge. Attack faster, crit more often, and reduce your time moving from fight to fight even more.

Upgrade from having an ability that slows for a short duration and costs mana, to this item and get a 30% perma slow on the target, along with 700 health and 20 attack damage. Increased survivability and greatly reduce the chance of enemies getting away.

This item seems to be an item of controversy. People either love it or hate it. It gives 50% attack speed, 250 health, and has a nice effect on every 4th auto attack that hits all enemies within range for an additional 110 damage. If you're not a fan of this item for any reason, you should definitely replace it with something you do like, such as a second or maybe a Blood Thirster.
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Alternate Items

Items listed in no particular order.

40% attack speed, 30 attack damage, 25 armor and an additional 4% magic damage of the targets maximum health per hit. This is very useful against enemies stacking health.

Blood thirster 60 attack damage and 15% life steal. This item also gains 1 addition attack damage per minion or player killing blow up to 40, giving the item 100 total attack power at max stacks. It unfortunately loses all stacks when if you die and goes back to the base value for attack damage.

20% Attack speed, 20% Crit chance, and 25 tenacity stat which reduces all crowd control effects.

- Great for the magic resist and absorbing a magical attack every 45 seconds...Screw Karthus and his gay ult!

- Some Damage, Some Crit, Some Armor Pen, Some Cooldown Reduction and an Active that gives movement speed and attack speed. I'm considering putting this into my recommended build, it does give a lot of nice bonuses.

- Some Attack Speed, Life Steal, Health Regen, and Armor Pen. Some prefer this to the Bloodthirster, I however tend to prefer the extra damage of the additional Armor Pen and Life Steal.

- Going up against a AP carry thats causing problems? Wits End is relatively inexpensive, gives 40 Attack Speed, 30 Magic Resist and has a unique passive that deals an additional 42 damage with every hit while also draining 42 mana. The extra damage and the loss of mana from the enemy can be beneficial, especially in a game where gold isn't coming in as fast as you'd like it to be.

- I can't say that I've ever purchased this item, but it has some interesting stats and has been recommended. It gives a sizable boost to Armor and Crit, and a bonus to attack damage equal to 2% of Twitch's maximum health (at 2500 hp thats 50 attack damage).
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A common misconception, is that NEEDS his stealth to be effective. As explained below this is not the case. is just an added luxury that Twitch has, and gives more than just stealth with its huge attack speed bonus, which is as good if not better than being unseen.

In Ranked Matches you can expect to see a lot more and . THESE DO NOT COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN TWITCH. They simply make it so you can't stealth without being seen. You can still farm mobs, you can still attack enemies, you just dont have the luxury of surprise. If you're the stronger champion at whatever point in the game, stealth is just icing on the cake. You do not have to be unseen to be able to light and enemy up or push a lane. It helps and is nice, but far from necessity.

contributes just fine without being able to pop and yell surprise. Still use for the attack speed bonus, just be cautious and make sure you stay with your team and position yourself well.
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Jungling as Twitch

Jungling as is all about ganking power. If you can't pull of ganks, you're going to have a slow leveling time and your items are going to come slowly. Twitch is not a fast jungler, but he is able to make up for that with ganks for extra exp and gold.

As you go about your business attempting to gank and randomly farming opportune minions in the jungle between gank attempts, you should stay on par level wise with your bottom lane in a worst case scenario. You also want to position yourself and prioritize the jungle minions nearest to your lane that is struggling the most so you can babysit it and have an impact on that lane and help keep that from being the lane that feeds and loses the game for your team.

I dont use a specific route aside from where I start. After I get my first buff I go for an immediate gank (usually on mid lane).

I like to start at red buff. I always ask my mid laner to leash it and the closest of top or bottom lane to assist with damage to about half. Once the Lizard hits 50% health I ping for them to fall back to ensure they're out of range to steal exp when it dies. Pop a [icon=health potion as soon as you start to take damage, and use a second if needed to be max health when you finish getting red buff depending on how well it was leashed.

First Gank
Whether its Mid, or one of the side lanes, walk into the appropriate bush, for mid lane its the river bush that borders the lane and ping for your mid laner to let them know about the incoming gank attempt. Stealth and wait the 1.25 seconds it takes for it to complete before you exit the bush, then quickly position yourself between your enemy and their tower. Wait if necessary for your ally to start and get involved in the fight before attacking, but remember your stealth only lasts 10 seconds at rank 1, so you dont have a lot of extra time to sit around. Put on them as they attempt to retreat to their tower if necessary to secure the kill, and expunge as they get low enough for it to kill them, or as they get to max range.

If they dont die, its not a failure. So long as you and your ally survived and you did significant damage to the enemy, you've given your mid laner an advantage. If the enemy had to go back to base to heal, your mid laner now has a farm and level advantage as well.

Continue to Gank and Jungle in between.
After the initial gank attempt, provided I didn't take significant damage or have to dive a little to pick up the kill and can heal myself back up to near full with my remaining health pots, I look at top or bottom lane for a gank attempt, sometimes mid is dumb enough to come back out with low health and ask to be killed as well.

If there are no gank attempts, or my health pots wont get me to a health that I'm comfortable with for a gank at such a low level, I return to the jungle and kill wraiths and mini golems if possible before going back.

First Purchases
At this point, even if ganks haven't worked out, I usually have enough to buy , [icon=Vampiric Scepter size=32, and a few .

Back to the Jungle and Ganks
I then head back out and grab blue buff, asking for another leash from mid if they dont have their hands full, and then proceed to look for more ganks.

None of the lanes look good for ganks?
If your lanes are all pushing hard and you dont feel you can pull off a gank, keep in mind that you can always gank their jungler and get your team a major advantage by setting their jungler behind in level, gold, and loss of their buffs. Knowing your enemies normal jungle route and about when he should be there is very beneficial to you. Paying attention to where he was last seen on the map can also give you a head s up to his location, as can having your support CV their jungle whenever possible. Once you get Wriggle's Lanter you can also drop a ward at their red or blue.

Continue ganking and randomly jungling throughout the laning phase, which I define as the time it takes for one side to have atleast two of the opposing sides outer turrets down. Once this happens make sure you stay near your team, you can try to scout for your team, and apply whats mentioned in the next section about positioning to maximize your survivability and damage output.
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Positioning and Ganks

9 times out of 10 you want to position yourself closer to your team than the enemies, if not completely behind your team to minimize the enemies opportunity to focus you.

Sometimes, however (especially in ganks where its small numbers like 2v2 or 1v1), its a great idea to sneak to the far side of the enemy, between where they are and where they want to go. This allows you to open up on them, build some stacks and slow them, keeping them in range without having to move or risk them getting out of range.

is rarely ideal for initiating the fight unless you have a numbers advantage or its clear the enemy will not stop trying to run (or if already low and can't turn around and kill you). Always let your team initiate and if possible wait for key abilities to be used, such as or stuns or ulttimate for instance.

The basic idea is that you want your enemies to have engaged in the fight and already begun attacking an ally other than you before you leave stealth and begin bring the pain.

TWITCH IS NOT FOR ENGAGING and will be focused very quickly if you give the enemy team that opportunity.
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Effective Stealth Points

Credit goes to Davee for the map he made. Covers the ideal spots to stealth from and the most commonly successful gank paths to use.
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Allies and Enemies

Any Champion that can do hard Crowd Control (Stun, Knock up, Immobilize, or Disable) is potentially very good for you to have on your team or very bad for you to have on the enemy team.

The things listed below that make these champions a valuable ally are the same things that make them a dangerous enemy. Only listing the reasons of hard CC, so you'll have to do further research if you're not familiar with a champions damage output potential.

In alphabetical order:
Solid knock up and stun, and knock back. Also has the ability to heal a little.

Nice Stun and Disabling ultimate.

Stun, Slow, and that damn ice wall.

Her passive allows for her to stun on her 5th ability. Her Ultimate is also devestating with its stun and high damage.

Her Ultimate Arrow out of no where can ruin your day or lead to a kill you wouldn't have gotten. Also able to aoe slow and toggle an ability to slow on normal auto attacks.

Long range grab and knock up.

+ If he gets his passive dot on your and hits with this skill shot , you're stunned for a full 2 seconds.

Her ultimate, if you're facing her, will stun.

Knock up and slow a squishy up and bite their head off.

When attacking from stealth, she puts out a stun.


Pop up and his ultimate can trap enemies and allies alike in a small area.

His leap stun is brutal on any squishy.

Stuns the target once he gets 3 stacks of his marks on them.


Skill shot that immobilizes for 2 seconds.

AoE knock up.

Disabling / Suppressing single target ultimate.

arcane smash Small knock back and a Dash & root.

Skill shot that binds the target for 2-3 seconds.


A shield to the head leaves the target stunned.

Charge into a wall = stun.

puncturing taunt . Dude can zoom in and slow, then taunt.



Cages you in place for 1-2 seconds.


Dash with a taunt on it.

Pretty good range on his stun.


AoE Root for 2 seconds.

High burst damage and a slow.

1-2 second stun.

Twisted Fate
Gold card = stun for 1-2 seconds.

Udyr can stun each enemy once per 6 seconds.


Large barrier (meaning you have to cross the line for it to have an effect) stun that lasts 1.5-2.5 seconds.


Suppresses the target for 1.7 seconds.




Xin Zhao
Knock up on the third attack.

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Thanks for checking out my Jungle Twitch build.

Please dont jump to the negative feedback button if theres something you dont care for.

Please discuss it with me first through PMs or comments below.
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