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Vi General Guide by Greengrower

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Greengrower

Counter Jungling: The Art of

Greengrower Last updated on January 11, 2014
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 9

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 21


Utility: 0

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About the Author

Hello, I am Greengrower aka g0dH1m5elf. I am a Pro gamer sponsored by Kronik Energy Drink, for First Person Shooters, most notorious being 8th in the world for Unreal 2k4 and number 1 for 6 months for Unreal 3 in 2009. I've been playing LoL since before Season 1. I bought LoL at a GameStop in 2009 on a whim and boy am I pleased of my $20 purchase. Along with the game came 3000 RP! I quickly feel in love with LoL as its competitive play compares to the prestige of playing Unreal Tornament professionally for two years.

I have played all roles and lanes the first couple years playing LoL. As the game got bigger more and more changes were made that made the jungle very appealing for multiple reasons, which we will get to shortly. At that time in 2009 there were only a few jungle champs that actually worked well. Now, its a totally different story. I've been reading a lot of guides about the jungle and "how to" and though they are entertaining, I feel that they dont lay out a good foundation to open the door to counter jungling, ward placement, team strategies and most importantly, when to ask for help from your team mates.

I hope you give this guide a read, up vote it if it helps of course, but mostly I hope we all can get something out of this. Including me, as I love to learn more about my main role in my most favorite past time, owning. :)

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About the Champion

Vi - Stands for Violence!

Tank, Melee, Off-Tank, Assassin, Initiator, Counter Jungler

Synergy: A+ rating
Jungler ganking potential: Very strong, mobile
Speciality: Initiation
Explanation: //*******

bonetooth necklace

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Pros / Cons

+Fast Clear Times
+Very Mobile
+Ganks as early as lvl 3
+Excellent in team fights

-No hard CC
-Cannot solo Dragon until after Spirit Stone
-Not the best duelist
-Her Ultimate can be stopped with an aray of different skills such as Morgana Black Shield.

Now I can be totally biased in my pro/con list but I really do think Vi has very little cons. Any cons you can think she may have or has, would be a common flaw found amongst all junglers.

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9-21-0 standard tank setup. Ironically enough I use 9-21-0 even when I'm going into the offensive core tree. Its just not worth being a glass cannon when going 21-9-0. Also, I've done both builds and its not only a preference anymore, I HAVE to have 9-21-0.

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

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Ghost is the main Jungler's spell. If I ever see a Jungler without it, I already know I'm going to counter jungle hard. Unless its Elise but even she has her flaws.

You cant counter jungle without it. I've tried to counter jungle without Smite and It's just not in the cards. You will always be beat when trying to steal their red buff ater your blue. You will also not be able to clear the smaller camps fast enough to gank bot or top. (We will come back to this as this is what the guide is truly about)

Nope. Not for a counter jungler.

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Skill Explanation


  • Blast Shield: Nice passive for an off tank. Try timing the passive with your ult to stay a bit longer in a fight to gain a kill.
  • Vault Breaker (Q): Vi's bread and butter skill. Useful for getting across the map with ghost, there are lots of placements you can slide through the terrain in all the maps. Very useful for ganks, retreating and of course, counter jungling.
  • Denting Blows (W): Awesome passive along with a proc. This makes Vi's jungle life very pleasant and quick.
  • Excessive Force (E): Love this skill for the simple fact that Riot Official Tournaments made a champion whos damage is a good ol' fashioned punch in the face. Best used when timing the skill with your Denting Blows proc.
  • Assault and Battery (R): Very good ultimate. Specially when having 45% cooldown you will be able to Assault your enemy every 40 seconds. Using this skill as an out if you find yourself surrounded helps, also use this skill to close a gap and nail a kill. Always best to use this first and save your Vault Breaker as an out for a quick getaway.

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Ultimate Counter

Ultimate Counter List

With an Ultimate as good as Assault and Battery is, Riot Official Tournaments just couldn't allow a champion to be SO over powered so they added a few HARD counters. Here is the list of champions who counter Vi's Ultimate completely. Counter as in meaning that when you Ult, These champions have a way to completely avoid it if not plain canceling it.

This list is more or less a work in progress. I have added a couple more champs to this list since starting this guide. I will update with any information you may have if tested vs. different champions. Simply put, use caution when Ult'ing these champions.

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Item Explaination

Offensive Core

Item Sequence

Trinity Force

The Black Cleaver

Locket of the Iron Solari

Wriggle's Lantern

Spirit of the Elder Lizard

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Sheen should always be your first item around lvl 5-6. For only 1200 gold its worth every bit.

The Brutalizer first into Black Cleaver.

Aegis of the Legion as always you will be holding onto this item as you will be upgrading everything else first, lastly into the Locket.

Madred's Razors Yes, you will use this item from time to time, definitly makes soloing Dragon a lot easier and faster which helps tons. Also, you cant counter jungle effectively without wards. May as well get wards and the extra damage.

Spirit Stone As mentioned above, you cannot solo dragon without Madred's Razors OR Spirit Stone. The choice is up to you when you're in the game to either get the extra damage off the Spirit of the Elder Lizard or the utility to counter jungle better with the Wriggle's Lantern. Note, that you will only be having one of these two items. Supplement the extra item slot for a Statikk Shiv, always getting Zeal first then upgrading.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity are VERY useful. These are killer boots, however the choice is really yours. I've tested these and clearing a jungle without them takes 30-35 seconds longer which is stupid long. Recommended choice for any skill based champion that relies on a recurring skill such as Excessive Force.

Offensive Options

Zeal first, this would be happening after you get a Spirit Stone assuming you are going for a Spirit of the Elder Lizard. It's rushed and somewhat difficult to farm it and also risky due to the kills you would be taking and/or not giving to your carries. I'd rate getting this item if you are just flat out fed OR wanting to be a carry yourself.

Stinger first of course then upgrading. Now this is a toss up item, I have used this item every now and again however, it's not a must have. I put it in this guide as an option, feel free to comment if this has worked for you.

Defensive Core

Glacial Shroud first if you absolutly need the armor. Preferrably you want a Sheen as the extra damage helps with a faster clearing of the jungle however, this is the defesive item for a fast Iceborn. The difference here is the defense option and plus the slow the Iceborn Gauntlet gives. Getting a Sheen as early as possible makes it easier to farm the remaining gold needed to complete the expensive Iceborn Gauntlet.

Giant's Belt first of course then upgrading. For HP armor there are a few options to have yes, however, the reason why I put the Warmongs is HP is usually always better than straight defense. This can be debated more than any other subject in our community because of the simple fact on how cheap HP is now is Season 4. Please comment your thoughts on a supplement item if you do not agree with my choice for this item slot.

Unlike the Offensive Core build you will be getting Aegis of the Legion first, then quickly upgrading. The choice is yours to finish the Iceborn Gauntler before the Locket or vise versa. Depending on the opponents comp, you may want this before.

Sightstone is so useful when going tank. It gives you a lot of HP but more importantly, wards. You NEED at least one item that gives you wards. For defense what make more sense? Keeps you alive during team fights, as well as utility to scout and continue to counter jungle in the mid-late game which really can turn the tide of any game in your favor. Also can use them if you are behind to setup traps and ganks. You will find more uses for the item than reasons not to have it.

Spirit Stone as usual then upgrading. There is no other Jungle item that will compare to the utility and durability. Though this is in the defensive core tree, you may still get this from time to time for the tenacity when going into the offensive core tree.

Mercury's Treads are the best defensive boots for Vi. Simple fact that MR is expensive, these paired with your runes and Locket should be well more than needed to tank those AP carries.


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