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Thresh Build Guide by xxperrycxx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxperrycxx

Cross the Threshold Jungle & Support

xxperrycxx Last updated on August 10, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello fellow summoners :) My name is Perry Chen. This is my first guide ever. I started League of Legends at the end of season 2 and started ranked games recently. I am not the best jungler. However, I put in an effort to produce this guide just to give you a reference. If you think differently, please give me constructive criticisms and I will edit this guide. My highest elo achieved is 1196, barely passing for silver, so there are many terminologies that I may miss or not understand. Please have the patience to breeze through this guide. This will not only make a new player better, it will also help me improve at this new champion.

Here are some things to keep in mind while playing.

1.Last Hitting
2.Mechanics (Mouse control/Hotkeys/etc)
3.Map Awareness
4.Micro (multiple unit/ability control)
What do most of these skills have in common? They can be practiced and improved upon in very simple ways. But practice must be done carefully and correctly to be effective. This fact becomes very obvious when we see players with a huge number of games who yield inferior skill to those that take this game seriously. Take your improvement seriously and master each skill one by one. Also, remember the following phrase:


(Special thanks to housesarebig)

Make sure that the way you are practicing is actually going to help you. This can be done by, as I mentioned earlier, focusing and mastering each skill one at a time while tracking progress. Mastering the basic parts of the game much more enjoyable and will allow people to focus on more important things like making decisions.

Look for ways to improve your skills. Google, forums, pros, and friends are good places to find information on how to get better. Luckily, you are reading this article and I've compiled almost everything you need. After finding a way to improve, be sure to make time for practice. Whether it be for half an hour when you wake up, for an hour before you go to sleep, or any other amount of time, make sure you are consistent for as long as you need to be until you are at a point you are comfortable. Recording your progress will also help, as it will be a concrete example of your improvement.

Practicing Mechanics (Mouse control)
Mechanics are the ways we send commands to the game. This is accomplished through all of the types of input we use. Our keyboard usage and mouse control all make up our mechanics. With solid mechanics, we can stop worrying about whether we will miss our skills and focus on other parts of the game. If you have ever missed skills or last hits because you couldn't click on your target, then mechanics are something you need to work on.

Mouse control is easy to work on. It is a game mechanic that needs to be mastered by players of many games in different genres. Starcraft players are required to have exceptional mechanics, so there is much we can learn from them. Click the following link to see an article that will show you how to improve mouse control. A link is also included to the game I personally used to improve my own mouse control.
The link above is my most recent thresh game. Enjoy
The link above is my summoner stats, I have 69% win rate as of now, haha

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Mouse Control

Click the Reflex.te link above,
and you will find many games to help improve your mouse control. The link contains a few other games that may help. The Team Liquid article also has another game as well. Many people also like to play Osu! to improve their mouse control. It's a fun rhythm game that has players moving their mouse to the beat of music. I have tried it and I don't believe that following shapes around the screen will help in any RTS style game, but it is an option some may be interested in.

Another great game to practice mouse control is Osu!

As I said earlier, the next part of improvement is to track your own progress and take notes of it. Find the bits of information that are easy to track in your game of choice and use them to measure your level of performance and improvement. Also, take notes of what mistakes you are making during practicing so you avoid making them again.

Last Hitting

Practicing last hitting involves a very simple exercise. 80 CREEPS IN 10 MINUTES. Start a practice game, buy your starting items, and do your best to get 80 creep kills within 10 minutes without using spells. Record your progress, take notes on things that may help, and see how much you improve over a week. You may even see it in your next game! Use my mouse control spreadsheet as a template for your own spreadsheet. Here are some notes that I collected in my own last hitting practice to get you started.
Ranged creeps getting attacked ONLY by tower, attack once
Take note if a catapult is attacking a creep as well
Attack move if target creep is closest to you
If 2 creeps are going down at the same rate, start killing one early
When near your tower, position yourself in a place where you can get as many last hits, not away form tower
Look at the mini after every projectile throw
If creeps attacking catapult with tower, 2 auto attacks

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About this Guide

There are two options when you jungle Thresh. Due to his passive, you collect souls whenever an enemy is slain, whether your teammates kill them or you. The more souls you collect, the more ability power and armor you receive. Enemies will only be able to see the souls if you, the champion, is visible to the enemies. All allies can see the soul dropped by neutral monsters/ creeps. Why AP Thresh? When your mid decides to go bruiser mid, an AP jungler will really help out the balance of the team. However, an AP Thresh will consequently need a stronger leash than an AD Thresh. Why AD Thresh? When you feel your team composition does not have enough damage to chunk down the enemies so your AP Carry and AD Carry can finish them off, go AD. During champion select, you may discuss with the other 4 members in your party to decide whether to go AP or AD.

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Pros / Cons

Blitz hook + Nautlius hook combined. Press Q again to fly to the enemy. Land Q to pull the enemy towards you| Lantern has as godly range, it can save your ally when they get caught. | FLay can both push enemy back or pull enemy towards you| Your ult is similar to Veigar's stun cage, however, the pentagon around you. Whenever an enemy touchers it, you slow them by 99%!!

Allies must know when to use the lantern, only one can use it| Similar to blitz, if you don't land your Q, you are vulnerable for awhile| New champion, not many people trust you to play him in ranked| He looks like Hecarim decided to make babies with Karthus

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Creeping / Jungling

Start out wolves at 1:40 -> move to blue at 1:55. At this time, you can either decide to camp enemy red or go to your own wraiths. After wriaths -> red -> golem. Repeat small camps until blue/red respawns. Keep a timer in chat for blue/red, it will make jungling/ counter-jungling a lot more efficient. Normally I gank either top/mid. Watch the mini-map and see if any enemy overextends. Or you can just gank whoever you think needs more help. DO NOT GANK BOT BEFORE lv 4. A lot of people makes this mistake thinking yes, I am the jungler, I can tower dive ANY TIME. This concept is flawed.

This is the basic list I've came up with.
1) You start out wolves, get leash from top & mid
2) mid & top help you finish blue, smite it at 490 hp
3) you can decide to go top, enemy red, mid, or wraiths. Listed a) b) c) d)
4) Do your own red, smite it
5) Do golems
6) If you have 60%~70% hp, go gank bot, you should be around lv 4

TIP: the spawn time of your blue is about the same time of enemy blue if enemy jungler uses mana, buy wards so you can smite steal or maybe kill enemy champion(s)

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Farming Souls (Unique)

i was just wondering did riot ever give an average amount of souls they expect some one to get in 1 ranked game? obviously time dependent.

As Riot says, This number (of souls) will vary greatly across games depending on your role and playstyle. We've had internal games where Thresh mostly roamed or double jungled where the numbers got outrageously high due to him wandering from lane to lane and helping to push after ganks. It's also somewhat map dependent.

Also are the souls completely random... some times i get 3 in a row, some times i get none in a wave.

Each "small" minion has a random chance to trigger a soul (33.33%). However, the probability adjusts dynamically. If you are below your expected quota of soul drops from small minions, the probability rises by a small amount until you are back at your quota of drops. Conversely, if you get a ton of drops from the first wave of minions, you are a bit less likely to get souls from the next wave. In typical play experience will, the probability only fluctuates by a few percent -- it is built to be random in the short term and non-random over the long run. Actual collection of souls has no bearing on the probability. Number of large minions that have dropped souls also has no effect. The randomization smoothing only cares about soul spawns from "small" minions and monsters.

What is the range on souls being able to spawn? is it roughly the same range as a lantern? or larger?

1900 units -- a good deal longer than the lantern cast radius. For reference, Caitlyn's rank 1 ultimate is 2000 units.

This is a data some person collected. Seems reliable

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Skill Sequence

I choose to max flay first for the aoe clearing. I take death sentence second to add for the hold on enemy champion. Then I max lantern. It gives a lot of shield/ utility for ally champions. At last, I max death sentence because of the mana cost.

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Explanation in Pictures (Special thanks to kiragodofme)


Welcome to my Thresh Pictured Explanation


This is Kiragodofme helping me with taking screenshots of this guide


The range of death sentence, the moment right before throwing it out


The moment when death sentence connects to enemy. Press Q again to shift yourself towards enemy. Don't press any other buttons to tug enemy towards you for two ticks.


Throwing out Dark Passage. It gives vision like Oriana's ball. If ally right clicks the lantern, the ally shifts towards to location of Thresh. Any ally between Thresh & lantern receives a shield.


This is the maximum range of Thresh's Dark Passage.


There are two ways of using Flay. #1 You push enemy away & slows enemy for a brief moment. It deals AoE damage.


The second way of using Flay. #2 You pull enemy towards you by clicking behind you & slows enemy for a brief moment. It deals AoE damage.


Enemy Shen tries to escape "the Box."


Enemy Shen uses dash trying to escape.


Enemy Shen is caught in one of the 5 walls of the pentagon. As one wall breaks, the slow effect is halved. It initially have 99% slow for 2 seconds.

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This is the first guide I have ever published~ Please help me make this guide better so new players can experience the fun in the jungle. Thank you for the time spent reading this guide. Have a nice day.

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Ranked Play

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The farming of thresh is based on his passive. You need to farm souls... Creepy huh? Enemy champion, minions, neutral monsters all have a chance to drop souls. The more souls = more ability power & armor for Thresh. It does not scale per level, instead, it is a fixed number.

Let's compare few of the hp per level of the following junglers.

Thresh (+92)
Amumu (+84)
Olaf (+93)
Nocturne (+85)
Lee Sin (+85)
Warwick (+98)
Cho'gath (+80)
Maokai (+90)
DIana (+90)
Hecarim (+95)

Thresh's armor does not scale but is calculated by the souls collected, every lane that he ganks there are likely 5~10 souls collected. Let us say that he ganked top at min 5, mid min 8, bot min 11. An average of ganking at about 3 minutes (the timer on wards). By 20 minutes he will have at leash 45 souls. Including jungle creeps, he can hit an approximate 60~70 souls. By that time, Thresh can be one of the tankiest jungler. Is my logic flawed or am I making sense? Sorry I'm at low elo so if anything that I've calculated is flawed please tell me.

PS Not many junglers are ranged casters.

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What I've learned from the past few months playing Thresh Jungle

early game is usually decided based on how much presence a jungle have. With Thresh, you can simply throw a lantern over the wall, and let your bruiser/ adc fly to safety when they get caught up. Especially in baron fights, I find it really OP to have a thresh lantern out for vision. Not every support wards that often. Remember, wards win you games. For the past few months I've been working to get out of bronze I. My ign is "xxperrycxx," so if anyone have questions about basic jungle questions feel free to ask me. I've played 850 ranked games in bronze... Maybe I do belong here, however, I know how most bronze players work. I haven't lost against another jungler in bronze :) Hopefully one day I'll move up and continue polishing guides. Thank you all for the support :D