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Riven General Guide by miccke

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League of Legends Build Guide Author miccke

Dat jungler Riven

miccke Last updated on July 30, 2013
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Hi summoners!

Okay so here comes my jungle Riven build. These all 3 build are tested in ranked games and i have proved them to be very effective. U can mix them up or play with example builds, only thing what matters is that they work. And normally tanky (offtank) champs are more like support and helpers than dmg dealers. And here allso u need to decide urself what u should buy first. I usually use those example builds but all items can be replaced depending on the situation. Pls comment, rate and suggest improvements to this build if u inveted something new and GL & HF! :)

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Dmg Build

with this dmg based build will be hard to get on early game. So for my opinion is that u should rush after spirit stone/ madred's to brutalizer and BT cuz u will need dmg on early game. On mid game goal is that u would have Elder lizz/ Wriggles, BT, boots and warmog and ofc still brutalizer. On late game u should buy first GA and after that finish build with Black Cleaver. But it is a case by case basis cuz can be that they have feeded mid and u need hex and all things like that so u need to decide it yourself what to buy first cuz i can't tell here that u will play next game vs. full ad team or full ap team. And i can't tell u if ur bot, mid or top feeds.

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Tanky Build

This build is kinda same kind than dmg build exept i pref wriggles instead of elder because of armor and life steal.

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Full Tank Build

This build is way more harder to play than tanky or dmg build, cuz with this build ur not doing allmost any dmg whitout passive. This build is made for situations if u don't have any tank or tanky champs. ( for example: adc corki, support sona, mid tf and top nida or teemo) On early game u should maybe rush hp and after that build armor and mres.


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