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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Shaco Build Guide by DaLeblancMage

Assassin [{Deceiving Your Way to Victory}] ~ S6 Shaco *IN DEPTH GUIDE

Assassin [{Deceiving Your Way to Victory}] ~ S6 Shaco *IN DEPTH GUIDE

Updated on November 22, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaLeblancMage Build Guide By DaLeblancMage 32,212 Views 3 Comments
32,212 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DaLeblancMage Shaco Build Guide By DaLeblancMage Updated on November 22, 2015
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Hey everyone! In this guide I'm going to introduce you guys on how to effectively use Shaco Jungle using several new items from Preseason 6. Is an incredible champ that relies on trickery and deceit to outplay his opponents. In particular, He's famous for his amazing ganks and ability to walk around Invis ( ) for 3.5 seconds only to appear behind the ADC (U wot ?) and assassinate them in 2-3 hits.

Of course, you can just skip ahead to my "Gameplay" section where all the good stuff is, but if you take the time to see what Items and Masteries im using, I would be really grateful.
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Pros / Cons


+ Unparalleled ganking/juking potential
+ High skill cap (You can always get better!)
+ Turns 1v1s into 2v1s
+ Can easily assassinate High-Priority targets
+ He's scary.
Shaco is a great pick for SoloQ. His kit is simply outstanding - A fear, A clone, A Blink+Invis, and a long ranged poke/slow. Although he does need a few essential items to get rolling, once he gets them he can confuse and trick his opponents into attacking his Clone , only for them to have it explode in their faces and watch their Champ get obliterated from behind in a couple of hits and crits. Shaco brings a fear factor into the game, making the enemy team constantly wary and scared of venturing out and/or engaging in lane.

- Hard to catch up once behind
- May not be as much of a use to the team as a tank
- Hard to master
- REALLY squishy, once you're CCed.. Ill let you imagine the rest.
- Needs items to do any damage, since most of his abilities are AP relient (a whooole 'nother topic!)
- He's scary.
As with any champion, Shaco has an equal amount of Cons. He is, of course, only viable in the Jungle. If you fail to get kills/lots of assists, you're gonna find yourself with a lack of items and gold, and it's going to be impossible to assassinate ADCS and Mages (Unlike >_>). He's also not the best in teamfights - Your best bet is to use and jump on their ADC for the kill.
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  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Best Quints for AD Shaco, Moar damage= Moar assassinations.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Read above. :P
  • Greater Glyph of Ability Power: These were some tricky ones. While much consideration and debate over these and , the extra AP will be extremely beneficial for all of your abilites. Since Monsters in the Jungle do no magic damage, the MR you get from the other runes are wasted in Early game. However, the MR glyphs reduce damage from the demon , and that alone make them viable.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: Helps you in the Jungle, Helps you against other AD assassins, helps you against the enemy ADC. The best seal for a squishy Jung.
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18 OFFENSE, 12 into Defense or Utility
sp A
// This if for your standard, AD Shaco. Attackspeed is always good in those 1v1 situations, and helps clear your Jungle. A point in Feast will help keep you sustained, and 5 in Natural Talent since Ap and Ad are both beneficial. is decent since you'll be slowing and fearing enemies. The ArmorPen is much needed, and warlord's lust is amazing, as your gives you 100% crit chance.

Q: Should I go for 12 points in Cunning or Resolve?
// The answer is: It's up to you. Less experienced Shaco plays may want to invest in Resolve for the extra Health and Armor. However, Cunning offers more damage, sustain and Movement Speed with , and . You may also change the point in for the .
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Item Sequence

Stalker's Blade - Warrior 2625
Statikk Shiv 2600
Rapid Firecannon 2500
Ravenous Hydra 3300
Infinity Edge 3400
Lord Dominik's Regards 3000

The best Jungle item for Shaco. Gives you an improved . While some people like to sell it when they reach full build, with the recent buffs to it (60 Ad now! :D), I decided to keep it. Also provides with some much-needed CDR. The helps you proc the , further increasing your damage to kill that pesky .

My favorite item on Shaco. It gives you everything loves: AttackSpeed, MovememtSpeed and Crit Chance. But the main reason we get this item is because of the Passive. With the recent changes, it can now CRIT, doing great amounts of Magic Damage to multiple targets. Ideal item for this particular 1-hit-KO build.

*Gets excited* Alright, so you thought it couldn't get better than the Crit passive from ? Yep, this little baby gives you even MORE lightning/magic/awesomeness damage that stacks with our little buddy Statikk. It even increases your next Basic Attack RANGE! By now, you'll be doing as much magic damage on you first hit with as AD damage (Although Morg's can get annoying >_>), which is what were looking for. As soon as you have these three items and you're not behind, there's no one that can 1v1 you if you attack them first from behind. (Backstab is GOD tier)

This is interchangeable with . I prefer to get this item first for the extreme waveclear it provides (+++Gold for Infinity Edge!), the lifesteal it gives (Seriously, no one will want to 1v1 you now), and the amount of AD it gives (More damage with and the Statikk+Firecannon 1 hit combo). And the best thing of all? The Hp regen it provides!!! its s0 gud @mg. Ok serious now, the active . Now its possible to 2 shot squishes. Deceive -> Backstab -> Hydra active/Statikk passive/Firecannon passive/Autoattack Crit, all in less than 2 seconds is an ensured kill.

Alright bois, here comes the big boy. Even after the recent nerf, this item is still huuuge. When you get this item, you'll now have a total of 80% crit chance. Yea, you read that right. That almost means you don't even need for damage anymore. Almost. Since Deceive gives you 220% damage on your next auto attack, and a ENSURED crit, Infinity edge will increase your crit damage by another 50%. The damage now is just stacking so much, everyone will literally run from you when they see you. Ok lets do some easy math. gives you 20% increased damage. Deceive gives you 220$ ensured crit damage. Infinity Edge gives you 50% increased crit damage, + critically strike with their magic damage passive, and Ravenous Hydra gives you an active thats basically another auto attack. Still dont think Shaco isn't viable/does no damage? 1340 damage is the most ive gotten from these 5 items, not including the Hydra active. Yep.

This is a highly situational item. You may want to get a more tankier item, like for survivability and the passive slow, or for damage reduction (turns it into a DoT), lifesteal and a BIIIG chunk of attack damage. Or you may even want . But nah, whats the point of tankiness on a champion as mobile as that depends on that first hit to annihilate his enemy? Lord Dominik's Regards will allow you to 1v1 tanks at this point of Late game, and pierce thru any armor or that people buy against you (god forbid >_>).
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Skill Sequence

Many people love maxing E Two-Shiv Poison first, but since my build revolves around that first hit for huge amounts of damage with Q Deceive (read that big block of text next to Infinity Edge in the "Items" section!), we'll max that first.
Of course, always get one point in Jack In The Box for juke/ganking potential, as well as amazing jungle clear. One quick note, if you cast Recall immediately after casting Deceive, you'll get a free 3.5 seconds of invisibility in Recall. However you must Recall within 1/10 seconds after Deceiving, so it may be a little tricky for unexperienced players to pull off.

Hallucinate is available at level 6, 11 and 16, so always level it up then.
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Deals 20% increased damage when your enemy is facing away from you, this even includes E, .
They say this passive is what makes and breaks a Shaco player, but all of his abilites are so tightly knit together, it's hard to say that. Always, ALWAYS go around your opponent and attack him from behind when you're in Q . If you don't, I'll personally make sure to hack into your account and waste your RP buying Assassin and White Mage . No seriously, the damage boost from this passive is so unique and helpful, but most people don't make good use of it. Exploit whenever you see a chance to.

Teleports you to targets location, and makes you go Invis for 3.5 seconds. Also makes your next auto attack critically strike, and at max level it increases the crit damage to 220%.
The bread and butter skill for this build. As I mentioned above, use this combined with backstab for the 220%+20% increased damage. Deceive, as the name clearly states, has unlimited uses for juking and ganking capabilities. 3.5 seconds is huge, so take your time and assess the situation you're in before singling out your next assassination target.

Jack in the Box.
Puts down a little invisible box that, when enemies get near it, fears them and begins shooting at them.
Idk why the name isn't "Jack in a box", but meh w/e. This skill is incredibly fun and entertaining to use, and makes all of your enemies rage. Use it for escaping, for ganking, for hiding-in-a-bush-with-three-JiaB, and for clearing your jungle. Start the game by rushing toward the Camp you're gonna clear first, and begin placing down boxes at the 40 second mark. You should have 4 boxes ready by the time the Monster spawns.

Two-shiv poison
Passively reduces Monster's attackspeed when hit, and actively (XD)throws one of your knives to deal Magic Damage and Slow your enemy.
One of the main reasons that AP is viable. While not an "amazing" skill like the rest of his kit, it's still very important and useful. Since this is Shaco's only ranged attack, save it for after the enemy tries to escape, or if you're going for the 2 shot kill, as soon as you appear from Deceive. This also has a SMALL AD ratio (which many people tend to forget), so it doesn't completely fall off.

Goes briefly Invis to create a controllable clone of yourself with reduced stats.
This skill is just so amazing, I can't even put it into words. This, is what truly makes Shaco, Shaco. The ability to create a exploding clone that chases after enemies? Yeh. More about this ability later on.
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Ganking~ The Fear Factor~ 1v1ing

First, as , you should remember that no situation is hopeless. Your ability to outplay will always be present, and with pratice you'll be able to frequently outsmart and annihilate your opponents with backstabs and trickery.

Ganks, Playing Smart

Shaco's specialty. As I said above, with pratice you should be able to determine how to find the perfect balance between ganking and farming/farming your opponents jungle. Contrary to.. "popular" belief, assassins MUST have alot of farm, as the same with any damage-dealing champion. Every time you have 50 cs at 10 minutes, 50 s ressurect.
Since im maxing Deceive first, your first hit is what im relying on to do damage (Read my "Items" section first), which is perfect for sneaking up to opponents in lane to Backstab them for increased damage (ALWAYS use this passive!), and setting up a perfect kill for your top/mid/bot lane or yourself.
Later on, I'll post a pic giving ways on where to and suprise your enemy, but for now, just be creative. You should never find yourself in the River Bush waiting for that , only to have her suddenly ult you with Vayne running around the corner in her Ult. 3.5 seconds from Deceive is more than enough time to approach from different places, and don't even forget that blink that it provides you.

So, how do you execute a successful gank? Do I just use Q , appear behind them and proceed to auto attack my enemy to death? No... and Yes.
For starters, some may argue that while yes, does have the capability to easily reach his target, he can literally do NADA once he gets there. When I firsted started playing Shaco, I felt exactly like that. Useless, No damage, Squishy and nothing to offer for the team.
However, when I kept playing him, I realized I was going at it all wrong. My way of thinking way this: "Oh ok, so Shaco's an assassin? Niiice, Since Riot has him tagged as an assassin Ill just chaaarge in with my deceive and start hacking at nearest squishy thing, and then get out. Isn't that what an assassin does anyway?" While in essence, that basically IS an assassin, Shaco is quite different from that. He involves SCARING your opponents, TRICKING your opponents, and finally appearing at the last moment to MURDER your opponent. Ok, that sounded really creepy. But yes, you have to get that fear factor rolling. That's basically the way that contributes to the team. Make the enemy scared to engage 1v1 with their lane, out of fear that it'll suddenly become 2v1. Consistently remind them that they're never alone- there's always that mad hatter that wants their dead body on the floor for some gold.
But how exactly do we do this?

The Fear Factor.

I may have made it sound easier than it sounds, But it is, in fact, difficult. Even more so if your opponents are decently skilled. Here's the problem: You can do two things. Gank tons, do little farming, or Farm tons, do little farming. Ganking takes time, and by them you could have cleared 2 camps and/or have invaded your enemy's Jungle. So you're gonna have to be on your toes. Don't even sit around for 1 second- that could mean 1 more second of helping your ally out to kill his lane.
Alright, now for the "Fear Factor" thing. You don't always have to gank, to have the enemy team notice you. People think that "Camping", is what makes you feared and hated... In ONE lane. While yes, this may be what alot of junglers do to help out the hyper-carry dominate her lane, your job as is to help out the entire team. True, you can't always be there when your allies get dived at their tower, but you can reduce the chance (or the %!) of that happening.
Aaaand.. you still haven't told us how to do this?
Ok ok my bad, im just listing things that you should know as . As I said above, you do NOT have to "gank" (which means going into the lane, and attacking the enemy for a 2v1 kill) in order to make them scared, as it takes alot of time and doesn't always produce good results. You have to make your presence known. This is just simple- show yourself. You saw the bot lane place a ward in the River Bush? Immediately go there, and . Watch as he immediately starts running and wastes . From there, you can either just go back to farming your jungle, or you can run to one of the bushes at the bottom of the lane. Going from your Red side of the Jung to your Blue side? Run across the Mid lane, instantly making their Mid laner to run away.
Disappear into the other side into a bush, wait for them to come back, immedately use and proceed to attack with your ally.

Try to combine both your ganking time and your farming time, if your walking in the direction of a camp, why not say hello and help our your ally for a bit? Or, just go in for a quick , make them back off and get your ally some free cs.

So when you ACTUALLY gank- It's simple. , go for the , get a well-placed down, and use when they are to far away to Auto Attack.

So yes, just make your presence be known. Of course, you can do a complete gank whenever you want to or whenever your top lane is crying for one (XD). You must be SMART when it comes to playing like this. You should never put yourself in danger just to show your face- Remember that the Enemy has a Jungler too, and that he'll be trying everything he can to counter-gank you.


Getting dat Damage out

Alright. As I have mentioned a ton already up above, we focus on getting that first hit from to do TONS of damage. Where does our damage come from? Crits. And the + . Our strategy is simple when It comes to 1v1s- YOU pick your opponents. As a rule of thumb, if you feel overwhelmed or simply not strong enough to 1v1 that particular champ, don't do it. However, there's a thin line between knowing when to run, and being cowardly. Assassins and Cowards do NOT share the same place together. It is not, however, recommended to engage in a 1v1 before you get your . In order to do well, Outplay, and get kills, you have to trick your opponents into thinking they can win. No one just willingly is going to want to 1v1 a good . This is why his skillcap is so high - You have to outplay your opponents in every turn. You have to get them to start attacking your clone . You have to know when to go in with , and when to get out.

So here's the Combo for a SUPRISE kill:

    *Looks at the minimap and sees a 60% hp
farming up top.
*Goes to nearest bush, sweeps the area for any wards.
*Immediately uses , walks up to her back.
*Places one behind HIMSELF
*Auto attack ( + and huge Crit), Active, Auto attack again, use , and .
*Proceed to dance and recall over their body.

So, why don't we use first to try and "trick" them as you say?
This is the fastest, most basic and most effective Shaco assassination that you could perform. Only comes into play when you are forced, or wish to engage upon a 1v1 situation that lasts more than 2 seconds. A good example of this would be with . His ability practically nullifies any attempt of assassination upon him, so if you want to kill him, it's most likely going to be a.. ahem.. "fair" 1v1.
To get started: You see walk up in his Jungle to take his Krugs. You see his Wraiths are up, and assume that he's gonna walk there next. After placing your in a desired location, wait a few seconds then activate R . You have two choices: Send it to attack the Wraiths,(People DO get mad when they see you stealing their Jungle, and are most likely going to attack you) or just have it walk around just as he comes around the corner again.
*IMPORANT NOTE* ~ You can never know when they are going to simply run away, or try to stay and fight. Having less HP than them increases the odds of them staying and fighting, so while this may sound crazy, it might be a good idea to do so. Make sacrifices in order to gain a profit.

So, say he stayed and is now fighting your clone? That thing is not going to last long, so as soon as he starts attacking it follow the exact same steps as the earlier assassination.

Basically, the only difference are the steps of preparation you take in order to ensure your success. BUT, since League is such an amazing game, there are 100000 scenarios that could happen.
Their Top could come and help.
Their mid could just happen to be right in the other bush, since you forgot to sweep and there was a ward where you were "hiding".
Or the mid was never there, but suddenly bursts out around the corner with on, and uses his Q on you.
As usual, you have 2 things you can do. First? Run. If it's a 2v1 against you, odds are you are NOT gonna make it out alive. If it's just you and , well.. that's different ;). Immediately use your and instruct it to attack YI by clicking Alt+Right click.. Use , get behind or next to him (Since the counts if you're just attacking somewhere other than his face), and THEN proceed to hack away at him. He'll most likely end up running.. Right into your that you carefully put beforehand. Finish that fool off, and proceed once more to steal his Jungle.

So this is my advice to you- PREPARE for your future encounters. Failure to do so will most likely result in a 2v1 against you, or a landing his q and erasing you from the map. No pressure though! XD
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R and Q ~ Hallucinate and Deceive ~ Uses and Strategies

This ability gives you so many uses, I just HAD to give it its own chapter.
First of all, what does do?
Your Clone, deals 75% of your Auto Attack damage, but also procs On-Hit effects ( Moar synergy!! And ).
*IMPORTANT* Note that it also benefits from , which will make It's damage go up to 95%. Op yet?
Activating this (with remarkably low CD) spell instantly makes you go Invis for a less than a second, and creates a clone of yourself with the same ITEMS, but reduced HP and Stats.
What does this mean?
Although it isn't mentioned in the spell description, the split-second that you are Invis for also basically makes you Invulernable for that short duration. How do you use it? Here are some examples:
sees you walk past a ward with 200 hp left. He immediately starts casting R~ , and types "CYA SHACO" Into the allchat. Now, be sure to get this perfectly- as soon as you see the spell cast time ending, immediately use your and avoid all the damage. Proceed to have say "The jokes on you!", and disappear into the fog.

This ability even removes abilities like 's , her , and her new passive, .
If you already used your and you see Cait's ult on you, you direct your clone (Using ALT+right click) and put it inbetween yourself and the . Of course, can also save you from that last tick of any DoT damage on you- Most notably , but 's , s abilities and 's abilities also tend to stand out.
We already covered how to use this ability as a exploding decoy that your enemy kills - wasting all their abilities- and end up having it explode in their faces with you running around them in decieve. Not so bad eh?

The other, and most commonly used, use of this is the simple turn-that-1v1-into-2v1. Most plays simply use it right after they engage upon someone. While this is.. OK.. Your opponent (If he's not dim-witted) will most likely keep on attacking that same target that's in the exact same location - You.
Unless you're alooot stronger than him, try to avoid the scenario. One thing people don't know about, is that you can cast while you are in .
So here it is:

1. Use .
2. While Invis, activate , and send the clone to attack whoever.
From here, you can do two things:
3. If you simply appear from behind them out of , your opponent will automatically know that the in front of him is a Clone. Therefore:
4. Simply appear right ON your clone, or riiight next to it. By doing this, your opponent will think that your Clone just popped , will smirk and think "Pfft, what a n00b ". I don't even have to say what happens next (b00m-crit-Enemy-has-been-slain).
If you think that you can rapidly beat you opponent in less than 2 seconds, then by all means just execute Step 3. Take note that when I refer to "your opponent", Im most likely refering to an ADC or another single target high priority champ. WILL have trouble against AoE Mages or Assassins and lock-down champs, such as , , and even (although by now you should NEVER get hit by his hurricane.
Ill repeat this again - Play. Smart. You won't be able to successfully execute assassinations if you can't plan and stay one step ahead of your opponent. Ill repeat this again too- the ability to calculate on when you should stay and fight and when you RUN for your life will come to you in time. Just have patience, and keep on honing your skill.
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Shaco Montage by Shaclone

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Am I Useless in Teamfights and Late Game?

Useless in Teamfights? Far from it. Useless in Late game? Even further.
What can do in teamfights? Well, that one is kinda obvious - Kill the ADC. You should NEVER pick Shaco if there is at the very least only 1 tank of your team. You would be better off picking someone who can engage, if your team doesn't have that already.
If you DO have that- let's begin planning.
So by now, you know that Blah Blah Blah for a crit, with hydra and all my actives. Is that all I have to offer?
While the answer almost always is yes, Ill say this once again- TRICK your opponents. Let them waste all of their peel and stuns on your in an effort to keep their ADC alive, only to have you appear from the other side to murder him/her/it ( ). Don't forget the while-in- trick.

From here, once again, two things can happen.

1. You successfully destroy their adc, deal 300-600 damage of AoE to their team with your , and the rest of your team sweeps in to clean up everybody else.
Yay, happy day! .. Not all League days are like that. 100 things could go wrong - i.e They have a with mad reactions/skillz that had a perfectly placed ult/mikaels/silence to prevent you from killing the ADC. Or as soon as you appear, rapidly chunks you with her Q-R-W combo, kill you or getting you to less than 30% Hp.
The higher rank you are, the more likely that the second scenario is going to happen. In this guide however, I happen to be talking to the Silver-Gold players, so the opposite is true here.
The only thing you can do, is REDUCE the chances of YOUR complete annhiliation. Whether or not it means saving your for after you kill the ADC for an attempt to escape or survive longer, Taking (>_>) for that easy get-out-of-jail-free card, or playing it super safe and not even going for the ADC - just for whatever's in front of you (Viable but.. not recommended).
So what is it exactly that im saying?
Im saying that isn't just a freelo champ with a simple q-w-e-r combo (like >_>), He requires dedication, RISK and effort.
Go for the ADC assassination attempt. If you have a good team, with 1-2 good tanks, and a nice Mage and ADC that know what they're doing, the likelyhood of you succeeding are very, very high.
If you don't.. GGWP FF@20. Nah jk, like I said far above, NO situation is hopeless for . Plan with your team (Communication is SO important guys, abuse that chat! But don't flame :P)!
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Step By Step ~ Early game Warding, Pathing and Items

How do we start out as , since he has such a weak early game?
First: start at BLUE. Starting at RED will deplete you of mana extremely quickly, since depends on his 4 (Tons of mana) to clear without a Leash and without any damage taken.
Let's start:

Step 1: , 3 and

Step 2: At EXACTLY 0:41 seconds, start placing boxes right where the Blue's back would be, so the Golem starts attacking the boxes, and you attack it from behind for . Kill the Golem with .

Step 3: From here, either Gank the closest lane (<-- If you do this, get at level 2), Go into the enemies Jungle *continued later*, Or level up and continue farming, which is the path we're going to follow for now.

Step 4: From Blue go to your wolves and start clearing them. Blue Buff Allows you to spam your , and remember to always place it behind the Monsters. (DON'T SMITE)

Step 5: From your Wolves, go to your Red and begin clearing that. Place your into the bush next to you. Activate 1 , and use when both you and the are low, since the Smite will heal you.

Step 6: Now you're level 3, have 2 s, and are ready for your 1st (or 2nd, if you ganked at level 2 Blue which is useful). From Red: Either gank Bot lane or Mid lane. This is the fun part - be PERSISTANT. Your only has a 10 second CD, meaning you can gank, get some damage out, hide in another bush and attack again over and over. Silver players literally do NOT know or suspect that you would ever come back in less than 10 seconds.

Step 7: Of course, we must Induce our Fear Factor. Follow the instructions I listed far above, and keep on clearing camps as they appear. Be diligent in keeping track of how much time you spend ganking, taking your enemies Jungle and farming your own Jungle - Find that balance.

Step 8: Say you got that First Blood or Assist? Very good, recall when you are near level 5-6 or when low. Your first back should always get the 700 gold , and if you're lucky get a or even . If you want, buy boots for 300g, But just know that we'll be selling that later on with this build. Change your Trinket to , and get one or so.

Step 9: You now have an Enhanced Smite active, , , 3 points in , and a point in + . It's time for you to get a kill, if you haven't already.
See what the time is right now- If you're around 7 minutes into the game, RUSH into the enemies jungle and start preparing to assassinate him at his *SECOND* buff (If he started Blue, Go to Red). This will give you more time to prepare, and it's likely that he's going to give his Mid Laner the Blue Buff anyways.
Set up around 2 s into where you think he would escape into, and wait for him to appear. *Go to the 'Ganking, F.F and 1v1ing' section to see instructions*. Got the kill? Pat yourself on your back and take his Jungle.

Step 10? Literally just rinse and repeat. For God's sake, please dont KS deliberately. No matter how much you need kills, people WILL Rage if the Enemy has 50 hp with ignite on them, only for you to throw your little . Don't be over-careful to not KS, since there's a very fine line between Kill Securing and Kill Stealing.

Step 11: Buy as soon as possible. A super strong item, and gives you 30+ Experience for each killed Monster, and continue making random appearances to get that *FEAR FAKT0R* rolling.
Of course, always an area that you're waiting in.
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Q: How do I juke with Deceive? People just seem to Immediately find me!

Heh. Here's a video by Shaclone giving you a quick and incredible compliation of jukes.

So, you see how he does it? Walk one direction, immediately decieve in the other. Always place the a little ways in front of that guy chasing you, since it takes some times to arm.
One problem that many players face are Wards. They juke a 's Q~ , run away and start recalling in a bush.
"NEEhEeHeEe, she so stupid m8!", right as a 700 damage spear rams into your face.
As I already mentioned above, you should always change your Trinket into the on your first back, no matter what. Always remember to kill Pink Wards, they're literally more annoying than .

When you're escaping, NEVER just randomly out of panic. Take your time and Relax. The key to is to just pretend you don't care - Then quickly assassinate whoever's in your path. Try out different methods in that video above ;) I would take 10 more pages explaining each and every technique.
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Uhm Bro, You forgot the Boots?

Hehe. While this may seem like a mistake, I ignored it on purpose.
Here are the viable types of boots for :

Boots of Mobility
Increases your Movement Speed by huge amounts when not in combat.

Beserker's greavesBeserker's Greaves
Grants 30% Attackspeed and some Movement Speed.

Ionian boots of lucidity
Gives you 10% CDR on both Abilities and Summoner spells, as well as some Movement Speed.

Why dont we buy these amazing items?
.. Because they aren't. At least not for this build. (in this build), is based on that first and second hit to assassinate his target. This means that he wont just charge into battle vs a to see who can attack faster than the other (and 30% on Beserker's is kinda poor). You get Cooldown reduction from your Blue Buff and , so the Ionian boots aren't absolutely necessary for Shaco.
But the Movement Speed that provides? Yes. That is the only boot that I agree is KIND of a use to Shaco.
As a replacement for these boots that take up a WHOLE item slot, we take the Mastery, and further increases that. You should a total of about 395 Movement Speed, which is very, very good.
If you feel like you want more, switching one of the for one of Movement Speed. You really wont notice the loss of 1.7 AD XD.

What about the Enchantments you can get on boots? Lets see.. There's Furor which gives you Movement Speed Single Target damage (Not necessary), Captain (Not necessary), Homeguard (The only viable choice), Alacrity (More movement speed) and Distortion (Not necessary). It just isn't worth it. Why waste that much gold on an item that gives a bit of Movement Speed and Attackspeed/CDR/Moar MS when you can seriously just buy a BF sword that gives you 40 AD, which contributes waaay more?
You CAN, however, buy the 300 gold first tier boots. This is worth it, but with build you will, of course, sell it later on.
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