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Diana Build Guide by Almostfallenx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Almostfallenx

Diana 3v3 Build Guide - Assassin Domination

Almostfallenx Last updated on May 29, 2013
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Alternative Troll Playstyle

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Diana is a AP Assassin/Battle Mage. She can be seen as very similar to Akali, except Diana is much more durable and has a much stronger early game than Akali. Another champion that shares a similar assassin role and ultimate would be Ahri, but again Diana is much more durable

Diana can build multiple ways such as Pure AP DPS, Tanky DPS, and AP Melee DPS. With her high base damages and passive moonsliver blade she can dominate lvl 1 teamfights on Twisted Treeline. With her amazing burst potential she can obliterate any squishy and have the sustain to keep fighting or have a clean escape.

Please enjoy my 3v3 Diana guide. Hope it helps=). This guide was not meant for 5v5 on summoner's rift . The builds are totally different and it is much easier to use your role of an assassin on 3v3.=)

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The Different Builds

1.The first build is my normal build for most 3v3 match-ups. It provides nice burst combos and great damage, while still have some tankiness and survivability. This Build Does not include Lich Bane or Nashor's Tooth

2. This is Super Tanky against teams you know its necessary from the start. This build has a very weak early game but catchs up late game. If fully built late game this build is more scary than the first build. It has crazy Magic Resist, Health, and still can dish strong DPS.

3. The Third build is one of my Troll builds. This Build has no survivability to it at all, but in return it can dish enough DPS two hit almost any squishy with one ability and an auto attack. If played correctly you are an automatic carry.

4. The Last build is another troll build. It is more simple and easier to master than the advanced version. It also has more survivability than the other.

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Pros / Cons


  • High Base Stats
  • High Mobility
  • High DPS
  • Strong Snowballer
  • Durable for an Assassin


  • Can be Mana hungry early game
  • No Mobility until lvl 6
  • No True Escape .
  • Often Banned in Ranked

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Seal of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration:These marks provide early game dominance allowing your attacks to basically hit for full damage. Always take these.=)


Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: Take these to help throughout the game with ap ,since all your abilities scale with ap. This also will strengthen your Pale Cascade giving more durability during the match.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: If you want to be more tanky in the early game you can always take these for extra magic resist.
Greater Glyph of Ability Power: I prefer to take the Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power, but these are reliable if you want more ap early game.


Greater Seal of Ability Power: I prefer to take flat ap seals for the extra burst early game
Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration: If you are worried about being mana hungry, these are always an option. I just think it is easier to buy a Mana Potion if needed.
Greater Seal of Armor: If your got the DPS covered and want more survivability, these armor seals are your answer


Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: These are a must. This is the key to your early game harass and lvl 1 dominance.
Greater Quintessence of Health: If your that person that get worried about dieing, this is your answer to help survive early game. Honestly, I have ever used these on Diana.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: If you do not want the ap, take the movement speed. Getting around that little map is the key to teamwork and victory

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These masteries provide more utility such as more CDR and movement speed, for the loss of some sustain.


If your prefer more sustain over the CDR. In the defense tree take magic resist over armor because your probably going to lane against another ap carry.

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Moonsliver Blade

Diana gains 20% bonus attack speed. In addition, every third basic attack cleaves nearby enemies for additional magic damage.
At lvl 18 her passive does 290(+ 60% of ability power).
Moonsilver Blade does NOT proc spell vamp, lifesteal or Rylai's Crystal Scepter slow.
Moonsilver Blade's magic damage will affect structures such as turrets, inhibitors, and the nexus.

Crescent Strike

This is an arced skill shot which inflicts enemies with moonlight and reveals them for 3 seconds.
Crescent Strike will damage, but not reveal stealthed units such as Teemo.

Pale Cascade

Diana creates three orbiting spheres that last up to 4 seconds and detonate on contact with enemies, dealing magic damage in an area. She also gains a temporary shield that absorbs damage. This shield is refreshed if her third sphere detonates.


Diana draws in all nearby enemies and slows them for 2 seconds.
Moonfall can interrupt channeled abilities such as Death Lotus and Absolute Zero.

Lunar Rush

Lunar Rush is a single targeted dash ability that causes Diana to move to a target enemy unit's location and deal magic damage to it.
If Lunar Rush is used on a target inflicted with Moonlight via Crescent Strike, Lunar Rush's cooldown is refreshed.
Lunar Rush pops spell shield and does NO damage, but Diana will still dash to her target.

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Summoner Spells

Out of 9/10 games I use Flash. it is a good escape early game until you get Lunar Rush. It also allows to fulfill your role of an assassin with a clean escape.
The ultimate assassin spell. Take It. It adds to your already insane burst, reduces target healing, and secures the kills.
Alternative to Ignite, If you don't take ignite, TAKE THIS. Its really not need since Diana already has a strong gap closer but its fun to troll every once and awhile.

Unnecessary spell to take since you want the DPS, but can be taken if you want more survivability. This is the same as Heal. Take if you want more survivability, But Unnecessary since you have your W, Pale Cascade. This actually a decent spell for 3v3 with new low cooldown. Take if you want map control and do not care to survive or get kills

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Starting Items

Always start with these items. You NEED the mana regen, health, and movement speed.If you do not start with a Doran's Ring rush some form of health such as a Ruby Crystal or rush a early Kage's lucky pick

Core Items

I take these in 9/10 games. These allows to basically deal true damage early game. And mobility is key on twisted treeline
One my Favorite items, Most people think this is not fully used on Diana,but this item greatly improves her damage. It allows her to drop high health tanks such a Dr. Mundo with a breeze. LOOK!!It provides some Health, Ability Power, Cooldown Reduction, and Magic Penetration. What Mage would not want this?
Personally I see this more as an offensive item with some health on top. It allows to stick your targets and gives health so you dnt get destroyed in return. Perfect For Any Melee AP Assassin.

Other Choices

This adds to your burst combination. You can Blow Away any squishy in under a second and have them saying WTF!!??. Very strong item for a Ap Melee Assassin like Diana and Fizz.
This item is very helpful in destroying turrets and adding to the use of your passive. It provides CDR, Ability power,attack speed, and mana regen. I rarely build this item, but still a decent choice if you want attack speed.
MORE MAGIC PEN!!! When They Start Stacking Magic Resit grab one of these and laugh at them.

Another underestimated item that I am in love with. I see this as the perfect AP Assassin tool. Everyone loves the mana regen, CDR, and ability power ignite on cooldown?? Do not fear Grievous Wounds is here. Their Heal wont help them and Dr. Mundo loathes you. I see this as a strong item for Diana and Ahri. Most people disagree, but try it out and see.
A very strong item for any mage and Highly raises your ability power. I never rush a wooglets its passive wont help you if you have no other AP items. Why Rush It? Good Late Game Item. Also, It's active can be a lifesaver in almost any teamfight.
Want to have stronger burst or get rid of that annoying tank? Pick up on of this babies and show damage. They will not see what they have coming.
Another Good item. Their ap assassin or mage picking on you? Grab on these and ask what's up!?!? This is a good source of Magic Resistance and Ability Power

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Skill Usage

Advanced Strategies

  • Use Lunar Rush as an escape. Twisted treeline is small and you are almost always near the jungle. Use Crescent Strike to gain vision of monsters then use Lunar Rush to dash to them. I commonly do this to the Wolves and watch people waste flash trying to catch me.
  • Remember Lunar Rush is synchronized with time it takes for the max range of Crescent Strike to land. So This allows you to almost instantly be on top your enemy and still have ult available.
  • Use Pale Cascade before you use Lunar Rush to help provide maximum damage and give more durability.

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Videos Diana Gameplay Highlights

This video was made using build 1

This video focuses on build one with few clips from build 4=)............