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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MildlyMalicious

Dominion: Troll bottom lane like you mean it! [Updated 5/21]

MildlyMalicious Last updated on May 20, 2012
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Guide Top

You can call me MM.

Hey hey, it's your big pal MildlyMalicous but you can just call me MM for

short ^^ This is my awesome first attempt at a build so be nice and leave nice comments :3 The focus

of this build is to show the dominance of controlling bottom lane in Dominion. This guide is

not meant to convince you that only certain champs can lane bot, just to show an example of

different champs that can be used well at bot. I do ask that you read everything and at

least try the build/strategy before voting. All feedback is welcome and i accept any and all

advice. Thanks in advance.

Here's a bit of what i hope to accomplish when i play Bot

I <3 Maokai ^^

One thing to note is you may notice this build is kinda long. Guess what? It's gonna get

longer. This guide involves a lot of detail so I'll be constantly updating and adding more

detail to each champ as I see fit. If you feel like something is either missing, could add

more detail, or could be removed. Comment or drop me a PM. I'm more than happy to listen to

criticism :)

Guide Top

Pros/cons of staying bottom lane


Can be the determinign factor in most games
Bottom lane has multiple choices(variety!)
If played correctly should be top 3 on team easy
Easy to learn
Most team fights occur on the bottom lane

Getting used to controlling bot can take time to master
It can be boring depending on how the team operates
Susceptible to ganks
Can be difficult depending on what champ your laning against

Every part of LoL has it's ups and downs. Bot control is not easy, but it's not too

difficult if you learn lane control. That is mind, not all champs are made for bottom.

People could argue that any champ has some control aspect to it but some champs are just

more suited for roaming/top tower team fights. I'm still in the process of try different

champs but i lean more toward tanky/fighter champs for survivability/damage output reasons.

My play style is definably not how everyone should play but through trial and error I've

found it to be the best way to dominate.

Guide Top

Why you should enjoy bot ^-^

The simple answer is someone HAS to be dedicated to bottom lane in Dominion. Without a champ that can cover and

annoy both bottom towers, your team is doomed to fail. Ever since Dominion has come out, all

anyone wants to do is run around the entire map with a carry and attempt to gank each other.

At first i usually ended up at bot cause, well, nobody wanted it. I'll admit, i didn't enjoy

defending at first until i realized something. Bot is usually where most of the fights occur

and, in turn, puts you in most of the important fights! After some testing and revamping,

I've basically perfected the art of Bot Domination with specific champs. This guide is not

here to convince you that my build is the best. This guide is here to show you how laning

bot on Dominion is necessary to win and dominating it will make it all the more amazing.

Here is a simple map of YOUR territory (at least it outta be after you're done ^^)

This is YOUR space. Don't let anyone take your space. When you're done, you will need a sign

that will be placed at the enemy nexus simply stating "mine." It's true, I've done it. Don't

question it.

Guide Top

Why these champs?

Bottom lane is all about control. What I looked for (and am still looking for) were champs

that had mobility, survivability and aspect that make controlling a lane simple and

affective. An example would be Jarvan IV. The combination of Demacian Standard and

Dragon Strike can put Jarvan out of a bad situation or into a good one by charging with

his lance toward his flag. Along with that, passive armor and attack speed from his flag and

an ultimate that requires you to either have a charge move or waste flash to get out of

makes him a perfectly mobile champ with a side order of brutality ^^ These champs and future

champs to be added are what i consider the better mobile and controlling champs in my

opinion. Therefore, the next chapters are dedicated to give a brief, yet detailed

description of each champ from my perspective, along with basic knowledge and explanations.


Guide Top

Jarvan: Prince of Eat yo face!

Jarvan was made to be a bully. I mean come on...hes covered in armor from head to toe, he carries a gigantic freaking lance, and just like his followers screams his homeland when awesome things happen. The best part about Jarvan is his ability to solo his lane to perfection. You don't play Jarvan to get kills, you play Jarvan to scare the **** out of people who try to take your tower. What makes Jarvan amazing is his passive, Marshal Cadence. He deals 8% of the current targets health as magic damage in the first hit. Even if it maxes out at 400 damage, good about early dominance. Basically, the focus you bot Jarvan is to harass with your Demacian Standard (flag on a stick) due to its ridiculous range and if the opportunity strikes, charge in with Dragon Strike(pun kinda intended). The best part about Jarvan is that he can adjust to any style of opposing team balance. His passive armor from Demacian Standard provides a decent defense and passive attack speed from the same said ability provides the ability to fight back. The one thing you will learn with Jarvan is you will never do the exact same item build each game. I haven't done it and I doubt it would be beneficial. The item build i have for Jarvan is simply a possible set. If you follow this build each time, you will not get the same results. The only Dominion items that i use every time is Boots of Swiftness and eventually Trinity Force. Everything else is simply dependent on what kind of team you're facing.
I tend to mix it up depending on how i want to play but the runes selected are the basics.

1. Greater Mark of Desolation - You want armor pen, any ad champ uses it, so stop asking questions.
2. Greater Seal of Armor - Armor seals is good for any tank/offtank. If you want to sub these in for dodge, it works just as well. Sometimes better depending on the other team.
3. Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction - Cooldown reduc. Can i say more flags?
4. Greater Quintessence of Armor - You can either do Armor quints if you decided on dodge seals or Mag resist if you chose armor. Really, either or works.

I do a 9/21/0 mastery. I've tried tweeking it here and there but nothing really makes a major difference. Survival is key to the Troll.

You want to max Demacian Standard first. It's your key harassment move and can make or break a fight sometimes. Only put one point into Dragon Strike. The damage it does is ok but all you need it for early game is the popup it does when you aim at your flag with it. Golden Aegis will be your next maxed out move. Survivability is key and the shield can give you that slight edge is a team fight at bot. Of course you wanna put a point in your Cataclysm move asap. I mean, what's a Demacian prince without his move that screams, well, DEMACIA!!!

Guide Top

Maokai: Don't f**k with Arbor Day!

Maokai is a more recent champ i tried out specifically for Dominion. He seemed tanky yet angry, so i felt it necessary to try this hunk-o-wood out and man...I was impressed. Maokai has such an annoying aura. He throws squealing little sapling that explode when they find a new friend, stomps angrily at anything, flies toward things like an angry thorn bush, and the best part is make a circle of ultra bs that basically comes with a sign entitled "This is mine. Go away." Long story short, Maokai is an amazing lane controller and very hard to kill 1v1, if you know how to play him of course. Now, if you intend on playing Maokai as an aggressive tanky tree, you're gonna get burned(i <3 puns). The idea of Maokai is to harass the everliving rage out of other bot champs. I use Maokai more as a creep exterminator. I let my creeps take the tower while i farm gold from your silly creeps that try to bark up the wrong tree(someone stop me). Anywho, if a champ tries to come get me, i don't let them. You're focus isn't to early game destroy things, its to annoy the other champ until your creeps take over. Then all it is is sitting at their bot tower and wait for a 4v1 to occur( it WILL happen, you can QQ about it later). Only once your main item, the oh-so-sexy Rod of Ages is close to its max cap will you try and take champs on. This item will be your first item no matter what the other team has. I don't care if its all ad carrys, you get the rod, then thornmail. Stop crying.
I do Maokai like a ap tank, just with one exception.

1. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Stop crying, that's all you need.
2. Greater Seal of Armor - Armor, he's tanky and mana regens fast in Dominion so don't cry about those either.
3. Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction - Cooldown reduc, you like saplings right? Then do it.
4. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - This is where I'm different. Wanna know why? Prolly cause I'm crazy. Or that i like saplings hurting a lot early game. Its kinda my thing.

You wanna max out
Sapling Toss first. Simply put, its a good harasser early and mid game and oddly enough, you will ks carrys with it. Best. Troll. Ever. Second will be Twisted Advance which is your rooter move. If a low hp champ tries to run, this says no. Pretty easy, eh? Your ult, Vengeful Maelstrom is essential. The largest pro is that it covers the entire turret(yes, all of it) and makes it to where it has to be 3v1 just to kill you and them not be able to die in the process. Last is Arcane Smash. The only reason i don't max it out 2nd is that its really only good for creep smashing and popping an enemy with occasionally. I expect judgment over that and I'm prepared >.>

I use a similar 9/21/0 build for Maokai as well. You want to be able to withstand damage while still dealing some good damage as well. It's essential, stop crying.

Core items are Rod of Ages and Boots of Swiftness. The rod is your best friend and lover. I choose 3 speed boots for versatility. I also wanted a chance to use the word versatility. /win Everything else is situational with an Abyssal Mask as your 6th item. Its helpful, sexy, and you will hurt more with it :)

Guide Top

Blitz: Mecha-man of Annoyance

Blitzcrank is a very unique champ. What makes him amazing is the fact that he never chases you, he makes you come to him! With his Rocket Grab, he can easily control bottom lane. I've recently tried him thanks to a recommendation and I'm thrilled with the results I got. Basically, I learned that even in tanky gear, Blitzyank(as my friends refer him as) can be an amazing burst damage champ. He's an ap champ whose focus is divided evenly between ap and mana. The reason i say mana is due to his passive, Mana Barrier. Basically, the more mana you have, the more of a shield you get when you reach 20% health. I don't solely focus mana where as all that does it make you a tank, don't a Fighter. I've done about 10 matches with Blitzcrank and oddly enough i usually end up top 3 on team. I've noticed that late game, a combination of moves will one shot carrys. O.o... Anywho, I determined that I play Blitzcrank with somewhat of a combination of Jarvan and Maokai. Mostly cause i start with a Rod of Ages and eventually get a Trinity Force, with the Boots of Swiftness of course. Otherwise, everything else is situational minus one exception. One of your items either needs to be Frozen Heart or Manamune/ Archangel's Staff. You need some kind of decent mana based item but i usually end up getting Frozen Heart cause I'm awesome and actually have one >;)

I play the exact same runes for Blitzcrank as I do for Maokai.

1. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Magic Pen, still necessary.
2. Greater Seal of Armor - Armor, you don't need mana regen in Dominion. Srsly.
3. Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction - Cooldown reduc, MOAR YANKING
4. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Ap quints, lotza damage. Durr.

He has a similar 9/21/0 build with one exception but putting 3 points in Strength of spirit. MY reasoning behind it is you're gonna have lotza manas, why not get some health regen?

You wanna max out Rocket Grab first. It's your harassment move and can get you an easy kill at a turret. Next would be Power Fist. Comboing those two move together can not only cause some decent damage but also get you a few more second to beat at them. You're ult is interesting. Static Field has a passive that does a little damage a few seconds at a time at a random target but its active is one of your best damage dealers. Best used when fighting more than one target. The last move is Overdrive. It lets you chase as well as beat them senseless so much faster.

Core items are Rod of Ages, Boots of Swiftness, Trinity Force, and an item with some decent mana. Simple, yet elegant.

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Irelia: Ionian blades hurt brah..

I've played Irelia tons before Dominion. I've always played her tanky but figured I'd test her in different ways what Dom came out. After multiple games, tanky Irelia remained the better. Irelia is all about control and mobility within a small amount of time. She can charge from a fair distance with Bladesurge to initiate or if used to finsih, it's mana cost gets refunded and its cooldown is refreshed O.o... Her unique skill is Hiten Style. Every attack heals her, of course for more at higher ranks, and on top of that, it can be activated do deal true damage for a duration to a target. That alone will tear up a tank since it bypasses all armor. Her bread and butter, however, is the smexy Equilibrium Strike. It deals awesome damage passively, yet its the side effects that are awesome. If you're winning the fight and the champ tries to run, using this move slows them down so you can finish them off. If they happen to be winning the fight, this move will instead stun them for 2.0 seconds to give you the edge in winning. I love this move...srsly. Finally, her ultimate, Transcendent Blades is amazing as well. Basically, you will shoot 4 blades in a line, one at a time, in the direction that your cursor is dealing both magic and bonus attack damage then as well, healing you for 25% of the damage dealt. I use it as a chaser, as well as a finisher. In 2v1's I do use it depending on how close the fight is. I wouldn't waste it on close combat. The other thing she excels in is team fights. Her passive, Ionian Fervor, makes her impossible to control by the other team in a team fight. Having up to a 40% reduction of cc is amazing! Throw a pair of Mercury's Treads in there and she's unstoppable. Her survivability and control mechanics make her perfect for bot lane....scary perfect.. As I stated previously, I play Irelia tanky. Her main items top get are gonna be Mercury's Treads for the increased cc control and Trinity Force cause she has abilities that use both magic damage and bonus attack damage. Another item I'd be sure to get, unless you're playing all ap carries, is Randuin's Omen. 2v1's happen often in bot lane and this can help turn the tide when they rush your tower.
She has a very simple layout for ad tanks with a little exception:

1. Greater Mark of Desolation - Armor pen - They reduced the passive armor pen in Dom so this has become necessary
2. Greater Seal of Armor - Armor - You live longer, bout that simple
3. Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - Magic resist - This further prevents losing in a team fight or against an ap carry
4. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Flat ap - The extra early damage with Equilibrium Strike is needed.

Irelia is done differently when it comes to masteries. I run a 21/9/0 tree, similar to most ad carrys. My reasoning is you will need the extra damage. Your items and passives will prevent easy death.

You will want to max out Equilibrium Strike first. It's one of your most damaging moves and will make or break the champ fights you engage in. I max Hiten Style second due to its true damage active that will tear through enemy armor. You, of course, out a point into your ultimate as soon as you can, and max out Bladesurge last. The reasoning for maxing out your Q last is that you want to have it for the charge early on, not for the damage. It's not substantial damage but will get the job done to control the lane.

Core items are Mercury's Treads, Trinity Force and, in my opinion, Randuin's Omen. People can argue it but I find it necessary in almost every situation.

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Vladimir: The Blood Bank Baron

Vladimir is a champ I've been playing for well over a year now. I hate to say it, but over the last few months, Vlad has been beat close to death with the Riot Nerf-bat. Wanna know something funny? Those nerfs did hurt, but it takes more than that to kill him off. To start off, what makes Vlad a sustainable champ is his passive Crimson Pact. 1 ap for every 40 bonus health and 1.8 health for every 1 bonus ap he gets. Basically, more health = more ap / more ap = more health. No, those don't work together but yes, health items and ap stacking is the way to troll with Vlad. Vlad is a vampire(minus the sparkles) so there has to be a "blood-sucking" move right? How about Transfusion? A ranged health absorption with a 60% ap ratio? Gimmie. So, now you ask, how else can i make this vampire op? How about making him un-targetable for a few seconds and cause AoE damage at the same time! That's where Sanguine Pool comes in. Now if only we could flash while roaming as a blood pool :/...
Anywho!.. were not done with AoE's quite yet. How about an AoE that does damage and gives you a stack that increases health regen using spells and increases the damage of said AoE? I give you Tides of Blood! I <3 spamming this late game for the giggles. As for his ultimate, it's a doozy.. Hemoplague is a very easily misused ultimate. Throw this on someone who tries to run, good job. Throw this on someone at full health, you better be blowing them up so they'll giggle as they run away to the nexus. All and all, i play Vlad as a burst tank, health and ap items intending on bursting someone down with ease. Since Warmog's Armor got banned from Dominion (sadface), my starting build item is Hextech Revolver. Spell vamp is your friend, lover and soulmate. Get it, use it, don't forget it.
Runes are user preference but here's my most preferred options.

1. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Magic Pen - You will need the early damage, srsly.
2. Greater Seal of Armor - Armor - Sometimes, blood sucking isn't enough.
3. Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - Magic resist - Again, there may be a Veigar in them there bushes..
4. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Ap Quints - Overall early game domination and harassment

Masteries are made up of a 9/21/0 ap tank build with focus on health and health regen. Do eet.

I max out Transfusion first for the harassment and survivability factor. Second is always iffy for me cause it depends on how I'm feeling or who I'm laning against. Most of the time I take Tides of Blood over Sanguine Pool mostly cause of the overall burst damage. I take a point in pool early for escaping or finishing means but don't max it usually til last. Of course you take Hemoplague as soon as it becomes available.

Core items are Sorcerer's Shoes and Zhonya's Hourglass for ap and tankyness.

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Heimerdinger: That afro is made of rocket parts.

This champ has long been a possibility for me and yes, he's finally been put on my guide ^^ Heimerdinger(Heim) is one of the most annoying bottom laners to go up against. He pushes and holds his lane by not only stealing your turret, but then procedes to make two more turrets just to piss you off. Let's start with the basics. Heim's passive is Techmaturgical Repair Bots. It provides him a fair amount of health regen and also regens his turrets. Great way to stay in lane longer. His main skill, which should be skilled up to 5 first always, is H-28G Evolution Turret. As you level it, it gets harder to kill and eventually does splash damage to enemies nearby. It lets you push harder than anyone and not let anyone push you back. Next would be his Hextech Micro-Rockets. I use this as a harassment skill and as a burst. It has crazy range and is his largest damage dealer. Third would be CH-1 Concussion Grenade. I use this as a quick means of taking a group of minions out or as a way of chasing/harassing. If it detonates right on top of a champion, they are blinded AND stunned for 1.5 seconds. Finally, his ultimate is UPGRADE!!! This turns all active turrets as well as any you place while your ult is active into frozen turrets slowing anything that gets hit by them. It also allows you to fire 5 rockets instead of 3 and your grenade travels much faster. Consider it a self-steroid. They typical way to build Heim is as a burst ap with no real form of survivability other than running away >.> I build him with a little more survivability than most would cause thats how I play. Again, the item build at the top is just a situational set. I will say his core is the same for me regardless of situation. You always pick up Sorcerer's Shoes and Rod of Ages. The boots provide magic pen which you will need and the rod gives you health, mana and ap. Perfect for staying set in bot lane.

For runes, I build typical ap champ with some survivability thrown in.

1. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Magic Pen - You want your rockets to make the QQ right?
2. Greater Seal of Armor - Armor - You are a squishy and if you expect to stay in lane early, you gotta be able to take a hit.
3. Greater Glyph of Ability Power - AP - Early game harassment and burst.
4. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - AP - Again, more burst is a better Heim.

I take a 9/0/21 ap build with a few differences. The spell vamp is not worth 3 points so put them in
Swiftness . Chasing people is better than a measly 3% spell vamp.

Skill Sequence
You max out
H-28G Evolution Turret first so you can push lane better and harass just as well. Second, imo, should be Hextech Micro-Rockets. It's your best damage dealer and perfect harasser. You max out your ult UPGRADE!!! as soon as you can obviously and finish with your CH-1 Concussion Grenade. It doesn do a whole lot of damage but is useful when trying to pick people off.

Core Items
Sorcerer's Shoes and Rod of Ages are my always used items. Therefore, i recommend it to you :)

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Morgana: Don't change what's broken (get it?)

Morgana has always been known for her solo lane prowess in 5v5's. This remains the same in Dominion. She's on the the best farmers in the game and is sooo mean to people who are against her. With Morgana, it's always been about the stun/aoe combo and rinse repeat til you win. Guess what? Same case here. Why change what has always worked so here's a quick rundown on her abilities. Her Q and main stun is Dark Binding. It's a skill shot and does involve practice but once used correctly will provide excellent harass and your longest stun. If you manage to land your Q, follow it up with your Tormented Soil. This is your uber farming aoe and is best used when the person is stunned by immediately following it with this. Great damage/harass and will push bot lane like you own it. Her support/situational spell is Black Shield. It specifically blocks magic damage and only magic damage. That includes any effects caused by magic damage such as fears and stuns. Excellent to level if its an ap on bot lane. Not really needed in its an ad champ. Her ultimate is her team fight "FU" move better known as Soul Shackles. It does initial damage and puts a tether on each nearby champ and if she stay i range long enough, they get stunned for 1.5 seconds. Very good for finishing up the fight and isolating enemies that stay too long near you. Focus health, ap, mana and cd reduction.

For runes, you focus on magic penetration and ap.

1. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Magic Pen - Absolutely necessary
2. Greater Seal of Armor - Armor - AD carries love Dominion. You'll need it.
3. Greater Glyph of Ability Power - AP - early game ap is nice and needed
4. Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration - Magic Pen - Making their magic resist negative is awesome.

With her I go a lot more on the offensive with an AP focused 21/9/0 build. Since the focus is less around mana regen and AP you have to be wary of not spamming consistently. You burst, you farm, you win.

Skill Sequence
You want to be able to push and farm. Therefore, you max out
Tormented Soil first. This gives you full farming capabilities and harassment. In order to max out your full harassment, you take your Q Dark Binding 2nd. The only situation you don't take this 2nd would be if the champ you're going against is ap. Then in that case you take you shield Black Shield to prevent them from beating you. Of course, you max out the ultimate Soul Shackles asap. Team fights will love you long time.

Core items for Morgana are Sorcerer's Shoes and Rod of Ages. You want the extra magic pen and the rod is just secksy on any ap champ in bot lane.

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Yorick: Mah Friends make me Stronga!

Yorick! Oh I love thee. In dominion, you can almost literally spam your moves the entire time. Each of Yorick's moves consist of spawning a ghostly minion that each one has it's own individual abilities and in turn makes Yorick stronger and harder to kill. By that i mean his passive, Unholy Covenant. Each ghoul summoned gives Yorick 5% damage reduction and 5% additional overall damage. On top of that, the ghouls will attack enemy champs that are nearby and have 35% of your health and attack damage. A tanky Yorick is a happy Yorick. As for his ghouls, let's take a look at them. The first one is Omen of War. This ghoul deals a large burst of damage the first auto attack you do after activating it, then gives you a huge run speed boost while the ghoul remains alive. Next is the Omen of Pestilence. This ghoul when summoned does a small burst of damage to an area around it and slows all enemies for a short duration. Then is continues to slow enemies as long as its alive. Third is the Omen of Famine. This ghoul is summoned by clicking a specific enemy(i.e. minion/champ) and will heal Yorick for a good chunk and continue to heal him when it attacks til it dies. Finally is his ultimate Omen of Death. This spell will copy any champ(including yourself) for a short duration and if the person you copied dies, they will still be dead but will be able to keep fighting with full health again and for 30 or until health hits 0 again. This lets you get that kill if the person who kills you just barely gets away with it and thinks they're safe ^^

With runes, you focus tanky and health. It's good, trust meh :3
1. Greater Mark of Desolation - You're AD and a little extra damage never hurt anyone.
2. Greater Seal of Armor - Be tanky! Doo ittt..
3. Greater Seal of Magic Resist - Please see #2
4. Greater Quintessence of Health - Health is key to Yorick. Also see #2

With Masteries, I go 9/21/0 with focus on Cooldown reduction and health/tankyness.

Skill Sequence
For sustain, I max Omen of Famine first but grab one rank of Omen of Pestilence early for the harass. I max Omen of War second for the burst and damage and max Omen of Pestilence last since it does the least damage of the three. Of course you put points into your Omen of Death at 6,11,and 16 as always.

Core items with Yorick don't really exist. In regular 5v5 games on SR, I would say differently but since mana regen is not important in Dominion, he doesn't really have items he has to always have. I would say stick to health and tanky items and build according to your opposing bottom laner.

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Situational Item Recommendations

As a bottom lane controller, you need to have a survivability aspect to your item build. Therefore, there's gonna be items that you will need depending on the situation. This here is a list of all the items I consider give you that necessary edge to troll successfully.

Force of Nature - 2610g

Best used when fighting a mostly ap carry team or if the person laning against you in bot is an ap burster. That and the passive health regen is nice too.

Frozen Heart - 2775g

Does your champ use mana? Is there at least 2-3 ad carrys? This item is for you then.

Guardian Angel - 2600g

It provides an even amount of both armor and mag resist along with the enemy irritating ability to revive. Used mostly as a 6th item depending on how long the game is.

Hexdrinker - 1800g

I've only used it 3-4 games previously and only because the other team was 4-5 ap champs. Otherwise, not my favorite item.

Mercury's Treads - 1200g

Good for ap heavy teams or heavy cc teams. Personally preference really.

Ninja Tabi - 850g

Good for heavy ad teams. Again, a personal preference but I'm usually good with Boots of Swiftness.

Odyn's Veil - 2715g

Great for 2-3 ap champs or if you just want a great mag resist item. Late game item for me if i choose to get it.

Randuin's Omen - 3075g

I almost always get this item. This is an anti-carry item. The active on this item will easily turn the tide in a team fight against any carry-heavy team.

Shurelya's Reverie - 2200g

Great upgrade from the Philosopher's Stone. Health, health regen and mp5(even though you really don't need mp5) is always secksy.

Sunfire Cape - 2610g

Health, armor and an AoE per second? I'm in.

Thornmail - 2000g

The true ad carry enemy. 100 armor and redirects 30% damage back at them? If there's at least 3 ad carries, i always rush this.

Zhonya's Hourglass - 3100g

This is any ap tanky champs friend. Armor, ap and a 2 second invulnerability. Sit by your turret and see if the take it now ^^

These are the more "tanky" items that will help you either survive a teamfight or turn the tide in your team's favor. The other items out there not mentioned are not items i typically find myself using on most champs. This is just to give you an idea as to how each team balance will prevent you from having the same build twice, unless its the same team twice...which would be weird.

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What summoner spells work?!?!?

Well, Mr. angry chapter context I'll tell ya! ^-^

I've tried multiple summoner spells but a few really seem to work better for me.



The main one i always use is Garrison. It's a tide turner when it comes to either taking or defending the bottom turrets. It either prevents you from being absolutely decimated by the turret and will tear up the enemy if they try to take yours away from you! It's necessary and anyone that tells you otherwise is silly.

I'll give you a choice when it comes to either Promote or Flash. I switch between them depending on what champ I'm playing but either is great for Bot. Promote turns one of your large minions into a huge brusier with increased stats and health. IT helps wipe away their minions and leads them easily to the turret to help take it. As for Flash, for now it's very useful for mobility purposes. It can help get that last hit on a champ or help you escape that turret at the right moment. I can't just pick one so I'll let you choose depending on your play style.

Other options:

- Good for chasing and getting to the towers faster but i don't find myself needing it too often. Save it for champs that need to play top lane.

-'s an iffy spell. Yes, it helps with removing cc's just not as useful as other spells.

- Only really good for carries. Bot isn't about kills.

- This is probable. I can see where getting that last little bit burned off would be nice when killing a champ but again, it's not about killing in Dom. It's just not for me.

- Very situational. Of course it needs to be an AP champ first or it's just silly

Summoner spells that you never touch:

This is a stupid spell. If you have the need to have this as a spell, you're what we like to call a wimp. Grow a pair. >:)

Wut?... You get ridiculous mp5 in Dom so there's no need.

There is no need...what-so-ever... you're only dead for 25-ish seconds at the most in Dom. Don't be bad.

Don't pick dumb spells. It can make the difference in winning or losing.

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When things get tough, stop crying (aka: Teamwork!)

Soloing bot can be difficult, especially since help may be few and far between. Sometimes,
the only thing you can do is hold off the enemy from taking your point as long as you can
before help arrives. One thing you can expect almost all the time is that you will die
playing bot. It will happen and don't let that move you away from bot. If you died but took
3 people with you while defending a tower, you won. The idea of bot is not complete
domination, but overall control to help win the game. If bot is controlled, you can control
where the other team will flow. If you're doing well on bot for instance and it forces a top
champ from the other team to come down to stop your advance, you just gave your teammates at
a 4v3 advantage. If it pulls more than two, chances are you wont survive but it gives your
team a chance to cap top and get closer to winning. Trolling bot takes practice and not
everyone will get it but once you nail it down, you become feared, or even better, annoying.

The best way to successfully dominate bottom lane is done by three basic ideas:

1. Communication - If you're not communicating, you might as well /surrender and move on. I honestly think communication is, by far, the most important aspect to be successful in bottom lane. Letting your team know if your focusing on pushing lane or simply defending what you have makes it easier for the other players to be in certain areas depending. As well as when you need to recall having someone cover while you're at the nexus. Think of bottom lane in Dominion as a Mid lane in Summoner's rift, just with only one side to worry about ganks. An example would be if your mid laner is low on mana and needs to recall. The jungle would just pop up for about 30 seconds and as you return go right back to ganking or whatever it is junglers do :p Same goes for Dominion. You will need someone to cover either while your dead, (which won't happen right?), or cover while you get an item or recover mana. If your team happens to not understand English, I would suggest getting friends to Queue with ^^

2. Situational Knowledge - You have to know how to act depending on the other team. That goes for your items, playstyle, and teamwork strategy. You have to know how to react to any situation and position yourself to end up in the best opportunity. An example would be that the entire enemy top lane is ad carries but your bottom lane opponent is a Morgana (sigh..)How would you build for this? What's gonna be the biggest threat? Does the enemy team constantly try to steal your bottom tower? Who got fed early on the Windmill? All these questions can determine your playstyle and build. Maybe in this case, your team dominates the Windmill but the Morgana is pushing your lane hard. It also appears that none of the carries want your bottom tower but will occasionally come to try and help Morgana push. Since i always use mobile champs, avoiding ganks is usually not a problem. I would focus first on Morgana and the scared carries 2nd. Since she likes to push, I'd let her get comfortable pushing, make her think I'm not trying to push her. Let her get close to the tower then either burst using mobility/cc moves ( Demacian Standard/ Twisted Advance) to initiate or use that communication we talked about earlier and gank the pushy butthead :p You may chose to be just as equally pushy and cause a 1v1 int he middle if that's how you want to do it. Everything is situational and taking all aspects into consideration is viable to succeed.

3. Patience! - Aggressive bottom laning in Dominion almost always ends in disaster. Sometimes, rushing bot tower early can have its advantages. If the person in bot happens to not be used to bottom lane or doesn't have teammates that want to help. Pushing bot aggressively could work then. Most of the time, aggressive gameplay usually ends up being you're dead more than alive due to ganks/pushing to hard. That's why I hardly ever push hard unless I know I can push quickly. The longer you take trying to take a tower, the faster it is for their teammates to come stop your advance. That's one reason why I choose Promote occasionally since it provided the easiest way to push fast. Late game is where your patience will be tested. Two things I notice will happen late game. Either you'll notice the middle lane of yours being stolen by a sneaky champ that thinks I don't see him and his stupid Rat nose (guess who) or the original bottom laner you were against either gave up or switched with someone. Now of course, these are both usual situations. Evelynn or Twitch are well known sneaky champs that seem to wreck havoc by constantly going to random towers and trying take them before anyone notices. You could go attempt the kill these pests before they flee into stealth or you could wait for another teammate to notice and go there. Of course, if everyone is dead or no one seems to notice the 10 pings you just placed. Going up there to at least interrupt them could be worthwhile. Only issue is you just left bottom lane completely open! Sometimes, patience will make the better option. Suppose you push bot and take their bottom lane tower while the rat is still taking our mid tower. you basically cancelled out its attempt and points and if your teammates wake up, might prevent that from happening too! Decisions you make can impact the game and patience will make choosing the right option all the more easy.

Rarely do I solo queue. I like knowing that i'll have backup and not have 4 people argue over who wants Gankplank >.> However, I do occasionally find that other solo queue person with a god head on their shoulders. It makes my job at bottom lane all the more easier. Don;t give up hope on bottom lane if a random failure shows up on the team. When you find that deceent player, BEFRIEND THEM! They could eventually end up being people that ask you to join them in a queue ^^.

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Defender vs. Attacker

Due to the multiple champs and comments on certain champs, i've decided to instead of making a consider/not consider chapter, making a chapter including all possible champs and what role they fill as either an "attacker" or "defender". In order to be fair toward all champs, I'll add all champs to this section and how I think they would be played at bottom lane. There are some champs that are terrible at bot and they will be noted later :#


The attacker is what I consider an aggressive champion to fit. These champs tend to push harder and faster and end up with more kills than the defenders type of champ. These champs focus less on defensive items and builds and more on attacking, burst and sustain in combat. Here's the attacker list:


The Defender is best suited at beating minions and daring champions to come try and take their turret. Defenders are more tanky and will most often not get that many kills. Focus on survivability and resistances. Here's the list:

Notice the obvious lack of Defenders. The reason for that is survivability vs. damage. These champs are able to live through ganks/more damage easier than most of the other champs in the Attacker area. Notice some champs weren't listed here at all. Those earlier in the guide are obviously not in the list but as for the others, I prefer to keep them is a group known as the..


If these champs go bottom lane, expect to lose. Yes, Soraka is not meant for bottom lane. I know its devastating to know that but hey, life's tough.

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History of updates!

10/28/11 - Build published!

10/29/11- added tool tips for spells and items

11/7/11 - added summoner spells, champs im considering and the pros/cons chapters

11/8/11 - removed Irelia and Mordekaiser from champs being considered
added Irelia and Mordekaiser chapters to guide
added more champs to consider and not considering lists

11/9/11 - added Heimerdinger to champs to consider..yeah, i know..

- added Core situational items chapter

11/16/11 - Modified talent trees to updated ones. Still testing the masteries but these are accurate enough until I get a more in depth testing of them.

- in the process of adding two more champs to the guide Vlad and Heimer. Updating mastery trees soon to be more specific to each champ instead of the current setup.

11/21/11 - Removed Warmog's armor off of guide since it has been banned from Dominion :((((
modified builds to not have Warmogs included. Removed Vlad from Possible champs, added chapter for him. Heimer chapter is still being done, expect it up tomorrow :]

11/23/11 - Delay on Heim chapter. Thanksgiving and whatnot has me away from home :3

11/29/11 - Have had some personal issues that have kept me away from home.
will be updating with Heim chapter by 12/1

1/15/12 - Finally updated to add the Hemierdinger,Morgana and Yorick builds to the guide. A hemier chapter was added adn the Morgana and Yorick chapters soon to follow. On a sad note, Mordakaiser is no longer on this guide. I've just not been able to do well enough in bottom lane to consider him a champ down there ever since they removed Warmog's Armor. His chapter and build have been removed. Expect the other 2 chapters to be up by tomorrow night at the latest.

2/26/12 - Some long overdue changes were made. The Yorick Chapter was added along with the revamping of the champs considered potion being changed to Attacker vx. Defender. Also fixed the Irelia mistake I made about her ult(thanks Mortilus ^^).

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Things to make awesome, awesome-er!

The reasons videos haven't been added are two simple reasons:
1. I'm broke and don't have a recording system that lasts longer than 30 seconds currently :/
2. LoLRecorder was down for about a week and all the games I recorded were corrupted/lost :/
This may take about a month at this point since I have a job now and need to wait on income. Each video with be a Dominion game with each of the 8(soon to be 10) champs i've spotlighted in this guide.

I currently have 8 champs spotlighted and am working on picking two. I'm open to suggestions on them since I can say i've played each champion possible in bottom lane at least once by now. I have a few I'm leaning towards but opinions are accepted :)

After doing some guide research, I noticed as well as my guide may be when it comes to info, it could be organized tons better. I'll be working on updating the guide with more organized BBCode and whatnot.

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That's about it.

I will be updating this build from time to time based on feedback/experience to better suit you

peoples. I'll be looking into other champs as well so I'll add more if i feel confident i wont

get trolled about it(counter-trolling >.>). Leave positive feedback so I can continue to

dedicate time to this build to make it awesome! Otherwise, if you made it this far, thanks

for reading this to it's entirety! I know it was a lot of details and some walls of text to

go through but i hope you learned something by reading this. So, to conclude, I shall leave

you with a quote that I found to sound useful:

"Trolling is an art. A lot of people create it but only a few are known for it."