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Draft Racing

Draft Racing

Updated on November 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NicknameMy Build Guide By NicknameMy 46 14 60,521 Views 37 Comments
46 14 60,521 Views 37 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NicknameMy Build Guide By NicknameMy Updated on November 2, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello, this guide is about a mod for League of Legends, Draft Racing. You can find people on european and american server, which want to play draft racing. There is also a chatroom called: "draft racing".

The 1. Team on Top presents defenders, the 2. Team on Top runners. All of them are very good for draft racing.

BTW: I am german, sorry for bad english...
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The Rules of Draft Racing are simple:

1. In order to score a point, player must get to enemy team's fountain and die there, first team to get 10points wins the game.

2. Players can only gain experience by killing enemy champions, no jungling or lane exp.

3. All summoner spells allowed except Teleport, Cleanse and Fortify.

4.No snowball items( Mejai's Soulstealer, Leviathan, Sword of the Occult)

5. Player does not need to be executed to score a point(does not matter if enemy gets the kill or not).

6. If a team scores 10 points, enemy team surrenders.

7.Do not leech exp from lanes by standing in the bushes close to dying enemy minions!
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Draft Mode

This game is played in draft mode, means you can ban champions. E.g. Shaco should be everytime banned, if not picked. He is the king of draft racing.
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Tier List

A tier list for draft racing can be found here. If you are new, you can check, which champs should be picked or banned.
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Gold/Time items, Exp

As you can see at the item builds on top, Gold/Time items are essential for draft racing. You need them, because there is no other way to get gold, except killing champs.

In most games, you will never reach lvl 6 because you don't get enough xp. Some champs can gamble on this(poppy, ali, tf, pantheon), look out to not feed them too much.
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Ok, now we go deeper into the section of defenders:

1. What shall i do as defender?
2. How should i stop enemies?
3. Why is this champ good
4. Warding
5. Invisible Enemies
6. Items

What shall i do as defender?

Your job as defender is to stop the enemy, so he cannot get to your fountain.

How should i stop enemies?

Try to root them near a tower. A tower deals the main dmg, to kill the enemy. Also you have to deal good dmg, so you need AP to nuke enemies.(except vayne)

Why is this champ good?


Well, knockup, knockback(into tower) and massive dmg. This cow is the god of defending, if you can play him right.


I say Rocket Grab into tower + Power Fist. Also great dmg output.


Dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum... Fling! into tower, Mega Adhesive Dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum...


Poppy can use Heroic Charge to stun people at a wall, at the nexus or at a tower. And Devastating Blow deals high dmg. And if you are lvl 6, go loling and run with ult^^.


Nearly same move as poppy's Heroic Charge. Plus crazy dmg output at lvl 1. If lvl 6 she kills all.. I hate her...


It is essential to ward the incoming lanes to your base. See the next graphic:

1. This wards are essential. Keep them everytime up
2. This wards can give you earlier sight onto enemy runners, so you can build up your defend earlier.
3. This wards are good, if you want to strike the enemy before he gets to your base. Later more about this.

Invisible Enemies

If you are up against eve, twitch or shaco, at least 2 deffers should start with oracle elixir. This way you can reveal the enemies.


As a defender, you normaly start with a ward and boots. The wards are placed on the 1. spots. Then you need the gold/time items i talked about before. Buy them all. Then build a Rabadon's Deathcap. With this, you deal enough dmg to kill the enemies. Then buy Deathfire Grasp, another nuke. Now i normally get Randuin's Omen, the slow is very nice. Finally I get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter, for another slow. And then I build another rabadons, just because I want more ap.

Some champs require Lich Bane, because they have moves, which procs one-hit effects. For this champs, get Lich Bane instead of the last rabadons, maybe even before Rylai's.
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Ok, now we go deeper into the section of runners:

1. What shall i do as runner?
2. How should i run best?
3. Why is this champ good
4. Items

1. What shall i do as runner?

As runner, you want to get to the enemy base to score points for your team.

How should i run best?

Try to avoid the cc of the defenders best and never get into the near of towers. Use your summoner spells and abilitys for this.

Why is this champ good?


Did I already say god of draft race? Shaco has decive, so he can jump over walls and be invisible. Also, he has his jitb for warding and defending. His slow also helps at defending. If your enemy has shaco in the team, you did something wrong...


You say: Wait, why vlad? He has no blink, etc. Well, but he has his pool, which makes him untargetable for several seconds. Combine this with youmuu's, shurelia's and ghost. Well...


He maybe has no blink, but he is naturally tanky, can defend with taunt and rolls faster then 100 miles per hour. You cannot catch a good rammus...


Taunt, naturally tanky and a dash through walls? And a ult, which ports you into the run? Outsch...


Tristana is my personal favourite as runner. She has rocket jump for jumping over walls and a slow with this. The range of rocket jump is very huge. Definitly a good pick.
(lvl q and e like you want)


As a runner, you need defence and movement speed to overlive the run. For this you need the gold again. But start with boots and build them directly into Boots of Swiftness. They are absolutly needed for a runner. A FB could help. After the gold/time items, you need speed, so you get Shurelya's Battlesong. Then you need hp, so you get Frozen Mallet/ Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Also with this, you can help defending if needed. Now buy Youmuu's Ghostblade, even more speed. Now we need resists, so we get Quicksilver Sash and Randuin's Omen. QSS can cleanse you out of everything and randuins gives you armor and a slow.
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This is another type of champion. Roamers are usually have high dmg at lvl 1 and go around and kill all champs which are moving. Perfect for this are champs like Vayne or Garen, which can destroy the enemies. Especially a fed vayne means big terror.

A roamer usually needs the 3. Wards(Map before) to find the enemies. If he finds one solo enemy, god, prepare to die^^.
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Team Compositions

A good team has 2 defenders, 2 runners and 1 roamer. This team comp with good champs means most time victory. But you should never pick only defenders, this would gimp all the fun.
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This is now, where the guide ends. Test this mode and have fun. See you later in a game^^.
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