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Vayne Build Guide by Haplo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haplo

Dream Vayne (under construction)

Haplo Last updated on December 7, 2011
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Welcome to my Vayne build. Being as I am not a lvl 30 summoner (yet), this build will continue to become better as I gain access to more masteries and runes and have a chance to experiment with them. As things are now I am capable of running most of the build effectively and will continue to keep things up to date. I do have experience playing with ranked players and feigning ranked matches. So without further delay I hope you enjoy my Vayne and will watch for updates.

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Summoner Spells

First off my pick of summoner spells.

I have chosen Flash and Teleport. This is merely because of the type of player I am. I enjoy having presence at a moments notice to turn a gank around or to add a surprise push or even jump into a small skirmish to give my team the advantage.

Some other choices that are good with Vayne are:
and sometimes:

Again I prefer to move fast and being as Vayne has an incredible chase passive I wanted to have retreat and surprise spells.

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My rune choice is rather odd. I know many of you hate late game runes but with Vayne they can make a difference. She can be very durable early game when played right. Therefore I have the runes built to help her out as she enters mid and late game.

Greater Mark of DesolationX9 was my choice for marks because she can definitely benefit from the Armor Penetration. Being as she is a DPS character that deals physical damage the Armor Penetration allows for her to deal damage early and keep it up through out the entire game.

Greater Seal of ArmorX5 was my first choice for seals. This is because she can benefit from flat Armor early game which will drop off mid to late game as her enemies start to gain Armor Penetration as well as debuffing abilities. To counter this I grabbed
Greater Seal of DefenseX4 to scale her armor as she levels to keep up with the debuffs.

Greater Glyph of Magic ResistX5 was my first choice because flat Magic Resistance is always beneficial to any squishy character. She also can stay in lane longer due to the damage reduction against any other Carry or Support type character. However as her enemies start to get Magic Penetration the flat bonus becomes less effective so I grabbed
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic ResistX4 to help keep the gap between Magic Penetration and Magic Resistance up. This will help her out as she enters mid and late game.

Greater Quintessence of HealthX2 was my first grab because it gives her an early advantage with her Health. Again this will allow her to stay in lane longer against opponents and allow for her to be a large presence in her lane. As the leveling process creates a gap I prefer to have
Greater Quintessence of VitalityX1 just to help close the gap between her and other enemies. This will also allow for me to be much more aggressive with her and still get out alive. I personally have a problem dodging skill shots and this helps with that a little.

There are a number of other runes that can be beneficial to Vayne so dont rule them out just because I did. If you find something that works better please let me know.

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Because of the type of character that Vayne is it would be very difficult to play her without going atleast 21 in offense. That being said I went with anything offense that would increase my physical strengths. I left out anything that is magic related or minion related because she doesn't use magic and with Silver Bolts minions are pretty easy to handle.

Once my 21 in offense was spent I looked through the defensive and utility tree to see what they offered. I decided on utilizing 8 in the defensive tree to make her a little less squishy. This is helpful because at times, if played wrong, she can be incredibly squishy. I did reserve 1 point for the utility tree just to benefit my Flash and Teleport summoner abilities.

If you chose to take Exhaust or Smite in place of one of my summoner ability choices please consider swapping Butcher for Summoner's Wrath or Summoner's Resolve .

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is to take Tumble first because it provides a little escape-ability and also allows for me to position myself pretty good when trying for FB. Condemn is almost always my second (if not first) choice because of its ability to move targets and add a little CC into the mix. Silver Bolts are always third. This allows for me to start doing high damage and continue to keep my enemy out of lane as much as possible. Typically at this point I start to become focus so I start building Condemn over Tumble or atleast alternating them. Silver Bolts doesn't really benefit me until we start to move into mid or late game. Once I am able to grab my ult Final Hour at lvl 6 I can play very offensively and utilizing tricks that I am hiding up my sleeve. I will start hiding in bushes and let my enemy pass me or letting them push to the tower and then jump them. If played right I can use my Condemn to keep them under the tower and easily kill them.

My rule of thumb for picking which skill to take next is usually:

Final Hour > Condemn > Tumble > Silver Bolts.

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Core Items
These items have shown up in every other Vayne guide I have viewed.

This item is extremely good for Vayne because she is a Ranged DPS. She benefits from increased Attack Damage and Critical Chance increases. This item gives both to her.

This item is also crucial to Vayne because the Attack Speed boost is beneficial as well as the increased Movement Speed as well as the increased Critical Chance.

No champoin can work well without a speed boost. At some point these will need to be upgraded.
Preferred Items
These items are items that I personally enjoy and as I will explain why.

I personally enjoy this item because it gives my allies an ability to regain life and because I typically stand behind the tank or am continually moving behind my tank. This is able to give them a little more survivability.

This item is one of my other choices because I tend to build a little spendy. I hate buying the Avarice Blade without putting it to use at some point. The Ghostblade is useful with Vayne though she doesn't use it to its full potential.

This item is always beneficial to me because it allows for me to save money on wards. Again since I build expensive I enjoy anything that save a little money.
Optional Items
These items are easy to replace other items with.

This item is incredibly good on Vayne because she already deals up to 8% of their max life every third hit. With this she deals an additional 4% per hit which brings her to a grand total of 20% per 3 hits. This item is an easy switch if you want to get rid of that Wriggle's Lantern.

This item is pretty good for most any Ranged DPS type character. This would be a great trade because it grants the user added bonuses as they go. I personally don't like items like this because of the fact that they are situational to how a person is doing in a particular game. That being said I have witnessed it being used well by a few different people so if you are good with this item feel free to use it.

This item is not used much but given the play style of Vayne it can be very useful. If used with Madred's Bloodrazor it can add that much more to her killing power. It also grants a decent Attack Speed boost to users.

This item is typically good for most champions but with Vayne I personally would consider other items. The bonus it grants to damage isn't much, however it does grant some armor. It also gives a little higher Critical Chance which is beneficial but again the fact that Vayne has naturally low life so the bonus is small.

How I usually build:

The build I designed is fairly expensive (14432 gold). To compensate for that by immediately rushing the Avarice Blade. Because Vayne is extremely good at farming I am already amazing at farming gold but with the added 5 gp 10 I am able to start bringing it in. Once I have the Avarice Blade (typically around lvl 3) I start with the base of my build. Typically on my first return (if I can) I will also pick up Boots of Speed and some wards. Once I have my boots I will then rush the Wriggle's Lantern so that way I can save money from wards. I typically am not the main person warding but will lay one down every time it proc's on the lantern. I will then buy items as I need because I try to stay away from base as much as possible to help as team fights start breaking out or farming and ganking as much as possible.

On my next opportunity I will grab a Pickaxe or B. F. Sword whichever I have money for. After that point I will working on completing a Zeal which isn't very expensive. At this point I will buff whichever stat I need by upgrading my Boots of Speed to whatever else I pick, typically Berserker's Greaves. Once I have the upgrade I will then work on finishing some of my build items.

Targon's Brace is typically my next item. This is usually followed by completing my Infinity Edge. Phantom Dancer is the next item I complete. Zeke's Harbinger is the second to last completion, which is followed by Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Once my build is complete I dont worry about how much gold I have unless I decide to sell something to help with a specific enemy, though I rarely have a complete build more than a couple minutes before the game ends. I always save the Youmuu's Ghostblade until the end to maximize the effectiveness of the Avarice Blade I rushed initially.

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As I had mentioned earlier Vayne is amazing at farming. And by farming I do not mean that she is good at killing all of the minions and pushing the lane. She is good at last hitting enemies because she can sit at the front (or back) of the melee group and last hit the minions to farm in the gold. If you dont know what last hitting is you should look it up under the general guides. Also if needed she can move a push back by easily harassing the enemy pusher and taking a couple of heavy hitters out of the minion group. Again please remember that farming is not a matter of tanking through all of the enemy minions but a matter of last hitting the enemy minions.

As I was saying though, she is great because she is ranged and can attack fast. She can even last hit a couple of minions in rapid succession because of her tumble ability.

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Thanks given to JhoiJhoi for all of the coding help. Great guides made by her. Please be sure to visit her guides and give your reviews on them.

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