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Zyra Build Guide by AkitsukamiTenno

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AkitsukamiTenno

Everything Zyra

AkitsukamiTenno Last updated on September 29, 2016
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How to play Zyra in any Lane

Ability Sequence

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Ability Key W
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Zyra with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Cassiopeia Cass doesn't stand a chance against Zyra, dodge her q's and you win every trade. Poke with your qw and then one combo at any point in the game, ruins her.
Ezreal Ezreal trys to poke more than he farms. You can block his q's by staying behind minions, and blocking with your plants. Wait for his cooldowns and e, and then engage on him. Hybrid pen marks make your aa's deal as much as his, given he's going AP mid.
Katarina You win this match up, everytime. Even without getting an abyssal. AA poke when she farms, and when she engages blow her up. Q poke her when she trys to q farm.
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Hello Mobafire ~ I am a Gold V Zyra main, and I have been playing her pretty much since I starting playing League of Legends.
I am on the NA server, and my IGN is " 1337 Zyra " Feel free to add me and message me about the guide, or anything else you have to say. Feedback is appreciated. Positive, and negative.(:

I started playing League of Legends around the time Jinx was released, and originally wanted to be a Jungler. So I bought Shaco. Worst mistake of my life. Eventually, I found Zyra, and literally never stopped playing her. Ever.

Everyone kept telling me about the meta, meta this, meta that. I asked them, "what is this so called meta?" their response? "Get deleted noob." So I decided to mainline Zyra until I could know nothing more about zyra there is to possibly know. I think I've achieved this. Now, I make a guide about it, my first guide.

First of all, what is your role? How much AP is already on the team, are you here to delete people? Are you here for utility? Does your team need an HP/Utility front line Kite Mage? Are you a Back line Assassin ready to make a flashy play and annihilate the entire enemy team? Are you there for peel? What is your role? This Guide Will cover all lanes, all positions, all aspects of what Zyra is capable of bringing to the table. As a Full AP Mid Lane, a defensive mid laner, a hp tank sup, a poke sup, an explosive sup, a utility top, a roaming jungle, every possibility I've ever found Viable for Zyra, Will be in this guide.

This guide will include all lanes, rune set ups, for each role/lane, all mastery pages I use, everything.

I'll be adding Jungle/Top/Sup sections to summoner spells, runes, masteries, items, skill sequences, ranked play, pros/cons, farming, jungling, teamwork, and comboing sections under their own headlines in the future!

Enjoy ~

(I like to put examples of things next to where they are relevant, so you might see some's key!)

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Summoner Spells, Why, and How to know what to use.

The Summoner Spells Zyra takes into lane, have an immensely high impact on how she performs.
Of Course the Standard Spells are Flash Ignite, but she is much more diverse than that.
Certain Match ups will call for other summoner spells. Flash is non-negotiable however.

~ Mid Lane Zyra Summoner Spells ~

In lane for example, against LeBlanc, taking Ignite is next to USELESS, you will lose this match up. I always take Barrier against LeBlanc, for defensive purposes, and Leblanc's are all cocky and will try to tower dive poke you when you are low. a simple Barrier and well timed snare will demoralize filthy LeBlanc Mains.

Sometimes, Exhaust Mid, is viable. Against Champions like Annie, Kassadin, and sometimes Zed/ Yasuo. More Detailed bellow.

Lastly Teleport, being the remaining Summoner Spell for Mid Lane Zyra. She is very immobile, and if she's coming from base she will not make it in time, unless the fight is happening, at the fountain. Mainly used for getting ahead in gold on your lane opponent early on in the game, or making sneaky plays bot lane, it can turn the tides of fights with a well timed teleport and a good combo. We'll get into more of the TP combos later.

Additionally, I personally have taken Heal on Zyra Mid, and it is useful against few champions though other spells are more useful in general. Example being Vel'Koz.

~ More In depth about the spells ~

Flash Ignite: Used 90% of the time going mid. For brutally ruining your enemies day. To snowball at level 3/4 at her early power spike. Also keep in mind of using it for champions like Dr. Mundo, it has more uses than kill potential, and believe it or not, you can use it to help your teammates! Crazy I know.

Flash Barrier: I use this against LeBlanc, 100% of the time as I mentioned above. I also use it in place of Heal against Vel'Koz, or against heavy burst comps, or long range lane Opponents such as Xerath and Azir. Barrier, along with Zyra's raw power can turn any 1on1 or even 1on2 fight. Most of the time, if someone sees a mid Zyra, they automatically Assume you don't have the damage for skirmishes. They are mistaken. Abuse that. Do not be afraid. Much like Heals on ADC, save it for the end of the fight, when mana is becoming a shortage for your opponent, and you have that one last combo ready. A Barrier in the middle of a Xerath combo, right at the end before Vel'Koz's True Damage, or during an Azir's onslaught to counter his own shield, can easily turn the tides.

Flash Exhaust: Exhaust, is great for medium range, low mobility, high burst champions. AKA Annie, and Syndra. Dodge/survive part of their combo, or out play a portion of it, make them uncomfortable and they slip, abuse it. Exhaust them right as your e lands. It lowers their resistances enough that your full combo can almost instantly kill them most of the time, and if they insta Flash out, you can chance, given they would still have their stuns on cooldowns, focusing on them having damage reduction for this skirmish, you win the trade. It's also great against high mobility champs such as Zed and Yas, removing half of their ability, to engage/disengage. Against them, the resistance and damage reduction is a bonus.

Flash Teleport: One of My Favorites on Zyra is Teleport. She's incredibly immobile, as a mid lane champion because she depends on her sorcerer's boots and doesn't get movement items until closer to mid game. Using to around 4 minutes to get an extra Doran's Ring, or if doing well perhaps an Amplifying Tome and a Vision Ward. Depending on the match up Boots of Speed and Health Potion/ Vision Ward. Whatever is necessary in the given match. However you look at it, an advantage over your lane opponent, at the same time as you get your natural power spike, is crucial to abuse. Well timed Teleports bot lane can secure team gold, and objectives. Pressure on the map, opening more and more room for your team to breath.

Flash Heal: Rarely Taken, but worth the honorable mention. Heal can be quite useful in the mid lane against any opponent, just not as much as other spells. Though, against Vel'Koz, he depends on his initial combo to do all the work before using his ultimate. if you're fast enough on your feet, you can distrupt his ult and heal, then lay down a combo and actually destroy him. Disintegrate the Disinitegrater himself. It's just as well against newly rising meta mid lanes such as Vladimir, though I still prefer Ignite/ Barrier against him myself..or to not lane against him at all. I hate Vlad. Outside of laning phase. Heal, can be used to help your teammates escape, reengaged, or turn tables, having an extra that isn't dependent on your bot lane to use in a pinch while they are probably busy, isn't a bad idea.

Ghost: I never take ghost on Zyra, it's not awful, I just don't. It can be useful against certain champions. Nasus, Quinn, Zac, etc. Anyone with potential to gap close without actually one hitting you. Flash Ghost, Ghost, Ignite, etc. Is not terrible, just not advised.

Cleanse: Highly useful, rarely necessary. However on Zyra I take it more often than I acknowledge. No one likes to be forced to build a Quick Silver Sash on an AP champ. We've all done it, and we all hate it. Sometimes we win when we do, and we still get mad because we had to do it. Cleanse is the answer. Champions like Malzahar especially. You don't need ignite to out damage Malzahar, just q his shield away, wait 5 seconds, then make him cry more than Amumu on prom night. When he gets froggy cleanse his combo, if you have enough health, you can save Cleanse till after his ignite, which would burn 100% of his cooldowns that deal damage. This applies to most champions that you would use Cleanse for.

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Runes, what pages to make, and how to know what runes to use against what c

Honestly, First Guide. So things are a little sloppy here.
Above, are the basic full damage mid lane runes for Zyra.

Zyra Mid has several rune pages that are useful, viable, and dependent on the lane opponent. For this Lane alone, let alone the role she will be playing in this Lane. This Guide is for four separate lanes, and several roles for each lane.

Full Damage Zyra Should use the runes above.

For those who want match specific and role specific pages, are followed.

~ Mid Lane Zyra rune Pages ~

Zyra Vs. AD: 9 Marks of Hybird Pen, 9 Seals of Armor, 9 Glyphs of Ability Power, 3 Quints of Ability Power. Hybrid Pen Marks are mainly for Poking ranged champs down while you farm/poke with q, or to help zone. So your AA's do a bit more damage. This also applies to melee mage champs such as Fizz/ Kassadin.

Zyra Vs. AP: 9 Marks of Magic Pen, 9 Seals of armor, 9 Glyphs of Scaling Magic resist, 3 Quints of Ability Power. ~ If you are against Annie, LeBlanc, or other high burst lvl 6 mid laners, you can take 4 Flat MR Glyphs and 5 Scaling Magic resists, for some early protection.

Zyra HP Utility: 9 Marks of Hybrid Pen, 9 seals of scaling health, 9 glyphs of ability power, 3 Quint of ability power. Can optionally replace the glyphs for MR. Scaling Health on HP Zyra builds are necessary. When building HP Zyra, you build minimal resistances, and lots of burst hp, with kite. More or Less, Front Line baits.

~ Comparing runes ~

Marks: Magic Pen vs Hybrid Pen
Magic Pen is used primarily when going for snowball rampages, or match ups you know you can easily win, and out play a champion.
Magic pen is also taken when you look at the champion selection screen and seen three tanks and a Galio. You'll probably think to yourself, Oh #$%#&.

Hybird Pen is Used for primarily helping you zone your melee lane opponent. It can be brutal on the enemy to take 3 back to back AA's you might only have 60 attack damage. but when you're doing 60 flat damage, 180 damage at lvl 1-3, is a lot of extra damage. that's essentially 1/6th of their health, and you haven't even done anything.

Hybrid Pen can also make farming much much easier, which I'll mention again in the Farming Section.

Seals: Armor vs Scaling Health

Armor is used against an AD lane Opponent. Zed, Yasuo, Jayce, etc. That's a given. It's also sometimes used against melee ap champs. Fizz, Kassadin, etc. As, they do often use their AA's to trade in lane. Fizz more so early, Kass more so after 6. Though Fizzs w applies magic dmg, he is still doing physical damage with the AA itself. So armor Seals can help. They also help take pressure off of ranged AP champs such as Ahri.

Scaling Health, being more useful against AP champs than AD. I often taken Scaling health against champions like Ahri, because of her true damage, and Katarina. Katarina, having no true damage, she is melee, and doesn't often have time to use her AA's for effective reasons unless getting one in on the way out of a combo. Scaling health for seals is a better option against her.

Glyphs: AP VS Flat MR VS Scaling MR

AP Glyphs are more so for when you know you'll be going full damage. The enemy team has multiple squishy opponents, or you counter your lane. If bot lane has a low mobile ADC and no Tank, you can easily roam bot and demoralize them extra AP. Short and Simple, These runes are for causing pain.

Flat MR Glyphs, are for AP champs, or Hybrid champs, that have more damage early game, than late game. If they have an earlier power spike level than you, you take flats. Example of this is, Ahri, she can out poke and sustain you in lane with her Q. Simple fix is taking half and half on Flat and Scaling MR glyphs, but you can easily out damage her late game, so taking scaling MR is less beneficial. Flat MR also helps you early game if the enemy jungler, is AP, or does MAgic based damage. Like Shyvana, while building AD/Tank, she primarily deals magic damage.

Scaling MR Glyphs, for hard scaling champions, or team comps with lots of AP. Veigar, Cassiopeia, etc. While you have to play a little safer for the first 11 levels, which, if you are worried about the extra MR, you'll be doing anyways, you'll have more MR after that than with flats. or if you take into account the hidden numbers on riots glyphs, the first 13 levels. (someone correct me if I'm wrong)

splitting Glpyhs. Sometimes You need to take 4/5 Flats, and 4/5 Scalings. Only a handful of matchups really call for this, and they aren't all that necessary, but it can be useful. Annie, Syndra, and LeBlanc being the main three. It Also helps against Ahri, and Veigar as they have relative damage throughout the game. When it comes down to it, It all depends on your personal play style, what role you go with, and what build you go for. (by Role I mean Full damage, utility, hp utility, etc)

Quints: Ability Power Vs. All else
The only Quints you ever really need on Mid Lane Zyra, are Flat Ability power. You could substitute one of them for magic pen if you felt so inclined to do so, it's not a terrible idea, IF you have flat ability power glyphs. If you do not, then you need all 3 ability power quints. There is not really any room to negotiate on this matter. Not for Mid Lane. Top. Jungle, and Sup, those are another story. :)

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Masteries, for what roles, and why choose them over another?

Masteries on Zyra are very important as well. The lane you go, and the role you want to build, is very dependent on the set up you have in your runes and masteroes.

~ Mid Lane Zyra Masteries ~

12/18/0 is the way to go on Zyra 99% of the time.
Double Edged Sword on Zyra, is great because of her poke. If you are trading any enemy, you are dealing 3% more damage. It easily beats the other two options for mid lane. Feast is a good alternative if you aren't confident in your own abilities with her, and wish to play a bit safer.

Natural Talent Always taken this over Vampirism You don't need spellvamp/lifesteal that's not what zyra is for. However extra ability power and even AD is a huge bonus. Especially if you are running Hybrid pen marks. They stack well together, beautifully.

You want to take Oppressor because you have your own slows, snares, and knock up taken in game. Stacked with Double Edged Sword you have 5.5% increased damage when fighting an enemy you land a combo on. With Rylai's Crystal Scepter any form of combo applies this damage. Bounty Hunter is simply not as viable on Zyra. She isn't going to roam to kill bot or top, or enemy jungle early game. so the perminant 1% for each different champion kill is not worth it.

Savagery Makes farming that much easier, again with hybrid runes making that even more effective. Even without them, that's flat increased damage against minions. As Zyra doesn't roam unless the team critically needs the numbers Wanderer is obsolete.

Secret Stash Oh sweet biscuits. These will save your life. the initial health given is a literal life saver, and they give mana. Which, for those of you that struggle to manage Zyras mana, will need these. Assassin is only good when your in laning phase, but you don't need the extra damage, as you already have increased 5.5% damage modifier. As your jungler usually doesn't even give blue buff, who don't need the Runic Affinity

Merciless is flat out better than Meditation Again, this guide is pretty much revolving around setting up the builds, on how to manage mana and cdrs. You shouldn't need to worry about that. Merciless gives another 5% bonus damage to enemies 40% hp or lower. 10.5% increased damage on low health enemies? That's called an execution. Slaughter to the lambs.

Dangerous Game is the answer to your mana problems. Don't mess up the poke and combos, and you get mana back. Problem solved. It helps in a pinch, saves you from last ticks of ignites, red buff burns, other DOT effects, incoming junglers, turns the tables in team fights. Bandit is simply not an option for mid lane.

Intelligence Zyra is a high CD burst mage. She needs cooldowns, and this allows you to start with 5% as most of my builds don't have a lot of CD in them, this mastery is very important to take. especially when you're against champions like Zed, where his shadow is on a 20second cooldown. You can abuse your cds against his. Precision isn't bad, magic pen is always nice, as few items give it compared to armor pen items, however, it's not as viable for Zyra.

Thunderlord's Decree Is easily the best keystone for Zyra Extra damage, an additional burst in her combo. It's instantly laid down with your combo, and the plants will proc it 99% of the time. She's not a healer so windseaker's blessing is out of the question. I do take Stormraider's Surge when I go top lane, but not mid, that'll be further bellow in this section of the guide.

Not interested in 12/18/0? You prefer taking 0/18/12? No Problem ! I have a solution for that too.
Take the same masteries as before in Cunning, for the same reasons.

This is where things get optional, depending on the build you take. If you're going to be building a Zhonya's Hourglass Abyssal Mask and or a Banner of Command Then you should take the Unyielding mastery. If you're going to be building more hp items than defensive stat items, take Recovery

Tough Skin is your go to over Explorer as you aren't really roaming. A little less damage from champion poke is never a bad thing, and if you get caught in a wave if minions, this mastery helps tremendously. If you are going to attempt mass roams, you can take Wanderer and Explorer instead of Savagery and Tough Skin I don't recommend it, but see what works for you, and fits your play style.

Veteran's Scars is much more viable here. Flat HP increase on Zyra is very helpful. As her base health is low, and often we build hp items on Zyra. I find building mass hp on her is a lot of fun. Runic Armor doesn't do her any good, as she doesn't have any self healing, life steal, or shields.

Insight is where I go most of the time. Having flash up more often is more than enough to talk me over, whatever other spell I take is just a bonus. However Perseverance works wonders when you have amass hp. Especially when you are running from enemies. So this part of the mastery setup is entirely optional based on what you prefer to build, know you'll need to build, and how you want to play. It doesn't hurt to have several mastery pages with minor changes.

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Items, why these items for these builds

~ Mid Lane zyra ~

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the absolute number one item for her. it gives her health, mass ability power, kiting capabilities that work on all of her spells. It's simply her go to item. I live by this item on Zyra. There is almost no build even viable without it, because it's just so useful on her. self kite, peel for your team, bait, distract while you get cooldowns back, take your pick it's simply useful as it can get.

Luden's Echo One of the only movement items you build on Zyra. It's extremely useful, adds to her burst, and gives her a bit of mobility that she lacks. It's a good early-mid game power spike, and helps you roam around or even just to get to blue buff and back quicker, or to lane for that matter.

Sorcerer's boots Obviously given they are for mages, with magic pen. However you can substitute them with two other boots. If you are having problems managing cool downs and putting yourself in awkward positions you can go with Ionian Boots of Lucidity or if you prefer to try and roam alongside with Luden's Echo you can effectively do so.

Void Staff for the teams with heavy tanks, or champs like Zed/ Yasuo who pick up Hexdrinker/ Maw of Malmortius and Mercury's Treads. Though it's not always needed if the enemy team is simply squishy you can replace it for a defensive item, another HP item, a Utility Item, a GA, a CDR item, or Lich Bane which gives you mana, and cdr to help learn how to manage Zyras Kit, or even a Morellonomicon

Rabadon's Deathcap is for explosive damage, a mid game item, that can help erase any squishy champs, out damage any enemy burst mages, and with void staff, melt any tank. Though it's expensive and not entirely necessary on her, I generally only get this item when playing her mid lane, and only if I'm going full damage, or if I'm really ahead and just need to abuse my lead.

Zhonya's Hourglass Is a 50-50 item on Zyra. She is immobile, so it leaves her vulnerable. However it opens up plays she couldn't previously do before. Like flash combo to engage and Zhonya's in the middle. It does give armor, good ap, and CDR, so it has the essentials for her. I usually get it as a last item, or a situational item. I get it as a last item, so I can fill it out for something else if I need too, as it isn't often needed for much else during the game besides specific situations.

~ Substitute and situation Items ~

Abyssal Mask When you're against champions like LeBlanc Kayle Anivia Etc. or in general mass ap teams. If you're getting ganked a lot by an ap jungler. It's easy to see when you need an Abyssal Mask but sometimes hard to acknowledge that you need to buy it. However, it is actually a really strong item. It gives good ap, resistance, and lowers enemy MR, which for a burst mage is pretty handy.

Lich Bane Some people might think Lich Bane on Zyra is just dumb, but it's not. Mana, movement speed, CDR, ability power, and an on hit effect to amplify her burst when she combo's for her Thunderlord's Decree is quite impressive. Combine that with Luden's Echo and you have a ton of damage. EqwwAA ( will get into the combos later) = a lot more damage than you think. It's a great item for roaming, sustain, and a little extra burst to help make trades against champions like Twisted Fate

Banner of Command mid lane? why? because, it's a glorious item that will infuriate your enemies and tilt them to mass levels of insanity. Why does this plant do a million damage, why does she have a support item, why is it working. WHAT IS LIFE. That is why.
Banner of Command gives some ap, mr, health, an aura, and an active to pressure lanes. You can help other lanes, without being there. You can pressure your lane then roam, without being in your lane. It's quite a pain to deal with for mid lane champions like Veigar and LeBlanc where all of their damage comes from their abilities. The Extra Aeigis effect for the team is always nice, and pressure on the map, is the name of the game. (Actually it's league of legends but that's besides the point.)

Liandry's Torment is a great HP AP item, for an HP damage/Utility build. It melts tanks and is great against champions like Vladimir Zac and Garen. It adds to the effects of the 0/18/12 mastery page build, and more magic pen never hurts. It's a well rounded item for Zyra. As it is another on hit effect with spells for her to abuse. Combine it with Luden's Echo, Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Lich Bane, and your combo leaves people in AOE range devastated.

Mejai's Soulstealer Generally buying the ring on an early back and snowballing it mid game is the way to go on Zyra, but on the HP damage Build, or even on the flat damage build if your confident is a beautiful amount of raw damage. Situational yes, but glorious indeed.

Morellonomicon Some, well many pick this item as a core, I personally do not. The changes to it without mana regen reduce it's effectiveness for me. It's situational at this point. Against heavy healers like Vladimir or even Ekko to follow up after his ult healing has been reduced, as well as Lissandra. It's a good item, yes, but I don't have the need for abusing mass CDR as it is nice to have, if you learn to use zyra without the CDR abusing other items is more effective. So this Item remains situational.

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Skill Sequence, why these orders?

~ Mid Lane Zyra ~

You would think Zyras Skill Sequence would be plain and consecutive, but not always. There is a basic skill order which is the one given above, at the top of the page.

The reasoning for that order is this: Her Deadly Spines, is her poke, lower CD, more damage. Max it first. her Rampant Growth doesn't do damage, and no longer gives cool down reduction per level, so no reason to level it. Maxing Grasping Roots second is optimal for damage, CC, peel, and combos.

You can however switch up the order slightly in the mid lane.
You can put an extra point into your Grasping Roots before maxing your Deadly Spines and level 9, so that it doesn't tickle your enemy, your lvl 4-5 increase in damage in leveling the Deadly Spines at level 9, isn't so massive that is absolutely mandatory. You can instead put a point, into your Grasping Roots for snare duration and a little extra combo damage so it's more bulk instead of relying on your Deadly Spines so hard early game.

Additionally, if you plan on learning how to play around your plants more effectively, you can add a second point in your w at level 9 instead of your Deadly Spines or Grasping Roots. This increases plant life and health. Giving you a bit more room to move when playing with the plants. I do this often when playing against champions that struggle to kill the plants, or have to melee them.

These are the only variations of skill sequences I ever use for Zyra, in the mid lane.

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Pros / Cons

~ Mid Lane Zyra ~

~ Pros ~

- High burst Mage
- She has CC Grasping Roots Stranglethorns
- She can self peel Grasping Roots ~ Slow from Grasping Roots Rampant Growth plants.
- Easy to trap enemies with passive seeds
- Tons of AOE damage
- Can Easily Zone enemies
- Explosive mid/late game

~ Cons ~

- Farm dependent
- Very immobile
- Weaker Early game
- Needs to snowball
- Very squishy early game
- No escape abilities

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A section on farming? yes. It's not just how to last hit.

~ Mid Lane Farming with Zyra ~

There's more to learning how to farm with Zyra than just timing auto attacks.
We'll start there though. The first thing you should do, is get comfortable with her auto attack animation. See how long it takes before stepping to cancel, and not cancel the animation. You should be able to last hit a minion, time the movement to Deadly Spines Rampant Growth and aa the champion to not miss farm, and execute a basic Thunderlord's Decree combo proc without error.

When the farm is coming to lane, you can Grasping Roots Rampant Growth the casters and Rampant Growth the melee minions, placing a Deadly Spines on the caster minions. This will spawn a short range slow plant, in the middle of melee minions, and the casters. If Deadly Spines does not kill the casters, the plant will, or leave them with an auto attack left. you can also use this to zone the champion away from the farm, causing to slow plants to be present.

When you use Deadly Spines at the end of the animation you can aa click to move, and attack during the end of the animation while moving. This takes practice, but is very effective. You can use Deadly Spines to farm casters and use the animation with the AA to execute the minion. You can do the same thing, using Deadly Spines to poke, and using the animation to AA the champion, or execute a minion so you don't miss farm. This allows you to keep up on farm, and zone your enemy, while winning trades.

Placing Rampant Growth to the left or right of the melee minions between the casters at an degree, casting Deadly Spines will cause the plants to focus the back line, if you attack the champion with an AA while you do this, they will auto focus the champion. Instantly procing the Thunderlord's Decree . You can use this same method to zone and farm the casters with the plants while your minions melt down the melee's and then execute them with another Deadly Spines.

Another Farming tip with Zyra is to not spam your q to poke. Save your mana. You can execute minions perfectly fine with your AA's. Save your mana for level 2/3 to use the tricks stated above. Only use your q at level 1, in order to get the level advantage over your lane opponent.

Keep the lane, as close to the middle of the lane as you can. You want the experience advantage, but you don't want to shove them under tower. You are squishy, and immobile, you will be ganked and forced to blow your summoners/die. Get your level 2 advantage, poke, let them clear waves. Repeat.

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Team Work

Team Work... the bane of league of legends existence. The one thing people just can't get down.
Zyra is exceptional at team work, she excels at assisting the team in every way possible. she's a monster team fighter, a great ganker, and can peel for any champion.

~ Zyra Mid Team Work ~

When playing Zyra you have to keep in mind, she's a burst mage, and squishy. If caught, you can die instantly, and put your team in a bad situation. You can also, play WITH your team, and control how the entire fight turns out. Zyra can pressure enemies to fight, or flee, she can also control the direction they flee. You can trap enemies into running straight into a flank.

Zyra has massive AOE damage, and CC. If you aren't as fed as another carry on your team, you should stop playing to be the damage carry, and play to set up and control fights for your carry. This is how Zyra ultimately carries a game. Just because you are mid does not mean you need to be 30/0. Her strong suit is snowballing her allies.

You should use your CC, not only to blow up enemies with your own power, but she is a kite mage. You don't have to all in with Zyra. Grasping Roots Rampant Growth with Rylai's Crystal Scepter as peel for a teammate, and then Deadly Spines Rampant Growth as that plant is falling, for slow, chain peel, rather than throwing out a combo with damage you might not have. Example: Peeling a Dr.Mundo from a Jax

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These combos will not be reliant of her passive, her passive seeds are randomly placed and are pretty much just a mini bonus, all combos and game play are according to what you can control.

~ Mid Lane Zyra Combos ~

Grasping Roots Rampant Growth AA basic snare poke. Try to use this in lane to finish minions with the Grasping Roots and hit the champion.

Deadly Spines Rampant Growth AA Basic Q poke. Deadly Spines can be used to clear caster minions at the same time as poking.

Grasping Roots Deadly Spines Rampant Growth Rampant Growth This way, both plants spawned will be ranged plants, allowing them to lay down further damage as you farm.

Grasping Roots Rampant Growth Rampant Growth Deadly Spines For the slow, use this to chase down and finish an enemy, or if receiving a gank from an ally, or countering a gank from an enemy jungle, to snare and slow them away from you.

Grasping Roots Rampant Growth Deadly Spines Rampant Growth This will spawn one of each plant, if you use the spells and seeds on top of each other, the plants will spawn a perfect trap. slowing the enemy, while they are walking out of range of the slow plant, making them slow while the ranged plant is attacking them.

Never place the seeds first. Use your ability, and if it's going to connect, place a seed last second. This allows for less judgement time from the enemy, and less to expect, with surprise damage.

~ Using Zyra's StrangleThorns ~

There are a few combos for her Stranglethorns that are really devastating.

Grasping Roots Stranglethorns Rampant Growth Rampant Growth Deadly Spines You lock them down with Grasping Roots ult them, and spawn your seeds to proc with Deadly Spines. This lays down 100% of her kit damage, spawns both seeds to grow in the stranglethorns passive on plants, and they can't get out of it and take the full brunt of initial damage.

Stranglethorns (wait for the knockup) Grasping Roots Rampant Growth ~ Rampant Growth Deadly Spines This will make them take ult damage, and give you time to lay down your optimal combo of having 2 different plants. While you won't get the upgraded plants, this is more for securing a single kill, or two, when the enemies are already low.

Grasping Roots Rampant Growth Rampant Growth Stranglethorns Deadly Spines Probably the most generic of Zyra ult combos. Effective though. This is for when you don't have much time to calculate and react, and just need to throw a combo down.

You can also play around your passive. Which is random, and has to be done in the moment of each game. This is a skill you have to learn how to use yourself.

The only tips I can give about using her passive properly is, use seeds spawned near bushes as baits. ~ Use passive seeds to poke instead of using your cooldowns ~ Passive seeds are amplified by your Stranglethorns so if you can trap an enemy in them, you've picked up a free kill. Easy to do with greedy Garens ~

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Ranked Play and Positioning

Zyra is an amazing variant for ranked play. She is diverse and can play any role, which is what this guide is about!

She's a powerhouse, a kite mage, a peel support, can be fairly tanky without losing damage, and she's the best at zoning the enemies, just accept it.

Before I get into this, you should download the "lolsumo" app on your phone, it allows you to see your enemies ranks, and gives some details on them and minor tips. It's pretty handy.

~ Mid Lane Zyra Ranked Play ~

When you take Zyra into Ranked as a mid lane, you have to keep in mind, you're squishy. So you need to play, like you're going to be one shot everywhere you go.
Stay behind your minions, and use the tips above in the combos and farming section to safely secure minions, while trading damage to your lane opponent.

Zyra has one massive flaw, mobility. That means your best friend is vision! Be aware of the map. Buy Vision Wards upgrade your trinket at level 9. Ping, pay attention to ally pings. It is very very important you have map awareness on Zyra

Roaming with Zyra can be quite effective, try to only roam when A. Your lane is under enemy tower. B. The ally jungler has secured skuttlebug. This will allow for detest of vision on the way there, and mobility.

Zyra, can easily take enemy raptors over the wall, while pushing. Ward behind you, pink the other side of the river, and use plants to steal the small raptors if you don't have the damage to secure the big raptor over the wall with just plants to tank it. Free gold, xp, and it sets the jungler back in his route.

As a Mid lane, you should also snag your own raptors on the way to lane, if the minions aren't near mid/your tower.

What Zyra brings to the table in bulk, is team fights. You want to abuse your AOE every chance you get. Poke from behind your tank, and counter engage or follow up as soon as something happens. You alone, can destroy half a team, you don't need to get the triple, you just need to lay down the damage for someone to pick it up.

~ Positioning With Zyra Mid Lane ~

Positioning is Zyra's biggest downfall. Poorly placed plant lady is a dead plant lady, and since the removal of her death passive, that has no benefit.

You want to be in between the tanks, and the carries of your team. You should have enough hp for a few hits to sneak through your tanks and you should block your carries. IF you get pulled, by a Blitzcrank Thresh or Nautilus You'll have the hp to survive, and lay down a TON of damage on the back line. Your ADC and squishy top/jg will not. They will die and your team will lose the fight.

Don't be a greedy player, think logically. If you have 2500 HP, and your ally has 1400, who should take the hit? Be a team player.