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Ezreal Build Guide by Kress

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kress

Ezreal: A Different Perspective

Kress Last updated on October 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ezreal: Many call him Ez, which is a contradiction. Ezreal is a very hard Champion to play since all of his abilities are Skill shots(Shots that need to be aimed). Many play him as Attack Damage(AD) not very many people have tried the other sides to him, such as Ability Power(AP) or Hybrid. I will be talking about the Hybrid gameplay of Ezreal in this guide. Unlike AD Ezreal it focusses on all the abilities instead of just Mystic Shot. This build will make your Trueshot Barrage, Essence Flux, and Arcane shift hit much harder than they would in the AD build and you will still have enough constant Attack Damage at the same time.

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Pros + Cons


    *High damage output
    *Great escape mechanics
    *Useful ultimate
    *Great passive
    *Spammable spells
    *Great mid


    *Vulnerable to CC
    *Has no CC
    *Very item dependant
    *#1 kill target

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Ezreal has many different types of runes you can choose from, but this is the rune set up that suits me best.

Greater Mark of Strength: I use five of these for the extra damage with mystic shot in the begining. It can be the difference Between First Blood and Getting Killed.

Greater Mark of Desolation: This starts getting useful Late game when people have more armor.

Greater Seal of Focus: Is nice because that short cooldown even though you dont think its that great, You can get up to 10% Cooldown Reduction with the Mastery Pages.

Greater Glyph of Force: A very good Glyph since it is a Prime Glyph and it is over your 18 levels and you wont be needing that much AP until later in the game. It can help you Get the kill off that Snipe that just might not kill the enemy

Greater Quintesence of Fortitude Is a great Quintesence, it is probably the most widely used Quint by almost every Champion, I mean who doesnt need extra Health.

Greater Quintesence of Strength Is yet another good Quintesence because auto attacks and Mystic Shot are the major damage dealers in the begining of all matches as Ezreal.

Greater Quintesence of Force Is a good Quintesence since Ap is very nice later games so all of your abilities do just a little more damage

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UtilityOffenseThese Masteries are Pretty Basic, These ones everyone uses Not much Difference in them. You can use the Utility like I do or the Offense. Whichever you prefer.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner abilities

Exhaust is a great abilties since the change they made to it, because now when you exhuaust it makes your enemy nearly useless.

Ignite paired with exhaust is pretty much instant death unless the enemy flashes out early, but it is almost a guaranteed kill. Ignite also helps against enemy champions who have a heal abilitie or just some idiot running Heal as a sumoner ability (Who honnestly does that)

Other Options

Clairvoyance is quite a good ability if used well it can help your team, it can help you avoid ganks and even help you snipe out enemys with your ult.

Ghost is an ability that can be good if used correctly, it can get you away from ganks, and it can help you get a kill. It is virtually useless (unless used with Cleanse) when someone with a very good slow comes up and hits you with it such as nunu or nasus.

Flash is probably one of the best summoner abilities you can get but is it really necessary when you already have one?

Teleport can be good to help defend lanes, but oh wait Ez already has an across map Ult that can clear whole minion waves so once again not necessary.

Cleanse really good summoner ability since stuns and taunts and other CCs just destroy ezreal, but I not prefer it, but its up to you.

Unnecessary Summoner Abilities

NO!!!!! end of story.

Ezreal if played well should not need clarity.

If somone uses Ignite on you Good Fight.

once again you have an ability that can clear out whole minion waves.


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In the mid lane you have incredible control of the enemy player because if they get to far behind there minions you can keep them with your Mystic Shot since it has so much range. You will want to focus on harassing and zoning the enemy champion, and last hitting minions. If you can get that first blood or even just a kill dont feel afraid to go for it.

When you are laning it is much different then midding, because you can either focus on zoning or last hitting. either one is a good choice because you will either have easy kills or you will have farmed a lot of gold from minions. Preferibly you will want to go mid unless a team mate "NEEDS MID", but most people are considering and will let you mid.


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Skill Sequence

So skill order is shown above at the begining of the guide but I would like to tell you why it is that way

mysticshot is easily the best abilty early game it costs only 50 mana at max level and it deals massive damgage. Once you get sheen you will be doing 300 damage per shot at around level 8 which is a lot to any champion. (Use to check bushes before entering them.)

Essence Flux is one of those abilities if your not going straight ap it isnt worth it in the begining. Since you wont have nearly enough ap or mana untill at least level 8. It has very good AP ratio so once you get your guinsoos you should be set. Just make sure your not spamming that ability, use in fights only not to harass. Use this to take down turrets with teammates near you, it will add a lot of attack speed.

Arcane Shift is easily the best utility and offensive abilities in the game. this can save you in so many situations and it can get you so many kills. NEVER (I mean NEVER) use it to line up your shot, you will need to make this hit every time unless the enemy is just out of range and you can get the kill. Very good chasing mechanic.

Trueshot Barrage is one of the better ults that there are. You can snipe people from anywhere on the map it may take some time to master the art of sniping but everything doesnt come to people instantly so just give it some time. Many Ezreal guides say that you should use it to initiate fights, but I disagree because you can just use Essence Flux to get 5 stacks fast since if you hit your teamates it counts as a passive stack too. Use Trueshot Barrage to kill or or if your team mate neads some help when fighting somone.

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1. You should start with a Sapphire Crystal and Two Health Potion

2 .After about 860 Gold you should return back to base if no one else in your
lane and buy Sheen

3. At about 1100 gold you should return to base and get Ionian Boots of Lucidity

4. By now you should be pretty farmed up, and you should be able to buy either Pickaxe or Blasting Wand. Use these Two items to make Guinsoo's Rageblade

5. at around 1400 gold you recall, and buy Phage and once you get another 1500 gold go back and buy Trinity Force.

6. Bilgewater Cutlass is the next item you want to get for Hextech Gunblade

7. That is pretty much the extent of the Core build

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Alternative Items

Is a great item, because it causes 3 of your 4 abilties to slow enemy champions. half of Ezreal's Abilties are Aoe so they can slow multiple champs, and it also gives 500 health a great choice for hybrid Ezreal

Yet another good item except for the fact you already have 20% life steal from Hextech Gunblade, and by late game you are kinda squishy, so this item is good but not recomended.

Is something you could use if you had another defensive item that gives health such as Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet.

Is a item that if you want your melee attacks to always slow instead of about 30% of the time, you should get this item, This item works great with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, because of all the health you gain and the fact that all of your abilities slow.

is one of the best choices you could chose to get right after your full core build, because you can get away if that pesky sion or veigar comes up to stun you, but then you ignore it and get away.(stuns and taunts are the main killer of ez)

Is an item I have never really put much effort into trying to using, it has really good affects such as extra damage and a shield from magic damage. Very good item can save you from karthus or maybe just a lucky nidalee spear.