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Ezreal Build Guide by TwilitPrincess

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TwilitPrincess

Ezreal- A TRUE display of skill! ADC Solo Middle

TwilitPrincess Last updated on December 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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HELLO EVERYONE! This is my very first guide of awesome-ness, so its over my main, Ezreal and how I, Twilit, play him. First, though, KNOW that hes a hard champion to master. So if you are new, DO NOT USE THIS CHAMPION UNLESS YOU ARE CONFIDENT!! LETS GET STARTED!

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Pros and Cons


    Amazing ranges
    Great counter
    Good mobility
    Can kite well

    Allergic to mostly:

Focused in teamfights
Hard to learn
3 skillshots, Mystic Shot, Essence Flux, and Trueshot Barrage

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I go 9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage, 9 Greater Seal of Armor, 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, and 3 Quintessence of Attack Damage.

ANY AD mark COULDwork, but I go with plain AD marks and quints, armor, and mr.

I go these because of the fact that you couldn't be getting the levels you need, like if you Disconnected or got bullied out of lane. The Armor marks are for protection of the other ADs around, ex: and of course the Magic resist for the APs in lane ex:

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Offense category

Summoner's Wrath is great for Ignite, if you wish to use it, although I think Heal is better. I will get into that later.
Fury is good for ADC Ezreal, as he may need that attack speed early game.
Deadliness is good for Ezreal because it has ad on it. we ARE going ad Ezreal.
Weapon Expertise is good because it shreds some armor, even MORE so with Last Whisper. Deadliness is good for Attack Damage.
Havoc is good for that extra AD.
Lethality is good for him because he needs that crit early game
Sunder is another good thing for shredding armor LIKE A BOSS. GREAT with Last Whisper and Weapon Expertise .
Executioner is GREAT for killing those target with your Trueshot Barrage

Defensive category

Resistance is good for reducing those damages on the AP carries in the lane like Ahri, Swain, and Cassiopeia.
Hardiness is good, because you are gonna go against sometimes another Ezreal in lane, and you could both be AD. Or, possibly a WILD Garen COMES OUT OF A BUSH TO GANK YOUR LANE AND HE SPINS TO WIN!!

Veteran's Scars is greal for Ezreal, since you are squishy, and, who knows? you may need that extra health to save you.

Durability for his squishiness of course.

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Abilities to bring their tragic demise.

Rising Spell Force

People don't realize how important this spell is when taking down turrets. I face palm at Ezreals who don't use this passive to take 'em down, and it is great for 1v1s early game.

Mystic Shot

Mystic shot is your BREAD AND BUTTER.You WILL be spamming this spell. It applies hit on effects, like red buff and Phage. This is your least-costly spell, so don't be afraid to miss, but, you want to hit at least 75% or higher of the time.

Essence Flux

The less effective version of Mystic Shot, got nerfed a little while ago, but still compatible. You could use this to burst down your enemies, like Ashe, but use it first as it is a shorter range than Mystic Shot.

arcane shift size

Has a high cooldown at first, but it gets shorter as you go and level this up with Mystic Shot, you will have a better chance of fleeing. DO NOT engage with this ability, unless YOU KNOW YOU CAN KILL HIM/HER. I stress alot about this, because you may end up WALKING into a gank from Jax or Rengar and have NO way to get to your turret/base. MAKE SURE YOU KITE WHEN THIS IS ON COOLDOWN, AS YOUR Phage CAN SLOW THE ENEMY (UNLESS ITS Master Yi)

Trueshot Barrage

HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.......... YOU HAVE SLAIN AN ENEMY.This has GOT to be one of the COOLEST ults in the game. I mean, come ON it goes through minions AND champions, BETTER than Ashe's ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow.This is the skillshot that makes Ezreal....really, Ezreal, like how Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow is her stun tool. or Draven's Whirling Death is his sniping skill.

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Skill sequence!

Mystic Shot is your main damage tool, as it applies hit-on effects. Get this in a synchronized manner with Arcane Shift.
Essence Flux should be leveled last, as it has hardly any benefits now.
Arcane Shift should be synchronized with Mystic Shot.
Trueshot Barrage This is your ultimate team fight weapon, as it gives you massive attack speed from your passive, and hurts everyone on THEIR team. Grab this at levels 6, 11, and 16.

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Summoner spells.

your main summoner spells are going to be from ANY of these choices:

This is a good choice if you wish to get your kills without sniping them off, or are just plain terrible at sniping with Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage.

This is also a good choice of escape if your Arcane Shift is on cooldown and you don't have your Phage, and it helps if you are newer to Ezreal than others.

I like this spell on Ezreal since he is squishy and helps with turret diving, securing kills in 1v1s, running with low health with a Darius on your trail with a Karthus on their team, and just saves your life from spells like Karthus's Requiem, Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Draven's Whirling Death and Lux's LAZAHZ!!!

This is AMAZING for Ezreal, as you can aim your skillshots.

Yes, its great for Ezreal as it can help you snipe people and get the kill.
Not made by me. Enjoy.


Meh, its ok, although its not as gewd as Flash, where you can jump over walls. If you are NEW to wall-jumping, I would practice with Ezreal's Arcane Shift on bots. Grab this if this is the case.

Ehh. It saves walking, but you can save towers with your Trueshot Barrage. It only saves a few secs of walking.

Good for middle. Most people won't recommend it, but you can just place this at a tower no one is pushing and watch it push towers while you are out killing.

Meh, this is alright, if you are new to Ezreal. Just don't get it on him once you get used to him.


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Main items: Doran's Blade Doran's Blade Berserker's Greaves

These are your main items early game for now. grants you AD, life steal, movement speed, and attack speed. This will grant you kills early game.

Middle game items:

Trinity Force The Bloodthirster Infinity Edge

these will be your main damage tools, as Trinity Force grants you EVERYTHING you need, so rush this first, as it gives you damage, speed, slows, and crits. The The Bloodthirster grants you for life steal, so you need sustain early game get this first instead of Trinity Force. The Infinity Edge is the Rabadon's Deathcap of ADCs, as it grants you ad, AND gives you higher crit.

Main items late game:

Trinity Force The Bloodthirster Infinity Edge
Last Whisper Guardian Angel Berserker's Greaves

These will give you high AD, and help you kill late game more.

Guardian Angel will help if you are getting focused. Gives you a second chance at life!

Another The Bloodthirster will help with sustain, get this instead of Guardian Angel

Last Whisper will help since they will MOST LIKELY build armor against you. THIS will give you some high armor shredding technique, so you can kill them anyway.

Some other items

The Black Cleaver this will help armor reduction with Last Whisper and the mastery points you put in. This is amazing for tanky teams.

Phantom Dancer great with your Rising Spell Force, helps alot if you are dying in 1v1s, as it goes great with your passive and helps get The Bloodthirster life steal.

Thornmail Great for survival against a Caitlyn in lane as well as a Xin Zhao on the opposing team. Well, its great for adc heavy teams.

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Ah, how you help the team. You can use your Trueshot Barrage when they are all clumped together so you get 3-5 stacks on your Rising Spell Force, so you can REALLY take 'em down.


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Early game

Early game, you should be in middle or bottom lane.

I go MID with Ezreal.

Why? Ezreal gets fed easy, can make them recall easy if against the right opponent, AND can win most 1v1s in lane. Just note if you see a Karthus in lane, you have a HIGH chance winning lane. All you have to do is harass your opponent NON-STOP. You will eventually get 'em low, and if they don't recall then engage with your Arcane Shift then use your Mystic Shot and Essence Flux If they STILL don't die, go into a bush and SNIPE. THEM. OFF. They won't be able to KNOW you are shooting an ult if you hide out of their sight, and they will probably recall in place. Rinse and repeat.

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Sniping Early Game.

Eventually they will try to zig-zag or hide. This is where Clairvoyance, sight wards, or vision wards come in. When their jungler goes to gank, go inside their jungle and place a ward at wolves, the bush near wraiths, red buff , and their blue buff so you can KILL THE RUNNER, SNIPE THE JUNGLER, OR STEAL THEIR BUFF WHEN THE JUNGLER GOES TO GET IT. You will get MASSIVE money for this, but if you have no kills yet, you gotta farm like crazy. When you snipe them off, people will call "HACKS" as you laugh in their faces.

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Middle game and Ganks

As Ezreal, you were probably the first one to take down the turret. Good job, go get a cookie. Be wary others may come into lane, so just push the lane to the next turret and gank. Hey, you made your lane miserable, why not make your enemies at bot, Blitzcrank and Teemo, suffer too? Now you can. Just go to the bottom lane and target someone. Say you are going to gank bottom as well. Once they see you, and they use a snare or slow, jump into the fray with Arcane Shift and use Essence Flux first, then Mystic Shot since it has more range than your w. Hopefully, you didn't get die, as they wouldn't be a derp, or you just initiated early before they could react. So just hope they aren't derps when you go down there.

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Late game

You should have a great time around this stage, and hopefully you didn't die much and you are fed. People should fear you now, even that pesky Teemo and Xin Zhao. If you have Promote, go to any lane that isn't being pushed by YOUR TEAM OR ENEMY TEAM and use it. This will destroy their turrets with ease. They will be like, "WHAT?!" As they see that giant minion. Don't underestimate it, as it could be good with your farmage, as it kills other creeps and gives you the gold, and it grants your team victory at times. While that creep annihilates the turrets, you should help in teamfights by using your Trueshot Barrage in the teamfight early to grant more damage at once, as this grants ease for you team. Next, since you have many stacks of Rising Spell Force, you should go and kill the squishies that you can kill, like Ashe. If your team loses the team fight, if you aren't dead, run away to trees and Arcane Shift over. If you have Ghost, Flash, or Exhaust, use these if someone is chasing you still. MAKE SURE YOU KITE WITH YOUR Mystic Shot.

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Other lanes

Sometimes someone will call middle ahead of you or there is a Ahri or Orianna on your team, you know its best if they go middle. So in the next few chapters I will explain the other lanes you MAY get instead of middle.

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This is a fan favorite for adcs. You might have a support like Soraka or Sona, and they may help you to win the lane. Of course you may be up against other adcs, like Graves or Corki, and possibly Caitlyn. Some of these people will be squishy, but you will be outnumbered if your support dies or recalls. Even your other carry or tank will die, which is when juking will come along. I will get into that later, but its the same with middle lane, harass and they will back-off. farm as well. Feel free to gank middle if they are having trouble once you send your enemies back. Sometimes you MAY have to turret hug, which is fine since you can farm safely under it's protection.

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It is very rare to see an Ezreal top, but it works for him. Since there are mostly melees at top, you can out range them. They might try and hurt you, but just as that Jax leaps to you, Arcane Shift away. You can easily farm and stay safe, as you can go and harass them with your Mystic Shot. Just make sure if its a solo top, make sure you have a ward for jungler ganks, as that Rengar will scare you and snare/slow you. Just harass and farm and you'll be safe.

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You gotta farm AND harass at the same time. As you farm, take the time and get the cooldowns of your abilities by a nice Mystic Shot in their faces. Or on the creeps. Either works.
I try to aim for 100 cs 10-20 mins into the game, which isn't alot, but since you ARE getting kills, its an alright score.

21-30 mins I try and aim for 150-210 creep score. I add more by the time goes on.

If you plan on using the sniping technique with wards, you may want 3-5, as they may want dragon later so you can snipe that off. Its the EXACT same with baron. Next section!

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Tips and Skills.

Time for a TRUE display of skill! - Ezreal

Yes. Time to learn about the tips and tricks you can do to make your opponent go, "What the HECK just happened?!" Most of these may work most of the time. I will put jukeing in a seperate chapter.

If they are zig-zagging, stay calm and carefully aim.

If they are running in a straight line, use Clairvoyance to make sure they don't turn.

Use Exhaust to aim your skillshots easier if they are running.

Go and place wards so you don't get ganked when your Arcane Shift is on cooldown.

Go and place a ward at baron nasher or dragon so you can get the gold/buff for your team!

You are the alpha male of the group, make sure you have blue buff anytime it is up, unless you have someone else who is a mana hog, like Sivir, Orianna, or Ahri.

Make. sure. you. kite. with. your. q. I stress this out very much, and I mean it.

When running, try to make them discouraged about chasing you. Juke and Kite them so they won't chase.

Place a ward away from your turret, so when they go to push, Teleport to the ward and burst em' down. They will try and fight on the turret, but they will eventually run. Snipe them off with your Trueshot Barrage and make them go "What the heck?!"

If you are losing a 1v1, run into a bush and channel your Trueshot Barrage, as this will surely make your opponent run, or if they foolishly keep chasing. Remember, KITE WITH YOUR Mystic Shot.

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Here is how you juke. If Garen is chasing you, run into the jungle and Arcane Shift over walls and kite using your Mystic Shot. Your Phage should cause a slow effect, which is good for you, and bad for them. Ping too to have someone come to you.

Eventually, they will get discouraged and give up. If not, juke them some more and kite. When they are low, sit in the bush you are in and pop out a Arcane Shift, Mystic Shot, and Essence Flux. Basic them and spam your Mystic Shot and Essence Flux when they come up.

This video should help a bit. I did not make this, but enjoy.

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Lengthy-ness. Time to have some fun.

Includes the stuff you CAN do when you play Ezreal. So enjoy.

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Is this.... the end?!

Yes, sadly this is the end. As I experiment I will be adding more and more stuff. Add me on the League if you want to play together. I main in Lux, Ezreal, and Orianna, so don't be afraid. If you guys want to help me with testing that is fine, as I may have more stuff to add. I will be adding stuff in at times, so feel free to re-read this guide at times. My summoner name is TwilitPrincess, so if you wanna 1v1, lemme know. Next i'll make a guide over my old main, Lux, and show you how I got 900+ ap with her with my build. You have to comment to vote, so I won't get troll votes. Thanks for reading and I hope the Ezreal Sniping Skills Of Doom Be With You.