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Fiora Build Guide by LoneWolf930

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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LoneWolf930

Fiora, The Grand Duelist (Top Lane)

LoneWolf930 Last updated on November 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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A Quick Note...

Please read the "+ notes" next to the titles on items and such, by mousing over it. Please leave POLITE and TACTFUL feedback and suggestions. Do not be rude, or impolite. This is my first guide, although I have a full season of League under my belt.

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Some Key Notes on Terminology

Terms will be highlighted in Yellow, while the definition will be written in Light Blue.

AD:Attack Damage. This stat determines the damage your champion will do with basic attacks, and abilities that scale with AD, before armor. All champions start with some AD, and it increases per level (unlike AP). Runes, Masteries, Items, and Buffs also increase this stat.
AP:Ability Power. All champions start with ZERO (0) ability power. Masteries, Runes, Items, and Buffs increase this stat. This determines the amount of damage you abilities that scale with AP will do.

CC:This stands for "crowd control." This refers to abilities that silence, knock-up, stun, root, immobilize, slow, taunt, fear,and suppresses. Generally, there are two types of CC, "hard" and "soft." Hard CC is an effect that prevents a champion for casting spells, or interrupts them. This includes stuns, fear, taunt, knock-ups and suppresses. Soft CC is usually slows, immobilizes, roots, and the like.

Gank:A gank is generally referred to as an attack from behind. Typically done by junglers, a champion goes in behind an enemy champion, and engages them.

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Pros / Cons


+ Can block basic attacks with Riposte
+ Great burst damage
+ Amazing HP regen
+ untargetable ult
Fiora's known for her burst damage, being able to kill even the toughest of champions in a matter of seconds. Coupled with her passive, Duelist, she can quickly regenerate lost health. Finally, her ultimate, Blade Waltz, makes her untargetable, and can deal massive damage to champions, and is devastating in teamfights.

- Tends to get focused
- Can't control your ult, but know that you'll end up at the champion you started at, unless you killed them.
- No good escape mechanisms
Fiora has bad means of escape, save for the leftover move speed from Burst of Speed. As I said, Fiora has no CC, and tends to get focused. If you can overcome getting focused mid game, you'll be carrying the team.

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Playing Against Enemy Top Laners

Color of Champion name indicates danger level.

Riven: The Exile

Riven is a tough top laner, mostly because she can burst her abilities at you, and throw down some massive CC, then use her passive to enhance her basic attack to cleave your health off. If Riven starts to use her Broken Wings (which can be noticed by some unique slashing of the minions), assume she is building her passive, Runic Blade to deal some damage to you. Providing she's waster Ki Burst and her other abilities, use Riposte to counter this. Otherwise, simply back off and try to stay safe with your minions or turret.

You'll want to try to deny her CS to keep her behind, while staying ahead on your own. Grab red buff when possible (and safe), and call for jungle ganks early.

Irelia: The Will of the Blades

Like Riven, Irelia is a tough enemy top laner. Learning when to basic attack is key her, as her Hiten Style will allow her to deal additional damage and heal. When Hiten Style is activated, wait a second for her buff to diminish time-wise, then lunge in on her, pop Riposte, Burst of Speed, and finish off with a Lunge. If you have Ravenous Hydra or Tiamat, activate this after the first Lunge or Riposte.

If you're going up against an enemy Irelia, I recommend quickly taking a Thornmail, not only for the massive armor increase, but to reflect the damage she deals back onto her. Preventing CS is important, as much as reflecting her Hiten Style attacks. Make sure to call for an early gank to help you stay ahead of her.

Aatrox: The Darkin Blade

Aatrox shouldn't be too much of a problem, if played correctly. With the recent minor nerf Aatrox got, this should be slightly easier. Although Aatrox has Blood Thirst to replenish his health, as well as Blood Well in case of death, you can overcome this. Blood Well has a long cooldown, and decays by 2% when out of combat. When Aatrox falls below 50% HP, his Blood Thirst heals for triple health. Simply try to focus and burst Aatrox down when he falls low on HP.

Aatrox's ult, Massacre is dangerous to you, since he can dish out massive damage and heal with lifesteal. Most likely, they'll activate Blood Price to increase damage output massively. Try to burst him as much as possible, but try to use Lunge to escape. If you're positive you can secure a kill, engage with your massive burst potential. Remember that Blood Well increases Aatrox's attack speed, and will stack with Massacre.

Armor penetration and raw damage. Typically, tanks tend to build some AD/HP/Armor items, such as Frozen Mallet and Frozen Heart, and heavier defense items such as Sunfire Cape. Although your mark of armor penetration should help some. Focus on building an item like Last Whisper, or The Black Cleaver if more than one person has heavy armor.

Malphite isn't really a damage dealer like Fiora, so this makes getting fed a little easier. Be sure to watch out for enemy jungle ganks. Buy a ward for the river and save your life.
Garen: The Might of Demacia

Garen's typically the same as Malphite, albeit with less CC. His Judgment or "Spin to Win," will slowly whittle your health down. When Garen activates Decisive Strike, you can use Riposte to parry this, and avoid not only the large damage this'll do, but also negate the silence. This is a key moment to strike Garen, as he has no escape ( Decisive Strike boosts his move speed). Aside from this, your biggest threat is Demacian Justice, which will deal massive damage. Luckily, Thornmail helps negate some of this damage.

Master Yi

The key to beating Yi is to build faster than he does. Teleport helps out a lot here. If your jungle doesn't need it, quickly take a red buff. Wait for you to Double Strike a minion, then go in with Lunge. Watch for Alpha Strike, which can usually be followed by a Double Strike. Burst him down, chase with Lunge, and use Blade Waltz to finish him up if needed.

Watch for his ult, Highlander. Riposte here, and only engage him if you can secure the kill. Remember to activate Ravenous Hydra for additional damage, as well as Burst of Speed. The move speed buff you gain from this can help to outrun him if needed.

Tryndamere: The Barbarian King
Tryndamere has a high damage output due to his passive, Battle Fury and Bloodlust. People tend to build "Crirt-amere," building a critical chance items coupled with his passive. Tyrndamere can heal with Bloodlust, although your Duelist passive should equalize the sustain. The key to survival here is to burst him down quickly (use Riposte to help counter those criticals). When he uses his ultimate, Undying Rage, close in with Lunge, and pop Ignite. If you cast Ignite a second or so after he ults, it should kill him, lest he use Bloodlust to regain health.

Darius: The hand of Noxus
The main threat of Darius is his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine and his passive, Hemorrhage. Duelist should negate Hemorrhage. Typically, some armor penetration and a good damage output should be your build choice. Riposte will help early game, but not so much later on, if only to block Crippling Strike.


Pantheon's spears are a big problem, doing large damage that's hard to recoup. His passive is shield that blocks attacks as well, making it a battle of the blocks. Panth has range over you, and will use this to his advantage. I recommend calling for early ganks to help get your lead over him.

His Heartseeker Strike is a major problem, but if you can pull off large burst damage quickly (and score some stacks of Duelist), you should be able to put him on the run.

In short, his range over you proves to be a massive issue.

Vladmir: The Crimson Reaper

Vladmir basically a bursting AP Tank. His Transfusion will make engagements tough. Be careful when using Blade Waltz, because Sanguine Pool will cancel your ult, since he becomes untargetable. Eventually, it'll become a battle of HP regen. While his range is a big problem, it's easy to outburst him. Ravenous Hydra active, along with Burst of Speed deals massive damage, that should force him away. Watch for Hemoplague, and disengage when possible.