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Fizz Build Guide by FateFalls

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FateFalls

Fishing For Urf by FateFalls

FateFalls Last updated on September 15, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, I'm Fate and I play Fizz, the Tidal Trickster.

I have two high ranked accounts, one in which I only play Fizz. My main account is "Fishing for Urf" (Currently Challenger) My Fizz-only account is "It Was Only Fate" (Currently Diamond 3).

Also, please visit to see my style of Fizz play in action.

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30/0/0 Is pretty much the only way to go. Fizz is a burst champion that focuses on doing as much damage per trade as possible. You need to win your lane and earn kills to feed yourself, as well as deny your opponents experience and cs. Every drop of damage that can be mustered in the crucial early-mid stage must be considered.

21/9/0 Is not an important HP increase, and not needed.

21/0/9 Would be better for buff duration and some mana regen, but the extra damage overshadow's this.

As the game progresses, Blue buffs / potions provide any CDR you may desire, but are not necessary for the early all-in fighting style. You could build DFG for CDR also, again, depends on how many buffs your Jungle gives you.

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Summoner Spells

Flash Ignite

Ignite secures kills and ensures you trade against early mid opponents on equal footing. Extra damage is extra damage, and it's ranged which gives us more options.

Ignite is really powerful as it
helps bring targets to low health for his Seastone Trident's Health % missing damage quasi-execute. when it is unavailable, it gives us 5 extra AP which is meaningful. learn when it's necessary to secure a kill, and when the kill will occur without it to make sure you use it when needed and have it available for more kills.

Flash combo'd with your gap closer skills make sure you can commit to a fight anywhere regardless of initial positioning and get to their damage champs.

Flash works really well with Fizz's kit, as well as professional positioning correctionâ„¢ (When you need to escape). Using flash with the rest of your gap closers can clear a very large distance to enable kills on players.

Why don't you run Barrier?
It scales horribly into late game. It is a Band-aid, it will fix mistakes or bad play - but won't help you learn better positioning or trades. At low levels of Fizz mastery, it will help you make kills happen. However, as you improve as a player and climb ranked matches against higher skilled opponents, you will find it can not save you from strong Jungle pressure or help you take out enemy carries. Understand that is what it is, and you're already on your way to becoming a better player than most.

If you don't see yourself needing Flash, because it scales really well. Perhaps on a team with no-escape ADC's such as Ashe or Varus. Your support player should be bringing this for the team, but having two is a possibility that can pay off.

Heal Ghost
Both of these have similar reasoning behind why they are not chosen as barrier. They do not min/max your kill potential as much as flash does.

This one has some potential, as it will cause the enemy team to be wary of fizz teleports and play more passively, but really as a mid player you don't need it enough to validate taking it. Bring this when you're que'ng with someone else, and can coordinate plays over voice. Too risky to take in solo comparatively.

Clarity Revive Smite Cleanse
Please stop reading this guide and visit

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Although this guide indicates a single rune set-up at the top, it is highly advisable to have 3 different runepages for playing in Mid lane, for specific matchups as follows..

1: Against AP that can trade with you / punish you early.
Flat AP Quints, Flat MR Glyphs, Flat Armor Seals, Hybrid Penetration Marks.

2: Against AP that cannot trade with you. (AP Nidalee, etc)
Flat AP Quints, Flat AP Glyphs, Flat Armor Seals, Hybrid Penetration Marks.

3: Against AD Ranged Fighters.
Flat Armor Quints, Flat AP Glyphs, Flat Armor Seals, Hybrid Penetration Marks.

Your focus is to get the most damage out of your kit and items as possible, securing your kill potential early and into mid, feeding yourself, and becoming a beast late game. Fizz is an Assassin, and suffers from the same problem that all assassins face in long games; being focused in Team fights. Your best bet is to cripple the enemy during the build up in early and mid to prevent them from being able to fight your team as equals by late game. Hybrid Penetration Marks give your Urchin Strike and your white damage from auto attacks an extra bit of sting early, when your enemy champion is squishy and weak to abuse. 17% armor penetration from masteries and runes at level 2 or 3 can equal to an extra 50 to 100 damage in an early fight, which will secure a close kill and win the lane for you.

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Nimble Fighter Nimble Fighter (passive)
Fizz ignores unit collision, and takes 4/6/8/10/12/14 reduced damage from all auto attacks (increases every 3 levels)

Fizz's passive allows him to trade with enemy champions in-lane while greatly reducing the incoming damage from the minion wave. It also helps with poke from ranged champions since Fizz is melee.

Urchin Strike Q: Urchin Strike
Fizz targets a unit travels 550 range, performing 10/40/70/100/130 (+60% AP) damage. Fizz also deals physical damage equal to his attack damage. Applies on-hit effects.

Fizz's gap-closer, and sometimes escape tool. You can jump walls with it if you target something on the other side. You will always travel the 550 range, even if your target is closer, so line up your attack so your enemy has to walk past you as they retreat, giving you more attack time.

Seastone Trident W: Seastone Trident
Fizz auto attacks deal 30/40/50/60/70 (+35% AP) extra magic damage with every auto attack, plus (4/5/6/7/8%) of target's missing health as a damage over time debuff over 3 seconds. (passive)

Fizz can activate Seastone Trident to add 10/15/20/25/30 (+35% AP) magic damage with every attack for 5 seconds, and adds Grievous Wounds to the target for 3 seconds. (active)

On paper, this ability can do the highest damage of any of Fizz's abilties, so it should be maxed second usually. However, it is only useable when you can auto attack a target, so it's damage is inconsistent with it's numerical potential. Most champions will not give Fizz 5 seconds of auto attack time. Someone with no escape that have short to mid range.

In some instances, you will max this over Playful/Trickster to punish champions that allow it, such as other melee mid casters. Until you are confident in your ability to read the lane and know when to max this first, keep maxing it second.

Playful / Trickster E: Playful / Trickster
Fizz hops onto his trident, becoming un-targetable and traveling a maximum of 200 units in the direction of his cursor. During this time he is immune to targeting or AoE abilities for 0.75 seconds. After this time, Fizz jumps off his trident up to a maximum of 200 unites, causing an AoE of damage beneath him in a 250 range. If Playful is only used once, Fizz will slow all enemies hit by it by 40/45/50/55/60%.

If Fizz uses Playful a second time while on his Trident, the spell will cancel early, but will allow him to jump off faster. Playful is then called Trickster and does not apply the Slow debuff.

Both versions of the spell have the same damage output, 70/120/170/220/270 (+75% AP) magic damage

This is the core ability we will focus on in this guide. It should be maxed first a majority of the time, and gives very high damage output in early trades as well as early team-fights since it is an AoE. It also helps secure early farm for you and is vital to clearing Wraith camps without wasting too much time. Increasing it early additionally provides a shorter cooldown, which can be life or death when Enemy Jungle pressure makes you a priority.

Although this ability can be used as a gap closer, it's much wiser to use it once you are already committed to a fight. When you are on top of your target, it is much easier to allow Playful to cast, slowing your prey and helping to ensure you can continue to auto attack. Subsequently, Playful will cancel any hostile spell not already in effect. Nautilus Depth Charge, Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy, Lux light bindings, and so on. Timing is everything with this spell.

Chum the Waters R: Chum the Waters
Fizz throws a fish a maximum of 1275 range, sticking to the first enemy champion it touches or traveling to the position of the cursor. If an enemy is caught with it they will be slowed by 50/60/70%. After 1.5 seconds after it has come to rest, a Shark will jump up and attack all enemies within 125(250 total) range of the fish for 200/325/450 (+100% AP) magic damage. If an enemy champion is specifically affected, they are knocked up for 1 second, and all other enemies hit Enemies hit are knocked away from the center. All enemies hit by the damage will be slowed for 1.5 seconds afterwards.

Stealthed champions that are afflicted by Chum the Waters will be revealed for the duration.

A great ability to secure kills, although sometimes difficult to get to stick to the target. It can also be used to defend yourself from ganks, to block off paths, and to blindly snipe enemies behind terrain. 1275 range is really quite far.

I recommend using it within melee distance once you are committed to a fight to reduce the number of missed skill shots as you learn Fizz. Once you are fairly confident with winning your lane through practice, start experimenting with enemy movement prediction and escape blocking to secure kills.

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Skill Order

This is important, so read this!

Skill order as outlined above is really only when you experience ideal conditions. If the enemy Mid is afk, the enemy Jungle visits your lane with 50hp to give you buffs, and you have a 5 minute Lich Bane. That said, there is no hard-fast, brain dead skill order to follow.

As far as a guide is concerned, it's impossible to encapsulate every possible decision making aspect you will have to make in-lane to give you a 100% winning early lane. We can however point you in the right direction:

Urchin Strike is your gap closer, first and foremost. It does damage, which works well with sheen/lichbane, but really outside of that it shouldn't be seen as much more than that. You can use it on minions in-wave to possibly put space between yourself and an enemy as well. You shouldn't need this more often then when it naturally comes off cool-down (10 seconds at level 1). Increasing this decreases cooldown by 1 second and increases mana costs very marginally, while increasing the damage done by 30 per point spent.

Leave Urchin Strike at 1 for most of the game, and max it last.

Seastone Trident is a great source of damage, and it should be respected for what it can do. Conceptually, it applies a dot to a target that burns for it's missing HP, as well as a flat amount of damage before this to help the burn get going. The attacks of Fizz are augmented to do a flat amount of AP per auto-attack once you put 1 point into this skill. There is no maximum amount of targets that can be effected by this, as it is limited only by your attack speed. The damage doesn't stack, so the only reason to attack the same target twice is to reapply the burn at a higher rate and for a longer duration.

The activated ability lasts for 5 seconds, it adds additional AP damage to every attack, and causes your attacks to reduce healing by 50%. This is important because many champs rely on self-sustain or vamp effects to brawl, and you effectively counter them when activating this ability.

When you activate this ability, your weapon will glow purple. This is a telltale sign to your opponent that you are about to go all-in. When possible, try to conceal activating this until the last moment. You should always have it activated when using Urchin Strike (When possible).

You can activate your Trident when you are in mid-flight to your target if you are fast enough, so if you are at least mid to max range of your Urchin Strike, attempt to conceal your Trident activation until you are airborne.

Activating your Trident counts as a spell for Sheen/Lichbane procs. Again, try to attack your enemies simultaneously with your skills, remembering to use Trident before Urchin Strike connects, and you will see their life bar fill with red.

Playful / Trickster is the one ability that makes Fizz shine compared to any other AP caster. Champions like Sivir, Nocturne, Elise, as well as the item banshee's veil can all counter spells sent at them, causing the spells to fizzle. However, Playful will also allow all direct damage that would occur to be negated (physical attacks, aoe) while you are on the first half of the ability. Playful also has a much shorter cooldown than any of these former spellshields.

Please note that during the second half of the spell, you are targetable and can be affected by CC or damage despite still being in mid-animation. However, if the need arises you can flash directly off of your pole after the 0.75 seconds initial vault to safety.

This ability can be used as a gap closer, to dodge large incoming damage spikes, to AoE minion farm, to apply a slow to a target, to tower dive and get out without taking damage, and to wall hop.

(It is one of the most important skills to master in his kit, so we're going to dedicate an entire chapter to it below.)

Chum The Waters is pretty straightforward, it fires a skill shot fish to target location, and it will attach to any enemy champion it hits. If it doesn't hit a champion, it will travel to the location you clicked and after a delay will chomp that spot, which can be shorter than it's maximum range. The travel time for the fish is the same as any other linear skill shot, and the fish has a circular magic aura surrounding it that makes it easier for enemies to spot identify and attempt to dodge, so longer range tosses are more difficult against mobile champions.

You have two very good options to make sure Fizz's ult works properly: Save it until after you have used your opening kit to gap close, ensuring that a point-blank shot with no range to cover will not miss. Alternatively, you can use fog of war and brush to fire your ult from, giving your opponents less time to react.

Alternatively, if you're playing against a champ that is untargetable but has a predictable location (Zhonya's Hourglass stasis, Vlad's Sanguine Lool) You can place the fish where they will exit, and it will attach to them as they come Tut of their protection.

I do not recommend ever building a Liandry's Torment on Fizz, but it should be noted that both his Playful abilty (single E), as well as his Chum The Waters will activate the secondary burn effect for Liandry's, so you might consider it if you're playing an ARAM or non-ranked match.

Most Fizz players are confident in landing two of their abilities. Practice until you can master all 5 to really appreciate what Fizz can do.

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Playful Trickster

This ability requires it's own segment because it's usage is vast, and it can separate a decent Fizz player from a great one. Please take the time to comprehend and master the points in this segment if you want to claim mastery of Fizz.

• First, We should look at what the ability is actually capable of, and dispel any false preconceptions. The damage does not increase for the longer you remain on your pole. Playful is the name of the ability when it is used once, and allowed to auto-terminate. Trickster is the name of the spell when it is used a second time mid-jump to cancel the ability earlier.

Playful can cancel the damage of all incoming spells that have not been applied, which include instances such as Karthus Requiem, Malphite's Unstoppable Force, and Lux's Finales Funkeln. It WILL NOT cancel the damage of a Damage over Time spell that has already been applied, including Vladimir's Hemoplague, Zed's Death Mark, or Fiora's Blade Waltz. However, you can cancel these spells by activating Playful at the exact time of the enemy cast, preventing the spell to land and wasting their cooldown.

Vladimir's Hemoplague targets an AoE. Dodging the AoE or activating Playful milliseconds prior to the spell landing will not apply the dot.
Zed's Death Mark has a wind-up animation where Zed disappears and three shadows converge on you. Activating Playful during this animation will not apply Death mark to you, although Zed will re-position to melee range of you.
Fiora's Ult is possibly the trickiest of these examples. As she activates Blade Waltz, she selects you and her character enters a 3 frame animation where her foil sparkles at it's point and is held upright in front of her. If you manage to time Playful within these frames, the ultimate will not resolve on you and fizzle, or will attach to nearby hostile targets to Fiora if present.
It should also be noted that Syndra's Unleashed Power has a wind-up animation from cast to application that can be dodged provided you are not stunned first.
We'll go into more champ-specific match ups further on.

Playful, when fully cast, causes the AoE to slow targets. The AoE Radius increases when Playful is allowed to be cast, to 250 range. Trickster is half of the AoE Radius, measuring 125 range.

It takes a full 0.75 seconds to fully cast, during which time Fizz is un-targetable. The maximum jump distance is 400, from initial cast, to final landing. The maximum range of Playful and Trickster equally is 250 AoE. Therefore, the maximum range the ability can be used to deal damage to a target is 400+125 (half of the AoE radius, as Fizz is at the epicenter) = 525 units. Fizz can not suspend himself above unpassable terrain, and must succeed in clearing walls or ledges with either part of the ability, thus the maximum distance that can be traveled per segment is 200 units.

There are a huge amount of locations where wall hopping is possible. It is also possible to cut the corner of most rounded areas to gap close faster when needed. Also, since each segment of Playful can clear the gap, if you miss on the first segment, don't forget to try with your second segment to get through. If you start properly, it is even possible to hop over a wall with the first half, and back over with the second!

Now, the two uses for wall hopping like this that don't involve killing players are to claim your blue buffs (hopefully your jungler will start it for you early) and to clear wraith camp. With your blue, provided you have vision of the golemn due to a ward or your friendly jungler, you can use Urchin Strike to pass through the wall, and use your Playful to exit, saving almost 8 seconds of travel time to and from the buff. That is enough time to shove in a minion wave while your enemy mid laner is walking to and from theirs, denying them exp. You can also use Playful to jump into Wraiths and damage them. Wraiths were re-positioned to make it harder for some mid laners to farm them between minion waves, but that doesn't stop Fizz from enjoying that juicy CS. So go get Wraiths once you have some AP and mana to spare, but walk back when you're done.

In the middle of the base wall between the two torches, you may succeed in hoping over a particular part of a base wall. There are 4 torches on the wall, jump between second and third torch. This is difficult to reproduce, as base walls do not all share a constant dimension of width. Don't entrust your life to it without practicing it prior.

Red buff walls, the large rock at the end of river into the top and bottom lanes, as well as the rock wall between each side of lane and their respective blue buffs are also not possible to hop over, although you can flash over them.

It should be noted though, that an enemy minion or champion hovering too close to these walls can be used to Urchin Strike, as it's range is 550 and over double the distance Fizz can travel using each segment of Playful.

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Why should I purchase Wards?
League of Legends is a game about information, misinformation, and people who believe that know all of the information (and sometimes do not). X champion counters Y. H item will counter F. The enemy is % strong so I need # to fight and win trades with them. Most of the information is being accumulated by each player individually, and often at disparate rates. (that big word means 'not the same')

Very very often, a game or match will break down to internal conflict due to the information gathering of two different parties not matching up, and the disparity is an obvious indicator of 'noob' or 'idiot' that cannot be remedied by exchanging notes. This is sad, but there is a great equalizer to the rate of information gathering by all parties.


Knowing where the enemy jungler IS has 5000% more value that knowing where the jungler Might Be. This rings especially true to Fizz players, as we will often risk everything to dive a target and try to escape, which may be just by a hair depending on the exact proximity of our prey and their backup.

Quick and dirty breakdown: Having a ward at the bottom middle ramp allows Fizz to watch for enemy support approaching his lane. When he makes a close kill, he knows that any response by the jungler may be forthcoming, so he has wraith side of the approach warded to see danger. The friendly Sejuani Jungler is also located on the vision-defended side, and when the Lee Sin commits to the second engagement, Fizz knows where to go to ensure support can reach him in time. After the second fight, the ward grants vision of a support lulu looking to clean up a kill, and he escapes before she can gap close with a flash.

So Why should YOU purchase wards?
Because wards are not only for the support player. Half of the game, the support player won't even be able to get in range to place wards that assist you.
Because vision of objectives or high traffic paths opens up opportunities, and Fizz is an opportunist who turns dives into plays.
Because wards are power, they allow you to see when and where the enemy team wards, and you can effectively blind their entire team by counter warding, granting you even more power.
Because wards are weapons, they can be used to intimidate and bait players into committing to fights they do not want to, that they are ill prepared to, that stretch their team thin and easy pickings for hungry chompers.
Because I told you so, stop being arrogant and buy a ward already.

When should I purchase Wards?
When you are learning Fizz, you want to buy more wards. Once you become comfortable with your exact damage and can get the first blood and can escape, then you can reduce the wards you buy.

This is trickier, some of it boils down to past knowledge of champion matchups, and part of it involves learning your opponent's playstyle on the fly.
I highly recommend you use when you enter a match, and look up the player name of who you are going up against in mid. If they are duo-que'd with someone (namely the jungler) expect to get heavily camped as the jungler will likely set up a tent and live in the mid-lane brush to attempt to spoon-feed his duo partner. A ward in that matchup early would be highly advisable.

Before leaving the base, press O (or hold tab) and look at your team's items. Does anyone have a ward on them that they are going to place soon? Look at the minimap and see if any major objectives are hidden by fog of war. Keep timers in your head for how long a repeatable objective was cleared, and future vision will be required for.

How is the match going for your team? Are you winning every lane? If yes, then place offensive wards in their jungle and extend your map control, allowing you to take minion camps and farm lanes with increased success chances by anticipating enemy movements.

When you go back, think about what you want to do when you get back into lane. If you can burst them down if you just buy a Sheen and two Doran's, do that. If you cannot spend your money to win the lane right now, and will just be trading with them, then buy wards so you don't fight against Mid and Jungle with Playful on cooldown.

As soon as you all-in, you want to immediately go back and bring back wards. Other than pushing your lane in when you see their Jungle in another lane, you should back to not get killed easily.

When you can, pick up 4 wards and heavily ward their jungle (near their red) so you can gain information on their buffs and jungler routes.

Wards are the most powerful item in the game. Emphasis on this. Everyone can purchase them, there is no limit to them, and they are an equalizer for every player on your team to share information and make plays.

If you are still reading this chapter, why haven't you purchased a ward already?

Where should I place Wards?

For all of wards you are placing inside of brush, make sure your targeting cursor changes from blue, to green, as you place them to make sure you do not miss. Place them at the very edge of brush for maximum vision.
These ward positions should be considered as Purple side. Flip these positions for Blue.

You should have these two ward locations warded whenever you will be spending any time in lane, to prevent Jungle from interfering with your match vs. Mid. You should keep these wards up when you get the chance, but don't delay items on these wards.

These two wards will show when enemy Jungle is approaching through side brush momentarily, will show if they are headed into your Jungle to invade, and will reveal if Top or Bottom are approaching you. They will also show if Jungle or Mid are committing to attack your Bottom lane. Don't place these in the river or in the brush behind Red buff, as you will lose important vision on Jungle approaching to gank lanes.

The next 4 ward locations are offensive, when you are making plays. You could flip these to use defensively, but your team should help you ward defensively.

This ward between Middle and wraiths is important when you want to dive mid, to make sure backup is not nearby.

This ward gives you buff timers on the enemy Red buff, as well as their patrol towards golemns / bot lane. Will help you set up when you are pushing Mid.

These two wards give Jungle control of the second half of the enemy Jungle, give info on their Blue buff, and even assist in securing Baron.

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Everyone can improve their Creep Score (CS) to some extent. Aim to have 6-10 CS per minute of play, of course take considerations for Champion kills as being worth 10-15 CS each. Do not let your farm slack even if you won your lane early, or your opponents can catch up and you can lose your advantage. The best way to farm is to understand minion aggro and how to control your wave.

Minion Aggro is based on three events:

You are the first hostile target the minion sees.
You are the next closest target after it's current target has died.
You have auto-attacked a nearby enemy champion.

Minions will not aggro onto you if you damage an enemy champion with Spells.

If you take minion aggro, your minions will continue to attack their enemy counterparts while you take enemy minion damage. This will push your wave. You will lose CS if your wave pushes under the enemy tower, and they are defending their minions from you underneath it.

You can reset a wave by clearing a pushing wave prior to a new wave arriving, or by evening out the numerical amounts of minions on either side.

Seastone Trident

Fizz has a passive effect on his auto attacks once he places a single point in Seastone Trident (W). Every auto attack he makes will burn his target for magic damage for three seconds, and it ticks about 3 times per second. You should be able to last hit with this passive very easily, as it is forgiving with the burn should you hit too soon. Practice it until you never miss CS with it.

Playful / Trickster

Playful is of course your ideal wave clearing skill, and if leveled early will give you substantial AoE damage. If you are ahead on your item build and have a high amount of AP, you can clear the entire wave without performing any damage whatsoever to it. If you start to fall behind, you will see that one Playful is not enough to clear a wave.

A normal wave consists of 3 ranged minions and 3 melee minions. One melee minion is going to get focused on either side and die first. Ideally, you will walk to the back line and auto attack each ranged minion once. Observing the front line; you will identify one minion that has been focused and is low health, one minion is slightly damaged, and one is full health. Activate your trident and attack the slightly damaged minion once, and the full health minion twice. At this point, you should be able to cast Playful and clear the entire minion wave without missing any CS.

Depending on where your AP damage is from items and the game time, You may not require to prep the wave before using Playful because you are above the typical AP value. You may also find that your Playful may not clear the wave, perhaps not even the caster minions. Do not let a wave of CS enter a 'dead zone' where all of the minions are a hair away from death. If your allied minion wave is present, they will inadvertently take CS from you because you placed them all in this dead zone.

Keep that in mind as the game progresses, to ensure you get the maximum farm to feed yourself.

You should also look at your Wraith camp, and in some instances the enemy Wraith camp, for extra farm. Especially if you have a blue buff or are soon to recall back to base. Refer to the previous section's warding locations to know where the enemy Jungle is before invading their Wraiths.

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Item Build

This Fizz build takes his kit and pushes it to the edge. Min/max damage calculations, highest potential burst outcomes, and making you the terror of the tides that you are meant to be!

The most often asked question (right after "why do you max w/e first!") is the itemization. I want you to think about Fizz's burst potential as you read this, and as you build your own Fizzes.

Your typical skill order when killing champs is to activate your W (Trident), gap close with Q (Urchin) and attach your R (Chum) all while auto attacking. You weave your E (Playful) in between all of that as necessary to avoid their response spells (stuns/snares/silences/ults) and if you need the extra damage, you are igniting them to secure the kill. Your window for damage is 3-4 auto attacks long, plus the knock-up of Chum if you land it. Even with 40% CDR, you're not going to get a second Playful or Urchin in that window, and you would typically not want to spend a second Playful to make the kill because with your spells on cooldown you are vulnerable to reprisal from the rest of their team. So, lets think about the damage we did in that window, and how we maximized our abilities to make the kill happen.

First, you activated your Seastone Trident , which counts as a spell, and activates your Sheen / Lich Bane.
The activated component applies to the target when your Urchin Strike hits them, starting the internal cooldown for your next Spell blade activation. That initial chunk of damage now is burning them for %Missing HP damage as AP thanks to your W, and you are re-starting the 3 second burn with every auto attack at a higher % since their health continues to drop as the fight continues. Your auto attacks have turned the 3 second DoT into a 4 or 5 second DoT. If you have the chance, you have not activated your Playful yet, and you wait the full 2 seconds for the Lich Bane's Spell blade to reset, and your last Auto-Attack chunks their already dismally low HP into negative values. Your Trident joyfully eats away their remaining HP as a 'mini-execute' due to their missing HP.

And then a shark pops up and eats them.

Okay! So with our armor penetration runes and masteries, we understand why rushing the sheen is a damage spike during our laning phase! But what's the deal with rushing Hourglass? When do you purchase Dorans rings? Why don't you purchase boots earlier? Why the hell didn't you rush a Deathcap?!?! Read on.

Boots of Speed Boots of Speed

Lets start with the boots. Boots help you travel from A to B faster for 325g. that's it. They don't offer defense, attack damage, or any other stat. Unless you deposit 650-750 additional gold into them. And at that point the benefit of them is not cost effective compared to picking up a second main item. Fizz's kit allows him to gap close, to stick to his target, and to get out of danger all with his spells alone. Boots are a money sink for Fizz. Think about picking them up after you complete your second item, but only if you plan to roam, and likely after two Doran's Rings.

Lich Bane Lich Bane

Why do you complete Lich-Bane before other items, like rushing for a needlessly large rod? Simple. Spellblade from Lich-Bane is 50 flat ap, plus 75% of your standing AP, as additional damage on top of your regular auto attack. By the time you pick up Lich-bane, you likely only have it and possibly one or two Doran's Rings depending on how laning phase has gone.
Assuming level 6:
6 AP from Blast mastery (4/4)
6 AP from Mental Force (4/4)
26 AP from Runes
30 AP from 2x Doran's Rings
80 AP from Lich-bane
~5 AP from Ignite CD
= 153 AP sum
+ 5% from Archmage (7.65 is 75% of 153)

Roughly 160 AP for application with Spellblade & Spellblade mastery to your target in the time-span of 1 auto attack. Spellblade is 80% of your AP instead of 75% since we have Spellsword mastery (to be technical, it's two seperate instances of 75% and 5% uniquely). 80% of 160 is 128 AP. So our damage looks something like this at level 6:

(Assuming standard leveling implied by this guide, Urchin is level 1, Trident is level 3, Playful is level 2, and Chum is level 1 at 6)

Urchin Strike is Level 1, so it has 10 AP damage + 60% AP = 96 sum AP damage.
Seastone Trident The activated effect of this causes (50 + 35%) + (20 + 35%) AP damage per auto attack, plus 6% of their missing health over 3 seconds. 35% of 160 is 56, so 50+56+20+56 = 182 sum AP Damage per auto attack, with increasingly painful DoT's being refreshed and applying Grievous Wounds.
Chum the Waters successfully lands, performing 200 +100% AP damage, for a total of 360 sum AP damage.

And somewhere in all of this:

Playful / Trickster is used for 120 +75%AP, so 120+120 = 240. Which, if possible activates another Spellsblade/Spellsword combo of 128 sum AP damage.

766 sum AP damage, no ignite. Add the white damage from the 3-4 successful auto attacks we performed, as well as one extra as part of the Urchin component. Fizz has 53 AD at level 1, with +3 per level. 71 AD at level 6, and from runes/masteries both his AP and AD have some form of penetration. 71 x 5 = 355

Rough estimate total of 1121 Damage without ignite. During which time the target is slowed, Fizz dodges the defensive cast response spell, and does not need flash to commit. You likely won't have a Lich-Bane until 9 or 10, by which time this number will increase by having higher ranks of skills.

Zhonya's Hourglass Zhonya's Hourglass

So Lich-Bane makes sense. Why the rush to Zhonya's now? Why not Rabadon's Deathcap? Let's discuss what is happening in the match at this point.

You have enough AP to kill your lane opponent. Jungler is trying to save mid. Top and Bottom lanes are having a fun time, and are in various stages of building items. Chances are, your mid opponent likely is considering MR in the form a chalice. Jungle ganks are coming, and some armor would go a long ways to helping stave off the damage. So what do we get as we start buying parts for an Hourglass?

Seeker's Armguard Seeker's Armguard

Seekers Armguard is 1160g total, consisting of two Cloth Armor (300g) and one Arcane Tome (435g), plus 125g combine cost. It gives:

30 armor
20 AP
Charges up to +15 armor and AP

and combining this with a Needlessly Large Rod (1600g) and 500g combine, for: Zhonya's Hourglass Which gives us:

+75 AP
+50 Armor
Stasis 2.5 second activatable

The activate lets us commit to teamfights, and since we have Lich Bane and this, our kill potential is greater than any of the typical enemy carries at this point. You're hoping to have this by 20 minutes in, and in most games this is when you're transitioning from early to mid game, and possibly winning fights for valuable objectives. The statis ability is strongly enabling Fizz's positioning here, making dives work and to soak up a lot of attention from your allies.

Think about the time it takes to finish your Hourglass, how early you are picking it up, and how important teamfight potential is at this point in the match.

Also, stasis gives us time for cooldown on our spells, which combined with our layered burst damage, gives us an entire second salvo in mid-fight for you to get on their carries.

Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap Vs. Void Staff Void Staff

Deathcap is not a bad item. It is a good item. It is a great item. So why build Void staff before Deathcap, and what is the thinking behind this?

Simply put, you can pick up a Blasting Wand as the early component for each, and decide as the game goes if you are going to earn 2440g to reach a Deathcap, or 1435g to reach the Void Staff. Some food for thought:

If the enemy team has 70-100 MR, Void Staff will end up out-performing Deathcap in raw damage due to resistance reduction. You have roughly 14 flat Magic Penetration from Runes/Masteries, and you will often pick up before either of these. So ~30 Flat MR penetration, after a 35% reduction will still be more powerful than the 50 additional AP from finishing Deathcap, and it's 30% bonus from your previously completed Lich Bane and Hourglass/DFG.

If the enemy team has absolutely zero MR items or doesn't group with their MR carriers, it will likely pay off to go straight for the Deathcap.
If you see an Aegis on their team and they are grouping, heavily consider the Void Staff.
If you are overfed and can buy the Needlessly Large Rod outright before the Blasting Wand, you should without a second thought as the damage spike early will be brutal.

Remember that in both instances, you can safely just buy the Blasting Wand and leave the decision off to see how the match goes. You will never be disappointed with the Void Staff purchase, and it's 1,000g cheaper.

Abyssal Mask Abyssal Scepter Vs. Void Staff Void Staff

Similarly to the Deathcap vs. Void Staff discussion, you can start with a Blasting Wand and possibly consider going towards Abyssal Scepter instead. It is the same amount of AP, but it reduces the MR of all nearby targets by 20 instead of the targets you hit with your spells, increasing only your spells penetration by 35%. So when would you go after an Abyssal instead? Rarely. There are two reasons for this:

If your team is heavy AP and no one else will pick this up, it can maybe over-value Void Staff.
If the enemy team has magic damage that you will not be able to ignore when flanking their team to engage onto their carries.

20 flat MR penetration should never outweigh 35% by the time you are buying your third item. So the second reason is lessened. And if you assassinate the enemy team's carries, you don't need to be responsible for your allies having penetration for their abilities as you will win the clean up battle regardless of the 20 MR reduction.

Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

As a last item, it is insurance for teamfights where the enemy team is strongly peeling for their carries and your team cannot seem to take down priority targets fast enough. With Hourglass and GA, you should be able to survive an unfavorable fight. This should always be your last item, and if the match lasts long enough that you build this it's possible you will not be able to carry the game simply because your team needs to make opportunities to take objectives and push into the enemy base. A long match likely has not succeeded in doing this, so the Guardian Angel is a Hail Mary to make sure you can get to their carries and fulfill your role.

Items to disregard and why:

Nashor's Tooth Nashor's Tooth

Of all of these items, this is the least bad. It's extra AP damage per auto attack sounds nice, and attack speed seems like a luxury. It's 2950g though, and only provides 60 AP for that price tag. And CDR is a low value stat to us. Lovely item, and if you have money to burn you could experiment with it and play around with the attack speed / cdr. You will not win matches you would otherwise lose with this item, whereas the items above this section all add something dramatic to your kit that increases your kit substantially.

Rod of Ages Rod of Ages

Flat HP/Mana and a gradual AP power trickle. And a marginal heal every level. This item under performs in all of the categories you need it to outperform. The 2800g price tag means at the very earliest you could pick this up instead of your Lich Bane around 10 minutes if you are incredibly lucky, and then you will only receive 80 AP from it. HP is a nice stat to have but buying it has the cost of less power from your burst spells. You cannot afford it in order to maximize your kit. And a late pick up of this item is too little too late to make an impact.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter Rylai's Crystal Scepter

You have two abilities that already slow your target. You cannot afford a giant's belt as part of your itemization that it takes away too heavily from your damage. And when completed at 2900g, you could have had Deathcap for an extra 400g.

Liandry's Torment Liandry's Torment

The early Haunting Guise penetration and combined HP seems like it might be able to fit into your build. The final item however, performs atrociously versus the low HP targets that you are designed to focus. 2900g again, and this one only gives you 50 AP and 15 flat MR pen. You already have the penetration you need from Void Staff, Sorcerer's Boots, and your masteries/runes. The maximum burn from the completed Liandry's can only equal 12% of the target (or closer to 15% in an extended brawl) and that 15% would easily come from just having more AP from other, superior choices.

Hextech Revolver Hextec Revolver

Spell Vamp always comes on items that have high price tags and low AP values. consider what this item can transform into; Hextech Gunblade 65 AP - Will of the Ancients 80 AP - Spirit of the Spectral Wraith 40 AP. The bonus from a finished Gunblade is that you can use it's activate in interesting ways, and Attack Damage is not wasted on you hardly. However, that's a 3400g price tag that could have been spent on an early Deathcap, and spell vamp is more suited to a sustain, fighter/brawler champion that already has innate sustain. You theoretically could pick up the Will of the Ancients and not suffer too terribly for it's AP reward versus the cost of 2550, and perhaps enjoy the Spell Vamp as a kicker. However, it's still delaying other items that are essential to kill and escape. Hourglass and Void Staff still outperform here, and 20% spell vamp as a 5th item will feel lackluster.

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AD Fizz


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Champion Specific Match Ups

Kay! So you've just started a match, you're up against a champion you haven't faced before, and you need quick tips! Read on.

Ranged AP Casters
Basic rule of thumb: If you need wave clear, max Playful (E). If you can land a lot of auto attacks at your all in at 6, max W (Trident) if not E.

(Also, these points are always assuming these champions are played to their fullest. There may be times when an enemy doesn't play to these expectations, and you may lower your guard momentarily and they have a moment of clarity. Stay sharp!)

Anivia Fast auto attacks, Dodge her Taunt primarily, and if she uses Foxfire missiles as well, it's an easy all-in; provided the wave isn't stacked against you. If you try to level 2 all-in and are hit by charm, you will not connect with your q and she can kill you. You normally want to E the charm, and you will have free auto's on her. At 6 it becomes difficult, pretty much just wait for a Jungle gank. If you have a blue buff you can poke and safely farm. Don't ever all-in her if her taunt is up because if she is good she will land that on you every time.

Anivia All you have to do is dodge/bait her Q. If you angle it right, try to force her to stun you before. You can E immediately after you q+w her to give free poke. If she wastes her Q, punish her every time. Look for her E (double damage). You can max E to push but if there is no jungle pressure, it's smarter to max W to punish her for missing spells and to take her egg down. If she is playing smart, just max E and farm up and roam because she will likely not let you win the lane after 6.

Annie If Fizz has a hard counter (he doesn't), it would be Annie. Her 4th spell stun doesn't drop off if you fizzle the spell she sends at you; her next spell simply inherits the stun properties. A good Annie will never combo both spells, so that she will still have a CC available when you dive her. Try not to take too much damage from her pre-6, and if she commits to fighting you, you still out-trade her. Just keep her portrait up in the top of your screen to track her stun progress. You will have a rough time without help, don't feel embarrassed to ask your jungler until you learn this match-up better. Level W then E for level 2 to help clear your wave and still be able to outplay her stun. You can max W if her Jungler isn't camping you. The Annie will want to keep her stun available so you can push her lane into her. To win the match, wait for her stun to fall off and only go in then. Make sure to still E one of her spells. As long as you don't get stunned going in you should be able to win trades. It's hard to beat her pre-2, and you will have to give up some cs. Shave the wave to prevent too much of the wave from going to your tower. You can go in at level 3.

Brand His spells are mostly ineffective on you. Dodging his Sear and Pillar of Flame are relatively easy, and Conflagration damage is the lowest he has. Without any escapes or CC that he can reliably land on you, this match-up should be easy. Don't be fooled if he misses all of his spells early, then suddenly lands all of them when you dive him. Play the fights around his very long cooldowns early on, and try to make sure minions are nearby to soak his damage for you. Care for the free poke and his stun combo. Level W because you don't need wave clear against him. Once he wastes one of his spells you can go in. You can E his ult. Every time his spells are down you can make plays. You can sometimes even flash his q just to secure a kill.

Cassiopeia Watch for her ranged poke. She can combo auto's with her Q. She has high damage early, so you will likely wait until 6 to all-in. If she misses a Q, you can W+Q her and E out immediately. It's safest to wait until 3 to do trades with her so you have your full combo. You can outplay her ult and Q with your E. You will have to have high reflexes for this match up. She is not as punishing as Annie because she cannot push her lane as well. She will have to burn a flash if your Jungler comes.

Diana Basically, you're going to be Maxing W in this matchup since it's a melee match and you will auto attack much. You're going to want to kite her, punishing her for CS. Back off when she shields and re-engage when it expires. If you dodge most of her damage this way, you should have no problme winning pre-6. Be careful not to take her passive third strike, don't trade when she's saving it for you.

Elise Frustration. She is one of the only champs that can spell-dodge like you. Pre-6 she will likely save her stun to peel you or punish you for taking cs. You will need Jungle ganks for her. She is a bully early on, basically just farm until you have a Jungle gank. You won't be able to make plays until at least 3. You outscale her in team fights, so max E and just farm for late. Watch out for her Q and range poke, and don't think about winning the lane early. If you get caught by her she can kill you from 100-0. E her Q from ranged form or snare. You can Playful her Bite in spider form, but it won't place it on cooldown so it's not a good spell to dodge.

Gragas Punish him for CS if he gets close enough to melee. Make him waste mana to farm early, but don't get hit by barrels. You can outplay everything with E. If he stays in melee range max W, if not and he is just farming then max E. You should be in control of the lane and out-cs'ing him before 6. Use Playful on his Barrels, if he charges you it's free trade damage. Decide how he plays and choose accordingly.

Heimerdinger The only thing he has against you is poking you under turret and pushing you. Try not to take poke from him while you are taking his turrets, and if he tries to defend them you can go on him. You can win trades if any of his spells are on cooldown. You can still farm, but remember he is going to be naturally pushing. At 2 or 3 you can go in on him, depending if he does not take his grenade at 2. At level 3 you should always be able to go in. Once you reach 6, it is the easiest lane you will ever have, land fish GG.

Karma Similar to Janna, shields are your enemy. Karma will kite you. What to do to not get kited: Take notice of her Mantra charges and make sure you have wave control over her and E. You should be winning trades, max W against her since she has poor escape. If she makes it a wave clear battle and is just playing very safe then max E. She really needs items, so at 6 you should be able to all-in her and pay attention to her charges to know if you can go in. You don't want her empowering her snare against you because she will kite you. Try to break her leash if you see that she has empowered it with Mantra, as it will heal her for over 40% of her missing HP otherwise.

Karthus He's really squishy. Don't tunnel too hard at killing him, remember to shave the wave and try to keep it in the middle of the lane. If he moves up an inch to Q, punish him. You want to push on him early because he has to waste a lot of many pushing back. He's not going to get level 2 wall so you can trade as early as that. If he takes exhaust be careful for mid-late game, and make sure you have your sides warded so that a Jungle doesn't make the trade better for them. Only all-in if you know you can win and try to roam and farm if you cannot deal with his Q push.

LeBlanc Skill match up. Don't get poked early. you can E her Q, and it's recommended. If she lands her Q and silences you, then you won't win that trade. You don't want to be out in the open if she lands a Q because she can just tether you. You want to push the wave but don't use your E to wave clear, wait to dodge a spell of hers, then use your E to push at the same time. You should be able to bully her out of the wave or push and roam early. Her Juxtapose passive is countered by Chum as well as ignite, so as she gets low remember to attach it to her early so you don't get juked by clone tricks.

Lissandra She will push the wave with her Q, so don't stand in your minions unless you are trying to bait her to cast it. You don't want her pushing the wave for free since her wave clear is already really strong. So punish her when her Q is down with your W+Q, same goes for her W. If everything is up, you cannot trade her because she will freeze you. It's really easy to bait her ult, so try to force it with your ult. After 6 go in with your ult or not at all, trade ults, then continue dueling her as you did pre-6. Your R can cancel her E if you time it correctly, immobilizing her so she cannot get away while knocked up.

Lulu A hard match up, you will not beat her until you get items. If you try to W+Q her, she will polymorph you and shield the burn. Even after 6 you will have a hard time to fully all-in her because of her ability to disengage/ult to survive your burn. Max E, farm the lane and your jungle, and out roam her. In team fights, just focus the carries, which will expend her Wild Growth while you still have all of your damage available if you can keep fighting.

Malzahar Malefic Visions is the only ability you really need to look out for. Don't be anywhere near the minion affected by it and W+Q him and he will lose heavily. His Silence is easy to dodge with E. You can choose to intentionally take his DoT if you need the wave to stop pushing. Max E and slow him to kill him pre-6. Once he has his root, make sure you have his jungle warded before trying anything to make sure your not fighting a 2v1. You should be able to stomp on him as long as you don't let yourself get silenced.

Morgana Easy match up. You could max W first to break her shield if she is playing risky and is in the middle of her lane. She can try to Dark Binding you if you W+Q her, but if you can dodge it you should be able to destroy her consistently. Max E if she is being passive to out farm her and roam into good ganking potential. You out scale her heavily. She will likely have her Jungle camp you if she loses early, so plan to ward out.

Nidalee Pay attention to her AD as you play this match. You shouldn't have to fear about her auto attacks unless she picks up AD items. You can take a spear if you must in order to kill her, since she only has that and her heal pre-6. Once she has pounce, wait for her to use it before trying to catch her. You can combo her with flash/ignite even if she has pounce, following up with your R, and kill her without giving her a chance to respond if you catch her away from her tower.

Orianna One of your hardest match-ups. Her shield includes MR which hurts your trade potential. Her ball positioning can zone you from early farm, which makes her hard to out-level early. And her auto-attacks are deceptively strong for a ranged AP due to her passive. Her Command: Attack is very low cost on mana, and a fairly short Cooldown considering this. Max E and farm the lane / roam harder than her. Her ult is easy to avoid with Playful, just wait for the wind-up sound. Your damage will spike harder and faster than hers will.

Ryze Ryze's range nerf means this is an easy match as long as you are aggressive enough. You can trade him with W+Q if he's not near his tower, or don't try to trade him until you have your level 3 combo. Watch for his root+Q. Always E his Q since he will put most of his points into it early, and you will destroy him. Max E and land a Playful on him, and you will kill him every time pre-6. He will get big and scary late game if you let him farm, so punish him for every CS. You can Playful his Rune Prison if you recognize animation of raising his hands to cast it, to save yourself from being rooted.

Swain Swain is an easy match as long as you always dodge his Torment. He will likely max it first, so focus on your E and always have it available for his response. At level 3 you can hurt him dearly with your W+Q combo. Max W in this matchup, he has no escape and you will be auto attacking him a lot. If you pay attention to where you land with Playful, you should never be caught in Nevermove. Don't even give Decrepify a second thought as the slow shouldn't bother you and the damage is poor.

Teemo Never fight against this champion, just /ff at 20. In all seriousness, his Blind will disable your trading early since you count on your auto attacks somewhat. However, the extra damage from Trident's active will still connect regardless of Blind. Don't rush a Sheen against him because Blind will make the additional damage on spell cast wasted. Instead, consider double Dorans Rings earlier and go for a DFG. Always land Playful to slow him and you will win trades. You should E his Blind always. After 6, you may want to pink the lane if he stays just so that you can clear mushrooms for dueling advantage.

Twisted Fate Side-stepping Wild Cards should be a given, as you should already know that you will be using Playful to fizzle Gold Card. Your burst damage will win once you hit 3, and his auto attacks should not hurt you too much. Pre-6, you should be able to stall his farm and exp just by positioning and the threat of death. His ultimate doesn't affect you in lane, but it does if you are roaming. If he gates near you, and you have your R available, you can place it where his Gate is to piss him off. Not only do you own him in lane, but you can own him at roaming.

Veigar Easy Match. Veigar is slow and easy to bully in the early phase. You should have no problem dodging his Event Horizon, unless he tries to play it directly on top of you. Learn the range and try to anticipate when he is trying to use it. After you rush Lich Bane pick up Merc Treads so you can save your E for his Q+R combo. You can Playful over Event Horizon's wall.

Viktor Side-step his lasers, dodge his Shield Transfer with E and you should easily win early trades. Max E to help push the wave against him. Max W against him, you will be using your E to get away from his Ult or out of his Gravity Field. You likely won't be using E for damage. He has no escape if you land your E slow.

Vladimir Easy match. Your damage strongly out matches his early, and you can shut off his sustain with continued damage. Play around his Sanguine Pool, making sure to force him to use it before fully committing and only igniting when you are sure you can kill. You can Playful his R if you're paying attention, otherwise simply E one of his E casts. Your kit will do much of your work for you against him. A late game Vladimir is always a problem, try to keep him under-farmed with the help of your Jungle to secure the game.

Xerath He has no escape, so as long as you E his stun you can win every trade. Most Xerath players will stay back, but if he enters the middle of the lane it's an invitation to hurt him. Max E to make sure you can always dodge his stun. He will push your lane, so shave it when possible and out farm and out roam him.

Ziggs Ziggs is a hard match if you take too much poke damage. If you commit to him, he will either Satchel Charge away or try to slow you. Be mindful of when he has Q available, and don't let him hit you with it. You can make him use it on you if you're in the creep wave to force him to auto push it towards you, if your lane is too far pushed forward. Be careful that he does not push you to tower, forcing you to take free damage from him while you attempt to CS. Watch his passive timer similar to how you watch Annie, and don't take too many free auto attacks before 3. Give up CS to do this. Max E to handle the wave if he plays passively and just tries to wave clear. Stick to him when he tries to get away, and your burst will out-damage his poke. After 6 he can no longer win any trade with you that you manage to reach him in. You will also out-roam him.

Zilean Basically just a farm lane. He will slow you if you try to engage, so you might not be able to kill him even if you reach him. Max E and out farm him by doing your jungle and roaming. After 6 he will not be afraid to use his R, so try not to Chum until he has spent it. Be wary that his suicide isn't bait for nearby Jungler assistance, so ward out. You will wreck him anytime you get him isolated.

Zyra Watch her skill order to determine how to play the match. Always E her snare combo. If she levels Q+seeds first, she will try to push your lane in. If she levels E+seeds she is trying to combo you and win the lane, which you can E over and punish her for. She has no threat as long as you don't get snared. You should have no problem out farming her and winning this lane. Count her seeds and cool downs before committing, and you can outplay all of her abilities.

Safe Farmers
Janna You can all-in her if she is out in the lane. You do not want to get shield poked early, you can E her W and follow up with a W+Q. Easy lane if you can get to her. Level 1 she probably won't get tornado. If she gets shield level 2 you can still trade. You E her slow and can always trade. She doesn't really have damage, just wave clear. Max E if she's playing really safe and farm Wraiths or go roam. If she's ever out extended you should be able to kill her unless she brought barrier. None of them really want to trade you.

Lux Before 3 don't let her E+Auto attack you. As soon as you hit level 3, you can outplay her E and W+Q her. You could get snared here, so you might save E to outplay it and follow through then. If she's playing safe then outfarm and outroam her. She will likely try to farm every CS, so you should be able to make plays on her. Keep her cooldowns in mind and play around them.

AD Mids
AD Mids that are melee will be like the Diana matchup. They don't have shields, so they will have an extra skill instead. Depending on what that skill that is, play accordingly.

Ezreal A.k.a. Lady boy.. Her Q is dodgable with E, or if you sit safely in your creep wave. She is going to be pushing until you have your level 3 kit. Wait for 3 to trade, give up CS before that to not be poked too hard. If you W+Q him, She'll just Shift away and poke you. Her auto range is the same as your combo range. Similar with your R, you can land easily once his Shift is down. You can even tower dive her as long as you have the mana.

Jayce Get good at dodging his Q. Don't get caught in the AoE of it. As soon as you hit 3, you can trade with him. He will hammer you away, but you'll still win the trade. Give up CS before that. Max W because you're going to need to trade him and win when you commit. When his gate is down, he has no escape, so plan your attack around that.

Talon It's a melee match up. Kite and fight over CS. Don't get Raked for free, make sure you want him to push the wave when he uses it, and Playful it as you need to. Don't let him push the wave to tower. Your R will reveal him if he goes stealth. At 6, it's pretty much whoever goes in first. Make sure you ult if he dives you first. A Talon that loses the lane won't be strong early.

Zed Don't get caught with Shuriken, dodge them all. E if he uses his W. Be sure when you commit to him that his W is down, or he can escape easily. Max W since it's a melee matchup, but make sure you're using your E on his minions if you're being pushed. Always save E once he hits 6 to fizzle his Ult, you can easily dodge the window when he applies Death Mark.

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading this guide!

Others may play Fizz differently, and I respect and admire their experience. I hope that this Fizz guide serves you well, and helps you become a stronger player while enjoying playing him.

You read this guide to improve, and for that, Myself and the league community thank you! Not everyone in your matches will have the same attitude or experience as you. Don't become discouraged by this, and keep trying your best to play well and become strong.

Have fun on the fields of justice with this Fish, and stay tuned for revisions to this guide when Season 4 lands!

Special Thanks to Kwitch and his english for this guide. OuO One of the Best moderators and friends in NA!