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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gold Per 5

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Gold Per 5 Last updated on October 1, 2014
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Hi guys, my name is Gold Per 5 and I am a platinum player that currently plays on the North American server. I have 100+ games on Yasuo and I consider him as my favourite champion. I do not claim to be the best Yasuo player out there, but I think I have general knowledge and passable understanding about this champion and I wish to share them with you guys:) This is my first guide on Mobafire and I would really appreciate it if you could leave some feedback, both positive and negative, on how I can do better, up vote or down vote it depending on your own preference:) Yasuo is a very mechanically complex champion that is extremely hard to master but has great outplay potential with surprising burst that can catch your opponent off guard, but only if you play him correctly. That is the reason I'm writing this guide, to help you fellow Yasuo players out there to get a hold of this slippery samurai. Without further ado, let's get into this guide, hope it helps!:D

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Pros & Cons


-Strong Duelist
-Low Cool Downs
-Projectile Blocking
-High Mobility


-Quite Squishy
-Item Dependent
-Needs Team Composition

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Passive: Way of the Wanderer
This is a great passive that can be utilised throughout the entire game. This passive has two parts. The first part is Resolve: Instead of mana, the bar beneath your health is now called flow . Walking or dashing generates flow. When it reaches full flow and you get hit by an enemy champion or jungle monsters(not minions). the flow is converted into a damage-blocking shield that lasts for 1 second. Also, the higher the movement speed, the faster you generate flow. This is a very powerful skill in life and death situations, and can save your life from a ticking Ignite to an Ace in the Hole.

The second part is Intent: Yasuo's critical chance is doubled, but his critical damage is reduced by 10% on basic attacks, and 25% on Steel Tempest. This makes purchasing critical chance on Yasuo extremely strong, and can boost your damage to a great degree.

Q: Steel Tempest
Thrusts your sword in a short line in front of you and strikes all units in the area. Consecutively casting this skill twice(providing you hit a unit both times) causes your third Steel Tempest to be a long range skill shot in form of a tornado, knocking up all enemies struck. This is your bread and butter skill in your kit. It has a short cool down, can crit and does great damage. Remember, Steel Tempest's cool down doesn't reduce by getting CDR, but instead is reduced by getting attack speed, which is beneficial and should be noted. Try to chain this with your basic attacks, dishing out the most damage within the shortest amount of time. The range on this is quite short, and might take some time to getting used to. Steel Tempest also applies on-hit effects to the closest enemy, which makes Statikk Shiv a great item on Yasuo .

W: Wind Wall
This is one of the most important skills in your kit, easily changing team fights and the course of the game if used correctly. It conjures a horizontal wall of air that blocks all incoming projectiles , ranged basic attacks and targeted abilities , although in a few unique cases it doesn't block Nautilus's Depth Charge, Thresh, Vel'Koz and Kayle's basic attacks( Righteous Fury). Projectiles that go over the wall( Ziggs' Mega Inferno Bomb) or have no travel time( Lux's Final Spark, Vel'Koz's lifeform disintegration ray) are also not blocked .
Use this in team fights and position it so that it blocks the enemy marksman and mid laner's attacks and spells. This skill is crucial to securing your team a victory in fights and must be learnt to position in the right place.

E: Sweeping Blade
Sweeping Blade is a positioning ability with almost no cool down and does decent damage in the early game. It is a targeted ability that causes you to dash in a fixed distance, meaning that using it at max range places you slightly in front of the target, and using it right in front of an enemy places you behind it. Use this in the laning phase to dash in and out of minion waves and strike your lane opponent. Dashing increases the damage of this ability up to a cap of 50% bonus damage. Make sure to use this to your advantage. Sweeping Blade has a 0.1 cool down when maxed and can be used to chases down enemies through the lane by dashing through an entire wave of minions. Due to it's short cool down, it is also a very efficient way of stacking your Statikk Shiv, once again making this item a great buy on Yasuo.

R: Last Breath
This is your ultimate ability. This can only be activated if an enemy champion is airborne. Once cast, you instantly teleport to the targeted champion and after a brief channel in the air, smacks down the enemy and deals tons of damage . Please note that this can be used on multiple enemies, making a Malphite or a Wukong extremely useful in your team composition. After landing, you gain 50% armour penetration for 15 seconds, so remember to start attacking like a maniac after you cast Last Breath. Using this ability also resets the chain on Steel Tempest, meaning that if you use it when you have two stacks on Steel Tempest, it will convert to zero when you land. Once used, this immediately grants you maximum flow regardless of how close you are to the target, so try to use it when your own flow bar is empty. While the enemy is suspended in the air when you are channeling, remember that not only your allies can attack that enemy, but your enemies can attack you too! Try to only ult when a knock up hits the enemy marksman or mage . This ability deals quite a surprising amount of damage, and can turn fights into your favor if used right. This can also be used to create fancy outplays in sick fashion if you use it at the right time.

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Here I'm going to talk about a few ability combos that can be used in different situations.

Lane Harass: Open up with E on a minion close to your opponent, then AA him and immediately follow up with Q. After that, you have two options:
1. Dash back to a nearby minion with E and continue laning, preparing for another combo. By doing this, your opponent will have no time to react and by the time they prepare their counter-attack, you will already be at a safe distance, while your shield will have absorbed most of the minion damage.
2. Dash onto your opponent and AA him until your Q comes back up and strike him again. By doing this, you leave yourself open for any counter-attack, but will have enough damage on your opponent to force him to back off. This is a bit more risky and should only be used if you are winning your lane.

All-in Without Ult
Stack your Q once, then stack your E twice on two melee minions(50% bonus damage), then dash to a ranged minion and chain your Q to create the knock up spin(make sure to catch your opponent in the damage) AA him, then once again create the knock up spin but this time dashing on the enemy. Now keep chasing him, threading AAs between walking(make sure you now how to stutter-step) then finally try to throw out your whirlwind at himc when your Q comes back up.

All-in With Ult
Use your Q then immediately follow up with E on a melee minion(Yes, Steel Tempest then Sweeping Blade, not the spin). This should put you in range of the ranged creeps and the enemy champion, then which you should do the same trick but this time on a ranged minion(try catching your Steel Tempest on the enemy champion if possible). Now you have the whirlwind ready, AA your opponent then quickly chain your Steel Tempest with your Sweeping Blade, create the knock up spin. Please note, when the enemy is knocked up, don't immediately ult, but instead weave one more AA before ulting. This is an important part of your combo, one more attack could guarantee the kill, don't under estimate it! If the enemy is still alive after ulting(which is quite rare), chase after him and pick up the kill, weaving your Sweeping Blade and Steel Tempest together to utilise the full potential of the masteries blade and spell !

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Skill Order & Explanation

Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
For Yasuo, I take his Q Steel Tempest over his other abilities simply because of it's damage compared to his other skills. Before his nerf, maxing his E Sweeping Blade was still viable but Riot reduced the cap of stacking it's damage on his E Sweeping Blade by half, making Q Steel Tempest the best ability to max right now. W Wind Wall is an amazing ability due to it's projectile blocking but levelling it up only reduces it's cool down by a bit, therefore we should save Wind Wall Wind Wall for last. And of course, we take his ultimate Last Breath whenever we can.

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Item Order and Explanation

For Yasuo's starting items, we take Doran's Blade because early on, Yasuo is actually quite squishy, thus making him vulnerable to ganks, so a Doran's Blade and a Health Potion should help him sustain against most mages. For your first recall, you should look to getting a second Doran's Blade, but if you are dominating your lane you should try to get a Zeal which gives you a small boost in power. If you have the gold, you should get Boots of Speed as well to let you stack your passive faster. After that, you should be looking to rush a Statikk Shiv as soon as possible, as the stats that work with your skills are extremely powerful which makes it very cost efficient and an overall excellent buy on Yasuo. After purchasing your Statikk Shiv, you should have a giant power spike and should look towards roaming to the bottom or top lanes and create as such pressure as possible. Your core item after Statikk Shiv is Infinity Edge. The crit chance and crit damage on the item is great and pretty much neglects the crit damage reduction on his passive. After getting Infinity Edge, you should be dominating your lane. Depending on the game, should can continue getting another damage item like Last Whisper, but I would personally go for a some defence in form on a Guardian Angel or a Randuin's Omen, just because you should be quite fed and wouldn't want to give away the bounty on your kills. Once you have completed one or two defensive items, you can now look towards that Last Whisper or Blade of the Ruined King. BoTRK is a strong buy on Yasuo simply because your attack speed is so high the 8% health shred on Blade is such a great damage boost that i would prefer getting it first over Last Whisper because your ultimate already gives you armour penetration. Lastly, don't always follow this build because every game is different, and you shouldn't follow a set build path but instead look to adapt to the state of the game.

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For marks, I take 4 crit chance and 5 AD marks. For seals, 1 crit chance , 5 health and 3 armour seals. For glyphs, I take 9 magic resist per level. As for quints, 2 AD and 1 AS.
The reasoning behind the these runes is because 4 crit marks and 1 crit seal would place you at 10% crit chance(including your passive) and with your Statikk Shiv and Infinity Edge, this will place you at 100% crit chance. The other AD marks and 2 quints are for better last hitting and more damage on your Steel Tempest. The single AS quint is to reduce the cool down also on your Q and to make your orb-walking for smooth(orb-walking is when you move between basic attacks to cancel the attack animation, letting you chain spells in that small window of time to maximise your damage output, this can also be useful when being chased.) The 5 flat health seals will give you exactly 40 bonus health at the start of the game, which can be useful in trades and just for general survivability. The 9 mr/lvl glyphs are pretty straight forward, for dealing with AP casters and to make you more tanky. But if you are facing an AD opponent, you can switch them out for CDR or more attack damage. These runes can let you be more slippery and dish out great damage. But once again, don't only follow this page in every game, make a few more rune pages for dealing with different champions!

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For masteries, we take a standard 21-9-0. This is a normal page for assassins or other AD champions that require a lot of basic attacking between spells(e.g. Lee Sin, Zed). We would want Double-Edged Sword for the extra damage. We can afford to take more damage due to your shield and tankiness with our runes. The attack speed in Fury is great for the cool down on Steel Tempest and for smoother orb-walking as stated before. Butcher and Feast will let you have better last-hitting and the extra sustain in lane. Executioner will let you have greater duelling power and Dangerous Game is a standard take on assassins. Blade Weaving and Spell Weaving is extremely important on you as your Steel Tempest actually counts as both a spell and a basic attack, applying both stacks at once. Frenzy is especially great on Yasuo. Since you are going to have 100% crit chance, you will guarantee the attack speed steroid, which in turn reduces the cool down on your Steel Tempest, which makes this a great mastery to take advantage of in game. Havoc is also a straight-forward take on AD champions. As for the defence tree, we want Block for early trading, Recovery for the sustain, and Veteran Scars gives you a lot of bonus health along side Juggernaut . These masteries take the most out of Yasuo's kit and allows him to make some risky plays while having the defences to get out quickly. I've tried out different mastery pages and i find that this is the most efficient and effective way for me to dominate the battlefield.

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In here I will only state the champions that will beat Yasuo in lane and a few tips on what to do when unluckily, you have to face them.

Akali is a hard counter to Yasuo, but only post-six. Make sure you go super aggressive before she hits six! constantly dash around and harass her using a few of the combos stated above. After she hits six, you are going to have a hard time getting poked by her. There is little you can do to her since your Wind Wall can only block her Q and it has a short cool down so your kit isn't very effective against her's . When you try to all in her, all she has to do is put down her Twilight Shroud and stealth so that you can't hit your knock up. Try to stay in the back and farm under turret, and wait for the jungler to come gank.

Annie is a decent counter to Yasuo. She has an extremely short cool down spelldisintegration that has a low mana cost and does decent damage, and once again your Wind Wall isn't really worth blocking it. Her W goes through your wall and so does her ultimate. But if you can use your E to juke around minions and dodge her abilities, you stand a great chance to kill her, providing you have fast fingers and godly reactions. Overall a good pick against Yasuo, but there is definite outplay potential.

I included the fish because I have seen this match-up go both ways many times. Levels 1-3 Yasuo should definitely dominate him, but after that, Fizz will have access to all of his three abilities, meaning he has to ways to avoid your whirlwind and counter-attack. His Seastone Trident applies a bleed that easily goes through your shield and he can poke you down slowly until he can go for the kill. But if you save your whirlwind and use Sweeping Blade to dodge his E, you might stand a chance. Also note that you can interrupt his Urchin Strike mid dash with your whirlwind, but it is quite hard to do unless you are very confident. Post-six, Fizz will have access to his ultimate, Chum the Waters, but this shouldn't be a problem since it is a slow skill shot and you can easily block it with Wind Wall. His other abilities can't be blocked by your wall so you should always have it up when he ults you. Even if you block his ultimate and attempt to fight back, always remember that Fizz still has his E, which can be used easily to dodge either or whirlwind OR the knock up spin! Try to bait out his E before you go all in with your combo.

Ah, the most dreaded champion in the game. But this teleporting menace is no match for you! Pre-six, you can easily dominate him with your abilities and block his Null Sphere with your Wind Wall, and zone him out of exp range of the minions. Even post-six, you can still bully him. But make sure you take his tower early! Even if he Riftwalks away, you can dash through the open lane on minions and catch up to him easily(That's why you need to take his tower early). This shouldn't be too hard of a match-up unless he receives tons of attention from his jungler and keeps ganking you constantly, but if that does happen, tell your other lanes to go super aggressive and ask your jungler nicely to prepare for counter-ganks in your lane!

After the removal on her silence, she has become a lot easier to deal with, although it could be tricky. You should't block her Sigil of Malice with your Wind Wall since it has a short cool down, but instead wait it out and use it to block her Ethereal Chains, which can lock you down for a long time if she uses her ultimate on the chains as well. In lane, LeBlancs should always use her Q on you first, then immediately follow up with . This typical lane harass combo can be easily avoided if you quickly dash away and dodge her W which will trigger the mark of Sigil of Malice and do a lot of damage to you. Post-six, you might want to start blocking her QR combo, since it can consecutively trigger the two marks quickly if she chains her Distortion with it. When you have your whirlwind ready, don't be too rash and go in immediately. She has two dashes, four if you count the blink back, on her W and R. Try to dash to a nearby minion to scare her to use Distortion, then dash onto her before she can get away withmimic: distortion. Quickly throw down your Wind Wall after ulting since she should use her chain after she flashes or ults away. This is a tricky match-up but should still be manageable with some practice and luck!

This purple guy is your second worst nightmare(omg who's the first?). For Yasuo to be effective, he must go into melee range to use his skills and land his combo. But if you do that, Malzahar will wreck you with his own abilities. His Malefic Visions will break your shield in an instant and his silence prevents you front using your combo. Please note that even though your Wind Wall can be used to block his Call of the Void, it can only block one side, meaning the other side will still hit. The best way is to just use your dash to juke it but this will place you in range of his Malefic Visions, which deals even more damage. But the worst part has yet to come. After he has access to his ultimate, Nether Grasp, you cannot go for CS because if you give him the slightest chance to channel him combo, it WILL kill you. Also remember that your Wind Wall actually CAN'T block his Nether Grasp, since it has no travel time. In rare cases, his ult can be avoided by sending out your whirlwind right before he channels his ult, but this is very hard to do and requires a great deal of luck. Malzahar is one of the hardest champions to lane against. If you are really having trouble, ask your jungler to camp him . Remember to say please!

This ball lady is quite easy to lane against. I included her in the list solely because I have seen Bjergsen constantly dominate Yasuo players out there on Orianna, both in LCS and solo queue. But if you're not laning against Bjergsen himself, you shouldn't have too hard of a time. In the early stages of the game, she might pressure you with her auto attacks and spells, but once you hit level 3 this shouldn't be a problem. Use your dash to juke around and dodge her Command: Attack while weaving in Steel Tempests and AAs at her. If you are caught in a situation where there are no minions around, just use your Wind Wall to block the Ball. This should be easy to block as the Ball is quite slow. But you should save the wall once she hits level 6 and gets access to her ultimate, Command: Shockwave. It shouldn't be too hard to predict when she is going to ult, just picture yourself as Orianna and think when you are going to ult. Wait for that moment and use your Wind Wall, blocking the ball and making her ult on the wall instead. This is very satisfying to pull off and will cause the Orianna player to rage and type mean stuff in all-chat. Once you get your Statikk Shiv, you can bully her around and keep attacking her but always remember to juke around minions and as a last resort, onto her. This is a straight-forward match-up and shouldn't give you too many problems.

The Blue Man. Blue Man can be quite annoying to lane against, but should be a breeze post-six once you get access to Last Breath. But levels 1-5, it could be quite a problem getting poked down by blue man, so you wouldn't want to CS levels 1-2 and just soak EXP. But once you have your Wind Wall, use one of the combos in the above sections to dish out damage and dash out to safety. This isn't too hard to pull off since the only ability of blue man that can pass through your wall is his Rune Prison, which doesn't do a whole lot of damage since he can't follow up with his other abilities. Not too hard of a match-up. Survive the early levels, and blue man will be easy.

The Exile could be a pain but you have enormous outplay potential. She is also an interesting champion to lane against since Yasuo has a set of unique quotes that will only be uttered if he is close to Riven or when she uses a few of her abilities(Boring lore alert here). Yasuo was also exiled after he failed to protect an important Ionian general, Yasuo decided to turn himself in and beg for forgiveness. But shockingly, not only did the Academy not forgive him, but they thought he was the killer himself and issued a death warranty on him. Yasuo fought himself through the academy and escaped, but the Academy never stop chasing him. After a few days, only one of the warriors caught up to him, and it was his own brother, Yone. Yone was no match for Yasuo and he cut down Yone on the first strike. He cried over his brother and in his dying moments, he revealed that the reason the Academy was after him was because the Ionian general was killed by a wind attack. Yasuo, being the only student to master the mind technique, was then accused of the murder. Since the legendary technique of combing sword and wind was only mastered by him, he suspected that this might not be the truth. And when he meets Riven, his fears were confirmed(boring lore ends here). Early laning, it shouldn't be too difficult to juke her third Q, the knock up, using your dash. After she uses her Broken Wings, she will be looking to stun you, then which you should also dodge it by dashing either to minions or through her.
Weave in attacks and spells between dashes and try to predict where she would dash when throwing out your whirlwind. Remember that you can use Wind Wall to block the Wind Slash that can only be used when she activates Blade of the Exile. Another trick is to save your whirlwind and use it to interrupt the third part of her Broken Wings mid-air which can be very satisfying to pull off. An overall decent match-up that has outplay potential on both sides.

Bird Man. Master Tactician. Commander of Crows. Your Worst Nightmare. Swain is the top counter to Yasuo. There is actually no way to beat him post-six, unless you get 7 kills and deny him all the farm before he gets access to his ultimate, Ravenous Flock. The one thing you can do is block his Torment, which could be beneficial if you were to be caught by his Nevermove. His Q, Decrepify, goes through your wall and slows you. As stated before, Yasuo is only useful if he gets to close range to use his attacks and spells. But by being in melee range of Swain, it means death. Once you get to close proximity to him, he can bait out your Wind Wall then throw down Nevermove then his slow, Decrepify, or the other way around. Once you throw down your wall, he can walk past it THEN throw out his Torment, which deals damage over time and this should at least force you out of lane if not kill you. Once he hits six, This is when he starts to dominate. Remember, if you get close to him when he has his ultimate, you WILL die. He will slow, root and throw down sustained damage with his E and R, while also healing him. If you get caught out by one of his CC spells, he can undoubtedly kill you. Ask for constant attention from your jungler and hope that this can slow down the time he needs to become unkillable. Do not despair if you feel useless when laning against him, you can try to take teleport and roam around, helping out your team and creating pressure elsewhere on the map!

The Blade's Shadow is also one of the harder match-ups for Yasuo simply because of his assassination potential to 100-0 someone in a matter of seconds. Since his cutthroat places him behind you, you will have a small window of time when you can dash to him and escape, but if you do get this chance, remember to immediately put down your Wind Wall because he will definitely throw his Rake at you, which slows you and can provide him the time to catch up to you and kill you. In early levels, try to be more aggressive and use your shield to your advantage. It will be harder for him to break your shield in early levels because Talon is extremely item dependent, and you should use the time when he has no items to bully him around and try to pick up a few kills. Post-six, it could be quite difficult to escape form him as his Noxian Diplomacy gives him movement speed when applied to you. His ultimate also gives him a large move speed boost and can be used to catch up to you. Purchase some early armour and do not run when he uses his combo on you. Fight back because after his combo, Talon has nothing left which he will be vulnerable to your combo. Tricky match-up but it can be pulled off if played correctly.

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In teamfights, your goal is to catch at least two champions in your whirlwind(one has to be the marksman) before you engage. Normally you would want to wait for your allies' knock ups to land before going in since you wouldn't' want to take the brunt of the damage, but if you hit a great whirlwind, don't hesitate to go in as it could buy enough time for your allies to chain their spells onto the target and win the fight. Just in case you ult but didn't catch the enemy marksman in the whirlwind, remember to immediately dash through the champion closest to the marksman, then dash onto the marksman himself. Chain your spells and attacks to quickly remove the enemy adc and turn your attention to the next biggest threat, either the mid laner or the jungler, depending on who is doing better. But in some cases, your team might not always be the team that engages. If you get engaged on, stack your Steel Tempest on the engager, usually the tank or jungler, and when you have your whirlwind ready, try to catch the enemy's highest priority target if you can. Your critical strikes can melt through the enemy frontline if you feel like they are a threat. But if you do this, remember to place your Wind Wall to block the enemy marksman's attacks and the mid laner's spells. Your ult has an extremely short cool down at later levels, so it is quite common to be able to use your ultimate twice in a single fight. Yasuo excels in long fights, since your spells have such a low cool down and all your attacks are critical strikes. Try to drag out the fight if possible. As you thrive in sustained fights, purchasing a The Bloodthirster or a Blade of the Ruined King can be great on you as you would want some life steal to keep up your HP bar.

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Tips & Tricks

-When last hitting, try to use your Sweeping Blade in conjunction with your AA, this should allow you to last hit very easily as you would have dealt the damage of a spell and auto attack in the time frame of a single AA.
-When the enemy is knocked up by your whirlwind, do not immediately ult. Always weave in one more-maybe two-auto attacks before ulting. Some people might also use their E then ult, but i personally wouldn't do this because the enemy might flash away after you ult, by then you will need the dash to them. This will maximise your damage output while providing a way for you to gap close even if the enemy tries to escape.
-After using Last Breath, quickly cast your Q as it will be off cool down once you finish channelling your ult. But if you cast Steel Tempest while channeling, it will actually be used mid-air, which you enemy can't do anything about it because of being CCed.
- Yasuo thrives in BOTH team fights in tight corridors and the open lane. In the jungle's narrow spaces, your Wind Wall can be used to block off an entire passageway and negate all the enemy marksman's damage. Your whirlwind can also be guaranteed to hit multiple enemies, allowing for great ultimates. In the open lane, you will be able to dash around constantly and create pressure all over the battlefield.
-If you really want to get better at last hitting as Yasuo, I recommend you getting into a custom game yourself and go to the mid lane, to see how many minions you can get at the ten minute mark. The average player should get at least 70, but more experienced players should be able to reach 100 minions without too hard of a problem. Once you reach this point, you should already be great at last hitting and should try doing this in a normal game. But some of you might think, 'ain't nobody got time fo dat! ') But if you really want to master this champion , you must make a few sacrifices. Do not think that a little effort and a few games can let you master any champion, you must practice and practice and practice. If you think of some combos you want to try out, get into a custom game! After a month or maybe more, you should be able to unlock the full potential of Yasuo.

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Boring Lore

Oh great, even MORE boring stuff. Skip this part if you want, as I will be discussing a few interesting questions and cool lore-related stuff in this section:D
Although most people might think that the lore is just to fill the champion's background and make some fun connections between champions, some might say that reading and understanding the lore of the champion or even elements the champion is based of can greatly enhance your performance on said champion! For example, you want to play Yasuo. It can be helpful if you look up some facts about the air, current, and wind. Really look at their properties, their movement, and try to apply them when playing on Summoners Rift. I know this sounds silly, but many have tried and most have said that it actually works and boosts their level of play and feeling when playing Yasuo! Doesn't hurt to try, does it?:p

Okay, now lets get into the lore and facts part. Yasuo's has a brother called Yone, which also trains at Yasuo's sword academy. But his brother is significantly weaker than Yasuo, as shown when Yasuo cut down his own brother on the first strike they clashed blades. In Yone's dying moments, he revealed that the reason the academy suspected that Yasuo was the murderer was because the Ionian general was killed by a legendary wind technique. My question is, why didn't Yone just tell Yasuo this in the first place? Why did they have to try and kill each other before revealing this? This could've saved Yasuo of carrying the burden of slaying his own brother in his life, and also gave us another sword-wielding ninja champion in the League!:D

Yasuo actually hates Riven. In the war between Ionia and Noxus, the general Yasuo was assigned to protect was killed by a great wind attack, thus leading to the chase of Yasuo, as he was the only one to master such a technique. But when Yasuo entered the League of Legends, he crossed paths with Riven, who has served for Noxus and fought in the war between Ionia and Noxus, but never got to use her blade in front of Yasuo in the war as she was caught in a bombardment of gas attacks, but was saved by Singed. This caused Riven to reconsider and think about Noxus' ways of fighting. Her spirit blade was broken and she left Noxus and found the League. After joining, she trained until she could regenerate the broken part of her blade, but only for a short time. But this allowed her to practice the art of the winds again, so when Yasuo sees Riven regenerate her full blade for the first time, he realised that he wasn't the only one to practice this technique. Now Yasuo has good reason to suspect that Riven was actually the murderer. ermagerd.

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At last, it is time to wrap up this guide. I had a lot of fun working on this guide and I would appreciate it if you dear readers who stuck to the end with me can leave any kind of feedback, or up/down vote it depending on your preference. This is my first guide on Mobafire and I really put a lot of effort into it, and I am quite satisfied with the end result! Special thanks to jhoijhoi on her guide on making guides and how to use the coding and links to make this guide possible. Now go out there on the Fields of Justice and wreck your opponents with Yasuo. This is Gold Per 5, and i'm out:)